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Dark Moans - Episode 39 & 40




Dark Moans - Episode 39 & 40

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


"Chipmunk" Juliette called while walking to the school parking lots with Stanley. 

"Can you drive?" She asked. 

"Of course I can,I can drive,do you want it slow or fast,anyhow......."

"I'm talking about the car!" Juliette snapped. 

"Oh car" Stanley rubbed his head and Juliette scoffed. 

"What the heck were you thinking?" She asked. 

"I can drive,if you're worried about my hand then you shouldn't" Stanley smiled and Juliette nodded. 

"Are you hungry? Coz I am" Stanley said. 

Juliette almost replied when Lennon appeared,his two hands in his pocket while giving Stanley hateful glares. 

"Lennon....you're still here" Juliette said,quite surprised. 

"Yeah,I was waiting for you. I didn't know it was him you went to meet" Lennon said. 


"I don't think you deserve an explanation,you don't own her,she can do whatever she wants" Stanley cut Juliette off. 

"I wasn't even talking to you,are you looking for pity because of your broken hand or something?" Lennon snapped. 

"Hey,say that again...." Stanley said and made to grab Lennon. 

"Stanley no" Juliette immediately pulled him back. 

"He's making me mad already!" Stanley glared. 

Juliette faced Lennon. 

"Aren't you leaving?" She asked. 

"I'm going with you,I think I asked first. Why are you going home with him?" 

Stanley scoffed and exhaled,he was trying not to get to the pitch of the anger building inside him at the moment. 

Juliette looked at him. 

"I will just go with........"

"If you leave with him,then don't talk to me again" Stanley muttered. 

"Same with me,don't talk to me again if you go home with him" Lennon said. 

"I'm not going with anyone please,I will just go home alone" Juliette said. 

"Perfect decision" Stanley said. 

"Why not go first?" Lennon smiled at her. 

"Are you two going to fight again?" Juliette asked. 

"Why would I fight someone like him? Just go" Lennon said. 

Juliette sighed out and walked away,she found a taxi going out of the school and she board it home. 

"Don't you think you should give up right now?" Stanley asked. 

"You said you don't like her that way,I freaking asked you!!" Lennon yelled. 

"Let's say I changed my mind then,is there a problem....." 

Lennon grabbed Stanley's collar.

"Leave her alone,fucking stay away from her" He said. 

Stanley grabbed his hand and pushed him away. 

"Don't tell me what to do,I hate it" Stanley muttered. 

"Aren't you trying to play with her? You're just a fucking bastard who use and dump,isn't that what you wanna do again?" 

"That is none of your business,I don't owe you an explanation" Stanley said. 

Lennon moved closer to him. 

"If you hurt her or make her cry,I swear I will kill you,so you better stay away now" He said. 

Stanley chuckled and groaned.

"Why am I standing here to listen to your shits? You should be the one to stay away,isn't it obvious that she only sees you as a friend? Why forcing relationship on her?" He asked. 

"It's not your business" Lennon said. 

They exchanged one last glare before entering their cars too,Stanley drove off first and Lennon followed.


Juliette was on a call with Winnie while dishing out her dinner,she sat down to eat. 

"So,how sure are you those two didn't fight after you left?" Winnie asked. 

"I don't think Lennon would,but Stanley....I think he got hurt because of Lennon,he was mad" Juliette said. 

"At this point,I'm gonna ask a question,who do you think is the best for you? Who do you like?" Winnie asked. 

"I can't think straight,I just don't want to get hurt" Juliette muttered. 

"Right,Stanley is a playboy,but is Lennon any better?" Winnie asked. 

"I don't know,I can't say" Juliette said. 

"I have a plan" Winnie said. 

"Tell me about it" Juliette smiled. 

"What three things can a guy do to win your heart? If Stanley do it first,then we can say he's your soul mate,and if it's Lennon...."

"Soulmate? Isn't that too wide?" Juliette asked and Winnie laughed. 

"Come on,fine if not soulmate,then at least the person would win your heart after doing these three things" Winnie said and Juliette was lost in thought. 

"There's somewhere I've always dreamt of going since I was a child" Juliette muttered. 

"Where's that?" Winnie asked. 

"Broadway Show"

"What?! Are you crazy? Who would ever think of taking a lady to that place? It's one of the most expensive torrist in New York,do you know how much their tickets cost? Just to watch a show?" Winnie asked. 

"Well,that's the first on my list" Juliette smiled. 


"Two......Hmm.....Ask me out on a very special date,in a special occasion,don't just tell me randomly that you love me" Juliette said and Winnie laughed. 

"I love you baby girl" She said. 

"Stop playing too much" Juliette chuckled. 

"And number three?" 

"I think one of the main reasons why I don't want to date so easily is because I get jealous...too bad. I love attention so much too,so I won't want my man to look at any other girl but me" Juliette said. 

"In a nutshell,you can't date a boy with too much girls around him"

"You caught that so easily" Juliette said. 

"Great,then let's start from the first one. Should we expect tickets from either Stanley and Lennon? Even though it sounds impossible" Winnie said. 

"I don't mind" Juliette chuckled and sipped from her water. 


*Welcome Sir*

*Good Morning Young Master*

Stanley greeted the workers back with a smile and walked to a part where some cars are,two of the men working there followed him. 

"Is there a particular car you want or do you need my help??" 

"No,I have something in mind" Stanley smiled. 

"Oh,what's the name?" 

"What do you mean by that question? Are you seriously going to allow him to go away with any cars here?! Do you think it's for promo? Are you daft?!" Alexander walked in and they immediately bowed. 

Stanley said nothing and kept on checking out the cars,the cars in this section just arrived and that was the reason why Stanley came all the way here. 

"Hey dummy,are you deaf?" Alexander asked,walking closer to him. 

Stanley said nothing,his eyes landed on the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 super sport car. 

"Right,that one" He pointed. 

"Oh,that sport car is the seventh most fastest car in the world right now,only forty eight was produced" One of the attendants said while smiling and Stanley nodded. 

"Nice" He muttered. 

"Are you seriously acting like you don't hear me?" Alexander asked and Stanley finally faced him. 

"I found what I want,so you were saying?" He asked. 

Alexander scoffed. 

"You're not taking any car out of here,unless you pay" he said. 

"I don't think you own this place yet to decide that" Stanley said and walked out of his sight. 

"The key" he requested. 

"Here sir" The key was immediately brought and given to him. 

"Would you like to try it out first on the track?"

"No" Stanley shook his head. 

"Can you call any of the drivers here to return the car I brought back to my place?" He asked. 

"Of course sir" 

"Bye bro" Stanley winked at Alexander before entering the car and in a minute he was out. 

Alexander faced the two attendants. 

"Get ready to loose your job when I'm back" He muttered and stormed out of the place. 


Alexander opened the door to Mr Brocks office loudly and closed it back loudly. 

"What's going on Alex" Mr Brocks asked. 

"Dad,you need to call Stanley right now to return the fucking car he just took....."

"Watch the language son" Mr Brocks said. 

"I'm just too angry dad,he drove away with one of the most expensive car we have over there,those cars arrived just yesterday and I'm not even done with calculating every goods in there dad" Alexander said. 

"Stanley really came over there today?" Mr Brocks asked. 

"Do you think I'm lying right now dad?  He just left!" 

"Let him have it Alex,I will pay for it....."

"Dad! This wasn't what you said the last time Cortez tried such! You really ranted a lot...."

"But I never asked him to return it,did I?" Mr Brocks cut in and Alexander swallowed angrily. 

"No you didn't,but this is more expensive than that....."

"I just said I will pay for it,is there a problem again?" 

Alexander turned back and stormed out of the office. 

Mr Brocks picked up his phone and dialed Stanley's number which he answered right away. 


"Yes dad!!!" Stanley answered loudly. 

"What have you done this time? You didn't tell me before going to take a car,your brother was angry" 

"It wasn't on credit tho,you're going to pay for it" Stanley said. 

"Are you crazy? Why would I do that?!" Mr Brocks snapped. 

"I love you dad,bye,I just got to school" Stanley said. 

"That car isn't meant for school...."

"Really? You think the students might go crazy?" Stanley laughed. 

"Hey,come here right now......" Stanley hung up. 

"That child is going to be the end of me" Mr Brocks groaned and roughed his hair before chuckling. 

He picked up his phone and called Micah. 

"Boss" Micah entered after two minutes. 

"Go to Alex and ask him how much the car is and tell me" 

"Oh,okay" Micah bowed and went out. 


The theme and trend for the day is Stanley's new car,the students couldn't stop talking about it,some have been taking countless pictures of it. 

"Another word for oppression please?" Minnie asked. 

"Stanley" Winnie replied and Goldie laughed. 

They are just coming from the restroom,on their way for their last class of the day. 

"Have you seen the car Juliette?" Winnie asked. 

"No,do you have a picture...."

"Check the school site girl,come on" 

Juliette opened her phone and went straight to the school blog,she played the video there from the moment Stanley drove into the school till the car stopped and he came down. 

The screams coming from the students made it even hard to concentrate


*So hot!!*

*I love you!!*

*That car is super new!!!*

*I don't mind giving him my virginity for real*

"That girl is crazy" Goldie laughed. 

Just a wink from Stanley,the screams tripled. 

Juliette sighed and stopped watching. 

They entered into the class only to find everywhere disorganized,the kings are actually in the class and as usual the girls surrounded them since the lecturer isn't in yet. 

"Whoa,is this real?" Winnie asked and immediately started brushing her hair with her fingers. 

"You didn't tell me you're crushing on one of them,who?" Goldie asked. 

"Daniel" Winnie grinned. 

"He's hot" Minnie smiled and Winnie glared at her. 

"It's not what you're thinking" Minnie laughed. 

They all sat down on the same seat they were before leaving the class. 

"Juliette,your bag is opened slightly" Goldie said and Juliette vheckrd. 

"Nothing important is there right?" Minnie asked and Juliette shook her head. 

But she opened it,an envelope fell from it which she picked up right away. The outside was blank,she opened it and brought the paper inside it out.

"What's that?" Goldie asked. 

"Ion know" Juliette mumbled and checked it out. 

"Isn't that a ticket?? Wait....It's Broadway ticket" Goldie said with wide eyes. 

"What?!" Minnie exclaimed too. 

Juliette confirmed it....that's right. 

She immediately turned back and her eyes fell on Lennon first. 

He winked and waved at her,she looked at Stanley too and he also smiled at her. She turned back to the ticket in her hand. 

'Who is it from?' She asked inwardly. 


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