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Dark Moans - Episode 37 & 38




Dark Moans - Episode 37 & 38

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



Juliette entered the bedroom wearing Stanley's shirt,she was on a call with her mom while Stanley waited,his eyes not leaving her,not even once. 

"Of course mom,I'm doing well" 

"It's quite late,shall we talk tomorrow?"

"Yes mom,goodnight" Juliette smiled and hung up before facing Stanley. 

"I've never heard you talking about your parents" Stanley said. 

"They aren't here" Juliette shook her head. 

"Really? Where are they?" Stanley asked curiously. 

"Florida" Juliette replied. 

"Whoa,that's quite a distance" Stanley said. 

"I came here because of scholarship" Juliette sat down on the bed. 

"Any siblings?" Stanley asked. 

"Yeah,I have a sister,elder sister. What about you?" She asked. 

"I don't have any" Stanley muttered. 

"Huh?" But the Brocks....are quite a lot. That's what I heard,I heard you are all guys,about three or four" Juliette said and Stanley chuckled. 

"You should sleep well,don't miss me too much" Stanley winked at her as he took his phone. 

"Where are you going?" Juliette immediately asked. 

"My bed and room are all yours tonight,I'm a gentleman. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable,so I will share room with Daniel or Holland" Stanley said. 

Juliette raised her brows. 

"But,why can't we sleep together? Isn't that what you said?" She asked. 

Stanley quickly faced her back. 

"We should?" He asked. 

Juliette chuckled and shook her head. 

"I knew you were just testing me" She said and Stanley smiled. 

"But then,aren't we supposed to meet each other today??....."

"No,I told you. I won't do that again because of the deal,I want to be with you,not because of the deal. If anything is going to happen,I want it to be because we both want it" Stanley said. 

Juliette bite her lips as her cheeks turned red. 

"Don't blush too much,come here" Stanley tapped his side on the bed and she moved closer. 

"My shirt looks good on you" Stanley muttered,staring deeply at her. 

"My body might start peeling off with those eyes of yours" Juliette mumbled after laying on the bed beside him. 

Stanley smiled and also lie down,facing each other. 

"Am I the first guy you will be sleeping with over the night?" He asked. 

"Isn't it obvious?" Juliette asked and Stanley smiled. 

"What about you? I'm what number this time?" Juliette asked. 

Stanley smiled. 

"You don't wanna know" he said and Juliette scoffed. 

"Is it something to boast about?" She asked. 

"But I took a break" Stanley said but then some memories of the other night he was drunk flashed through his head,he could see himself kissing some random girl but still,the girl's face was blurry. 

"Are you okay?" Juliette shifted closer and touched his head worriedly. 

Stanley wrapped his arm around her waist and she stood still,their eyes fixed on each other. 

"I'm fine" He muttered and shot her a sexy part of his boxy smile. 

Juliette turned her eyes away from his eyes and instead of anywhere else,they fell on his lips. She immediately shifted away and Stanley raised his brows. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"Yeah,I'm fine. I'm going to sleep now" She mumbled and closed her eyes. 

Stanley smiled,watching her as she slept until his eyes also went shut. 

After that,Juliette opened her eyes and they landed on Stanley's face and she couldn't look away,the way his lashes clapped together,his pretty face,his thin pink lips and the innocence he was giving in his sleep. She made to touch his brows but stopped half way. 

'Stop it Juliette,control yourself or you might get hurt. He's going to break your heart,He's a player' she reminded herself and immediately dropped her hand. 

She turned her back on him before closing her eyes again. 


Ryan went downstairs,craving for water. After getting a bottle of water in the kitchen,he was about going back upstairs when his eyes fell on Georgiana on the couch,she was shivering. He walked over to her and touched her head,she was so cold. 

He immediately left her side and ran upstairs,he returned a minute later with a thick duvet. 

"Such a pain in the @ss" He scoffed after he successfully covered her up,just two minutes later,her body temperature became normal again. 

Ryan sighed out and drank his water peacefully. He watched her for another two minutes before he finally went back upstairs. 

Georgiana opened her eyes shortly after that and found the duvet around her,she smiled softly and adjusted properly on the couch before sleeping off again. 


"It's been a while since I came here" Winnie said excitedly as they walked in the school museum. 

"I've never been here" Juliette muttered. 

"What?" Winnie and Minnie faced her with shock written on their faces. 

"Is there any student in this school who haven't come here?" Winnie asked and Juliette chuckled. 

"I like your necklace" Minnie said. 

"Oh,it's a birthday gift from my sister" Juliette said. 

"I didn't know you have a sister" Winnie said. 

"I do" Juliette smiled. 

"I think those Arts are new,let's check them out" Winnie said,pointing to the right side. 

"Who else notice Mina these days?" Minnie asked. 

"She's weird" Winnie muttered. 

Juliette sighed. 

"I wonder if something happened" She muttered. 

"Then she should at least let us know what's going on with her,how are we supposed to know if she doesn't talk to us?" Winnie asked. 

"I know,should I try asking her?" Juliette asked. 

"No,Goldie should do that. They've been friends before us" Minnie said and Juliette nodded. 

"What time is our next class?" Winnie asked. 

"We still have about an hour left,I'm craving ice cream right now" Juliette muttered but then one of the arts caught her attention and she walked over to it. 


Practice drills was going on between the two teams,each teams has five members and in total,ten members are on the field while others sat down to watch. 

Stanley and Holland are in a team while Daniel was joined with Lennon's team together with Dylan,Graham also in Stanley's team. 

"Okay! Let's go,another drill" The coach said,standing at the center. 

They've had three drills in total and Stanley's team won two while Lennon's team had one. 

"Graham,is there a problem? You're quite slow today" The coach said. 

Holland scoffed and looked at Graham,He's obviously not active because of the switch between the teams. 

"So childish" He muttered and Graham glared at him. 

Holland ignored him. 

"Okay,let's go again" The coach left the center and blew the whistle at once. 

The players started. 

Stanley and Lennon had their eyes on each others obviously,it was like war between them rather than the whole team together. .

"What are they doing?" The coaches standing next to each other were already wondering. 

The ball was with Stanley this time,but just as he was about throwing,Lennon slapped it out of his hand and took it just too fast,he threw into the hoop. 

👥 Whoa!!! 

Everyone clapped. 

Lennon glared at Stanley who released a scoff. 

It all began again,Daniel threw the ball into the hoop this again and Lennon's team were leading by one. 

The drill became more serious after that,Lennon and Stanley war against each other again,Stanley successfully took the ball,but again as he tried throwing,someone pushed him hardly and he fell,his wrist twisted. 

"Fuck!!!" He groaned and looked up,it was Lennon who already threw the ball into the hoop. 


Lennon's team won. 

Daniel,Holland and the team ran to Stanley who was still on the floor. 

"Are you okay?" 

Stanley groaned when Daniel got hold of his hand. 

"Stanley?" The coaches came closer. 

"I think his wrist got sprained" Holland said with a worried look. 

"Does it hurt....." The coach was still asking. 

Stanley threw his hand off and got up,he rushed to Lennon,without thinking twice,he jabbed him a strong punch on the face and Lennon fell on the floor with a bursted lips. 


Daniel got hold of him from the back. 

"Hey,let me go." Stanley said,forcing himself out of Daniel's grip but Holland also held him. 

"Take him to the school clinic" The coach said and they carried him out. 

"Are you okay?" Dylan and Graham asked Lennon and he nodded. 

"Gosh,that bastard is crazy,I feel like killing him" Graham scoffed. 


"Ahh! That hurts!!" Stanley screamed as the nurse stretched his wrist. She immobilised the joint with a splint after putting ice and giving him a pain reliever. 

"Do you feel better?" She asked,touching the wrist brace. 

"No! How the fuck am I supposed to eat? It's my right hand" Stanley scoffed. 

"You should be fine after forty eight hours,it's not that bad" The nurse said. 

"Forty eight hours? And it's not bad? What a bitter joke" Stanley stood up and walked out. 

"Oh wow,someone's on brace" Daniel said. 

"Is this funny?" Stanley asked. 

"I didn't laugh" Daniel muttered. 

"Are you okay?" Holland asked. 

"I want to kill him" Stanley mumbled. 

"Not in there,what if the coach suspend you...."

"I will suspend him from the school in return,is he crazy?" Stanley snapped.

Daniel and Holland chuckled. 

"Don't worry about food,I will feed" Daniel rubbed his head and Stanley pushed him away. 

"Fuck off you two" He said and left. 

"I feel like breaking that idiot's leg" Daniel sighed. 

"Me too" Holland mumbled and Daniel looked at him. 

"What" Holland asked. 

Daniel said nothing and started walking,Holland followed him. 

"Your silence is annoying" 

"My intention was to annoy you" Daniel mumbled and Holland chuckled. 


Daniel smiled. 


Easton and Alexander were about eating when Cortez came in,he took a seat next to Alexander. 

"Don't tell me you started eating without me" He said. 

"You're late" Easton said. 

"I know,sorry" Cortez said,picking the cutlery. 

"Are you starving or what?" Alexander chuckled and pat his hair. 

"What's the lunch about tho?" Cortez asked as they started eating. 

"It was Easton's idea" Alexander said..

"Oh,someone's becoming loving" Cortez chuckled. 

"But,what's with the blunt look?" Alexander asked Easton. 

"Dad is acting weird" Easton said. 

"I noticed,did something happened?" Alexander asked. 

Cortez only ate without saying a word. 

"I don't know what he's thinking in his head,but he's making a mistake" Easton said. 

"This is about S-20 right?" Cortez asked and they looked at him. 

"Who's S-20?" Alexander asked. 

"Stanley of course,calling his name is even annoying to me" Cortez scoffed. 

"Dad might make him the companies board chairman" Easton said and Alexander coughed out,Cortez's spoon dropped. 

"What?!" They both exclaimed. 

"Board chairman? That means...He's going to be over us all?" Alexander asked. 

"That's what he's planning" Easton muttered and continue eating. 

"Why are you so calm about it? I'm older than that dude" Cortez said. 

"Dad is really making a mistake at this point,Mom won't let that slide,does she know?" Alexander asked and Easton nodded. 

"You two should watch out,don't underestimate him or he's going to take everything away from us" Easton said. 


"What's going on with her? She's been smiling all day" Edith asked Magnolia while staring at Georgiana. 

"No idea" Magnolia shook her head. 

Georgiana faced them and smiled. 

"I feel so happy today,should we go do some shopping after classes?" She asked. 

"On you" Edith smiled. 

"Don't worry about that,I gat you both" Georgiana smiled. 

She suddenly saw Ryan walking on the other side of the upstairs corridor. 

"Girls,I will see you later" She said and ran off. 

"What's going on? It's Ryan now?" Magnolia asked. 

"She hated him" Edith mumbled,she was more confused. 


"Hey" Georgiana grabbed Ryan when she got to him,Ryan flinched,he was using an earpiece and that got him. 

"Oh sorry,I didn't mean to scare you" Georgiana said. 

"What do you want?" Ryan frowned. 

"Just thank you.... For allowing me pass the night" She said. 

"You better don't try it again next time,I will leave you outside" Ryan said. 

"I don't get drunk all the time,I don't even know why I came there,but I'm glad I did" Georgiana smiled. 

Ryan scoffed. 

"I will buy you lunch...."

"Eat with yourself" Ryan muttered and almost used his earpiece again. 

"Wait" Georgiana grabbed his hand and gently groaned. 

"What the heck"

"I'm sorry but....I just want to treat you. Don't be so harsh,you even covered me with duvet when I was cold" Georgiana said. 

Ryan scoffed and faced her completely. 

"Are you dumb? You think I like you because I prevented you from freezing to death? I did that because you were in my place,you think I would have cared if it was somewhere else? Is your brain going anti clock wise? Stay the fuck away from me" Ryan glared at her and used his earpiece before walking away. 

Georgiana bite her lips hurtfully. 

"He's right,you're really dumb Giana,trying to be friends with a jerk like him,remember you hate him so much" She said to herself. 

"She slept at his place?" Goldie mumbled,she heard Ryan and Georgiana's conversation,but only half of it. 

She sighed sadly and entered the hall where the next class was supposed to take place,Mina was there. 

"Hey" Goldie sat down beside her. 

"Are you okay? Do you have anything to say to me?" Goldie asked. 

"No,I'm fine" Mina mumbled. 


Mina was the first to leave the class as soon as the lecture was over,Goldie immediately carried her bag and ran after her. 

Juliette sighed,staring at them. 

"Let's go Juliette,I'm starving. Because we skipped lunch" Winnie said. 

"You can leave without me,I have something else to do" Juliette said. 

"Alright,goodnight babe" Winnie smiled and kissed her cheek,Minnie also did the same before they walked out. 

Juliette sighed. 

"What do I have to do?" She asked herself,actually nothing in particular. 

She also walked out of the hall,she saw Daniel and Holland and that was when she realized,the reason why she stayed with was because she haven't seen Stanley all day,since he dropped her home in the morning,she haven't set her eyes on him. 

"Holland!" She called and the two turned at once. 

"Oh Juliette"  Holland smiled when she walked over to them. 

"Where's Stanley?" She asked. 

"Class..." Daniel replied

"Alone? Why?" 

"He got hurt a little during practice" Holland replied. 

"Oh" Juliette muttered. 

"You can go see him if you want,he insisted we leave without him" Holland said and they walked away. 

Juliette turned immediately,she have never tried walking that fast,the way she was walking to the private class until someone grabbed her hand from the back,she turned to see Lennon. 

"Oh,Lennon" Juliette called. 

"Where are you going in such hurry?" He asked. 

"Aren't you going home?" He asked again. 

"I will...."

"I will take you home then" Lennon smiled. 

Juliette swallowed without moving. 

"Aren't you coming?" Lennon asked. 

"Don't worry about me,I still have things to do,go on" Juliette said. 

"Oh" Lennon mumbled, watching as Juliette walked away. 


Juliette entered the class,Stanley was just about going out. 

"Peach" He called with a warm smile. 

"What happened to your hand?" Juliette asked. 

"Oh this.....not something big" Stanley smiled and Juliette touched it. 

"Ahh!!" He screamed. 

"You said it's nothing" Juliette snapped. 

Stanley groaned. 

Juliette sighed and moved more closer.

"What,are you going to press it again?" Stanley asked and put the hand behind him. 

Juliette said nothing and hugged him slowly,Stanley blinked,still confused. 

"Why....did I miss you all day?" Juliette asked. 

"You...missed me?" Stanley asked. 

Juliette said nothing and hugged him more tightly. 

Lennon was watching from the window outside,his fists folded before walking away. 

Stanley gently wrapped one arm around her too,he tried using the second hand but it hurts like hell. 


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