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Dark Moans - Episode 31 & 32




Dark Moans - Episode 31 & 32

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



Stanley walked in looking so wet from the rain,Daniel was just coming from the kitchen with a cup of coffee in his hand when he saw Stanley. 

"Why do you look like a slave?" Daniel asked. 

Stanley coughed and rushed to him,he took the cup from him and without minding the hotness,he gulped down everything. 

Daniel's eyes widened,his hand still in the same position when Stanley took the cup from him. 

"Fuck damn it" Stanley removed his wet clothe,he was literally shaking with cold. 

"That didn't work,can I have more?" He asked and sneezed loudly. 

"Did you enter the rain?" Daniel asked. 

"I don't know why I did that" Stanley replied,coughing again. 

"Hey,are you crazy? You know how it always get when you catch a cold,what the fuck were you thinking?" Daniel scolded. 

"Hey,don't shout at me,I might faint." Stanley said with shaking lips. 

Daniel shook his head and roughed his hair. 

"You should go take a warm bath,I will bring you some hot tea,go on" He said. 

"I love you bro,from the bottom of my....." Before Stanley could finish,Daniel already walked out of his sight. 

Stanley immediately went upstairs. 


Holland met Daniel in the kitchen waiting for the water boiling in the water heater. 

"What's wrong with Stanley? He look sick" Holland said,picking one apple from the fruit tray. 

"Don't eat apples in the night,it's poisonous" Daniel said. 

"Don't worry,Poison can't kill handsome guys like me,my face is enough to kill poison" Holland winked. 

Daniel groaned and shook his head. 

"I shouldn't have talked" He mumbled. 

Holland washed the apple and took a bite before facing him back. 

"I asked a question" He said. 

"He entered the rain" Daniel muttered. 

"That's bad,but can you make mine too?" Holland grinned. 

"I know your hands aren't cut off" Daniel said. 

"Don't be harsh,can't you help me....."

"It's tea for fuck sake not food?!" Daniel yelled. 

"Gosh,you're becoming wicked. Fine,I will do it myself" Holland said. 

"Better" Daniel scoffed. 

Holland chuckled and continue eating his apple,staring as Daniel brought out three mugs and started making the tea. 

"I said I will do mine" Holland said in a teasing voice and Daniel glared at him. 

"Will you make your food yourself?" He asked. 

Holland kept quiet,trying not to laugh. 

"Here,drink it with your annoying mouth" Daniel dropped the mug in front of him before going out. 

Holland laughed. 

"He's so annoyingly cute" He said. 


Lennon stared at Juliette as she ate,he had a smiley look on while staring at her. Juliette looked up and caught him staring. 

"What" She asked. 

Lennon immediately looked down to his food. 

"I caught you,why pretending?" Juliette chuckled and looked out through the glass window,it was still raining outside. She touched the window and faced Lennon back. 

"Did something happened?" She asked and he looked at her. 


"Honestly....earlier. I wanted to ignore you and follow Stanley,because you kept me waiting for too long and he reached out to me first. But then...looking at your eyes,I couldn't ignore you. Even though you're trying so hard to hide it,I can still see...something happened right?" Juliette asked. 

Lennon said nothing and continue playing with the fork in his hand. 

"You don't have to tell me if it's too personal,I'm just concerned" Juliette said. 

Lennon shook his head. 

"It's just....I've never told anyone before" He muttered. 

"Not even my best friends" He added. 

"Then you don't have to tell me either........"

"I will" Lennon cut in and Juliette kept quiet,looking at his face. 

"But not today,I shouldn't ruin the atmosphere. I love the way I am here with you,I'm sorry I was late,I never meant to keep you waiting,I'm sorry" He said. 

"You're making me feel guilty by being soft,I'm not angry" Juliette mumbled. 

Lennon smiled. 

"Its because you're cute" He said. 

"My ears might just blow up soon,if you keep telling that every time we talk" Juliette said. 

"I don't think it would,but I'm kinda sad it's raining,I wanted to go somewhere else" Lennon pouted. 

"Me too" Juliette said. 

"Where do you wish to go the most?" Lennon asked. 

"It's a secret" Juliette smiled. 

"Huh? Why is it a secret?" Lennon asked. 

"Because I want someone to take me there without me telling them" Juliette replied. 

"Then....what's going to happen?" Lennon asked carefully. 

"You might get to win my heart" Juliette winked and Lennon's eyes widened. 

"I want to come into your heart right now" He said and Juliette laughed. 

"Stop being silly" She said. 

"Don't worry,I think I'm quite confident. I will get that" Lennon said. 

"Let me see you try then" Juliette chuckled. 


Juliette was coming from the restroom with Mina and Winnie when they crossed path with the HBs,Georgiana stopped in front of Juliette. 

"It's been a while" Winnie chuckled. 

Juliette tried walking away but Georgiana grabbed her hand and made her face her back. 

"What the fuck....."

"We need to talk,come with me without them" Georgiana glared at Mina and Winnie before walking away. 

Magnolia and Edith also left. 

"Don't tell me you're going to follow them" Mina said. 

"I'm going to bear what she have to say" Juliette replied. 

"You think that's a good idea? I don't trust that bitch a bit" Winnie said. 

"Well I have you two,so I will be fine" Juliette smiled and walked away,she went after Georgiana who was standing separately from her friends. 

"What's the problem?" Juliette asked. 

"How much do you need?" Georgiana asked. 

"What are you talking about?" Juliette asked. 

"So you will stop flirting with Stanley of course,how much should I give you to stay away from him? He's mine to begin with,you're just a bitch,his dad knows me and we are likely to get married in future so why the fuck are you around him? Why?!!" Georgiana yelled. 

Juliette sighed and shook her head. 

"Now I know where the frustrations are coming from?" She said. 

"What do you mean" Georgiana glared. 

"Stanley doesn't even see you,that's why you are so mad. He doesn't like you,why not give up instead? You're disgracing yourself" Juliette said and Georgiana tried to slap her. 

Juliette caught her arm in the air and started squeezing it. 

"Hey! Let go of me........."

"If you try that again...consider yourself dead. You must have forgotten I'm not the old Juliette anymore,that same guy you're dying to have made it happen,I understand you're dying inside with jealousy,but why not pass your anger on him instead? I don't care if you two get married or not,I am nothing to him and he's nothing to me either! Do you understand?!" Juliette yelled and pushed her away. 

"Ahh!" Georgiana fell on the ground. 

Juliette let out an angry sigh and turned to go back only to find Stanley standing there. 

"I am....nothing to you?" He asked. 

"You know what I mean......."

"Not even a friend? What do you mean? I heard you loud and clear........"

"We might be friends but still....it's not that strong. I don't think you and I are so close enough for her to attack me to stay away from you because you two are getting married,I don't give a damn and you know that,so put her in order yourself,don't scold me because of what I said" Juliette glared at him and walked away. 

Stanley chuckled and bite his lips. 

Georgiana stood up and grabbed Stanley's arm. 

"You saw what she did to me right......."

Stanley throw her hand off and she fell back on the ground. 

"Marriage? You and I?? Hey,I will rather remain alone for the rest of my life or I will just get married to a sex doll instead of you since I love s.ex.  So watch your mouth" Stanley said and turned to leave. 

"You can't escape it and you know that!!! You know what your dad and my dad want!! It's business" Georgiana screamed. 

Stanley faced her back. 

"Your dad must be so desperate to have me as his son in law then,because looking at it,in terms of business and money,your dad is no where close to my dad,I'm probably richer than your dad,it's a disrespect to my dad if I compare him to yours. So you should watch your mouth if you love that averagely rich family of yours to continue that way. Go tell your dad I said that" Stanley said and walked away. 

Georgiana bite her lips and broke into tears. 

Magnolia and Edith ran over to her. 

As Stanley was walking,his phone beeped and he checked,it's a text from his dad. 


Stanley sighed out and changed his route immediately. 


"What the hell happened?" Minnie asked Mina and Winnie while staring at Juliette. 

"She had a little encounter with Georgiana" Winnie replied. 

"Did that bitch tried something again?" Goldie asked. 

"No,I think Juliette gave her a taste of her own medicine,but then Stanley showed up,but ion know what they talked about" Winnie shook her head. 

"It must be serious" Minnie mumbled. 

"And why are you sitting alone back there" Mina asked Goldie,she's sitting alone,behind them 

"You should know already,she's waiting for Ryan" Winnie chuckled and Goldie blushed. 

Minutes later,Ryan came in with Finn but the moment he saw Goldie,he smiled and faced Finn. 

'Let's talk after class" He said and walked over to Goldie. 

"Wait,like seriously?" Finn scoffed and went somewhere else. 

"Is this space for me?" Ryan asked Goldie when he got down 

"No...but you can sit if you want" Goldie replied. 

Ryan nodded and sat down.

The girls cleared their throats and faced front. 

The lecturer came in after that and the lecture started. 

"Wow,you're quite a nerd" Goldie whispered to Ryan who was focused and writing. 

Ryan looked at her. 

"Don't tell me you don't have a note" He said. 

Goldie bashed her lashes. 

"But...do I need it? I have the texts and also the notes on my laptop......" Ryan smack her head with his pen. 

"Ouch!" Goldie gasped and all eyes fell on them. 

"Ryan" The professor called. 

"You're distracted,for the first time. Because of a girl?" He asked and the class laughed. 

"No I was just....."

"I understand,please hit on her later,not now" The prof said. 

👥 Whoaaaaaaaaaaa

Ryan bite his lips and Goldie chuckled. 

"Gosh,I won't sit with you again,never" Ryan said 

"Then I will come to you" Goldie whispered. 

Ryan smiled shortly but ignored her. 

They didn't talk again until the class was over. 

"Wanna eat with me....."

"No no no" Ryan immediately said and went to Finn. 

"Is he running from me now?" Goldie laughed. 

"Girl you're more whipped than him,what the heck" Mina groaned. 

"Not everyone is gonna be icy like you" Goldie said. 

They faced Juliette. 

"Hey,are you okay?" Minnie asked. 

"Yeah,I think I will go home early today,but right now I'm hungry,let's go get something" Juliette said and stood up. 


Stanley entered his dad's office,but instead of Mr Brocks,it was Opal,she was sitting pretty on his seat. She looked at Stanley with a smiley face as he came in. 

Stanley rolled his eyes and made to go out again.

"You should wait for your dad here....."

"It's none of your business if I choose to wait or not" Stanley snapped. 

"Like you said,we don't have to pretend when are alone" Opal said and Stanley faced her. 


"I'm glad you know I don't like you,you're such a smart kid" Opal smiled and stood up from the seat,she walked over to Stanley while her heels make sounds. 

"But for me,going out of the house isn't enough yet.....how about out of my sight?" Opal asked and Stanley chuckled. 

"I must be giving you so much headache,seeing the way you want to get rid of me" Stanley said. 

"No,I'm just telling a son of a one night slut what's right" Opal said. 

Stanley fold his fist behind him and let out a smile. 

"Unfortunately,I don't like it when people tell me what to do,why not tell your husband that? Oh,I guess you can't.....I understand,your share out of his properties might start shaking once you mention my name. I swear,sometimes I wonder if you're the slut or my mom,coz I don't think she's too desperate for money like you,she wouldn't have left me alone. She obviously doesn't care about me or dad's money,so thinking about it,you're the real slut here Opal" Stanley said. 

"How dare you...." Opal tried slapping him. 

Stanley pulled her hand back down and leaned closer. 

"I seriously don't want to talk,don't force words out of my mouth" He whispers into her ear. 

Opal laughed. 

"You must really think you are something in this family......you think your father would want to tarnish his image by letting you take over? You're still nothing but a mistake to this family,nothing but a MISTAKE" Opal said. 

Stanley started clapping while laughing. 

"What's funny?" Opal asked. 

"This is what I was talking about....I mean,you had this energy and beef inward and you always smile at me. Gosh you're such a naughty woman,I love it when we speak openly like this,don't you feel good after spitting those shits out? Don't lie" Stanley said and kept laughing. 

"Psychopath" Opal said,shaking angrily. 

Stanley smiled handsomely and tucked Opal's hair behind her ear. 

"I think you're right actually,I don't know why I find it so hard to cry. Instead of crying,I just laugh" Stanley said. 

Opal throw his hand off. 

"Don't tell dad I showed up,he will definitely get mad that I left coz of you,so tell him I didn't show up" Stanley winked at her and walked out of the office. 

Opay pushed the books on the desk away,breathing heavily. 

"Stanley........." She called,folding her fists. 


Mina walked in,she come here alone sometimes when she's bored,She got herself a private place to sit,but then she saw Stanley sitting at the far edge of the bar,looking kind of drunk. 

Stanley ignored the cup on the table and drank the liquor directly from the bottle,there are two empty bottles already. 

*No,I'm just telling a son of a one night slut what's right* Opal's voice rang in his head again and he laughed. 

Some girls around started murmuring. 

"Is that guy crazy? Why is he laughing?"

"Who cares if he's crazy? He must be insane because he's too hot" Another one said. 

"Insanely Hot" 

"I think I should go to him" 

"Wait,what if his girlfriend is somewhere close?"

Stanley took his phone and opened Juliette's contact,he wanted to dial and call her number but then....

*We might be friends but still....it's not that strong. I don't think you and I are so close enough for her to attack me to stay away from you because you two are getting married,I don't give a damn and you know that,so put her in order yourself,don't scold me because of what I said" when he remembered that,and the way Juliette glared at him before walking out on him,he dropped his phone and run his fingers through his hair. 

"Damn,he's so handsome!" 

"So hot"

The girls whispers to each other. 

At that same moment,Mina stood up from her table and walked past Stanley,to the restroom. 

She finished using the restroom and washed her hands,after that she walked out. 

She almost gasp when she saw Stanley leaning on the wall like he was waiting for someone. 

"Stanley" Mina called and Stanley shot her a sexy smile. 

"Gosh,he's drunk" Mina sighed out. 

"Give me your phone,let me call your friends to come take you" She said,stretching her palm. 

Stanley grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall. 

Mina's eyes widened as he brought his face close. 

"What.....what are you doing?" She stuttered. 

"Can I kiss you?" Stanley asked. 

Mina swallowed and said nothing.

Stanley smiled and went for her lips,he kissed her gently and slowly. 

Mina was still for a minute as he did that...but then after that minute,she closed her eyes and started kissing him back. 


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