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Dark Moans - Episode 3 & 4




Dark Moans - Episode 3 & 4

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


It was....Ground Cayenne Pepper. 

She fell on the ground,screaming with ocean of tears falling down from her closed eyes. 

The HBs walked in sassily,smiling as they all stood in front of her. 

"Ouch,that must have hurt,who did that?" Magnolia asked sarcastically faking a sad face. 

"I know right? Poor girl" Edith shook her head and they all laughed. 

"Why did you do that?! Just why!!!" Juliette screamed,she still can't open her eyes. 

"Because I hate your gut bitch,what else?" Georgiana scoffed. 

"My eyes.....my....." Juliette started tapping the floor,trying to find her way back into the restroom. 

Edith smirked and wanted to stepped on Juliette's hand with her high heel boots but Magnolia stopped her. 

"She might die,we can't let her die,school will be boring" She said and Edith laughed. 

"Gosh I love this bitch" She said and Georgiana smiled. 

They stood there,watching with smirks on their faces as Juliette struggled on the ground. 

Mina and Goldie walked in but they didn't spare the HBs a glance,they also ignored Juliette and entered one of the restrooms. 

"Am I the only one who hate that bitch called Mina?" Magnolia asked. 

"She's so damn arrogant" Edith hissed. 

Mina is the definition of quiet and hot, nobody would dare try talk to her,just one silent glare from her would send anyone trembling. 

"Ignore her,let's go girls" Georgiana rolled her eyes and they all started walking out at once,Georgiana in the middle,Edith on the right and Magnolia by the left as always. 

Juliette finally found her way into the restroom,she stood up from the floor and turned on the tap in the sink,she started washing her face thoroughly,after the sixth attempt,she was able to open her eyes. She looked into the mirror and her eyes were totally red,her face were so red all together. 

Juliette gulped,her body so wet and dirty at the same time. The restroom door opened and she turned back immediately in fear that she was in another trouble. 

"Hey" Goldie smiled at her. 

Juliette said nothing,she only shifted back,her body shaking. 

"Are you okay?? Here" Goldie hand over a face towel to her and Juliette broke into tears.

"What the fúck did I do to you!!! What!!!!" She screamed. 

"Hey,I'm just trying to help" Goldie said. 

"Let's go Goldie" Mina said from outside.

"Oh...here" Goldie smiled at Juliette and dropped the towel beside the sink before going out. 

Juliette wanted to leave the towel there but then she turned back and took it,she spread it and checked every side of it. 

It was so white and smelling nice,it even look expensive. 

She said nothing and fold it back,she held it and walked out of the restroom. 


Stanley was sitting down with his headset on. Daniel and Holland sat on the desk checking each other's phone. 

"Earlier,that was annoying" Holland broke the silence. 

"What?" Daniel asked. 

Stanley also took off the headset. 

"Georgiana,she was totally flirting" Holland said. 

"That girl is something else for real,Is it because her family are close with yours? It's obvious she's crazy about you" Daniel chuckled. 

Stanley scoffed. 

"Don't worry about her,she's not really my type" He shook his head. 

"I should be the one saying that not you,dude you don't even have a type. You fúck all the holes you find you're not ready for a serious relationship so who cares about type? Just fúck her once and tell me how she taste like" Holland said. 

Daniel and Stanley laughed. 

"You're crazy dude,I love you" Daniel said. 

"No I can't do that* Stanley said,hanging the headset around his neck 

"Why,I'm sure she's gonna say yes even if she's gonna be riding" Holland smirked. 

"I like what you did there bro" Daniel said and they both shook hands. 

"I don't want to give her any damn greenlight,she kinda have my weakness. If her dad bring out such proposal to my dad about us,then I'm dead. That old man only care about money" Stanley scoffed. 

"That's right" Holland nodded. 

"Then,should I......" Daniel dragged his ear before he could finish. 

"Ouch!!!" Holland screamed and pushed him away 

"Are you crazy?!" He shouted.

"You're not touching that girl,okay?" Daniel said. 

"I was kidding,she's not my type,I love older ladies" Holland said. 

"But I've never seen you fuck older ladies" Daniel mocked. 

"Hey,I'm still searching for the best,come on! I wanna be the baby boy,you know that feeling? With my handsome face,any rich lady would fall at once,don't play!" Holland bragged. 

Daniel and Stanley only laughed. 

"I'm so tired of this dude bragging about his face all day,cut me a slack dude. Stanley isn't even doing that" Daniel said. 

"Who's Stanley beside me? Stop it" Holland said and they started arguing. 

Stanley shook his head and used his headset back,increasing the volume of the music. 


Juliette entered and all eyes fell on her,she buried her face on the floor as she climbed the stairs at the center to get a seat,her eyes met with the HBs sitting and she immediately turned back,she found an empty row and she sat down on one of the seats. 

The hall was so noisy since the professor haven't arrived yet,a rolled paper landed on Juliette's head from the back and then fell on the table,she picked it and opened it. 

📜 Get out of our school,you stinks!!

Another one dropped,she picked it again and read.

📜 Girl you've wore this particular clothes too much,are you a beggar??

Then another one. 

📜 Your shoes are....Ewww

Juliette gulped,she moved her legs into the desk,it's true,they are terribly worn out, she ignored the rest of the papers thrown. 

Georgiana and her friends were having fun while watching the drama. 

Minutes later,Lennon and his two friends walked in. Just like Stanley and his friends,they are another set of bad boys in school,a lot of students fear them but not all. 

Lennon,Graham and Dylan are among the hottest guys in school,no one can deny that. But they really can't compete with the KINGS. 

The girls started to murmur and whisper

👥 Graham is so cute,I can't!

👥 Lennon,I love you

👥 Gosh,Dylan be killing me,so handsome. 

👥 Come sit here!!

Juliette wasn't even looking up,In her mind she was praying the days pass so quickly so she can leave this hell. 

Until suddenly she felt some people sitting by her two sides,she looked at her right,Graham and Dylan smiled at her. She gave them a warm and cold stare before turning to her left. Lennon only stared at her also. 

"You look like you don't want me here" he said. 

👥 What are they doing with that dirty girl?

👥 I can't believe this

"Don't give them the wrong idea,you've never sat beside me before" Juliette said 

"I can sit anywhere I want though" He winked at her. 

Juliette wanted to say more but the professor came in at that moment which made the hall silent. 

"Girl are you a chef?" Lennon suddenly asked as the lecture was going on. 

Juliette stopped writing in her note for a second and looked at him.


Lennon inhaled the smell from her hair and squeezed his face. 

"Why do you smell like soup?" He asked. 

Juliette immediately shifted away from him. 

Lennon chuckled and focused back,Juliette continue writing. 

"Wow,your handwriting is so good" Graham said beside her. 

"Thanks" Juliette mumbled without looking up. 

The rest of the class was silent. 


The cafeteria was filled up by students sitting in groups,two,three,four and above. Juliette was the only one sitting alone,her face buried in the food she was eating hungrily. 

"Oh the poor moo must be so hungry" She heard the familiar voice and her body froze. 

She didn't have to raise her head to know it was the HBs again. 

"Hey you" Edith grabbed her jaw and forced her to look up. 

"You look really hungry" She shook her head. 

The students were already laughing while watching them,some taking videos and pictures. 

"Imma make your food more delicious" Georgiana smiled and poured the juice in her hand Inside Juliette food.

"Sweet enough,now eat" Magnolia said and pushed Juliette's head into the plate and then raised her head again. 

👥 Ohhh!!!! 

👥 So embarrassing!!

They all laughed. 

"Hey,that's enough!!" Ryan banged his hand on the table loudly and everyone kept quiet,turning to him. 

Georgiana frowned and faced him.

"Hey little whack,why don't you keep shut and watch your mama?" She asked. 

"No,you should be the one to shut up,you're disgusting,don't you know?" Ryan asked. 

"Hey watch your mouth!!" Edith yelled. 

"Or what?" Ryan tried walking closer to them,his best friend,Finn immediately grabbed his hand. 

"Leave them alone" He muttered. 

"I'm too angry to calm down" Ryan scoffed and faced Georgiana again. 

"Why not walk away? You stink" He said. 

The students started murmuring. 

Georgiana laughed and moved closer to him,staring into his eyes. 

"You won't like me if I start with you" She said. 

"I must be mad to ever like you,you're not all that you know?" He winked at her and sat down again. 

Georgiana fold his fists angrily before walking away. 

"Puppies,follow your mama,what are you waiting for?" Minnie said beside her twin sister,Winnie

"Hottest bitches my foot,why can't we just get a space to fight? I will destroy their faces" Winnie scoffed. 

Magnolia and Edith walked out,Then Juliette carefully stood up and ran out of the cafeteria in tears. 

Goldie sighed out and looked at Mina who didn't even bother to look up. 

"Don't you pity her?" She asked. 

"So what if I pity her?" She asked. 

"I don't know too,I just feel sorry for her" Goldie muttered. 

"Eat up" Mina said and Goldie chuckled..

"Cold" She said. 


Lennon and his friends saw Juliette running out on their way to they cafeteria and they looked at Lennon. 

"I guess something happened in the cafeteria" Graham said 

"Got bullied again" Dylan scoffed,his eyes focused in his phone screen. 

"I know right? But Georgiana is really crazy" Graham chuckled. 

"It's not funny" Lennon rolled his eyes and left them 

"Seriously? What's with him?" Graham asked. 

"Let's go,I'm starving" Dylan finally raised his head. 

"I thought you can eat your phone" Graham scoffed abd went into the cafeteria,Dylan followed. 


It's more like a garden with countless tree all around,the students are restricted from going there but that's where Stanley decided to be taking his naps...on the tree .

He was on the tree taking his afternoon nap like every other day,the Breeze blowing coldly. 

Some minutes later,Juliette appeared,breathing heavily and sighed in relief when she finally saw Stanley. 

She have been stalking him for a while and she found out he's always here in the afternoon,she was just making sure in case she finally get fed up and go for the only solution in her head. And now is the exact time to go for her plan,she can't take it anymore. 

She was being delusional when she thought maybe soon the students will stop but it's only getting worse even after three years. She stood there and wiped her tears before she got the courage to clear her throat. 

Stanley,as a light sleeper opened his eyes at once and looked down to see her. 

He raised his brows,he could swear he has never seen her face in his life,and he's not even capping. 

"Who are you?" He asked. 


"I don't really care about your name,what are you doing here? Don't you see the warning?" He snapped. 

Juliette ignored his question and spoke up. 

"I need your help" She said 

Stanley scoffed 

"This bitch really disturbed my nap just to ask for my help? Great" He mumbled and closed his eyes again. 

"It's your responsibility to begin with!!" Juliette screamed and Stanley almost fell off the tree because of that.

He looked at her,Juliette was crying bitterly. 

He took his time to check her out,he could see all the dirts on her body,her red face and all.

He needed no one to tell him she's one of the victims of bullying. 

He sighed and removed his sun shade,he brushed his hair to the back with his hand, looking hot while doing that . 

"What help do you need?" He asked. 

"Make a deal with me" Juliette muttered. 

Stanley raised his brows. 


"I want to get my revenge,you're the only one who can help me" Juliette said. 

"Why do you want to get revenge now? You've been bullied for years and now you want revenge?" He asked. 

"Because I've made up my mind....being a good girl haven't really done anything good to save me,I don't want to be a good girl anymore,it's stupid" Juliette said and Stanley smiled,getting more interested. 

"So...what deal are you talking about?" He asked. 

"Save me from bullies,you won't let anyone bully me" She said boldly. 

Stanley nods. 

"That's nothing....at all" He said. 

"But....what's my gain?" He asked. 

"My body" She answered without any second thought. 

"Like...you will allow me fuck you?" Stanley grinned and Juliette nodded. 

"How many times?" Stanley asked. 

"For as long as you will be protecting me" Juliette replied. 

"And till when is that?" Stanley asked. 

"Until I leave this school" Juliette answered. 


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