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Dark Moans - Episode 29 & 30




Dark Moans - Episode 29 & 30

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


"I'm not going to avoid you anymore,let's just say I wanna start hitting on you, for real" Stanley winked and Juliette's heart began racing. 

Stanley chuckled and moved even closer,Juliette tried shifting back,Stanley grabbed her waist and pulled her back. 

"Hey,someone might come in" Juliette said. 

"Is that why your heart is racing or you're whipped?" Stanley smirked. 

"Your confidence is annoying" Juliette scoffed. 

"I don't think it is,I can get and have just any girl right now with my charms" He smiled. 

"What charms are you talking about?" Juliette asked and fold her arms. 

"Do you wanna go out with me......."

"I have a date" Juliette said and walked out. 

Stanley chuckled and shook his head. 

"What the fuck are you thinking in your head?" Holland came in with a smirk on his face. 

"What do you think?" Stanley grinned. 

"I have no idea,you're complicated sometimes,it's hard to read you" Holland shook his head. 

"I'm just thinking of having a little fun.....annoying someone" Stanley winked and Holland laughed. 

"Can I tag along?" he asked. 

Stanley frowned. 


"Honestly,I don't know either" Holland replied and they both laughed. 

"But then,I think Lennon really likes her" Holland said. 

"Exactly why I want to hit on her,I love making people mad" Stanley smirked. 

"What about you? Do you like her?" Holland asked. 

"She don't want to fall in love with me though" Stanley chuckled and went out of the room,Holland followed. 

"I will see you later,I need to check out something in the office" Stanley said and walked away. 

Holland took out his phone and dialed Daniel's number but got no answer,he called him again,the same. 

"Why the fuck is he avoiding me?" Holland groaned and sighed out,walking back to the class. 


Holland entered the class and it was empty,tiredly he walked into the class lounge and closed the door,Daniel was right there too,sitting down on the couch with his phone in his hand,Holland let out a frown and moved closer. 

"Seriously? Your phone was right in your hand but you decided to ignore my calls?" He asked. 

Daniel sighed out. 

"I just want to be alone" He muttered. 

"Then you should go home if you wanna be alone,not here" Holland said and Daniel looked at him. 

"Are you going to tell me why you've been avoiding me now?" Holland asked. 

"I wasn't even avoiding you......"

"Of course you were,since yesterday and you know that" Holland said and sat down beside him. 

"Do you have anything to tell me?" He asked. 

"No" Daniel muttered and focused back on his phone,immediately Holland took the phone from him. 

"Talk to me first,I'm lonely" he said.

"Stop being cute" Daniel scoffed. 

"You're the one pouting like a child,are you having a mood swing or something?" Holland cupped his cheeks. 

"Hey!!" Daniel yelled and pushed him off. 

Holland laughed out loudly. 

"Finally you're annoyed" He smirked. 

"Don't do that again,please" Daniel said. 

"Why?" Holland teased. 

"I'm not playing,don't bring your face that close again"Daniel muttered and took his phone back. 

"Why?" Holland grinned. 

"You take everything as a joke,it's annoying" Daniel scoffed. 

"Oh" Holland bite his lips and said nothing. 

"You must be angry" he sighed

Daniel shook his head and stood up. 

"Where are you going? Let me come with you" Holland immediately followed. 

Daniel faced him back. 


"Because we are best friends dummy,you can't escape from me" Holland said and crossed his arm around Daniel's neck. 

"But,I'm not going anywhere" Daniel said. 

"Let's go grab something to eat" Holland said and Daniel nodded. 


Ryan was sitting down alone,focused while operating his laptop,he was working on the class assignments. 

Someone suddenly dropped a bottle of drink on the table before him and he looked up,Goldie smiled at him. 

"So you've been here all along?" She asked and sat down beside him. 

"Hey,I'm quite busy." Ryan said. 

"I won't disturb you" Goldie replied. 

"You look like the type who doesn't keep to promise,you will definitely disturb me" Ryan said. 

"I'm not that bad" Goldie said. 

Ryan chuckled and looked at her. 

"Why did you bring this?" He asked,touching the drink. 

"Because you must be tired doing everyone's work...."

"Have it,you look more tired than I am" Ryan said. 

Goldie took the bottle and uncapped the cover,she gave it to him. 

"We are friends" she said. 

"That's not an excuse,but I'm going to drink it" Ryan winked and sipped from it. 

Goldie smiled,staring at his face as he continue drinking. 

"Is there something on my face?" Ryan asked. 

"No" Goldie looked away. 

"You're cute when you blush" Ryan chuckled. 

"Blush? I wasn't blushing" Goldie immediately said. 

"Your cheeks are so red right now Goldie" Ryan said. 

"This is the first time I would hear you call my name" Goldie said. 

Ryan shook his head. 

"I told you,you're such a distraction" He said and Goldie laughed. 

"Do you want me to leave?" She asked. 

Ryan shook his head slightly. 

"Don't,you can sit down here quietly" He said. 

"I can also help if you want......"

"Of you wanna help,then go out...."

"Okay,I will sit down quietly boss" Goldie said and Ryan laughed. 

She sat down for just ten minutes before she got a message from Mina. 

"Oh,I need to go now." She stood up. 

"Thanks for the drinks" Ryan said. 

"Bye" Goldie waved and left. 

Ryan smiled and looked back to what he was doing. 

"I didn't know you are such a flirt" He heard the familiar voice and he turned to see Georgiana. 

"What? How long have you been here?" He asked. 

"And why should I answer that?" Georgiana moved closer and stopped in front of him,she held the desk,staring into his eyes. 

Ryan rolled his eyes and shook his head,he wanted to stand up and leave. 

"Sit down,stop being annoying" Georgiana groaned. 

"I don't think we are close enough to make me sit and listen to your shits" Ryan said. 

Georgiana grabbed his collar and pulled him closer,their faces almost touching each other. 

"Now what the hell is this?" Ryan asked. 

"Trying to get something" Georgiana said and kept staring into his eyes. 

Ryan scoffed and throw her hands off. 

"You're annoying" he muttered and closed his laptop,he stood up and walked away,pushing her with his shoulder. 

Georgiana laughed. 

"He walked out on me....again" She said and fold her fists angrily. 

"Nothing happened earlier,how the fuck was he able to maintain eyes contacts with me without feeling anything? Just how?" She asked herself. 


"Whoa,you have such a nice place babe" Winnie said,looking around. 

"Wow" Minnie chuckled,running around. 

"I've only brought Goldie to my house,you two are the second and third" Mina said,walking to the bedroom 

"I wish Juliette is here" Minnie pouted. 

"She said she's got a date with Lennon by 7pm" Mina said and came back out. 

"What do you guys wanna eat? I have a lot of foods" Mina winked. 

They walked to the kitchen. 

"I love the kitchen!" Winnie whined immediately and Minnie chuckled. 

"As if she does the cooking" Minnie said and laughed sarcastically. 

"So who cooks?" Mina asked. 

"Me of course,this idiot only press phone in the kitchen while watching me cook,who does that?" Minnie asked and Mina laughed. 

"Then let me do the cooking today" she said. 

"When are we gonna have our girls night date? I want it badly,let's have pizza and....."

"Not pizza please" Mina groaned. 


"That shit is overrated,ion like it,yuck"

"That's Juliette's favorite" Winnie laughed. 

"I take back what I said then,but why not chocolate instead of Pizza? Goldie can take alot of pictures for us"  Mina said dreamily. 

"Now I can't really wait" Minnie said. 

Mina's phone buzzed and he checked the text. 


Immediately Mina read it,she rolled her eyes and dropped it on the table,ignoring it totally 

"I'm gonna make some quick macaroons for us" She said. 

"Let's do it together" Minnie immediately packed her hair. 

"I will watch you two,good luck" Winnie grinned. 

"Lazy idiot" Minnie scoffed. 

"But,what about Goldie?"

"Went home" Mina replied. 


Lennon was already on his way in his car,,he got a text from Juliette and he immediately checked. 


He smiled and wanted to reply but then his phone started ringing,it's his Mom's caretaker. He answered the call right away. 

"Is everything okay?" 

"She......sir...  She......"

"What the fuck happened?!!" Lennon yelled. 

"I can't find her sir..."


"She left home" 

Immediately,Lennon reversed in full speed and drove off roughly. 

He got to his mom's house in few minutes,he got down from the car and rushed inside. 

The caretaker,was in there pacing around,she immediately went on her knees when Lennon entered. 

"I'm sorry sir....."

"You really think I care about this right now? Where is mom?" Lennon asked. 

She swallowed.

"I.....have no idea sir" She broke into tears. 

Lennon turned back immediately and ran out of the house. 

He knows where his mom might be at that moment and she ran to an uncompleted building in the street. 

"Mom!! Mom!!" He called loudly,running through the rooms in there. 

After five minutes,he found the woman in her fifties sitting and crying. 

"Mom!" Lennon called and ran to her. 

"Mom,it's late,you can't be here......"

She shook her head. 

"I want my son....my son back" She said. 

"Your son is right here,I'm here......"

"You're not him....I want Lennox" she said. 

Lennon sighed and bit his lips. 

"Lennox.....he won't come here. I'm here....."

"Bring Lennox to me!! It's all your fault!! It's your fault!!" She screamed,hitting him all over. 

"It's all my fault,blame me all you want. But we need to get out of here....."

"I can't go with a stranger,I want my son" She said. 

"I'm not a stranger!! I'm your son too!! Please!!" Lennon screamed out tearfully. 

The woman was quiet for a minute but then she shook her head again. 

"No....you're not. Stay away from me" She said. 

Lennon sighed and grabbed her hand forcefully.

"Leave me alone!!" She slapped him on the face and Lennon released her. 

"Lemon,that's enough" A young lady appeared and Lennon looked up. 

"Aunt Mary" Lennon muttered. 

"It's okay,you can leave her for me. You can't keep getting hit like that" Mary said. 

Lennon shifted back,watching as Mary calmed his mom down and finally she followed her. 

He sighed out and leaned on the wall,tears rolled down his eyes. 

He was there when the rain started dropping,and then he remembered Juliette. 

"Oh no" He left immediately. 

8:30_BUS STOP**

Juliette stared blankly as the rain continue falling heavily,she's been waiting for more than an hour and now she can't even enter the rain to go back home. 

She rubbed her arms,she was beginning to get cold. 

Some minutes later, a car stopped in front of her and she raised her brows. 

"Lennon?" She asked herself. 

The door opened and Stanley came out. 

"Hey! Why the fuck are you inside the rain?" He asked. 

"Oh....Stanley" Juliette mumbled. 

"What,are you expecting someone else. Get in,I hate rains" Stanley said,grabbing her hand. 

Almost immediately,Lennon arrived and came out of the car,he rushed to Juliette with an umbrella in his hand. 

"I'm sorry I came late,I'm sorry" he said and covered her up with the umbrella. 

Stanley scoffed

"Let's go" He said to Juliette and tried walking with her. 

"Thanks for offering to help" Juliette said and Stanley looked at her. 

She released herself from Stanley's grip and faced Lennon. 

"Let's go" She said. 

Lennon glanced at Stanley blankly and walked to his car with Juliette. 

They drove off,leaving Stanley standing. 

Stanley chuckled and stood there while the rain beat him continuously. 


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