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Dark Moans - Episode 27 & 28




Dark Moans - Episode 27 & 28

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


Lennon stopped moving the moment he heard that sound,what was that? He doesn't really know but it really sounded like a moan,probably one of the people who came to the party,he turned back and walked out. 

Inside the room,Juliette and Stanley were done with their business. Stanley stared at Juliette as she arranged her hair with her fingers. 

"You look hot" he muttered. 

Juliette looked at him. 

"You don't expect me to react....right?" She asked and Stanley raised a brow. 

"Why not?" He asked back. 

"You must have been telling a lot of girls that the moment you arrived" Juliette said. 

"No I didn't" Stanley winked and Juliette scoffed. 

"How's it going with your crush?" He asked. 

"Not your business" Juliette muttered and touched the door knob. 

Stanley grabbed her and and pulled her back,he pushed her against the wall and Juliette swallowed. 

"What...are you doing?" She asked. 

Stanley smirked. 

"Does your heart beat this fast when you're with him?" He asked. 

"Are you flirting with me right now?" Juliette chuckled. 

"I just want to know" Stanley said and Juliette pushed him off gently. 

"I'm going back to the party" She mumbled. 

"Don't shake your @ss too much in there" Stanley called back. 

"What if I do...."

"Then I will break my promise and come to you" Stanley said. 

Juliette shook her head. 

"You're becoming something else" She said and went out. 

Stanley chuckled naughtily. 


Juliette passed in front of some group of boys and she could clearly hear them whispering to one another about her,she wanted to ignore but then one of them crossed her part and stood in front of her making her stop. 

"Hey sexy" He smiled. 

Immediately,someone's arm wrapped around Juliette's waist and the guy looked at Stanley. Juliette turned and their eyes met. 

"Let's go" Stanley smiled at Juliette and took her away. 

"Who's that dude?" One of the guy's friends asked. 

"Ion know,maybe her boyfriend" The guy replied,still looking at Stanley and Juliette as they walked side by side. 

"See you later" Juliette said to Stanley when she saw Winnie and Minnie,she left his side and walked over to them. 

Winnie and Minnie were in the pool splashing water on each others faces. 

"Juliette!! Where were you!!" Winnie screamed and Juliette chuckled before removing the scarf around her waist. 

"I'm coming in" She said. 

"Damn!! You are hot" Minnie bite her lips. 

Winnie slapped her head.

"Ouch!!!' Minmie screamed. 

Juliette laughed and finally entered the water. 

"Girls!!" Goldie called as she ran toward them with the selfie stick in her hand. 

"Make a pose girlies! Quick!' She said and pouted her lips,holding the camera a little higher covering everyone. 

Winnie placed her lips on Juliette's left cheek,Minnie also did the same on her right cheek. Juliette smiled brightly and Goldie took the shot. 

"Where's Mina? She's gonna get mad if she discover we took pictures without her" Goldie said,setting the camera again. 

"She went to the restroom" Minnie said 

"Another pose girls" Goldie said,she made her own sexy pose. 

Winnie and Minnie raised a hand up each,pushing out their @ss. 

Juliette flipped her hair and the camera caught the moment her long hair flipped to the back. 

"Whoa Juliette,that was hot" Goldie said when they checked the two pictures. 

"I know right? She's hot" Winnie smiled. 

"You are prettier" Juliette said. 

"Just my face,I'm too slim" Winnie whined. 

"No,I love slim girls" Juliette said 

"Too bad you're not into girls" Winnie pouted and they all laughed. 


Mina finished doing her business and checked her face in the mirror,she pat her face and smiled. 

"Pretty" She blushed and turned to go,she opened the door and let out a gasp when she saw Graham. 

"What are you doing here?!" She almost screamed. 

"I think you're the one who made a mistake,this isn't the ladies room" Graham said. 

"Huh?" Mina raised her brows. 

"I was....told" Graham said and Mina scoffed. 

"You're not really good in lying,try better. What is it that you want?" She asked. 

"Uhm......your.....I just.....want to be a friend....."

"Sorry,I have enough friends already. I might get suffocated if I add you to the list" Mina rolled her eyes and walked away. 

Graham bite his lips and roughed his hair. 

"I knew she's going to be hard" He mumbled. 

"So that's your crush?" Dylan grinned with a mocking look as he came in. 

"Don't start,I'm not in the mood" Graham said 

"Of course you won't be in the mood,that rejection was so fast and at the same time appetizing" Dylan laughed. 

Graham pushed him out of the way and walked away. 

"Oh greatness,why would they fall in love? I can't,never,never" He shook his head and ran after Graham. 


Holland walked away from the pool side to answer a call,after he was done,he turned to go back only to find Magnolia standing. 

"Finally found you" She smiled. 

Holland groaned and run his fingers through his hair. 

"Not now Magnolia,not now please" He said. 

Magnolia moved closer and grabbed his hand. 

"Wanna show you something" She smirked and took him away,into a room. 

"What the fuck is this place? Why are we here?" Holland asked. 

"You will see" Magnolia smiled and sat him down on a couch. 

Holland stared at her,she sat down on his laps and kissed his neck.

"Do you wanna take off my bikini?" She asked,looking into his eyes..

Holland was speechless. 

"I know you want that" Magnolia gave him a flirty smile and unbuttoned his shirt,she was about kissing him when Holland pushed her off and she almost fell,Holland grabbed her hand again to prevent her from falling,with that force,she fell back on him and their lips connected. 

Magnolia immediately used the opportunity and kissed him deeply. 

Holland's eyes widened but he didn't push her away,he just stood there frozen as Magnolia kissed him hungrily. 

He could hear the sparks of memories colliding in his head. 

The door opened and Daniel entered,he walked over to them and grabbed Magnolia. 

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Magnolia yelled. 

Daniel ignored her and pushed her out of the room,he closed the door and turned back to Holland.  

"Hey,are you okay?" Daniel asked worriedly,tapping him. 

Holland gulped and shook his head. 

"Why the f**k did you allow her kiss you?!" Daniel snapped. 

"It was.....sudden and unexpected" Holland replied and wiped his lips. 

"What the hell are you wiping?" Daniel scoffed. 

"Why the fuck are you mad at me?" Holland asked and grabbed his head painfully. 

"Are you okay?" Daniel touched his head. 

"Go away if you will keep on getting mad" Holland muttered. 

"I was just worried about you,but you acted so annoying. Why would you follow that bitch in here,what if those crazy memories come back again? You don't want to remember them" Daniel said,sounding so concerned. 

Holland kept quiet for about five minutes before looking at him. 

"I'm fine now,you don't have to be worried" He said and Daniel sighed out. 

Holland smiled and stood up. 

"Did you follow me? How did you find us here?" He asked. 

"I followed Magnolia because I saw her coming to you" Daniel said. 

"Let's go back then" Holland said and opened the door. 

Daniel placed his hand on his own and Holland turned back. 

"What,you don't wanna go back?" He asked. 

"No,I'm thinking about how stupid you are again" Daniel said meanly and Holland groaned. 

"Dude I'm speechless,you're even more angry than me. I should be the one throwing a fist not you,let's go" Holland dragged him out of the room. 

Daniel scoffed. 

"Which one are you mad about? The kiss or because my head hurts a little?" Holland asked. 

"Both,but the kiss is more annoying" Daniel said and Holland laughed. 

"Do you want the kiss instead?" He teased and pouted his lips. 

"Hey stop it,people are watching" Daniel pushed him away. 

Holland laughed. 

"Then stop being mad if you don't want the kiss......"

"You're the one who don't like or want it" Daniel snapped and Holland raised his brows. 

"What?" He chuckled. 

Daniel said nothing and walked away. 

"What the hell is he talking about?" Holland mumbled to himself. 


Georgiana was walking to her car when she bumped into someone and she fell. 

"Ouch!" She screamed and looked up,it was Ryan. 

"Hey you idiot!! Are you blind?!!" She yelled. 

Ryan scoffed and tried walking away. 

"Aren't you going to take responsibility of what you did and pull me up?!!" Georgiana screamed. 

Ryan came back and stretched fort his hand for her,the moment he held her,he released her back and her butt landed back on the floor 

"Ahh!!" Georgiana cried out. 

Ryan laughed loudly and held his tummy. 

Georgiana looked at him with a hateful glare. 

"What was that for?" She asked. 

"It was a mistake" Ryan said and gave her his hand again. 

"Hold me" He grinned. 

Georgiana ignored him and stood up,angrily she raised his hand to slap him. 

"Oh oh,don't try it" Ryan grabbed her hand and pushed her against one of the cars. 

"Hey!!" Georgiana yelled,trying to push him off but he kept her pinned. 

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked and looked at his face. 

"Being mean makes you ugly" Ryan said. 

Georgiana swallowed,she has never been this close to him before. She stared at his wet hair down to his red lips and looked away. 

"Let me go" She mumbled. 

Ryan released her and walked away,Georgiana stood there watching as he entered his car,Finn also came and went in too,the car left. 

"Babe,Did something happened?" Edith came over. 

"I'm going home" Georgiana said and walked to her car. 

"What's wrong with her?" Edith mumbled confusedly. 


Juliette was ready to leave with Winnie and Minnie but then Lennon came over. 

"Let me take you home" He said 

Juliette looked at Winnie an Minnie. 

"Don't worry about us" Minnie smiled and dragged Winnie away. 

"Let's go" Lennon smiled. 

Juliette sighed and followed him to his car,they entered and Lennon drove out. 

"Sorry I left you earlier" She said. 

"It's fine,you can't be with me all through" Lennon smiled. 

Juliette bite her lips,guilt was eating her up crazily and she doesn't even know why. 

"Do you.....really want to keep being so nice to me? I don't deserve it" She said and Lennon looked at her. 

"What do you mean by...you don't deserve it?" He asked. 

"Honestly......like you guessed. Stanley and I made a deal,and it's quite complicated,,I don't want to feel guilty and......"

"Then I will wait" Lennon said.


"I will wait until you break the deal,I don't care what you're doing with him,as long as you don't like him that way,I will wait" Lennon said. 

Juliette was speechless. 

"But,that doesn't stop us from being friends or me nice to you,right?" Lennon asked. 


"I'm sorry I was late,,I should have saved you from those bullies"

"No it's fine,it's not your fault. You've never insulted me anyway" Juliette smiled. 

"But then......why do you suddenly grow interest in me?" She asked. 

"Because..........of your eyes" Lennon replied. 

"What? My eyes?" Juliette was confused. 

"You wanted help....but you kept it in,all by yourself. That day,I saw you cry alone and I felt guilty. I should have helped all along,I shouldn't have ignored it,but it was like a Normal thing in the school,even though I never get involved,but then that day,your eyes were pleading for help. That was when I decided to never allow Georgiana bully you again,but I guess I was late,you and Stanley suddenly became close,I don't know why" Lennon said. 

Juliette was quiet. 

"But when I got closer to you....I just don't want to turn back again. I don't want to,I want to know you more,everything about you" Lennon Said. 

Juliette bite her lips. 

There was silence all through the rest of the ride until he stopped in front of her place. 

They both got down from the car and Juliette smiled at him. 

"Thanks for the ride" she said. 

"Go out with me in return" Lennon said. 

"A date?" Juliette asked. 

Lennon smiled and nodded. 

"Tomorrow,after school" He said. 

"Fine,you should go. It's late,goodnight" She waved. 

"Goodnight" Lennon muttered,he stared at her till she entered the house and he also left. 


After the second long lecture was over,Juliette and her friends walked out of the hall,Minnie and Goldie were in front,they are hungry. 

They were the first to see the students surrounding the school notice board. 

"What's going on?" Minnie asked Goldie.

"Let's check it out" Goldie said and they called the others too.

Getting to the notice board,it's about the inter-team competition coming up between the basketball players. 

"Wow,I can't wait" Mina smiled. 

👥 I can't believe Stanley is among the players. 

👥 It's the first time Stanley will be playing. 

👥 I can't wait to see him,he will be as hot as always. 

"Stanley?!" Winnie and Minnie screamed. 

Juliette and Mina also exchanged glances. 

"That's crazy,I've never seen him in the team before" Goldie said as they left there. 

"Everyone knows Lennon is the Ace in the basketball team,but nobody ever saw Stanley play" Winnie said. 

"Do you think there's a reason why he's joining?" Minnie asked. 

"No idea" Mina shook her head. 


"I told you....this is gonna cause some shits" Holland chuckled as he walked with Stanley. 

"Why do you think I joined?" Stanley smirked and Holland shook his head. 

"The peace is too much these days" He said. 

"You got that" Stanley said and they both laughed. 

"Where's Daniel tho?" Stanley asked. 

"No idea,He's been avoiding me,I don't know why" Holland replied and Stanley looked at him. 

"Why?" He asked. 

"I'm confused too" Holland muttered. 


"What are you gonna do? Stanley is joining the team" Dylan said to Lennon. 

They were also walking. 

"What do you expect me to do? It's his school anyway" Lennon scoffed. 

"Lennon is the best player in the school,everyone knows that,I bet Stanley know nothing about basketball,he just wanna cause trouble" Graham said. 

Lennon said nothing,he saw Juliette walking and his eyes followed her. 

"Hey Peach!!" Stanley suddenly called her from a distance and all eyes fell on Juliette. 

Juliette turned and Stanley winked at her,smiling handsomely. Showing off his cute boxy smile.

👥 Awwwn

👥 I want to be Juliette right now

Lennon rolled his eyes. 

"See? I told you he's just looking for trouble" Graham said. 

Juliette left her friends and went to Stanley,she grabbed his hand and dragged him away. 

They entered the locker room and Stanley grinned. 

"Why are we here? Is it what I'm thinking,but today isn't our day......"

"Stop being unserious" Juliette snapped. 

"Okay" Stanley said. 

"You said you wouldn't do that in public,you said I can crush on whoever I want,you said you won't talk to me...." 

"I just thought about it and I realized I don't wanna do that anymore" Stanley said. 

"Huh?" Juliette asked with a creased brow. 

"I'm not going to avoid you anymore,let's just say I wanna start hitting on you, for real" Stanley winked and Juliette's heart began racing. 


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