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Dark Moans - Episode 19 & 20




Dark Moans - Episode 19 & 20

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



The guests were all present,it's almost thirty minutes past the speech given time,but Stanley was out of sight. 

Most of them were whispering and murmuring,wondering where the Brocks representative was at the moment. 

Just then,Easton walked into the hall and climbed on the stage,he stood in front of them and spoke into the mic. 

He was all dressed up in suit,he had a smile on his face,like he was well prepared for this. 

"We are very sorry for keeping you waiting,my kid brother was supposed to handle this but I don't think he will be able to at this moment,please give me a chance to lead you into the new computer world the Brocks are bringing to you" Easton said and turned to the projector. 

But before anything else could happen,Stanley walked in. 

"Thank you for saving the day dear brother" Stanley smiled and bowed in respect,nobody would ever notice it was fake. 

"I will take it from here" He smiled at Easton before walking to his position,Easton fold his fist and walked away. 

"I'm very sorry for keeping everyone waiting,My name Is Stanley" Stanley said professionally and a round of applause welcomed him in the whole hall. 

He smiled. 

"Then...let's proceed" He smiled and looked at Micah. 

Immediately the whole hall became dark,next second. The big projector came on,giving the hall a dim light. 

"And here we go" Stanley started.


After the perfect project presentation,Stanley returned to the office and fell weakly on the couch,he immediately removed his tie and suit,he was breathless. The drug was still working in his spirit,but because he never want to loose to his brothers,he forced himself to do that. 

He was still breathing heavily when the door opened and Easton came in,Stanley immediately pretended to be okay. 

He smiled at Easton who walked closer to him. 

"How was my performance? Did I do well?" He asked,smiling. 

Easton banged his fist on the table and Stanley glared at him. 

"How dare you?" Easton asked and grabbed Stanley's collar,he tightened it around his neck,enough to choke him but Stanley didn't make any sound. 

"You must think you won already,but you better stay out of my business,stop trying so hard to please dad,because none of these will belong to you after he's gone" Easton said and release his collar. 

Stanley coughed for almost a second before facing Easton back. 

"Too bad,He's not going anytime soon. He won't die now,if that's your wish,I will make sure you don't get what you want brother" he said. 

Easton laughed out loudly in a wicked form before throwing a punch on Stanley's face,he wanted to fall but Easton grabbed his hair and pulled him back. 

Stanley said nothing,his eyes on Easton who was breathing heavily in an angry way. 

"Are you out of breath?" Stanley asked bluntly. 

Easton raised his fist again but didn't hit him. 

"Go on and hit me like you've always done,go on" He said. 

Easton chuckled and released his hair roughly. 

"That's child's play,don't you think I should do something even more crazy?" He asked. 

Stanley wiped his bloody lips. 

"You know I'm not scared of you,that's why you're mad. Poor you" Stanley smirked. 

Easton chuckled and nodded. 

"Let's see them" He said and walked out of the office. 

Stanley held his chest and groaned. 

"Fuck!! Micah!!!!!" He shouted. 

The door opened immediately and Micah rushed in. 

"I got the antidote,here" 

Stanley immediately took the small bottle from him and opened it,he drank all at once and sighed out. 

"Hey" he looked at Micah.

"What do you think will happen to your job if I tell dad?"

Micah went on his knees immediately. 

"Please don't do that" 

Stanley scoffed and stood up .

"Let's go to the company" he muttered. 

Micah immediately opened the door for him and they went out. 


Stanley entered the house and met Holland in the living room,he was operating on his laptop but turned as soon as Stanley came in. 

"Hey dude" he called with a smile. 

Stanley threw his suit on the couch and sat down tiredly. 

"How was it? Are you okay?" Holland asked. 

"I did well" Stanley muttered and Holland smiled. 

"Of course I know,but did something happened?" He asked. 

"Where's Daniel?" Stanley asked,looking around. 

"That dude decided to cook this night,I wanted to help but he insisted on doing everything all alone" Holland said. 

"Hey,are you going to tell him the truth or what?" Daniel came into the living room. 

Holland immediately turned away. 

"Of course I know it was him who choose not to help,lazy idiot. Are you done? What should I help you with?" Stanley stood up. 

"It was because,I'm busy as you can see" Holland said. 

"So why lying?" Stanley pushed his head and Holland chuckled. 

"You didn't even believe me" He said. 

"Why would he?" Daniel scoffed and faced Stanley. 

"You look hungry,let's go eat" He said. 

Holland immediately stood up and they both looked at him. 

"Aren't you busy?" Stanley asked. 

"I can make up time to eat......" Stanley kicked his leg and Daniel slapped his head. 

"Ahh!!" Holland groaned out but ended up laughing. 

"I'm starving" He touched his tummy. 

"I did everything alone....."

"I would have messed everything up if I joined" Holland blinked cutely. 

Daniel scoffed and looked away. 

"Ugly duck" He mumbled. 

"What? Ug.....Ugly?" Holland touched his face. 

"You hit the right spot" Stanley chuckled and left with Daniel. 

"Wait,ugly? Me? How? Nobody ever said that before" Holland checked his face in his phone screen.

"I'm as perfect as ever" he scoffed and went after them. 

Stanley was seated while Daniel set the table,Holland joined. 

"Daniel,your wife is really going to be the luckiest in the world,without tasting,I can taste how delicious it is" Holland said. 

Daniel ignored him and sat down after he finished serving the food. 

"Hmm...." Stanley moaned after eating the first bite of the turkey. 

"Why not start from food?" Daniel asked. 

"You're the best" Stanley muttered. 

"You're welcome" Daniel said. 

"But.. I dropped such a long compliment and you ignored" Holland said with his mouth full. 

"I answer whoever I want to answer" Daniel said and faced Stanley. 

"How was the meeting?" He asked. 

"I was drugged" Stanley muttered. 

"What?!!!" Daniel and Holland screamed and dropped their cutleries at once. 

"Wait,don't tell me... It's your brothers" Holland said. 

"Alexander and Easton....." Stanley muttered. 

"How did you know......"

"He showed up to take my place,then came to threaten me in the office,but don't worry about me,I don't care,it's nothing" Stanley said and continue eating. 

"This is what I hate,you're not going to report to your dad...."

"That's childish" Stanley said. 

"Those brothers of yours can do anything....."

"Don't worry about me" Stanley cut Daniel off. 

"Why won't we be worried?" Holland asked. 

"When I need your help,I will definitely tell you. But for now,they aren't too much to handle" Stanley said. 


Easton was scrolling through the laptop,he was reading the comments dropped under the project speech given by Stanley. 

👥 Can't believe he's just twenty

👥 The youngest sons are always the smartest. 

👥 I'm crushing on him everyone. 

👥 That was one mind blowing speech 

👥 He's so smart

👥 I love the way he talk.

👥 He's going to be a great leader.

👥 His smile is so cute!!

Easton banged his hand on the table aggressively and sighed out. 

"Don't be too happy,I'm going to make sure this doesn't last,never" He mumbled. 


Lennon stopped his car at the parking lots,the doors opened and Juliette came out,then Lennon. 

"Thanks for the ride" Juliette said as they started walking side by side. 

"We are friends" Lennon said and Juliette smiled. 

"You won't stop saying that,c'mon" she said. 

"Because you're cute" Lennon said and Juliette blushed. 

Stanley and his friends were watching from the car. 

Holland and Daniel looked at Stanley at the same time.

"They are getting closer,aren't you going to do anything?" Daniel asked 

"What am I supposed do? We are just fuckmates" Stanley muttered and stepped down from the car,getting instant screams from the students. 

Daniel and Holland also came down,taking their spots by his sides as they walked. 

Getting all the attention as usual.

All of a sudden,Stanley stopped walking and they also did. 

"What class do we have right now?" He asked. 

"Human Resources....."

"Taking the general class" Stanley said. 

"What?!" Holland's eyes widened. 

"That's crazy,I hate sitting down with people" Daniel said. 

"Just sit with Holland alone" Stanley said. 

"What the f**k are you planning? I hate those halls" Daniel groaned. 

"Do you want me to go alone?" Stanley asked. 

"Of course not,we are coming" Holland said and like that,they changed their direction. 


Winnie stared at Juliette and Lennon sitting together for a full minute before facing the girls. 

"Can someone please tell me what's going on between those two?" She asked. 

"They look great together" Mina smiled.

"No" Minnie and Goldie immediately snapped. 

"What do you mean by No? Juliette seem happy whenever she's with him" Winnie said. 

"Yeah,maybe because she finds him more approachable than Stanley" Mina said. 

"But Lennon was in the same department with us for years without noticing Julie,why now?" Minnie asked. 

"Who cares?" Mina chuckled. 

The HBs walked in and as usual they all exchanged glares,hateful ones. 

"They still think they are hot" Winnie scoffed. 

"I'm what your fave think she is,you will understand soon" Georgiana smirked. 

Winnie wanted to get up But Minnie pulled her back down. 

"Ignore her" She said. 

Goldie turned to see Ryan sitting alone. 

"Girls,I will see you later" She smiled and immediately packed her stuff. 

"Don't tell me you're going to Ryan,don't....."

"He should call me cheap,let's say I'm cheaply in love" Goldie grinned and left them. 

"What? Cheaply in love?" Minnie asked again and they laughed. 

Goldie dropped her books on the desk beside Ryan first and he looked up,his stare was blunt and expressionless. 

"Hi" Goldie smiled and sat down beside him. 

Ryan said nothing and focused back on his phone. 

"You won't ask me why I'm here?" Goldie asked. 

"I don't own the school" Ryan replied. 

"Oh" Goldie bite her lips. 

She was about saying more when she heard a sudden scream from the student,she immediately looked up and her eyes widened too. 

Stanley and his friends just entered. 

👥 Someone tell me what's going on!!!

👥 It's the Kings!!!

👥 Why are they here?

👥 It's not what i'm thinking right?

👥 Stanley!!!!!

👥 Oh my God,Holland is too cute to be real

👥 I love you Daniel! 

Daniel winked at one of the girls screaming his name and everyone screamed out even more louder. 

"What are they doing here?" Georgiana muttered,her eyes following Stanley. 

Daniel and Holland also sat down but Stanley haven't. 

"He's here because of her?" Edith made a disgusting look when Stanley stopped right beside Juliette who was sitting beside Lennon. 

"Hey Peach" He smiled and sat down,keeping Juliette in the middle of Stanley and Lennon. 

Lennon glared at Stanley but he chuckled knowingly. 

"What are you doing here?" Juliette asked. 

"What is this hall made for?" Stanley asked. 

"But you have your own class....."

"This is my school by the way" Stanley said and Juliette scoffed. 

She said nothing and turned back to Lennon. 

She wanted to talk to him but Stanley tapped her again,she faced him and Lennon sighed out to control his abger. 

Stanley kept on doing that,keeping Juliette's attention from Lennon until the lecturer came in.

"Stanley what are you doing here?" The lecturer asked immediately he saw them. 

"Attending the class" Stanley replied. 

"Really? Here?" He looked at Daniel and Holland.

Daniel said nothing and Holland beamed a smile. 

👥 They are so cute. 

"Why they?" Holland asked and Daniel looked at him. 

"You finally looked at me" Holland smirked and Daniel shook his head. 

"I'm tired of you" He said Holland chuckled. 

"You're stuck with me tho" He said. 


Some girls rushed over to Holland and Daniel before they could think of standing up. 

Juliette got up and left the seat to meet her friends. 

"What are you doing?" Lennon asked Stanley and he faced him with a smile. 

"What do you mean? Did I disturb anything....."

"Stay away from her" Lennon snapped.

Stanley scoffed and almost spoke up when Juliette came back.

"Come with me" She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the hall. 

She took him to one of the empty classes. 

"What was that about?" She asked 

"What? Because I came to the hall? Or because I sat next to you?" Stanley asked. 

"Everything,I know you Stanley. You must have a reason..."

"I don't think you really know me" Stanley chuckled and pulled her gently against the wall. 

"You really left me alone yesterday,not even a call from you,I was hurt" he muttered,staring at her lips. 

"Was I supposed to call?" Juliette raised her brows. 

"Maybe not" Stanley said and leaned closer to kiss her. 

Juliette immediately avoided it. 

Stanley looked at her with surprise. 

"Let's not do that" Juliette muttered. 

"What do you think I want to do? It's just a kiss" Stanley said and almost kissed her when Lennon entered and pushed him away. 

"She said No,are you deaf?!" He snapped. 

Stanley scoffed and looked away. 

"What the hell is going on?" He asked. 

"Stanley,let's talk later" Juliette said and Stanley faced her. 

"Does he know about our deal?" He asked. 

"Yes I do" Lennon reply before Juliette could speak. 

"How much did you spend on her? Name your price" Lennon said and Stanley's eyes turned red immediately. 

"What? Price?" He asked. 

"You think you own her because of the change you spent,mention your price you bastard!" Lennon snapped and Stanley raised his fist to punch him. 

Juliette immediately covered Lennon up and Stanley's fist touched her a little. 

"You bastard" Lennon said and immediately grabbed Juliette. 

"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly  

Juliette looked at Stanley. 

Stanley pushed his hands into his pocket. 

"You must really like him to take a punch for him" He muttered and rolled his eyes before walking to the door. 

"Ah,lest I forget" Stanley turned back to Juliette again. 

"Tomorrow is Saturday..let's meet at the same hotel by evening" He said and walked away.


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