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Dark Moans - Episode 17 & 18




Dark Moans - Episode 17 & 18

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


Stanley stared at Juliette as she put on her clothes back,he was already dressed up also. 

Juliette packed her hair and wore her shoes. 

"Are you going to tell me why you came here tonight?" Stanley asked and Juliette faced him. 

"I have an outing tomorrow,I won't be able to see you" She said.

Stanley raised his brows. 

"Outing? With who?" He asked. 

"Lennon" Juliette stood up. 

"Oh" Stanley mouthed and got down from the bed. 

"You seem to like him" he said and walked to the wardrobe where his car keys are kept. 

"We are friends" Juliette said. 

"I will take you home,it's still raining" Stanley said and Juliette shook her head. 

"Don't worry about me" She said. 

"You're giving me a cold shoulder again,you were acting sweet just some moment ago" Stanley said. 

Juliette faced him and smiled. 

"Do I still look cold?" She asked. 


"But I insist,I will find my own way" Juliette said. 

"Fine" Stanley dropped the car key. 

They both walked out of the room together and started going downstairs. 

"Enjoy your date tomorrow" he said. 

"It's not a date,just....."

"Anyhow,enjoy" Stanley said and Juliette looked at him. 

"Don't tell me you won't be in school tomorrow" she said. 

"No,I have something important to do" Stanley replied. 

"Then,goodnight" Juliette muttered. 

Stanley opened the door for her and Daniel came in with Holland. 

"Oh,Juliette!" Holland called,beaming with smiles. 

"Hi" Juliette waved at him and then Daniel. 

"Are you leaving?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah,goodnight" Juliette smiled and went out. 

Stanley closed the door and they gave him a look. 

"Why are you letting her leave? Alone?" Daniel asked. 

"She insisted" Stanley said and walked to the couch. 

"You two fought?" Holland asked. 

"Of course not,she came because.....she won't probably have time for me tomorrow,because of a date." Stanley muttered,grabbing the game control. 

"A date? That's crazy" Holland said and glanced at Daniel. 

"With Lennon I guess" Daniel said. 

"Yeah....but you two,where are you coming from?" Stanley faced them again but then noticed Holland's hair.

"Dude,wow. I love your new style" he said 

"Stop lying to him,He's ugly in that" Daniel scoffed and went upstairs. 

"If you love long hair so much,why not keep yours?!" Stanley called after him. 

"I love you" Holland said to Stanley. 

"He loves bluffing,like you're his girlfriend" Stanley scoffed. 

"You two aren't talking about me right?" Daniel came back downstairs and went to the kitchen. 

"Of course not" Stanley chuckled. 

"Wait,it's tomorrow. The conference meeting" Holland said. 

"That's right,are you ready?" Daniel came in with a bottled water. 

"Trust me" Stanley said. 

"Of course I do,,can someone order dinner please? I'm starving" Holland said. 

"What happened to your hand?" Daniel asked. 

"I need to take my bath,c'mon dude" Holland groaned. 

"I will do that" Stanley said. 

Holland blew him a kiss before going upstairs,Daniel scoffed. 


Georgiana sat down in front of her dressing mirror,checking her face,she was on a call with Magnolia and Edith. 

"It's all gone" She muttered with a smile. 

"Oh thank goodness,I was afraid it was gonna leave a scar" Edith said. 

"Then she will sleep in jail,my mom will make sure of that" Georgiana scoffed. 

"I still can't believe Stanley choose that girl of all people" Magnolia hissed. 

"I told you she sold her pu*+*y,how else? We all know Stanley would do anything for that" Georgiana scoffed. 

"I still hate it,he got her all those expensive clothes? Why? Looking at her outfits,I'm no where near her" Edith said. 

"I'm changing my wardrobe this weekend,let's go to the mall together. If she wanna compete with me then she better be ready because Stanley won't keep on buying her things" Georgiana said. 

"We should talk about our come back tomorrow,we need to make her pay for what she did to Georgiana,I can't let her go,never" Edith said. 

"Don't worry,it's not something we will do once,from now on,she's a goner. This is no longer bullying,it's a fight and I hope she will enjoy what she called on herself" Georgiana smirked.

"Do you have a plan?" Magnolia asked. 

"We don't need to plan right? It's we..the hottest bitches,Juliette will hate herself" Edith said and Georgiana smiled. 

"You got that right" She said. 


Juliette walked into the school in a hurry and checked the time. 

"Oh thank goodness,not late" She smiled and arranged her hair properly. 

"Prettiest!" Someone called,it's a familiar voice which made Juliette turn. 

Goldie waved at her beside Mina,they were also walking closer. 

"Hi" Juliette smiled when they finally got to her. 

"Now I guess I'm the only one who doesn't take history classes serious" Mina rolled her eyes. 

"But you always top them all," Juliette said. 

"I just write what I think is right" Mina muttered. 

"But everything you think is right is always right" Juliette and Goldie said at a time and they laughed. 

"That's just Mina for you,okay? I don't need to try so hard" Mina said proudly. 

"Yeah I know I'm trying so hard" Juliette nodded. 

"And that's why you're always running after me,it's annoying" Mina said and Juliette chuckled. 

"You're always above me with a point,but watch out this semester,that one point would turn zero" Juliette smirked. 

"Is that a threat?" Mina asked. 

"Absolutely,so watch your back" Juliette said 

"Let's see you try then" Mina smirked. 

"Great" Juliette clapped. 

"When can we party all night?" Goldie asked. 

"So you mean that's what you've been thinking of while we were talking?" Mina asked.  

"Why would I interrupt when the two best students in my departments are talking? So when can we party?" Goldie asked. 

"We can party right now" Juliette said and gave Goldie her bag. 

"Get me a seat beside you,I need to use the restroom" she said. 

"Alright,don't take too long. You know that big head of a prof wouldn't let you in if you're one second late" Mina said.

"Yeah I know" Juliette smiled and walked away. 


"That's Juliette's bag,where's she?" Minnie asked as soon as Goldie dropped the bag. 

"Restroom" Goldie replied and turned back,she bumped her head into someone. 

"Oh sorry" She said and looked up,her eyes widened when she saw Ryan. 

Mina bite her lips,trying not to laugh. 

"What's up?" Minnie asked in a whisper. 

"Her crush" Mina whispered back and Minnie gasped. 

"Hello?" Ryan called when Goldie refused to move. 

"Oh hi" She said. 

"I said it's fine,can you move?" Ryan asked. 

"Oh yeah sure" She bowed and her hair slapped his face again. 

"Oh I'm......"

Ryan shook his head and left her sight. Finn chuckled. 

"Do you like him? I can help you tell him" He whispered into Goldie's ear. 

"Don't you dare" Goldie glared at him. 

Finn chuckled and went after Ryan. 

"Hey Ryan" Winnie smiled as Ryan sat beside her. 

"Hey" Ryan also smiled. 

Goldie frowned immediately. 

Finn laughed inwardly and shook his head. 

Goldie sat down beside Minnie. 

"Winnie and Ryan...are they close??" She asked. 

"Obviously" Minnie smiled. 

"Really close? Does she like him?" Goldie asked. 

"Maybe" Minnie replied and Goldie chuckled. 

"I don't think Ryan is Winnie's type anyway,I'm just saying" Goldie said and looked at Ryan again. 

Mina and Minnie exchanged glances. 

The HBs walked in and all eyes fell on them,the guys staring at Georgiana as she walked. 

She saw Ryan and shot him a glare. 

He smiled at her in return. 

"Don't smile,it's ugly" Georgiana snapped. 

"Ugly things recognize their families of course" Ryan replied and Georgiana frowned but she didn't reply,she walked past their seat. 

"Why are you always on her neck?" Winnie asked. 

"I just hate girls who think they are better than everyone else" Ryan replied. 

"Wait,I thought you said Juliette went to the restroom" Minnie said. 

"That's right,she's not back yet. Mr Parker( History Prof) will be here in a minute" Winnie said,checking her time. 

Almost immediately the prof walked in and the students started opening their laptops. 

"Where's Juliette?" Mina whispers. 

"No idea,her phone is here so I can't call" Goldie mumbled and she sighed. 


Immediately the professor walked out of the hall,the girls got up and went out. 

Juliette didn't attend the lecture. 

"Where exactly are we gonna check?" Minnie asked. 

"The restrooms" Mina said. 

"But,why would she be in the restroom? Till now?" Minnie asked 

"I hope it's not what I'm thinking" Winnie frowned. 

"What are you thinking?" Goldie asked. 

"Someone must have locked her in there" Mina muttered. 

"What?!" Minnie and Goldie exclaimed. 

"Just a guess" Winnie said. 

They got to the ladies restroom and started checking one after the other. 

Mina was the one who opened the one Juliette was. 

"Juliette!!" She called and they all rushed to her. 

"What the fuck? You were locked in?" Winnie asked. 

Juliette sighed out and walked to the sink,she opened the tap and splashed some water on her face. 

"Can't believe I used more than an hour here" She faced them back. 

"Who was it?" Mina asked. 

"Who else?" Juliette asked. 

"Wait.....Georgiana and her puppies?" Winnie asked. 

"You heard them?" Mina asked a d Juliette nodded. 

"They are really getting on my nerves,but it's fine" She muttered and walked out of the restroom.

"What do you mean by it's fine?! They f*+*king locked you in here for more than an hour,what if you're sick or something? What if you needed an emergency attention?!" Winnie snapped. 

"They are getting out of hands" Mina muttered and started walking away. 

"Hey girls,don't act too rashly" Juliette called back. 

"Don't worry,I have my own plan" Winnie smirked and Minnie smiled. 

Juliette smiled. 

"Thank you" She said. 

"They messed with the wrong person again" Goldie scoffed. 


Stanley was in an office watching the CEOs arriving one after the other,he sighed loudly and turned back to Micah ( Mr Brocks PA ). 

"Why am I getting so nervous?" He asked. 

"Of course it's normal to be nervous,it's your first time" Micah said. 

"But,this isn't so important right?" Stanley asked. 

"Of course it is,according to the proposal speech you are going to speak on,it's obviously important. Our company's next contract depends on it" Micah said. 

"But,why would dad tell me to do something this important? Easton and Alexander are there right?...."

"I'm sure the boss have a reason why he choose you,and I know you're also smart,so don't be nervous and do your best" Micah assured and Stanley nodded. 

"When am I going into the hall." He asked and Micah checked the time. 

"Less than an hour" Micah replied. 

"I need water" Stanley said. 

Micah bowed and walked out. 

"You can do this Stanley" He assured himself. 

Few seconds later,Micah came in with a bottle of water. 

'That was fast' Stanley thought but took the water anyway. 

He uncapped the cover and gulped down everything before sighing out. 


Alexander was wearing a mask in an all black outfit,he entered one of the empty rooms and dialed Easton's number. 

"You can start coming now,he drank the water" He said and hung up again. 

"That old man need to know his dear precious son is useless,totally useless" Alexander smirked. 


"You should start getting ready,just five minutes left" Micah said to Stanley. 

Stanley said nothing,it's been minutes since he started getting the weird feelings.

He couldn't just understand what was wrong in his system but it felt strange,his head was banging and his sight were blurry and at some points,they started doubling things. 

"Fúck" Stanley grabbed his head. 

Micah rushed to him. 

"The.....water.....where did..you get it from?" He asked. 

Micah couldn't answer for a second. 

"Actually,I was given by.....one of the male attendants" He replied. 

"His face?" Stanley asked. 

"He was wearing a mask" Micah replied. 

"Are you insane?!!" Stanley yelled at him and rushed into the restroom. 

He opened the tap and started washing his face. 

It was now completely obviously.....he was drugged. 

The water on his face even made him weaker and within a minute,he fell on the floor unconsciously. 

"Sir!!" Micah rushed in. 


Holland was the only one in the court,it was empty,just him playing with the ball. 

He was bouncing it on the same spot before throwing it into the hoop. 

He heard someone clapping behind him and he turned. 

A frown appeared on his face when he saw Magnolia. 

"That was cool" She smiled,walking closer to him. 

"Stay there" Holland muttered when she was getting too close. 

"Why?" She smiled. 

Holland scoffed and went to pick up the ball again 

"What do you want?" He asked. 

"I want to know why you always ignore my texts and calls" She said. 

Holland faced her. 

"Are you sure your friends know you're almost killing me with calls and texts? But you won't give up no matter what?" He asked. 

"No,they don't have to know" Magnolia muttered. 

"You really have no shame,I understand" Holland scoffed and threw the ball away,he turned toward the exit. 

Magnolia hugged him from the back. 

"I told you,I'm not the type who give up easily and you know that" She muttered. 

Holland pushed her off and faced her. 

"Stop it,don't make me mad" He muttered and walked out of the court. 

"I won't give up!!" Magnolia called after him. 

Her phone buzzed. 

"What!" She groaned and opened the text,it's from Edith. ..

💬Come to the restroom,Juliette finally crying her eyes out

"Seriously" Magnolia chuckled and immediately walked out of the court. 


On the floor,Edith and Georgiana were sitting down,glaring at Winnie and Minnie angrily. 

Goldie was the one who texted Magnolia. 

"That bitch will be here soon" She smirked and Mina chuckled. 

"Where's Juliette?" Mina asked. 

"Probably looking for us in the cafeteria,I told her we were eating" Winnie smirked and they laughed. 

"Bad girl" Minnie said. 

"You think so?" Juliette came in. 

"The queen is here" Winnie laughed sarcastically. 

"How can you leave me out of this when you know I wanna kill them badly!" Juliette asked and glared at Georgiana. 

"Untie me right now or you're going to regret it!!" Georgiana yelled. 

Winnie slapped her head. 

"Girls!......" Magnolia was shouting excitedly but her mood changed immediately she saw them. 

Goldie and Minnie pulled her inside before she could think if escaping. 

"Now they are complete" Winnie smiled,pushing Magnolia to her other two friends. 

"What's going on here?" Magnolia asked,fear obvious in her eyes. 

"You know what you did in the morning" Mina muttered. 

"So what are you going to do?! Fight us?!" Edith yelled. 

"Fight? Fights are for kids.....I don't fight girls,I beat them" Winnie smirked. 

"Huh? Bea....beat?" Georgiana stuttered. 

Winnie and Minnie brought out canes. 

"What do you think you're doing?!" Magnolia screamed the moment  slash landed on her back. 

Their screams filled the air as Winnie and Minnie gave them the beatings of their lives. 

Juliette,Mina and Goldie were already dying of laughter. 

"Please!! Let me go!! Please!" Georgiana fell on her knees but Winnie didn't blink before lashing her @ss. 

Their bodies were already red. 

Winnie brought out her phone and dialed the ambulance number. 

"Hi,calling from Brocks University,some students here fought themselves and might need your service please" She said and hung up. 

She faced the HBs.

"They will be here soon,make sure you get treated" She smirked and walked out,the rest followed. 

Juliette blew Georgiana a kiss before walking away. 


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