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Dark Moans - Episode 15 & 16




Dark Moans - Episode 15 & 16

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



The students haven't stopped talking about Juliette and Georgiana since the morning drama,countless videos and pictures were posted on the school blog,unbelievably most people actually supported Juliette and just few pitied Georgiana. 

👥 have you seen the video?

👥 I honestly pity Georgiana 

👥 But she deserves it,she's been tormenting Juliette.

👥 Team Juliette forever

👥 Forever a Julie Fan

"Wow,I can't believe this. Now it's a fan base thing?" Winnie laughed,she was going through her phone as they walked to the cafeteria. 

"I know right? Team Juliette forever" Goldie laughed. 

"Embarrassing" Juliette scoffed.

She was walking behind,Winnie,Minnie and Goldie while Mina was beside her. 

"What,do you regret it?" Mina asked. 

"Nope,why would I? I wanted to do more" Juliette said and Mina smiled. 

“then you should live the moment,everyone supports you” Mina said and Juliette shook her head. 

“Fake love” She muttered and Mina chuckled. 

Minnie faced them. 

"What are we eating? I'm starving?" She asked. 

"I don't think we like the same thing" Mina said.

"I agree with Mina,I have something in mind already" Juliette said and Minnie scoffed. 

"You two shouldn't get close,I don't like it" Winnie said. 

"Huh? Why?" Juliette asked. 

"Because you will become boring" Winnie said and Goldie laughed. 

"You really think Mina is boring?" She asked. 

"Of course she is,absolutely" Minnie said. 

"I'm not boring" Mina defended herself. 

"Then prove yourself" Winnie scoffed and continue walking. 

"Don't mind them,you don't have to prove a thing,I like you this way" Juliette said and Mina chuckled. 

"Thanks for liking me then" She muttered. 

They all entered the cafeteria and all eyes focused on Juliette. 

They all got their meals and went to find a booth. 

"Gosh this attention isn't for me" She mumbled and sat down. 

"You should start getting used to it" Mina said. 

"But I've not seen Georgiana all day,any idea?" Goldie asked. 

"That bitch went home of course,where else would she be?" Winnie asked and they laughed out.

"Juliette must have dealt with her so much that she went home" Goldie said. 

"Of course,what do you expect. Why would she dare to slap me?" Juliette hissed. 

"Oh that's my Juliette,go girl!" Winnie hailed and Juliette blushed. 

"But,did Stanley really expelled those two?" Mina asked curiously. 

Juliette nodded. 

"You're not going to stop him?" Mina asked. 

"No I won't,they should learn their lessons" Juliette muttered. 

"Others wouldn't dare touch you again,trust me" Minnie said. 

Juliette nodded. 

"I know" She muttered. 


"Gosh I can't stop watching this" Holland said,laughing out loudly. 

"Dude that's enough,you've been watching that video for hours now" Daniel said,also trying not to laugh. 

"Gosh,Juliette is totally my type" Holland said. 

"Your type? I thought you love older ladies" Stanley said. 

"I might just change that because of her,she's just perfect" Holland muttered. 

"I thought we are all hungry here" Daniel groaned. 

"Yeah,Holland can you just drop that phone of yours and let's go eat?" Stanley asked. 

"Let me watch this one more time......" Daniel hijacked the phone from Holland. 

"Let's go eat" He said.

They were about going out when Lennon showed up at the entrance and they stopped. 

"What is he doing here?" Holland asked Daniel. 

"Are you seriously asking me that?" Daniel scoffed. 

"Let's talk" Lennon said to Stanley,ignoring Daniel and Holland. 

"Hey hey dude,I hate being shunned" Daniel pushed Lennon back. 

"Me too,honestly" Holland scoffed. 

Lennon looked at them. 

"If you want Stanley,then learn how to ask respectfully" Daniel said and Lennon scoffed. 

"Am I supposed to bow down before coming in?" He asked. 

"If that's what you think,we don't really mind" Holland said. 

"Can I come in? I'm here to see Stanley" Lennon said. 

"Not good enough,but better" Daniel said and walked out,Holland glared at Lennon and then followed Daniel. 

Lennon entered with Stanley who was standing there with a confused look on his face. 

"Why are you here?" He asked. 

"Just one question,and I need one answer" Lennon said. 

Stanley raised his brows,somehow he expected a question from him,if he wouldn't be mistaken. 

"Do you like Julie or not" Lennon asked. 

Stanley rolled his eyes,just the question he had expected. 

"And why should I tell you if I do or not?" He asked. 

"I'm asking because I like her,alot" Lennon said. 

Stanley scoffed. 

"You think she feel the same way?" He asked. 

"I don't think you should be concerned about that's,it's my business not yours" Lennon said. 

Stanley chuckles and nodded. 

"Answer my question,do you like her or not?" Lennon asked. 

"I don't like her they way you're thinking about,happy now?" Stanley asked. 

"Don't change your mind later,coz I'm going to start chasing after her now,and I won't give up,so you better stay out of the lane" Lennon said. 

"I don't think I can stay out of it,she wouldn't want me out either" Stanley smirked. 

"Is that a threat?" Lennon asked. 

"No,the reality. So why not focus on winning her heart and stay away from my business with her? What do you think?" Stanley smiled at him and walked out. 

Lennon scoffed and followed him but the moment he got out,he was seeing Stanley far away,already walking with Daniel and Holland. 

"Hey dude,we've been looking for you" Graham and Dylan came over. 

"Wait" Dylan looked at the kings class and faced Lennon again. 

"Don't tell me you really came to meet Stanley" He said. 

"I did" Lennon muttered and started walking. 

"Dude why? I think they are really dating" Graham said and Lennon shook his head. 

"They aren't dating,that bastard doesn't even like her that way" he scoffed. 

"And you think it's true?" Dylan asked. 

"Hey,I don't really care if he lied,at least I asked him" Lennon scoffed. 

"But,what if Juliette....." Graham wanted to say something but Dylan covered his mouth. 

"Juliette?" Lennon faced him. 

"Never mind" Dylan smiled. And Graham glared at him. 

"Dude don't you think you're getting boring these days?" Graham asked. 

"Me?" Lennon asked. 

"Of course you....by the way,remember Petal and Ivy?" Graham asked. 

"Those crazy girls?" Lennon asked. 

"Now they are crazy girls? I can remember you and Petal were more than s.ex mates" Graham said. 

"Why are you telling me about her?" Lennon asked. 

"They are coming back to school of course,at least I will get to see the Lennon I knew and not this coz I feel like killing you right now" Graham said. 

"I'm not interested in her again" Lennon said. 

"Let's see if you will be able to say that when they are finally here,you can't even resist that chick for a second......." 

"Juliette!" Lennon called and ran after Juliette. 

Graham and Dylan stared at Lennon as he helped Juliette with the text she was holding,they both glanced at each other. 

"I think our best friend is a goner already" Dylan muttered. 

"Are you sure that motherfucker isn't after her honeypot?" Graham asked. 

"Hey shut up,Lennon will get mad" Dylan said and they both laughed. 


The last lecture just came to an end and the students were walking out already. 

"Gosh,I'm so tired. I feel like I've not eaten anything the whole day" Winnie said. 

"We all know you're a foodie" Goldie said. 

"How come you know so much about me?" Winnie asked. 

"It was obvious enough in the cafeteria today" Mina muttered. 

"Goodnight Juliette" She said and went out without waiting for response. 

"Do you guys live together?" Minnie asked Goldie. 

"Yeah,you girls should let's have a sleepover some other time,bye" She smiled and ran after Mina. 

"Juliette are you ready? I'm gonna drop you home" Winnie said. 

"No,you can leave,I have something to do" Juliette said. 

"Awwww" Minnie pouted and hugged her. 

"So see you tomorrow" Winnie winked. 

"Yeah bye" Juliette smiled,watching them leave. 

She let out a groan after she finished arranging her bag,she took her phone again. 

"Seriously,he haven't read my text yet?" She scoffed,looking at the message she had sent to Stanley since hours ago. 

"Hey," She heard Lennon's voice behind and she immediately turned. 

"Oh...hi" She muttered. 

"You look disturbed" Lennon said calmly. 

"Of course not,I was just about going home" Juliette said. 

"Me too,do you wanna come with me?" Lennon asked. 

Juliette smiled and nodded. 

"I thought you were going to say no" Lennon sighed out. 

"I think I accepted to be your friend already" Juliette said and Lennon grinned. 

"Really? Then does that mean we can go somewhere else right now and not home?" He asked. 

"Where?" Juliette asked. 

Lennon thought deeply. 

"Anywhere you want to go" He said. 

"Home" Juliette laughed and Lennon looked at her with a 'wth' eyes which made her laugh. 

"Fine,buy me food" She said. 

Lennon smiled. 

They got to his car and they both entered. 

"Do you know a good restaurant or you want me to go anywhere?" He asked. 

"Anywhere you want" Juliette said. 

"I Will buy next time" She added.

"Does that mean there will be a next time?" Lennon immediately asked and Juliette laughed. 

"You're crazy" She said. 

"I know" Lennon muttered and smiled. 

Juliette's phone buzzed and she immediately checked,she finally got a reply from Stanley. 


Juliette scoffed. 

"He promised to take me home today" She mumbled. 

"Huh?" Lennon looked at her. 

"No,it's nothing" Juliette immediately said. 


"Isn't that Juliette and Lennon?" Daniel asked Holland who also turned to look at them. 

Lennon drove off. 

"Wow,I think they are really close" Holland muttered. 

"I guess,they were smiling so much" Daniel nodded. 

"But,why do you think Lennon came to Stanley the other time?" Holland faced him. 

"Ask Stanley that,not me" Daniel said and started the car. 

"Where are we going?" Holland asked. 

"Dude,I thought you said you want to get your hair done" Daniel said. 

"Done? What do you mean? I just want to cut it off a little" Holland said and Daniel looked at him. 

"Are you serious?" He asked and Holland nodded. 

"Too bad,I prefer a longer hair on you" Daniel said. 

"Really? You love my long hair?" Holland grinned and shifted closer. 

Daniel nodded. 

"Fine,I will just stretch them out a little,I won't cut" Holland said and Daniel smiled. 

"You think I would say that? Seriously?" Holland scoffed. 

"Did you just,messed with me?" Daniel frowned. 

"And you fell for it" Holland smirked. 

"Wake me up when we get there,I hope the ladies there are s+xy to my taste tho" Holland muttered and closed his eyes. 

Daniel scoffed and stepped on the speed. 


Stanley entered the house,he met just Cortez in the large living room. He ignored him and made way toward the stairs. 

"Seriously? Are you blind or something?" Cortez asked and Stanley turned,he was actually expecting him to talk and he did. 

"Honestly,you need to keep quiet anytime your shields aren't with you,at some points you should know that" Stanley said. 

Cortez scoffed and stood up. 

"Did you just called them my shields?" He asked. 

"I'm thankful you gat no ear problem at least" Stanley said. 

"Hey!" Cortez grabbed his collar,Stanley throw his hand off and grabbed his own instead. 

"Kids" Opal showed up. 

Stanley and Cortez still kept on glaring at each other. 

"Cortez let go of your brother!" Opal snapped. 

Stanley scoffed and released Cortez. 

"Every normal human would have at least saw that I was the one holding your son,you're not blind are you?" Stanley asked. 

"How dare you talk to her like that!!" Cortez punched him and Stanley returned it even more harder immediately,Cortez fell on the floor. 

Stanley faced Opal. 

"You need to stop the pretense already,it's getting irritating. I came here because dad called me" Stanley muttered and went upstairs. 

Opal fold her fists angrily. 

"Mom,you saw that right?!" Cortez stood up. 

"You should be ashamed that your kid brother hit you" Opal muttered and walked away. 


Alexander opened the door loudly and Easton looked up from what he was doing. 

"I told you this was going to happen right?" Alexander asked,looking angry. 

"What's that?" Easton asked. 

"Stanley will be representing dad at the conference meeting tomorrow and not you!" Alexander snapped. 

"What?!" Easton stood up. 

"I told you but you didn't believe me,how could dad do that? You,Alexander and Cortez,are we really nothing to him?" Alexander asked. 

Easton sat down back. 

"Don't worry about it....He's going to mess up anyway" He said. 

"You know that bastard is smart bro" Alexander said. 

"Leave it to me then" Easton smirked. 

"I guess you have a plan" Alexander smiled. 


The whole house was silent,only the sound of the heavily dropping rain on the roof could be heard,Daniel and Holland are not home,Just Stanley alone since he returned. 

"Where are those two dummies? Seriously" He scoffed after trying to reach them for the third time but still no response. 

He dropped his phone on the couch and got up,he was planning to go to the kitchen when he heard the door bell. 

He walked to the door instantly and opened. 

"You two don't know the password again or ......." He stopped when he saw a soaked Juliette standing in front of him and not his two friends. 

"Peach" He called in shock and immediately pulled her inside. 

"Why...why are you so soaked? Where are you coming from?" He asked. 

"I was on my way here" Juliette muttered and Stanley faced her after closing the door. 

"Am I supposed to believe that?" He asked. 

"Believe it or not" Juliette muttered and held Stanley's shirt. 

"Tomorrow is Thursday,can we just shift it to tonight,just this once?" She asked. 

Stanley raised his brows. 

"Why?" He asked. 

"Don't ask" Juliette muttered and smashed her lips on his own right away. 

Her cold lips made his brain turn that very second. 

"F+ck" he cursed against her lips and immediately lifted her up. 

Juliette wrapped her arms around his neck,kissing him more deeply as he found his way upstairs. 

They entered Stanley's room and he even didn't remember to close the door and he throw her on the bed and broke the kiss. 

"You really wore this all the way from your place?" He asked,staring at Juliette's wet bum short and shirt. 

Juliette nodded. 

"I took a taxi" She sighed out. 

Stanley smiled and immediately unbuttoned the shirt,he tossed it off and removed her short also,leaving her n+ked. 

He also removed his and returned back to work. 

Their lips connected first,their bodies moving against each other,Juliette's cold body and Stanley's warm body,colliding against themselves. 

Stanley broke the kiss and thrust right inside her. 

"Damn!" Juliette bite her lips and throw her Head backward,her hair moving right with her. 

Her fingers dimped inside Stanley's hair also. 

He started f*+*king her hungrily. 

"Fuck shit!!" 

Juliette screamed as his d+ck hit the right spot in her honeypot.

Stanley stopped for a second and went for her boobs, 

"Gosh Stanley,right there" Juliette groaned. 

Stanley started thrusting again,more harder this time,the sounds of their skins slapping each other could be heard. 

It was so fast and deep. 

"Shit!" Stanley groaned aggressively and widened her p+ssy even more. 


"Oh gosh!"

Stanley removed his c+ck and inserted it inside her even,more deeper than the first,her body shook like an electric reaction. 

He didn't give her any space to adjust to that before he started thrusting in and out again,she held Stanley tightly. 

"F*+*k!! Stanley!! I can't breathe!" She screamed. 


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