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Dark Moans - Episode 11 & 12




Dark Moans - Episode 11 & 12

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


"Oh my gosh" Juliette exhaled as Stanley finally pulled his d+ck out of her after minutes of hot s+ex. 

She sighed out loudly,Stanley smiled and pecked her lips. 

"Hey,are you gonna chew my lips?" Juliette pushed his face away. 

Stanley chuckled. 

"It's not my fault,I love the shape of your lips,the taste,I just......"

"Remember the rule" Juliette snapped. 

"Hey hey,I told you I don't fall in love. But that doesn't stop me from complimenting,you should try to admit that I'm hot also" Stanley said. 

"Admit my foot" Juliette scoffed,she put on her clothes and arranged her hair. 

"I'm going to drop you home today...."

"No don't worry,I have plans with the girls" Juliette said and Stanley raised his brows.

"Those girls I saw with you at the cafeteria?" He asked. 

"Yeah" Juliette nodded. 

"New friends,I see. But you should be careful tho" Stanley muttered after he finished dressing up too. 


"Because,they are suddenly making friends with you now that you aren't your old self,are you sure they are....."

"Chipmunk.....the only thing we have on each other is the deal and s.ex,let's stay out of each others private life" Juliette said. 

"Hey,this is not about your private life,they are just bunch of new friends,what the f+ck is private in that?" Stanley scoffed. 

"Then let's stay out of our personal relationships,bye" Juliette said and walked out of the office. 

"Wow,I was just looking out for her. Is that bad? Why is she so serious about it?" Stanley scoffed. 

The door opened again and Juliette entered. 

"And I think we should pick some days in the week when we would do this" She said. 

"Days?" Stanley asked and Juliette nodded. 

"Don't tell me you want to keep on doing this everyday" She frowned. 

"Of course not,I'm not that bad" Stanley said. 

"Then how about....twice in a week...."

"No no..,come on" Stanley groaned. 

"Then how many times?" 

"Three" Stanley replied. 

"Today is Monday...then....let's say,Monday,Thursday and Saturday...what do you think?" Juliette asked. 

"I don't mind" Stanley replied. 

"Let's stay out of each others business if it has nothing to do about defending me and having s.ex like i said,bye" Juliette muttered and left again. 

Stanley chuckled. 

"She's more crazier than I imagined" He shook his head. 

His phone rang on his table and he turned to see,it's his dad calling. 

He rolled his eyes before swiping green. 

"Yes dad?"

"Come over to the office son" Mr Brocks said over the phone. 

"Just me or with the products of marriage?" Stanley asked. 

"Just you" Mr Brocks replied. 

"Fine,I will be there soon" Stanley muttered and hung up. 

He looked around and took his car key before leaving the office. 

"Mr Brocks" The school Chancellor called as he approached him. 

"Stanley...Stanley! How many times do I have to repeat myself? Please call me Stanley,please!" Stanley groaned and the Chancellor laughed. 

"Alright Stanley,are you leaving the school?" He asked. 

"I'm visiting dad" 

"Thank goodness,can you please give this to him?" He handed over a brown envelope file to him. 

"No problem" Stanley took it from him with a smile. 

"Bye" He said and walked away. 

He got to his car and dropped the envelope on the second seat before texting Daniel. 

After that,he drove out of the school. 


"Stanley left" Daniel told Holland immediately he read the text. 

"To where?" Holland asked. 

"His dad" Daniel replied and stopped walking. 

"Now I'm stuck with you again,gosh this is insane" he groaned. 

Holland laughed. 

"You can't escape from me dude,never" Holland smirked. 

They both suddenly kept quiet when they heard some groans some distance away. 

"You heard that?" Holland asked and Daniel nodded. 

"Those pricks are at it again" He muttered and they both turned to the direction immediately,they started walking over there. 

Behind a building,some group of guys were beating up a boy and he already got alot of bruises on his face. 

"I just asked you to use your tongue and wipe that floor,what are you waiting for?!" The one who seems to be their leader said,using his leg to press the poor boy's head. 

His three friends were laughing like psychos. 

Daniel and Holland got close to the scene and were about interrupting when suddenly they saw Juliette. 

"Hey you cheap idiot,stop it!!" She yelled from the other side. 

"Oh it's the hottie" Holland chuckled. 

The leader of the bullies looked at Juliette and laughed mockingly. 

"So you want to represent him or what?" He asked. 

Juliette moved closer to them and pushed him away from the boy groaning on the ground with blood all over his face. 

"Haven't you heard of the new rules? No more bullying" She said. 

"Hey bitch,just because you're close with Stanley doesn't mean everyone give a fuck,watch your mouth,you're just one of his cheap......" Juliette slapped him before he could finish and the other boys tried hitting her. 

"Touch her and you're dead" Daniel and Holland finally showed up.

Juliette looked at them and Holland winked at her. 

The boys tried running away,Daniel grabbed two at a time and Holland held the other two with their clothes. .

He kicked the first one's leg and he groaned out as his bone dislocated and he fell on the ground,he punched the second one and he also landed on the ground,the ones Daniel held were also on the ground too. 

"Gosh they aren't even strong like I imagined" Daniel sighed. 

"Hey,you're the one who asked this boy to lick the ground?" Holland bent in front of their leader. 

He said nothing,he was shaking on the ground. 

"Hey,stop shaking and lick the ground if you want to live" Daniel said. 

"I'm sorry,please forgive me..... "

Juliette pressed his face on the ground with her shoe and the guy's tongue landed on the dirt. 

"Is it sweet?" She asked. 

Holland and Daniel chuckled. 

"Lick everything up bastard!" Juliette shouted. 

After punishing them for some minutes,they were released. 

"The next time we catch you bullying anyone,you might have to be kicked out,get lost" Daniel pushed them and they ran off. 

"Hey loser,leave" Holland said to the bullied boy who was still on the ground,he stood up and walked away. 

Juliette faced them with a blank expression. 

"Okay.....she's scary" Holland whispered to Daniel. 

"Why did you do that?" Juliette asked. 

"We were on our way to them...."

"Why now?" She snapped at Holland. 

"Why...what?" Holland asked. 

"I don't think any one of you ever cared about the bullied students until now,so why are you doing this?" She asked. 

"We promised Stanley to do the work for him from now on" Daniel smiled. 

"Your smile is ugly somehow so don't smile" Juliette said and Daniel immediately stopped smiling. 

"Just kidding" She muttered and Daniel's eyes widened. 

Holland looked away and laughed. 

"I'm Juliette" She smiled. 

They both exhaled. 

"Gosh,it's the first time a girl would make me nervous" Daniel touched his chest. 

"Me too,she's sexy and ....a baddie" Holland said. 

"I'm Daniel...."

"Of course I know you two" She muttered and they started walking together. 

"But you shouldn't have confronted them alone,it's dangerous,those idiots would have hurt you" Daniel said. 

"Stanley will kill him" Juliette said. 

"Oh wow,you trust Stanley that much?" Holland asked. 

Juliette nodded. 

"We had a deal" She muttered. 

"A deal can be broken anytime" Daniel said and she shook her head. 

"He doesn't look like one who would break his promise" She muttered. 

"Oh wow,you read him really well. It's true,Stanley doesn't break his promises" Holland said and Juliette smiled. 

"Juliette!" Winnie and Minnie called immediately they saw her. 

"Oh,I've got to go,see you guys later" She waved and walked away. 


Intentions by Justin Bieber was playing loudly,Winnie was driving and Juliette was sitting in the front while Minnie was at the back. 

Juliette started singing along. 

"You like Justin too?" Winnie asked. 

"He's the best in the universe,I love him so much. I know all his songs right in my head" Juliette said. 

"Awwwn,I prefer Chris Brown tho" Minnie Pouted. 

"Shut up please,when Beliebers are talking,don't speak" Winnie snapped and Juliette laughed. 

They started singing,leaving Minnie out,until they stopped in front of a mall. 

"You girls didn't tell me we are coming to a mall" Juliette said when they all got down 

"We need some sexy outfit for the party tonight" Minnie said. 

"Party? What party?" Juliette asked. 

"Wait,don't tell me you are not in the school blog" Winnie asked. 

Juliette shook her head. 

"Oh I see,but you've been trending there since morning tho,you should join asap. There's a party tonight in the school clubhouse" Minnie said. 

"What's the party about?" Juliette asked. 

"Just a random one,you need to go there hot. That bitch,Georgiana always trend to be the hottest,but if you go tonight,she's dead because you will be stealing the show without leaving any for her" Winnie smirked. 

"I've never attended the school party...."

"You're starting tonight then" Minnie winked. 

"Then,I think I have enough hot outfits at home" Juliette smiled. 

"Then choose for us" They grabbed her hand and dragged her into the mall. 


Stanley looked up when the door opened,He's been waiting in his dad's office for almost an hour and he's just showing up. 

"Sorry son,I was in an emergency meeting" Mr Brocks said. 

"Why am I here?" Stanley asked as Mr Brocks sat down. 

"Have this first...from Mr Benny" Stanley gave him the file and he pulled it aside before facing Stanley again. 

"I have a lot of works and I thought of you...."

"I'm not interested" Stanley cut in. 


"What happened to Easton and Alexander?" Stanley asked. 

"They are busy too"


"I don't want him to mess up like last time" Mr Brocks said And Stanley rolled his eyes. 

"What do you want me to do?" He asked. 

"I have a conference meeting with some CEOs on Thursday,but I won't be able to go because I have an important business trip to attend,I want you to go represent me" Mr Brocks said dropping some files in front of him.  

"These are all you would need,don't be nervous. My PA will follow you and tell you every necessary information,so please" 

Stanley nodded.


The clubhouse was slowly getting filed up as the students arrived one after the other,the party was already going on anyway. 

The HBs arrived looking all sexy as usual especially Georgiana,she wore a tight leather bodycon gown,it's sleeveless and short,she really look sexy and the guys couldn't help but to stare. 

"Let's see what that poor brat would wear tonight" Edith said as they all took a glass of wine each from the bartender walking. 

"She might have wore her queen outfit earlier tho" Magnolia said and they both laughed. 

"So it's a competition now?" Goldie asked Mina,they overheard the HBs talking. 

Mina ignored it and sipped from her wine. 

"I wish Juliette show up,I've never seen here" Goldie added. 

"Juliette Juliette Juliette,you might start calling her in your dream at this point" Mina sighed out and Goldie laughed. 

"Come on,I'm just curious" She said. 

"Ask her to be friends with you,stop holding back" Mina said. 

"You and I...."

"I don't need another friend Goldie,do it alone" Mina muttered. 

Ryan and Finna arrived together and Goldie's eyes followed Ryan. 

"Gosh he's cute" She shook her head,staring as some girls gushed over the two friends. She scoffed. 

"Why not confess to him if you like him that much?" Mina asked. 

"Can you confess to a boy?" Goldie asked. 

"Yeah if I like him too much to hold back,but unfortunately I've never fallen in love" Mina scoffed. 

"I'm so jealous of your heart,mine can't stop beating fast anytime I see Ryan" Goldie sighed out. 

Lennon and his friends came in and the girls almost went crazy but it was short because the Kings arrived just after that. 

👥 Oh mine!!

👥 Stanley!!!!

👥 Holland!!!!

👥 Daniel!!!!

The students wouldn't stop screaming out their names,they got a perfect space for themselves,almost immediately the girls flock around them. 

"He's not interested tonight" Daniel said,pushing off a girl who tried sitting on Holland's laps. 

"What? I'm not interested?" Holland's eyes widened. 

Stanley and Daniel exchanged glances and laughed. 

"I really got you" Daniel said. 

"Why would you say I'm not interested? Why am I here?" 

Stanley looked around the party room,no sign of Juliette. 

"Would she be here?" He asked no one in particular. 

"If you're waiting for Juliette,I don't think she would come,I've never seen her attend any" Daniel said. 

"I know" Stanley muttered,lighting a smoke. 

But then shortly after,Juliette came in with Winnie and Minnie,all eyes fell on them,but mainly on Juliette. 

She was wearing a body hug skirt and top,the top was backless and only have two tiny straps controlling it,her flat tummy was totally revealed and the skirt was extremely short,it only covered her @ss cheeks. 

She wore a high heel boots and her long hair followed every of her sexy walks,the skirt allowed her butt to shake freely,she's just......too sexy. 

👥 Is that really.....Juliette?

👥 She's insanely sexy!

👥 Damn!! 

👥 She wanna kill the boys??

👥 Who the f*+*k is Georgiana? 

"Okay,at this point,some boys are gonna get erections because of Juliette,is she crazy?" Goldie asked. 

"More than crazy,she's too hot in that" Mina chuckled. 

No one was staring at Juliette more than Stanley and Lennon in the whole room,Lennon was totally drooling with no way out of the new trap Juliette just set. 

"Juliette,we really won tonight,everyone can't take their eyes off you" Winnie said. 

"I can see Georgiana crying inwardly" Minnie smirked,looking at the HBs. 

"I want to see the tears" Juliette smirked. 

They clink their glasses together and sipped from their wine. 

Juliette saw Lennon coming to her and she waved at him. 

"Hey,I didn't know you will be here" Lennon said. 

Winnie and Minnie winked at each other and left them.

"It's my first time,I just decided to come coz...why not?" Juliette asked and Lennon smiled. 

"You look hot" he said. 

"Thanks" Juliette smiled. 


Everyone kept quiet ready to hear the name. 


👥 Whoooo!!!!!

Juliette smiled from where she was standing and waved at the students screaming her Name. 


"A dance" Juliette immediately grabbed Lennon's hand,leading him to the dance floor. 

She started making some really hot moves that eyes focused on her again. 

"Wow,you're so great Julie" Lennon grinned. 

"I'm quite a good dancer,I just don't dance" Juliette replied and Lennon chuckled. 

"Can I touch your waist? I'm dying to do that....just for the dance,I promise I'm not a pervert" He said. 

Juliette laughed and nodded. 

Lennon smiled and almost touched her but someone grabbed his hand,they both turned to see Stanley. 

"Stanley?" Juliette was surprised. 

Lennon throw Stanley's hand and frowned. 

"Let's talk" Stanley said to Juliette. 

"Remember we have no business.........."

Stanley grabbed her hand and dragged her away. 

"Hey!!! Let go of me!!" Juliette screamed. 

He ignored her screams till they got somewhere more quiet. 

"What is the meaning of this?" Juliette asked. 

"Is this why you choose days in a week? Because you have other plans?" Stanley asked. 

"Am I not supposed to have fun with other people? What are you talking about?" Juliette asked. 

"He was going to touch you....."

"He asked for my permission" Juliette snapped. 

"And...let's respect boundaries like I said. Stay out of my business" she said. 

"Then can I kiss you?" Stanley asked. 


"You said he asked for permission,after this kiss,I won't come to you again" Stanley said. 

Juliette rolled her eyes. 

Stanley pushed her against the wall and slammed his lips on hers hungrily. 


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