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Dark Moans - Episode 1 & 2



Dark Moans - Episode 1 & 2

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.




📺 The daily records of bullies in Brocks University is becoming alarming because parents are complaining. The way the rich students treats the ones sponsored by scholarships should be taken serious. But even with all these News going on,Brocks University just came up to become one of the top three best and most expensive universities in the world,the...........

Juliette turned it off and sighed out before looking at the bruises all over her arms,from the bullies of course. 

She was standing there without moving when her phone rang,she checked the screen and it was her sister. 

She took the phone and answered. 


"What do you mean yeah? I'm calling to ask If you're good,I watched the news and......"

"I'm fine sis,I told you I'm not a victim" Juliette lied. 

"You better not be,coz imma come down to New York and f*ck their @ss up" Her sister said before hanging up. 

That's her elder sister Petal,she's the complete opposite of Juliette,she probably doesn't take shit from anybody. 

Juliette is the only one staying in New York,her family all stays in Florida,that's about 17hrs distance by car. 

Since the bully started,she have never uttered a word to her parents or sister,she just wouldn't allow them worry about her with all their struggles. 

Juliette checked the time and ran back into her room,she wore a baggy pant and hoodie as usual,even though it's Saturday,she's got alot of delivery to do. 

She wouldn't ever miss it,how will she get her daily income?? She's forever grateful because at least she's not paying a dime for attending the almighty Brocks University. 

After getting her shoe laces done,she took her bag and ran out of the house,combing her hair with her fingers as the Breeze hit her face. 

"Oh" She sighed out. 


The Brocks company building is about fifty floors tall with countless departments. The CEO of the company,Popularly known as Mr Brocks was listed among the top five richest men in the world just few weeks back with him sitting in number two. 

'The distance between Brocks and the person in the top one will soon be overtaken"  Netizens reacted. 

The Brocks are known by their uncountable establishments,Companies and firms all over the world. 

*The Brocks Companies*

*The Brocks Hospital*

*The Brocks Motors*

*The Brocks University*

*The Brocks High School*

And each of them are sitting pretty at the top. 

A Bugatti La Voiture Noire drove into the company and immediately some of the guards standing ran towards it,they opened the door and Stanley stepped down. 

"Welcome Boss" They bowed. 

Stanley flashed them a smile through his dark shade glass,he pushed his hands into his pockets and began walking into the building,

👥 Morning Boss!!

👥 Good Morning. 

He acknowledged all by giving them his cutest boxy smile as always while he walked fully knowing well that he would win for the most handsome dude in the world. 

After all the walk,he finally entered the elevator going directly to the top floor where his father's office is. 

After some minutes,the door finally opened and he went directly into the private meeting room as informed on his way. 

The door opened automatically an he entered. 

Three heads turned at once to look at him,they aren't anyway friendly. 

They are his half brothers,yeah half. 

According to the family history,His father was married with their mother before meeting his own mom,and lowly,it was just a one night stand,then she got pregnant. She dropped Stanley with his dad and left. 

Mr Brocks had to run a DNA before accepting Stanley to be precised,and that was how he lived with his half brothers as the youngest even though they hated him more than Shits and they never cease to show him that,no longer a new thing. 

Stanley doesn't even stay in their mansion any longer,he moved out since he was eighteen and now it's the second year,He's literally twenty years of age now. 

"You're late" Easton,the oldest one who's managing the companies with Alexander who's the second son together with their father spoke up. 

Easton is twenty six and Alexander is twenty four. 

Then there's Cortez,He's twenty two also in his last year in school like Stanley but he doesn't attend his dad's school,he sworn he wouldn't attend as long as Stanley is there,and that's exactly what he did. 

"I have other things to do which I explained to dad" Stanley replied and sat down. 

"Your pride increases every single day,what about us? We've been waiting for you,it's almost an hour and that's all you can say?" Alexander asked in an angry voice. 

"Why are you sounding like my brother? That's funny,you should have just left,you hate standing with me in the same room don't you?" Stanley scoffed. 

"Don't you dare talk to him that way!" Cortez snapped,walking over to him. 

Stanley also stood up immediately ready to return the same energy but the door opened and Mr Brocks entered. 

Cortez and Stanley were still glaring at each other. 

"What's going on?"Mr Brocks asked. 

"Nothing dad,..Cortez take a seat" Easton said and Cortez left Stanley. 

"Hey big boy,you're here" Mr Brocks smiled at Stanley. 

Stanley rolled his eyes and sat down 

The three brothers scoffed and waited as their father also sat down. 

"You all watched the News this morning" He said. 

"Shouldn't you face the school President? We have nothing to do with this dad" Alexander said 

"I'm not here for that" Mr Brocks said before facing Stanley. 

"Do you have anything to say? Any excuse? I remember we talked about it and you promised to look into it" Mr Brocks said 

"I didn't promise" Stanley muttered. 

"Seriously? You mean you are bent to destroy the school's reputation and legacy?" Easton snapped angrily. 

"I blame dad for everything,why would you make him own a school when he doesn't have anything in his brain than smoking and fucking?" Cortez scoffed. 

Stanley was smiling all along while they blurt all that out,he was checking the time. 

"What do you expect from a product of a one night stand tho?" Alexander asked. 

"Then why don't you go do it?" Stanley asked. 

"It doesn't change anything,your bad luck get everywhere you go,just like you are in this family......."

"That's enough!!!!!!!!" Mr Brocks slammed his hand on the table and there was silence. 

Stanley laughed out and they looked at him. 

He stood up.

"Where are you going?" Mr Brocks asked. 

"It's twenty minutes already,I had my time set" he smiled.

"Sit down Stanley" Mr Brocks said. 

"You might want to make any of the products of marriage the president of your school for all I Care,the product of a one night stand would just leave" Stanley said. 


" If you wanna talk to me,then make it private,bye dad" Stanley bowed shortly and smiled at his brothers before walking out of the meeting room. 

"How many times have I warned you to never call your brother that?" Mr Brocks faced them angrily and that all said nothing. 


"Get out. All of you!!" He snapped and immediately they all walked out. 


The kings,that's what the students call them. 

Stanley,Holland and Daniel are best friends,just like Stanley,Holland and Daniels have billionaires as their father,they've been friends since kindergarten,they attended Brocks High School together and here in the university again,they are inseparable. 

"Hey!!! You're a f**king cheat!! Dude!" Holland shouted the moment Daniel won in the video game they were playing. 

🎶Niggas be mad at me anytime I win a game. 

🎶 But I won because I'm a pro

Daniel rapped,jumping on the couch. 

"Yen yen yen" Holland mimicked his voice and scoffed. 

"Why don't you just bow to your boss? We played five times and I won all,you know you're not even an opposition,so why think ya a threat? Delusion is that you?" Daniel laughed. 

"You're crazy dude,I'm never playing games with you again,fuck you" Holland threw the control at him which made Daniel laugh more. 

At that moment,the door opened and Stanley game in with a cold face. 

"Whoa someone's vexed right now" Holland chuckled. 

Stanley sat down on another couch. 

"Anyone with a smack wrap?" He asked. 

Holland threw at him a small carton box and a lighter. 

Stanley took one of the tobacco blunt wrap and light it up at once,he began smoking. 

Daniel and Holland said nothing as they watched him in silence until Holland broke the silence. 

"You went to see your brothers?" He asked. 

"Am I crazy?" Stanley scoffed. 

"Dad called me and I went,I should have stayed and ignore his calls" Stanley said. 

"You really met them" Daniel chuckled.

"Shouldn't they just grow up already?" Holland scoffed. 

"Don't talk about them,I'm dying of headache from their voices already" Stanley muttered. 

"So what are you going to do? You know...the bullies?" Daniel asked. 

"I don't have time for those shits and you know that" Stanley said and stood up. 

"We will do it then,trust me buddy" Daniel smirked. 

"If you're still angry,why not stare at my handsome face for a minute? That's all you need to calm down" Holland winked and Stanley smiled.

"You got no pussy dude,stop it" He said. 

Daniel and Holland laughed out. 

"Bruhh!! That hit me" Daniel said. 

"Should we hit the club tonight? I need to think straight" Stanley said. 

"Of course" They responded. 

"See you later" Stanley muttered and went upstairs. 

"Let's play one more game" Daniel faced Holland. 

"Am I crazy?" Holland scoffed.

"Maybe" Daniel nodded. 

Holland hissed and went upstairs. 

"I will let you win dude!!" Daniel called after him,laughing mockingly.

"I hate you bro!" Holland shouted from upstairs. 


Juliette pressed the door bell again,she was holding the package she was supposed to deliver. 

Some minutes later the door door opened but the moment she saw the face,her heart skipped a beat.

"Oh...it's you poor moo" Georgiana laughed out loudly. 

Juliette said nothing. 

"Gosh this is interesting,I didn't do you to this also" Georgiana laughed again and quickly took her pictures,Juliette covered her face. 

"Too late whack,I took them" Georgiana took the package from her and threw her money on the ground. 

"See you on monday whack" She smirked and went inside. 

Juliette swallowed,staring at the money on the ground.

Georgiana is absolutely the best bully in Brocks college,It's what she does for a living.

Juliette picked the money on the ground and walked away,tears rolling down her eyes. It's not the first time she get treated like trash but she can't just get used to it,never. 


The moment Juliette stepped into the school,she noticed everyone staring and whispering,some even pointing at her. 

She wasn't really surprised because it's a daily thing,but when she got close to her major,it became worse. 

🗣 There she is

🗣 Can't believe she's also a delivery girl.

🗣Bet she might deliver her pússy for her male customers also. 

Everyone laughing. 

Juliette kept walking slowly but she was literally shaking inside,sge knows what they can do,but when Georgiana appeared with her crew,she lost hope. 

Georgina,Magnolia and Edith call themselves the HBs..meaning,Hottest Bitches. 

"Here she comes" Georgiana laughed. 

"Imagine the poor walking freely in a school where I paid millions,say no  to scholarship!! She's making me gag ,fuck" Georgiana made a disgusting look. 

🗣 Get out!!!

🗣 Get out!!

The students started chanting and began throwing things at her. 

"Help me deliver this to my crush bitch" Someone threw eggs at her. 

"And this!!" That threw flours and other things.

"Guys!!! The Kings are in school!!!" It was a student that announced. 

In a second the students surrounding Juliette disappeared as they ran to the boys as always. 

Juliette immediately managed to find her way to the restroom. 


Juliette sighed out loudly after she was cleaning her clothes,she washed her face and walked out of the restroom.

"Hey,are you okay?" A random girl asked her. 

"I'm..fine" Juliette replied,wondering who she was. 

"Here,wipe your face" The girl offered her an handkerchief which surprised her. 

But she took it from her anyway.

"Thanks" She muttered. 

The girl smiled and walked.

Juliette gently wiped off her wet Face with it,but immediately, she felt weird. 

No...not weird,it stings. She tried opening her eyes but she closed it back the moment it stings even more badly. 

"Ahhhh!!!!!" She screamed out loudly and dropped the handkerchief. 

It was....Ground Cayenne Pepper. 

She fell on the ground,screaming with ocean of tears falling down from her closed eyes. 


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