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Contract Marriage - Final Episode




Contract Marriage - Final Episode

By Amah's Heart  

“ What is her name?” Mr Edeh asked, as he carried his grand daughter in his hands.

“Her name is Ayanfe.” Omare replied her father.

“ She is a beautiful one….just like her mother.” He said.

Omar smiled.

He lifted his gaze at Omar once again and said.

“ God is great….God is so great Omare…. You know for the past ten years, your mom and I have been praying to God for you to come home…. And you finally did…. You didn’t only come, you brought your husband and your daughter to your family…..” He said and sighed.

“...Thank you for forgiving me my dear daughter….. and as you have honored me today,…. May God also honor you and give you your heart desires…..” Mr Edeh went on and on, showering prayers on her.

After the prayers, Grace announced it was time for lunch, and they all moved to the little dinning section.

“ My son, ….. you said you have come to pay her bride price?” Mr Edeh asked Ife.

“ Yes sir….. that’s the reason we came together…. To meet my wife’s family and to pay her bride price officially….. Omar and I are renewing our wedding vows in a few days from now…. That is why we came to do the right thing.” Ife replied.

“ May The Almighty God bring it to pass.” Mr Edeh prayed.

Everyone chorused Amen.


Rita opened the door and saw Richard at her doorstep.

“ Hello brother.” She muttered dryly.

“ Good evening Rita…. May I come in?” he asked calmly.

She opened the door wider and he came in.

“ How are you Rita?” He inquired.

“ Since when did you care about my well being?” she asked amidst a scuffle.

“ Since now.” He replied soberly.

She nodded.

“ How is dad?” She asked.

“ He is still in the ICU…. The doctor said he has a 30% chance of survival….” He said and sighed.

“...you never bothered to visit him at the hospital….. despite the fact that you know he is in a critical condition.” Richard accused.

Rita scoffed.

“ Since mom had been sick,….. have you and your father ever for once, came to visit her…. So please save me the pep talk and tell me why you are here?” Rita retorted.

Richard nodded and swallowed painfully.

“ I went to the house yesterday but didn’t see mom…. Do you know where she is?” he asked her.

Rita scoffed, and ignored him.

“.. Rita please…. I really need to see mom…I know you know where she is….. please tell me?” Richard begged.

“ Why now?.... Why are you just coming to look for her!!, after she had waited for you for years to come to her!!!.... you never came…. Instead you chose to join daddy in his evīl schemes!!!..... I’m afraid it’s too late Richard.” Rita said with emotions.

“ What do you mean by it’s too late Rita?” Richard asked impatiently.

She didn’t reply, instead she turned her back against him.

“ Rita please I need to see mom!!!” Richard repeated.

“ Mom is gone!!!.... She is deãd…. She has gone to rest for good!!” Rita replied in agitation.

“ What?.... How?….. when?.....Oh my God!!!” Richard groaned painfully, cupping his face with his palm. His eyes were evidently red, and in no time, tears poured out.

Rita’s sat on her chair sobbing profusely.

“ She dìed this morning!!!.... She dîed calling your name!!!..... Richard how can you be so heartless as to abandon your mom just because of a slight misunderstanding that you refused to let go!!!..... How could you be so heartless as to ignore your mother when she needed you the most!!!!” Rita yelled as her sobs increased.

Richard ruffled his hair with his hands.

“ No…. No Rita…. You must be playing a prank on me!!!.... Mom cannot be dëad!!” He retorted loudly.

Rita looked at him and shook her head.

“ I begged you Richard…. I begged you to go and see mom, but you refused!!!....you were busy scheming evīl with Dad instead, to collect properties that belonged to another!!!....” Rita accused her brother.

“...i was the only one left to take care of her!!... Only me took care of our mom for two good years Richard!!.... While you and your dad frolicked around with women!!”

Richard sat on the floor and wept like a baby.

If only he could change the hand of time…

If only he had listened to his sister.

He bit his lower lip in regrets as memories of the times he spent with his mom poured in.

“ Why didn’t you inform me?” he asked her.

She shrugged.

“ Because you never cared if she lived or díed!!” Rita replied.

“ Oh Rita…. I cared…. I cared…. I was only stupid and insensitive…. I wish I had done better…. Oh mummy!! I’m so sorry!!!” Richard continued sobbing.

He sobbed till he had no more tears to shed.

Then turning to Rita, he asked.

“ Where is she now?”

“ Her body was deposited in the mortuary this morning….” Rita replied and sniffed.

“ Please take me there.” He said.


Stanley pulled over at the gate of her apartment. 

He had been dropping her off right from the day he volunteered to always give her a ride home after she closed from work.

“ Thanks so much Stan…. Thanks for the ride.” Zoey appreciated him genuinely.

“ you are welcome Zoey…” he replied with a faint smile.

He had really stressed out himself today. From the load of work piled on his desk , to the hectic traffic they had experienced on their way.

“ Hope you aren’t too stressed out because of the traffic?” he asked out of concern.

Zoey smiled.

“ I actually I am…. And I will sure take a long bath and ensure I go to bed on time tonight, so I don’t go late to work tomorrow.” 

She replied tiredly, stiffling a yawn.

He nodded.

“ You deserve a good rest after the day’s work.” He emphasized.

“ thanks Stan…. And you too.”

“ Good bye Stan.” She said and was about opening the door, when Stanley halted her with his words.

“ Zoey…. Uhm … I was thinking…. There’s this new movie I’m about to book for….and I was thinking if you could go with me to the cinema this weekend…. Or we could probably go for a lunch in a really good eatery…. I mean more like a date… if you don’t mind.” Stanley said and lowered his gaze.

Zoey chuckled.

“ I do not mind Stan… I think a date will be just perfect.” Zoey replied with a soft smile.

Stanley smile broadened.

“ Thanks Zoey…. I’ve been wanting to go on a date with you for a while now…. But I wasn’t sure if you would accept.” He said truthfully.

Her smile widened.

“ Well…. I have accepted.” 

She replied with a chuckle.

“ Thanks…. And good night Zoey.”

“ Yeah…. Good night Stan.” Zoey replied and got out of the car.


“ I think this fit perfectly on you more than the other gown.” Grace gave her opinion, as she sat in Omar’s bedroom and watched Omar trying to figure out the perfect gown to wear for her wedding vow renewal tomorrow.

Her bride price was paid successfully and their traditional wedding was done in Makurdi, with her father’s blessing solidly behind their union. Ife got her family a lot of gifts and they were so grateful. Among the gifts were two Range Rover SUV, which he got for her parents.

Omar’s mom danced for joy, while her father showered them with more prayers.

After the traditional rites was done. They all travelled with Omar back to Lagos for the renewal of her wedding vow which was going to be elaborate.

“ Are you sure this gown fits perfectly on me?” 

Omar asked her sister.

“ Come on Omar…. I tell you this gown is the perfect match.” Grace commented.

“ Ok then…this is what I’ll wear.” Omar said cheerfully.

Grace sighed softly and looked at her sister.

“ You got lucky after all...” She said.

Omar hung the gown in her wardrobe and turned to her sister.

“ Why do you say so?” She asked.

Grace sighed.

“ After you left Omar….. our suffering tripled and everyone became desperate to survive…. But the pressure was more on me since I was next to you… and so I was expected to take up the responsibility of taking care of the family…..” she said.

“ ...At first…. Daddy wanted me to marry Chief Ogbu since you refused to marry him and ran out of home…. But Chief Ogbu refused and continued to blame daddy for the embarrassment our family brought upon him….. so daddy began to look for a wealthy man like chief Ogbu to marry me, but we didn’t get so lucky……” She continued.

“...Until one Christmas day, when I met a man from the city, who came to the village to greet his family…. He appeared to be rich and told me he had a successful business in the city... I fell for it and got pregnant for him….. when I informed him, he told me to keep the pregnancy that he wanted to go to the city to make some arrangements, after which, he would come back and marry me….. I agreed and nursed my pregnancy, until it dawned on me that he was never coming again.” Grace narrated.

Omar shook her head sadly.

“ I’m really so sorry for what you went through Grace….. non of this is your fault…. You were only caught up in the circumstances of life…. But do not worry…. Your days of tears are over my sister…. I spoke to my husband yesterday and he is planning to buy Mama and Papa a property on the island…. And as for you, ….. I would give you some money so that you can start a business to empower yourself.” Omar said.

Grace wiped a tear drop and hugged her sister.

“ Thank you so much Omar…. You are really a blessing to our family…… and I’m really so happy for you that you married a rich man…..” Grace said as she hugged Omar.

“ ...Omar!” She called.

“ Yes Grace.”

“ please if you want to help Peter, you can buy him anything, but do not give him money…. Or else Peter will squander it on betting.” Grace advised.

Omar chuckled.

“ Don’t worry Grace…. I know just how to handle Peter.” Omar assured her sister, while they hugged.


The guests filled the hall in their numbers as they filed in to come and celebrate with the couple.

They all clapped and cheered as Omar and Ife shared their wedding vows once again.

Apart from the couple’s family members, some of the guests were staff of the company, while some others were acquaintances and friends from the church. 

Among which was Binta and Emeka.

“ Congratulations Omar...” Binta beamed with smiles.

“ Thanks a lot Binta…. You have been more than a friend to me, but a sister…. May God bless you abundantly…. As you have shown me so much love.” Omar expressed her gratitude and they hugged.

It was time for photograph. And the guests surrounded the couple in their batches as they took photographs.

“ Wait for me!!” Jade screamed as she held on to a cake, while she joined the couple in taking photograph.

The air was fun filled with joy, as the guests joined the couple to dance.

The End.

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