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Contract Marriage - Episode 29




Contract Marriage - Episode 29

By Amah's Heart  

Every relationship offers one of two things:

A blessing or a lesson.

And this two dimensions, Omar had tasted in her journey through life.

The good, the bad, the not so good, and the ugly.

But amidst it all, she was thankful for what life brought her way.

Life with Ife had been the sweetest dimension she had tasted so far and now that she was closer to God, she felt more of tranquility and inner joy;

Thanks to Binta who had influenced her greatly in her Christian journey, and had put her on the right track.

Initially, she had felt it so odd, adjusting to the church lifestyle, but Binta’s constant follow up on her, did the magic. 

Each time Binta visited her, she made sure she took her time sharing faith filled scriptures with Omar and teaching her soundly the word of God. With time, this became really enjoyable for her and she chose Binta as her best friend. 

Omar in turn, had also successfully influenced her husband to follow her to church, and gradually, Ife began to develop more interest till he became even more vibrant than her.

Nevertheless, one major aspect that bothered her lately, was her constant nightmares about home, especially during thunderstorms.

Her husband had advised her one morning, after they had their morning prayers together.

“ Omar….” He called her name in a whisper.

“ Yes love.” 

“ I think it’s time we have a proper wedding.”

Omar rolled her eyes in amusement and chuckled.

“ Proper wedding in what way?” She asked.

“ I want us to renew our wedding vows… this time we will celebrate, with friends and family in attendance.” He said.

“...Or don’t you want us to have a proper wedding?” he asked her.

She laughed.

“ Of course dear…. It will be my utmost joy to do this with you.” She said.

He smiled and brushed his hand on her cheeks.

“ This time, we must do it the proper way….. We will go to your family, so I can pay your bride price.” He said.

Her countenance suddenly changed to that of worry.

“ You know you have to see your family Omar?”

Omar sighed.

“ I know,…… it’s just that…..uhm…I mean…. It’s been over fifteen years I left home… I don’t even know if they  still live in the family house anymore.” She expressed her worries.

“ That’s what we are going to find out dear…. Your family is your root Omar…. And come what may, you shouldn’t detach from them.” Ife said.

Omar nodded.

“ So when do we go and visit them” Omar asked.

“ You are almost due for delivery already, latest by next month, you will put to birth…. So I think we can go when our baby is three months old.” He said.

Omar nod her head in agreement.

“ But I must warn you dear..... my family is very poor…. I hope you will cope?” Omar said.

Ife chuckled.

“ Wether rich or poor….they are your family…. And also my family….. put your mind to rest Omar…. You worry too much…. Everything will be alright.” He assured her.

“ Ok dear.” She whispered softly and rested her head on his chest.


 Four months later!

“ Honey are you ready?” Ife asked his wife.

She sighed softly and smiled.

“ Yes dear.”

He nodded and said.

“ Let’s say a word of prayer before we leave.” He said and held her hands while they prayed.

Picking up his daughter from her cot, he laid her gently on his shoulders. 

He turned to his wife once more.

“ Shall we?” 

“ Sure.” She replied, picking up her bag.

They held hands and left the building, with the gateman carrying their luggages behind.

A lot had happened in the last four months.

First of all, the couple were greeted with the shocking news that Mr Coker was involved in a ghastly motor accident that almost took his life completely. The doctor had said some his vital organs had been affected due to the impact, and he was taken to the ICU were he remained unconscious till date.

Judith on the other hand, developed a mental illness and was taken on admission to a psychiatric home for treatment.

But the impact the bad news brought, changed, immediately Omar was delivered of a bouncing baby girl.

Ife was overwhelmed with joy the moment he laid his eyes on his daughter.

Although Omar had seen him happy before, but not in this dimension.

“ I will name her Ayanfe.” He said brightly.

And that became her name.

The naming ceremony was done elaborately with Ife sparing no expenses at all. The gate was opened to as many guests that came and there were several delicacies to choose from. 

The guests danced to the rhythm of music played by different bands and ate to their fill, chattering and humouring happily.

Back to reality.

 They were on a journey to her family house to see her parents and siblings. And as they journeyed through, Omar drifted into thoughts.

There were so many uncertainties on her mind which brought about fear.

Fear of what if her parents were dead?

She had already forgiven her parents in her heart a few months back. But right now, she really hoped to meet them all in good health and soundness of mind.

The plane balanced steadily in the air, and journeyed smoothly. The weather was fair and there was no turbulence of any sort.

She watched as Ife stroked little Ayanfe lovingly, and felt a tinge of jealousy.

She exhaled deeply and smiled.

The plane landed eventually in Makurdi and reached its terminal in about an hour thirty minutes. They were able to locate their luggage easily and immediately boarded a taxi that took them to the family house. There had  surprisingly been development in the area since she last left. She had to ask around from passersby for directions to her home.

Standing in front of the family house once again, 

Omar was taken aback by the memories the building brought. Although it had been renovated from the dilapidated form it used to be, but there were still similarities that made the building peculiar, and these was the memories it brought.

“ Is this your father’s house?” Ife asked.

“ Yes.” She replied in whispers.

A little child ran out of the front door playfully. He was bare chested but wearing his shorts. 

He suddenly came to an halt the moment he sighted Omar and her husband.

“ Hello dear… how are you doing?” Ife greeted him tenderly.

He looked from Ife to Omar and then back to Ife.

Just then, they heard the voice of a woman calling out a name as she rushed out of the building.

“ John!!.... Won’t you come and eat your food….. if I see you playing with those mannerless kids again, I will beat you!!” she said loudly as she marched towards the boy.

She stopped immediately she saw him in the company of an unfamiliar couple.

“ Good morning ma.” Omar greeted.

“ Good morning…. Please how may I help you?” She asked impatiently.

“ Please is this the Edeh’s household?” Omar asked further.

“ Yes… who are you looking for?” The woman asked in an interrogative way.

There was something striking about her face, and there was a note of familiarity in her voice that made Omar wonder quietly.

The woman gesticulated impatiently.

“ See madam, if it is Peter you came to see,….. Peter is not here at all….. you can check him at the Bet naija shop where he is gambling away his life…. You can drag him there to give you your money, because I have no penny to pay for a debt I do not owe.” She said loudly.

Omar gasped.

“ Grace!!!.....Grace!!!.... Is this really you?” Omar exclaimed.

The woman widened her eyes in amusement.

“ Please who are you!!…. And how did you know my name?” she asked Omar in confusion.

Omar exhaled deeply.

“ It’s me Omar!!..... Omar your elder sister!!.... it’s me!!” Omar said breaking into tears.

The woman widened her eyes.

“ Omar!!..…Omar!!....Omare!!” she kept calling with her mouth agape, she drew closer to have a closer view of Omar’s face.

“ Is this really you?” She asked shakily.

“ Yes….. yes it’s me Grace!!...” 

Grace broke down in tears and ran back to the building as she announced loudly.

“ Omar is back!!!..... Everybody come out o!!.... Omar is back!!!” Grace announced continuously.

Then there was silence. 

Five minutes elapsed before the door suddenly opened and they came out.

Her mother, Grace and Mary.

Omar stared at her family with bated breath, as tears flowed freely from her eyes.

“ Omar!!” her mother whispered softly.

“ Yes it’s me mother.” 

She opened her arm stretched wide and beckoned on her for an embrace.

They all embraced tearfully and expressed how much they had missed her.

“ Omar I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry…. I was ignorant to have agreed with your father.” The mother said tearfully.

“ It’s ok mama…. It’s all in the past now.” Omar replied, still locked in her embrace.

“Let go inside my child.” Her mother was saying when they noticed Ife standing a few feet away from them.

“ Is that your husband?” she asked Omar.

“ Yes Mama….. that’s my husband and my baby.” Omar replied.

Ife greeted them all and they embraced him as well.

Omar’s mother cried more when she held Ayanfe in her hands.

“ She’s so beautiful..” the mother commented, wiping away the tears from her eyes.

“ Aunty Omar, let us go inside.” Mary the last born said and carried her luggages.

Omar nodded and they all went in.

A man was seated on the chair with his head slightly bent, when they entered.

“ That’s your father Omar….go and greet him.” 

Omar walked towards him and went on her knees to greet him.

He raised his gaze and looked at her. There was tears in his eyes.

“ My daughter….. you are welcomed home.” He said and embraced her.


Richard sat by the bedside of his father, in the ICU unit, watching the heart monitor beep continuously.

He had been visiting ever since the accident issue occurred some months ago.

He sighed.

Life was really a teacher, which had taught him a lesson even beyond his capacity to learn.

He glanced once more at his father. 

Mr Coker was wrapped up in bandages almost from head to toe, with his legs hung up.

The doctor had said his chances of survival were quite slim due to the fact that most of his vitals were badly damaged.

Richard exhaled and shook his head sadly, suddenly feeling the heat of loneliness overwhelm him.

He was alone and very miserable.

Barely a few days before the accident, his wife had accused him of having extra marital affairs after she found out she had been infected with the hepatitis B virus.

She became very bitter against him and threatened him with a divorce and ever since then, she hadn’t failed in giving him the silent treatment.

But thank God he had completed the treatments and was totally cured from the virus.

He cursed under his breath, blaming Judith for the mishaps that had befallen his marriage.

Judith was the only woman he was seeing as at then, and if there was anyone who had transmitted the virus to him, it must definitely have been Judith.

He ran his fingers across his hair, while he anxiously tapped his feet.

Reflecting on the life he had lived over the past few years of his life. His thoughts suddenly drifted to his mom as he felt the pang of guilt wash over him.

If only he had known better.

If only he could turn back the hand of time and had listened to his mom’s advise.

It had been ages he last saw her since their last disagreement. 

Memories of the life he shared with her, came flooding in, and choking back the tears which had taken over his emotions. Perhaps, if he had remained with his mother, his life would have taken a different shape.

But right now! He desired to be wrapped in her loving arms again and hear her soothing words, telling him everything will be okay.

He really needed her comforting words of encouragement because happiness was slowly becoming a façade to him, leaving him longing desperately for a shoulder to lean on.

“ I must go and see my mom.” He said to himself soberly.

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