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Be My Woman - Episode 67 & final




 Be My Woman - Episode 67 & final 

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.



The shareholders, board members and important members of staffs were already seated when the door opened, letting Roman in.

He looks manly attractive and handsome in his blue Classic suit and an hand in pocket as he stepped in.

The chattering shareholders had to hold their talks, not making a sound till he got to his seat with Jeffery beside him.

"Shall we?" He asked, and the meeting started immediately.

"There are about six lands we should consider buying right now. Real hot cakes in the country" Jeffery said.

"I hope we'll be throwing a party at the end of this month though, I see a huge success coming" a shareholder said, and they all chuckled.

"Of course, I love success parties" Roman smiled as Jeffery stood and projected the lands location on the slide.

He was still sliding when Roman's phone rang.

He got it and was about to swipe red when he saw 'Mama' on screen.

"Hold on, I'm gonna take this call" he said, and automatically, the meeting paused.

"Hey Mama!" He smiled brightly.

"I love you" Rosy's voice said, and he smiled wider, tapping his fingers on the desk.

"You called to say that?" 

"Can't I? I miss you here" she replied, and he grinned.

"I miss you too, but not to worry, I'll send you a video in an hour, and we can have lunch together if you're free at 12" 

"Always available for you honey" she replied, and he rested back on his chair.

"Bye mama, I love you" he blew her kisses.

"I love you too, see ya!" She replied and hung up.

Roman stared at her number on screen for like two minutes before dropping the phone, then he met the eyes of everyone in the room on himself.

The phone was loud on speaker, so they heard everything.

"Can the meeting... resume?" He asked awkwardly, and they all laughed.

"Yes, boss" Jeffery replied, smiling as he resumed the slides.



"Mini boss!!!" A lady screamed, rushing into the office.

She's Ann's replacement, and coincidentally, her name is Ann too.

"Really? Mini boss is here?" Angelina said, remaining on his seat as he ate an apple.

"He's welcome" Bishop added, eating from a plate of ice cream.

"Are you guys serious now? Heard he's strict" Ann replied.

"Calm down" Angelina smiled, and Liam entered the office. He came with Kendra and Iris since it's Saturday, and Darla is with them too.

"It's a full house today" Angelina said as he stood.

"Welcome ma'am" he chorused with Bishop.

"Is Roman on seat?" Darla asked.

"No ma'am, boss is in a meeting" Bishop replied.

"I'll just wait for him" she said, entering his office with Kendra.

"Godfathers" Liam smiled at the two, and Angelina lifted him off the ground.

Bishop lifted Iris.

"Are you guys going on the trip to Santorini with us tommorow?" She asked.

"Of course" Bishop replied, and they did a fist bump.



Customers could be seen sitting on their really expensive seats, eating with smiles on their faces.

It's not the normal kind of resturant cos of the classiness.

The chefs in the kitchen are extra clean and careful, and the sweet aroma of their foods filled the noses of customers waiting to be served.

They're going around in their white aprons, serving tables cheerfully.

It's a really big building and there are five floors. Each floor with different kitchens and customers who can't wait to have a taste of the food.

Two guards in suit came in, opening the door as a pair of white slender heels stepped in.

Rosy smiled immediately, her short flannel black gown looking so gorgeous on her. Her long hair fell on both shoulders, and it was held behind with a shinny pin, matching the stone on her bag.

She smells like money!

There's a maid behind her, carrying her bag, and three more guards came with her, making five as they toured around the resturant.

Each chef bowed for her as she walked past them, watching their every move till she got to the first kitchen where over ten chefs are cooking.

She inhaled the aroma and smiled wider, walking to another angle.

"Increase the quantity of the beef soup today, there are too many new orders" she said, and the chef in charge of it looked up, turning out to be Olivia.

"Yes ma'am" she replied with a bow, and Rosy left the kitchen, entering the elevator with her guards to the second floor which is even more full.

She finished the tour in less than twenty minutes and left the branch immediately.

There are two branches of LIRO already, and the third is still in process.

In two months, the intended five will be ready, and she'll be the richest Chef in this country... Rosy Lawson to-be...

She was on her way out when she saw a news on one of the flat screens about a woman who died of anaemia last night in her house.

When the picture came up, it turned out to be Gwen, Roman's heartbreaker... Iris's mum.

Maybe karma isn't a useless b**tch, it works just right.

An umbrella was spread on her head by a guard to cover her from the sun till she got to the car 

LIRO Exotic Stores is the next place to visit.

The door was opened for her, and she got in...

"The store, third building" she ordered.

"Yes, ma'am" the driver replied, turning out to be Stefan.

The car moved, and she smiled.

Forgiving them isn't hardcore like before anymore... they're already paying for their sins...

And she.... she's living in her own prime... She's their BOSS!



A couple shoot is currently going on, and the couple is none other than Matty and Fiona.

She's topless, wearing a thick bra and a short skirt while Matty is wearing an unbuttoned longsleeved shirt.

They were trying hard not to laugh as they prepared for the last take.

She rested an arm on his shoulder, and he held her waist, trying to maintain the affectionate gaze till the picture finally clicked.

They were the first to rush out of the studio together, and when they got to his dressing room, he hoisted her up immediately, kissing her hard.

"Matt..." she moaned, and he smiled on her lips as he layered her on the table.



 The natural beauty of the island, the breathtaking caldera, the beautiful views, the extraordinary volcanic beaches and lunar landscape..

Everything provided the needed atmosphere for the ongoing vacation.

Roman had to pay for the whole island. They're having it all to themselves for the one week they'll be spending here before traveling out to spend the rest of her vacation in Hawaii.

Matty and Fiona are present too, even Darla came, then the brothers, and the kids.

It's the second day of the vacation, and despite the fact that it's night already, the island feels like morning, total paradise.

Everyone is at the beach, but then small pools surrounded the beach, and Kendra is in one of them with Liam, both guiding themselves with the swimming floats.

A maid came with a heart tray of goodies and drinks which she placed on the pool surface.

The tray moved to them, and Liam took two cups of juices, handing her one.

"Thanks" she smiled, drinking from it.

"So when we finally go to Hawaii, where are you gonna go?* Liam asked.

"I and my mum will be going to Vietnam to visit my grandparents" she replied.

"I wish I could follow you" Liam sadly said.

"It's only two weeks Liam" she replied, and he sighed.

"We're gonna FaceTime everyday"

"Good idea" Kendra smiled, and her eyes widened when Liam suddenly leaned in and pecked her on the cheek.

Her cheeks reddened immediately.

"I saw that!" Nancy's voice came, and they both turned to see her with Iris, both wearing hats and bikinis like Kendra, standing beside the pool like models.

"You saw nothing" Liam said.

"My eyes work fine, big brother" Iris said.

"Fine, don't tell dad or mum" he said.

"Buy me a dog" Iris replied.

"You can just tell that to mum or dad" Liam said.

"Mum!!" Iris started walking away...

"Wait!!! Fine, I'll buy you one in Hawaii" Liam quickly stopped her, and she smiled before turning back.

Kendra is still busy blushing.

"Where are the adults?" Nancy suddenly asked.

Kendra and Liam left the pool immediately.



Rosy came out of a lounge and pouted when she couldn't find Roman anywhere.

She dropped the cup of wine with her on a nearby table...

"Is he up to something again?" She muttered, going to another angle in search of him.

For over three minutes, she was still searching, and when she finally came back to where she started from, she sighed.

"I'm just gonna give him a call" she said and was about to get her phone when she suddenly noticed Darla from afar.

She saw Fiona too, then Matty...

They're all surrounding a circle, covering something... 

She started walking there, and half through the walk, she saw Angelina and Bishop too, then the kids.. everyone but where's Roman???

She was asking herself the question curiously till she got to them, and when she made to talk, they all made way for her.

She was still looking so confused as she walked into the circle, and her confusion turned to shock when she got to the middle and found herself inside a heart-shaped red neon light decor with sweet smelling candles burning gently at the edges of the light...

"Oh..my...gawd!" She covered her mouth, knowing what's gonna happen immediately.

Showers of money suddenly started falling on her endlessly.

"Roman!" She gasped, jumping on a spot like a kid as the cash kept raining..

"Aww!" Fiona smiled, making videos.

"Mum is so cute" Liam said.

"I'm so happy this is gonna happen" Kendra said.

"Me too" Iris and Nancy chorused.

"You're beautiful!" Angelina shouted.

"She looks too good in money, boss's mama!" Bishop shouted

Darla was snapping pictures as usual, and the money didn't stop pouring till the love circle was filled with cash, then Roman walked in innocently like he's not the one who just did money shower.

He was smiling shyly as he walked to waiting Rosy, and immediately he revealed his hand containing the ring box...

"Oh gawd!" Rosy covered her mouth again as he went on his knees in front of her.

"Marry me, Ros. BE MY WOMAN, officially" he said calmly, and she slowly dropped her hands from her lips.

"Yes, please...yes already" she pointed her hand at him, and he gently slid in the stunning ring.

He pulled him up and hugged him so tight, closing her eyes.

"Now this is the real deal" Fiona said.

"Ours is another" Matty replied, and they kissed lightly.

"She's a blessing to Roman's existence" Darla said.

"I can't wait for the wedding anymore" Liam said.

"I'll be the little bride" Iris said.

"We'll be" Kendra said, and they stuck hands.

"I just wanna eat cake!" Nancy said, smiling as the couple broke the hug.

Roman carried her in his arms, and hers wrapped on his neck as their lips met.

They kissed passionately, and Angelina clinked his wine glass on Bishop's. 

"Finally the drama ended, they're gonna live happily..." Angelina said.

"Ever" Bishop said.

"After!" They chorused and drank to it as love scent filled the island.

Rom-Sy 2024... Forever to be remembered.


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