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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 63




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 63

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alexander's POV

It's unbelievably crazy how one's life can change in an instant, going from perfect to utterly bad. One minute, I had Alice in my arms, and the next minute, she had transformed into a completely different person - Deluxe Dominguez. 

I have no idea how much restraint I had to summon or how I managed to summon it, but I did. I held onto my self-control, not wanting to do something I would regret. That's why, despite her painfúl and agoniziñg betrayàl, I find myself standing in front of Damon, her weakliñg brother who considers himself a god when he's nothing more than a cockroach.

"I really don't know what gave you the audacity to step into this place," Damon's deep and throaty voice reaches my ears.

"Probably the same thing that gave you the audacity to step into my house," I retort.

"Keep talking like that, and you won't leave here alivé."

I scoff. "And who will make that possible? You?" I laugh like a volcano as I eye him disdainfully. 

"Just be thankful that my sister loves you. If not, you would be six feet under, unable to run your big mouth."

"I can say the same about you, brother-in-law."

"Don't call me that," Damon snaps, his disgust and hatred never leaving his eyes.

I smile, enjoying his irritation. "Why shouldn't I? You'll be my brother-in-law."

"You will never marry my sister, not in this lifetime or the next."

"Okay, brother-in-law," I tease, turning to leave, but he blocks my way with his body. I raise my eyebrows at him quizzically and surprise him. "Wanna dié?"

"Take it back," he demands.

"You'll make a very bad uncle." I push past him, brushing our shoulders together, leaving him confused and angry.


I hàte this house.

I hàte how homey and comfortable it is. I hàte that there are family pictures scattered in every corner. Most importantly, I hàte Damon Dominguez.

After the talk with Deluxe's parents about us, we haven't seen each other. I needed a timeout from everything, but being here only makes it worse. The only reason I'm in Mexico and this suffocating home is because of the girl who made me feel both good and bad things again. I'm prepared to do anything she wants, especially now that she's carrying my child.

A relieved sigh escapes her mouth as I enter her room, and she rushes into my arms, wrapping her small hands around my back. "I thought..."

"Ssh. Nothing happened." I lift her up and her legs instinctively go around my waist. Her head drops into the crook of my neck as she inhales my scent. I heave a deep breath, feeling every bit of anger and annoyance melt away in her warm arms.

Deluxe might think that I'm her safe haven, but she doesn't know it's the other way around. Without her, I am nothing but a walking corpse waiting for my over-controlling father's commands. She has completely changed my life in ways I could have never imagined and made me a puppet under her control.

She is my life.

I'm willing to eñd anyone's life in the most brutàl way possible if they dare hurt or make her cry, even if it's her beloved dad or brothers.

"I missed you." Her breath hits my neck, and I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling. "I love you."

"I love you too, princess."

Her emerald green eyes sparkle with happiness and love as she stares at me. It only lasts a few seconds before they dim with sadness and worry.

"What's wrong?" I lower her onto the bed, making her sit comfortably at the edge. Then I crouch down in front of her, holding her small hands in mine. "Did someone say something? Who do I have to kíll?"

"Alex, what if your mom doesn't like me anymore? What if Maddie starts hàting me? What if Addie never even gets to like me? What if this only makes your father hàte me more? What if..."

I place my palm on her mouth, silencing her and stopping any more "what ifs." Tears stream from her eyes, and worry lines her face.

"One, you don't have to worry about my father's approval. He doesn't matter to me. Two, my mom will always love you, and Maddie is in love with you that it makes me jealous. Addie doesn't like anyone."

A muffled laugh escapes from behind my palm, and a smile tugs at my lips. I stare into her beautiful eyes, slowly releasing my hand from her mouth and cupping her face in my palm.

"I really want our families to get along. I just don't know what to do at this point, Alexander. Your father hatés my father, and my father hatés your father, and you haté my brothers, and they hàte you too. What are we going to do?"

"The hatréd is never going away, kitten. It's been there for a long time, and we can't do anything about it. Don't worry yourself about it."

"How can I not?" Deluxe retorts, her fingers slipping into my hair. "I don't want our child to be born into a family that doesn't love him or her."

"Don't say that. We both love our baby."

"I know that, but what about their grandparents and their uncles and aunts?"

"If they don't want to be involved in their life, then they won't be," I tell her, and her lips pout sadly. "In fact, we're leaving here first thing tomorrow morning."

"What?! No," she snaps.

"Don't start," I say, standing up to avoid watching her tear up.

"I am not going back."

I freeze immediately as those words full of certainty and defiance leave her mouth. With one swift move, I turn back to face her.

"You're what?"

"I'm not going back."

"You are, whether you like it or not."

"I will not. My dad won't let you take me."

The anger from being in the enémy's house suddenly overwhelms me, and I walk towards her, furious. "You didn't just use your father to threatén me now, did you?"

"I did, Alexander. I'm not leaving here."

"Deluxe, you are leaving. We're leaving here first thing tomorrow morning, and you know I always keep my word." That's all I say before storming into the bathroom and locking the door behind me.


I stir on the bed, overwhelmed by the desire to hold my princess in my arms. However, my hand only meets the cold surface. I jump to my feet, checking the bathroom and the balcony before going downstairs to look for her.

She's still mad at me and didn't come in before I slept, so I thought she would after I did. Obviously, she didn't.

When I couldn't find her anywhere, I alert her dad, panic starting to set in. Everyone is awake, guards are out searching for her, and Derek is busy yelling at the incompetent guards. Meanwhile, my body shakes with fear I've never experienced before.

The beating of my heart is audible from miles away, my hand is trembling, and my body is shivering as if I'm trapped in six feet of skin-biting snow.

Where is she?

Where did she go?

With a shaky hand, I take my phone from my pocket and send a group text to all of my guards, telling them to be here as soon as possible, or else they'll be swimming in their own blòod.

"Where is my daughter? Find her, Derek. Find her and bring her home. I want my baby," her mother cries out, clutching onto her husband's clothes, her face wet with tears.

"Please calm down, honey. I'll bring her home."

"She's never done this before," her brother mutters loud enough for the whole room to hear.

"Can you all stop talking and find Deluxe?! She's fuckíng pregnant for Christ's sake," I yelled or snapped, I don't know, but all I know is I want my girlfriend in my arms.

"She's what?!" Three different voices echo through my ears, and I turn my head, glaring at her brothers' clueless faces.


Deluxe, where are you?

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