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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 62




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 62

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            



Deluxe's POV

Alexander stepped back suddenly, his eyes dilating with surprise, confusion, and anger as they met mine. I nervously gulped, peeling myself from the wall and attempting to walk away, but he was faster. His fist closed around my wrist, pulling me back gently so that my back hit the wall.

"W-what?" His voice faltered, disbelief and confusion evident.

"I'm pregnant."

"And when did you find out?"

I forced myself to not roll my eyes in frustration. "Does it matter?"



"I want to know how long you kept it from me," he snapped, tightening his grip on my forearm, not enough to cause pain.

"I found out two days ago and wanted to tell you immediately but..."

Alexander's grip loosened as he dropped his hands down, clenching and unclenching his fists. "No buts!" He paced back and forth, hands in his hair, almost ripping them out. "You found out that you're carrying my baby and decided it was a good idea to keep it from me for two days?"

"Well, you didn't give me much of a choice. You're trying to kíll my family."

"They initiated it!"

"Stop yelling at me," I snapped, pushing him away by an inch. "Yes, I know I should have told you, but you're planning to kíll my family. To kíll us all. And you having that...bómb in the car that we drove in shows that you don't care about me, about us, and about this baby."

"Do not say that. I didn't know about the baby when I did that."

"Still. It doesn't matter whether or not you knew. What matters is that you risked our lives. Do you really think I'd let my brothers or father do anything to you? I'd lay my life down for you, but you don't trust me enough to protect you, yet you want me to trust you to protect me. It doesn't make any sense, Alexander."

Alexander opened his mouth to say something but changed his mind. His lips pursed for a second, eyes closed, and breaths calming down. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry doesn't fit this, Alexander. I'm pregnant with your kid, and anything could have happened. I or even you could have mistakenly pushed the button and we'd be deád. You wouldn't have the family you wanted, that we wanted and talked about a lot. We wouldn't complete our story. Everything could have ended because of a slight mistake." I stepped back as he moved closer and sighed defeatedly, taking a step toward him. "I love you with everything in me and I want this love to come from both of us..."

"I do love you," he interjected sharply, his hands coming to hold my face. After making sure our gazes were locked, he tucked the thinnest strand of hair away from my face.

"Don't cut me off." As much as his touch calmed me, I resisted the feeling of his warmth. "You love Alice. I'm Deluxe Dominguez, and she is madly and deeply in love with you. She wants you to love her too."

"I don't give a dàmn about your name. I love you, minx. You're the reason for my existence, you're my oxygen, and I'd díe without you." My eyelids fluttered as he placed a short peck on my forehead. "And I'm really sorry about the bómb. I'll drive the car out immediately."

"Please do, and it's not like I don't want you to have some sort of protection for yourself. I do. You can tell your men to come over for your protection. I know my father, and he is insane. You'd need it."

"I got you."

The spark that was in his grey eyes when he first told me that he loved me glistened in them again, and it was so dazzling that I could barely hold the smile on my face. "You do have me."

"And a baby girl."

"Baby girl? What if it's a boy?"

"Nah. It's definitely a girl."

"I choose boy."

"I choose girl." Without wasting a second, I stood on the tips of my toes and wrapped my hands around his neck. "I love you."

"I love you more than you can ever imagine."

I breathed in his cologne for a full five minutes in the hug, and he let me, still holding me in his arms. "Can you please stay here while I go to my dad, or as you would love to call him, father-in-law?"

Alexander finally broke into a small chuckle, his fingers running through my hair, which fell to my back. "Way prettier like this." His hands encircle my waist again as he heavily sighs, sadness and doubt swimming in his eyes. "Do you think I'll be a good dad?"

"No." I shake my head, seeing panic flash through his eyes, almost making me cry. "I know you'd be a great dad. Your kids would love and adore you so much."

His signature smile spreads across his face, and he releases a sigh of relief before saying, "Our kids. You can go meet your Dad, but I'm coming with you."

"Sure, love."


The tension in the room is impossibly and unbearably suffocating, to say the least. The two pairs of eyes are intently fixated on each other, glaring, or at least that's what I choose to call it. There's only one word I can use to describe both of them: murderoús.

I gulp down the lump in my throat for the millionth time in thirteen minutes, shifting my gaze between my dad and Alexander.

My mom is seated beside my dad, and all of her attention is on me. I know that because our eyes meet a few times. My brothers aren't present, thankfully.

Three people in a room feel like thousands and thousands of people are jam-packed into a closet.

"¿No viste a ninguna otra persona de quien enamorarte y quedar embarazada excepto este tonto?" My dad finally breaks the silence, his glare intense and rage boiling in his eyes.

Translation: Did you not see any other person to fall in love with and get pregnant for except this nincompoop? 

I fidget with my fingers, nervousness and anxiety running through my veins instead of blood. "Papá, no lo llames así."

Translation: Dad, don't call him that.

"Lo llamaría como quisiera, Deluxe. De cada maldito chico en el mundo entero, ¿por qué él?"

Translation: I will call him whatever name I deem fit, Deluxe. Out of every single boy in the entire world, why him?

I let out a sigh as I feel Alexander's comforting hand on my lap. Placing my hand on his, I throw a quick glance at him. "No lo sé, papá."

Translation: I don't know, Dad.

"Vas a romper con él." 

Translation: You're going to break up with him.

"No voy a romper con él." I shake my head, tears stinging my eyes as they threaten to pour out. "Lo amo, papá."

Translation: I'm not breaking up with him. I love him, Dad.

"Puedes desenamorarte de él y lo harás, ¿entiendes?"

Translation: You can and will fall out of love with him, get that?


Suddenly, all of his anger towards Alexander shifts to me, and I flinch in my seat. My father chuckles darkly for a second and stands up from his seat, and I immediately stand up too.

"Rompe con él, Deluxe o no regresaría vivo a Italia." I have lived with him long enough to know that he isn't bluffing. He means it, every bit of it.

Translation: Break up with him, Deluxe, or he won't go back to Italy alivé.

All of the nervousness and anxiety disappear, panic and horror replacing it in an instant. I squeeze Alex's hand, turning my head to look at him. In those pretty gray orbs, there's resistance to say and do something to my father which I've told him not to.

"Derek, sit back down," my mother's voice comes out firm and demanding. "Let us talk this out like normal people."

Dad stares at her, but the only thing in his eyes is immense love he has for her. He mutters something under his breath as he lowers himself to his seat.

"Alexander, how much do you love my daughter?" she asks, placing a hand on my father's lap while staring at Alex.

"So much that she's still here with you after betraying me," his monotone reply makes her hum.

"Are you saying that you would have killéd her if you didn't love her?"


Mom hums again, resting her back on the backrest of the sofa. "Deluxe is the only daughter of the Dominguez family, and every single man in this house doesn't like you. Mind telling me how you intend to, you know, leave this place with her?"

"Firstly, she isn't a baby. She is an adult who should be allowed to make decisions herself," Alexander responds, sending a glare my dad's way. "Secondly, I don't reveal my plans to anyone."

"Let's say you do manage to take her back to Italy, what will you do when your father doesn't want her to join your family?"

"I don't care about my father's opinions in my personal life."

"What about your mom's?"

"My mum loves her."

"And your dad doesn't?"

"As I said before, I don't care."

"Right," Mom nods with another hum.

"I don't know why you are doing this," Dad suddenly snaps. "If he loves Deluxe the way he says he does, why was she shót?"

"I couldn't do anything to stop the shoóting, but I did do something after the shoóting, and I'm sure you heard about it," Alexander replies, and I look at him, confused.

What did he do?

"Oh. I heard about the firé."

"What firé?" I inquired.

My mother let out a small laugh. "You seem to have a thing for firé, don't you?"

My attention shifted to my Dad as he sprang up from his seat. "You'll have to kíll me before you join his family. End of story." With that, he walked away, and Mom followed.

Is this the end of Alex's and my love story?

"I can fulfill his wish if that's what he wants." I turned my head to Alexander swiftly as he also stood up and left.

Great. Just perfect.

TBC 📖✍️

If you are in her shoes, what will you do?

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