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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 55




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 55

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alice's POV 

I was hot and cold at the same time, my heart racing and head aching, feeling like I could pass out any minute from now.

The more I looked into Alexander's eyes, the more depressed I felt, knowing that today might be the last day those beautiful gray eyes would look at me with love. 

"What's wrong, Alice? You're scaring me, talk to me," Alex's voice made me feel even worse, realizing I might never hear that soothing sound again after today.

How could I start? Where should I begin? Maybe like this; Hey, Alex. Funny story, I'm not Alice but Deluxe Dominguez, my father is the head of the Mexican Màfia clan. I hope you still love me, even though I betràyed you and broke your trúst - no, I can't do that, it's terrible.

"Did you hear that?" he asked after a loud noise came from outside.

Of course, I did. My brothers are here, and Alex will find out the truth.

"Alex, I..." I started but he ran downstairs to find out what the noise was about. I sighed tiredly before following him.

The living room door burst open with enough force to almost throw it off the hinges before Alexander stepped onto the last step of the stairs. The room was crowded with people - my brothers and their men, as well as Alex's. They stood opposite each other, each group pointing guns at the other.

I stopped on the stairs, seeing Damon first, his green eyes filled with angry glares at Alexander, who seemed confused but alert. 

"Go to your room, Kitten," my boyfriend said to me, concerned and worried.

If only he knew that these people, especially the one sending deadly glares to him, were my people - he would be devastated.

My eyes were on Damon, watching him draw a sly smile on his face. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

"Yes, Kitten. Go to your room so your brother won't mistakenly kíll you instead of this bastàrd," my eldest brother, Damon said, mimicking Alex.

Running his fingers through his raven black hair, I forced myself to look away from that devilish brother of mine to look at my boyfriend, who may or may not become my ex.

"Did you say brother?" Alexander repeated, furrowing his brows.

"Didn't you tell your little boyfriend about your family, little sis?" I wanted to punch him in the face, but for some reason, I was stuck and frozen in one spot.

Alex turned to face me, his eyes holding disappointment, confusion, and hurt. Yes, this was exactly what I didn't want to see.

"Stop it, Damon," Daniel snapped. "Let's go, Deluxe."

Sharply, Alex looked at Daniel before laughing hysterically. "She isn't going anywhere."

"And who is going to stop us?" Damon challenged, smirking while tucking his hands into his pocket. "You? Or your lousy men?" Copying Alex's laughter, he also burst out laughing like a psychopath.

"Aww, isn't that cute? You think you can come into my territory and my house to threatén me and go scot-free? You must be out of your minds," Alexander spoke with calmness that scared me more than his angry tone. "If you want a bloodbàth, you'll get a bloódbath."

"Enough!" I yelled at them, finally unfreezing from my spot. "Please stop, let's talk about this like civilized people."

"There is nothing to talk about, you are coming back home with us now," Damon's voice marked finality as he pulled the triggér of his gún, shóoting one of Alex's men, Zeke, déad.

A loud gasp escaped my mouth as I watched the blóod spill from his head, forming a little pond on the floor. All eyes were on the body lying lifeléss on the floor, except Alex and Damon - they were glaring at each other. Before I could blink, I heard Darren wríthe in pain.

Dragging my eyes away from the déad body, I looked at my brother holding his bleéding arm. "The next one is your brain," my boyfriend said, tilting his head with a smug smile on his face. "Oh, wait, you do not have one."

How did he get the gún? Why did he shoót Darren instead of Damon? I'm not saying I want any of my brothers shót, but Darren hasn't uttered a word since he got here. 

Seeing blood gush out of my brother's arm, I felt giddy. "Enough, please, please just stop."

Standing in the middle of both my brothers and my boyfriend, I demanded, "Drop the gúns." They didn't move an inch. "I said you should drop the guñs!" My voice came out as loud as I wanted, and they obeyed.

"Deluxe, let's go now," Daniel snapped at me with a glare. I shook my head, and he frowned at me. "This isn't a choice; we are leaving now."

"Yes, you all are except her," Alexander said firmly. 

Wetting my lips with my tongue, I stared at my brothers, but they were all glaring at Alex and not giving me any attention at all. They needed to go. 

"Get out!" Alexander's yell pierced my eardrums, sending his men out, carrying the body. His gray eyes met mine, fury burning in them. "Upstairs, right now."

Shivering at the tone of his voice, I felt tears pinch my eyes.

"Why?" His voice screamed as soon as we entered our room, slamming the door shut. "Why did you lie to me?"

"Alex, I..." My voice cracked under his cold, standoffish glare.

"Don't!" Alexander barked loudly. "Don't you dare call me Alex. You are no longer worthy of that."

Attempting to walk to him, he shifted backward. My heart broke at his emotional and physical distance.

"Don't come closer," he warned as I took another step toward him, his tone warning me. "Don't dare me. You don't want to see what I can do."

"You won't hurt me," I said, confidently taking another step toward him.

Scoffing, he shook his head. "Don't act like you know me."

"But, I do." Tears freely fell from my eyes, wetting my face. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Alexander snapped, snickering. "You are sorry? What can your ‘sorry’ fix, huh Alice? Oh, sorry, I forgot. It isn't Alice, but Deluxe." 

"Alex, I..." 

"What's wrong with you? I told you not to call me that!" He yelled, striding towards me. Gripping my arms tightly, pain flowed through my body.

"I don't even let my own mother call me that, and I let you. I let you into my life and into my heart for you to lie to me, for you to stàb me in the back! Why?" He shouted, his eyes void of everything but anger.

"Let me explain, please," I cried out, my voice cracking more.

Eagerly nodding his head, he said, "Okay, go ahead, explain yourself. Explain why you húrt me the way you did, why you lied. Explain why you fooled me. Go on, explain."

Stretching my hand to hold him, he walked away from me, avoiding my touch. "My... my...."

"Stop stammering!" Alexander yelled, causing me to flinch.

I wiped the tears from my eyes, keeping my eyes on him. "About four months ago, my dad told me to come to Italy and make you fall in love with me so he could win the top position in the underworld. I didn't want to do it, but he said he would let me be an artist... I didn't know it would turn out like this. I didn't know I would get to love you too. I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for exactly?" He piped in, his eyes on me. "Are you sorry for lying to me? Are you sorry for betraying me? Are you sorry for making me love you? What exactly are you sorry for?"

His questions didn't go unnoticed as I walked towards him. 

"I'm sorry for everything except making you love me and for coming into your life. I really do love you." Before I could reach him, he walked over to the door. "Where are you going?"

"Somewhere away from you," Alexander said sharply.

Does he hàte me now?

"Please don't," I begged, holding the hem of his shirt.

Alexander jerked my hand away and opened the door. "When you come back, you won't see me here."

Before I could blink, he pressed me against the wall. "Is that a threat?" he asked, his laughter filling the room.


His fingers brushed my face. "Wherever you go, I'll find you, I'll hunt you down and make you watch as I kíll your family members right before your very eyes."

Looking at the gray eyes that captivated me the first time I saw them, I realized my Alex was gone. Falling to the floor after he left, the floodgates opened up—tears spilling from my eyes.

I have killéd Alex - my Alex. The one who called me all sorts of nicknames, the one who touched me with gentleness, the one who warmed me up in the cold nights, the one who worshiped me. He is gone. 

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