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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 53




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 53

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            



Alexander's POV 

I stood at a distance, observing Alice. 

The person lying in that hospital bed wasn't the Alice I knew. My Alice wasn't pale, her lips weren't as dry, and her eyes wouldn't lack life like they do now.

I had taken the lífe out of the girl I loved with all my heart. I knew what my life was about, but I allowed her to enter it, and now she was sufféring because of me.

The girl who used to shine brighter than the sun was now lying in a hospital bed, relying on an oxygen mask to breathe.

The doctors assured me that she would recover and regain consciousness, but it had been three days and there were no signs of her waking up.

Three days ago, I was having a great time with my girlfriend at an amusement park. Three days ago, Alice was fine. Three days ago, Alice was shót right in front of me. Three days ago, I made a vow to seek reveñge for Alice.

Reveñge was in progress. It would be slow and painful, catching them off guard.

Before erasing the CCTV footage of the incident from around the road, I had saved it onto a personal flash drive. I needed my reveñge to be well-planned and discreet, with many suspects in mind, including my own father.

"Boss?" I shifted my gaze from Alice to the person who called me.

"What is it, Theodore?" I asked, stepping out of Alice's ward. "What did you find?"

He silently handed me an envelope. As I opened it, my world stopped, and my hands trembled as I looked at the pictures inside.

One showed Alice talking to a woman, and the other showed the woman talking to Alice. The resemblance was uncanny. The woman had reddish-brown hair and emerald green eyes, just like Alice. She looked like an older version of Alice, possibly her mother.

No, it couldn't be. Alice's parents were déad, or so she had told me. I had even done a background check on her.

Wait! The woman looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where I had seen her before.

Why did she look like Alice? Why did the woman have Alice's eyes and hair? Who was she and why did she resemble Alice so closely?

Taking my eyes off the pictures, I looked at Theodore. "Why did you give me this? I didn't ask you to find it."

"Well, Cosmo mentioned that she went to a cafe the morning of the incident, so I thought..." he trailed off.

"You should leave the thinking to me," I snapped. "Just do what I asked you to do and find the people responsible for putting Alice in this condition."

"Alright, Boss," he bowed his head and left.

As he walked away, I wasted no time in returning to Alice's room. I needed to be with her in case she woke up, and I needed to be strong for her.

Although I tried to act like my physical pain didn't affect me, it did. The stitches in my stomach were excruciating, more so than any previous gunshót wounds. I was in agony, and seeing Alice pale only added to my distress.

I didn't understand why she wasn't waking up. The surgery had been successful, and they had removed the bullet from her chest without damaging her heart. The doctors assured me that she would recover, and I held onto that hope.

The rustling of the sheets caught my attention, and I turned to see Alice's body twitching slightly on the bed.

Rushing to her side, I held her cold hand in mine. Her warmth, which used to radiate so strongly, had diminished. 

"Alex," she whispered softly. Her once vibrant and plump lips now cracked and dry. "Alex."

"Shh, Princess," I whispered back, waiting for her to open her beautiful eyes. "I'm here, please open your eyes."

She finally obeyed, her eyes blinking open and shut multiple times. 

"Sweetheart," I called out as Alice opened her eyes. Her green eyes finally met mine, and a broad smile spread across my face.

For three days, I had longed to see those eyes that I had grown accustomed to. I missed the way they held mine and weakened my willpower. Seeing them staring back at me now filled me with indescribable happiness.

"Alex," her voice remained faint, and I strained to listen. "I... I need to tell you something."

Whatever she wanted to say could wait. I wasn't letting her out of my sight or my life anytime soon.

"I missed you," I told her, noticing her eyes welling up with tears. "I love you so much."

Attempting to sit up, Alice winced and closed her eyes. I carefully adjusted her position on the bed.

"Thank you," I brushed her hair away from her face, and she let out a sigh as she closed her eyes again. "My head hurts."

Obviously, she had been opening and closing her eyes frequently, causing strain.

"Hmm," I nodded, gently rubbing her hand. "You've been unconscious for almost eighty hours."

"I need to tell you something, Alexander. It's very important," her voice began to regain its usual tone but faltered slightly. "Just listen, please."

"Later, baby. You must be hungry; I'll get you something to eat," I interjected, shaking my head. "I'll inform the doctors that you're awake."

A sense of unease settled in my stomach. I didn't want to hear whatever she had to say, at least not now. I would listen when she was better and out of the hospital, hopefully soon.

Letting out a sigh, she looked away from me. I gently cupped her face, turning it back towards me.

"What do you want to tell me?" I gave in. A small smile played on her lips.

"Go on, I'm listening."

"I'm..." her words were cut off by the nurse entering the room. "We're here to administer her daily vitamins. Oh, she's awake. I'll go call the doctor."

Alice and I watched the nurse leave before focusing on each other again.

"I'll get you something to eat," I said, planting a light kiss on her forehead.

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too," I replied, kissing her on the lips. "You stay here; I'll be back."

"Do I have a choice?" she asked sarcastically, smiling.

That's my Alice.

"Well, yeah. The last time I told you to stay put, you ended up here. Please listen this time," I said playfully.

"Okay," she nodded.

I kissed her cheek once more before leaving the room.

Alice was awake now, but it only added to my burden. What did she want to say? Why did it feel heavy even without hearing it? I was nervous and curious to know, yet part of me dreàded the revelation.

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