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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 52




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 52

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Author's POV


Alice gazed at her own reflection in the mirror, carefully gathering her hair into a ponytail. With a sense of determination, she then placed a black baseball cap on her head, exhaling deeply. 

Elizabeth, descending the stairs, couldn't help but comment, "Where are you off to, looking like a spy?" Her eyes fixated on Alice's attire, as if she were puzzled by the choice. Elizabeth patiently awaited her friend's response.

Alice's gaze shifted downward, as if disconnected from the act of dressing herself. Elizabeth's eyes lingered on Alice's all-black clothes, awaiting a response.

"Somewhere," Alice replied, slipping her hands into her black jeans pockets, except for her thumbs. "Cafe."

"Okay," Elizabeth nodded. "When are you coming back?"

"I'm not sure," Alice said uncertainly. Stepping onto the final step, she made her way over to Elizabeth. Leaning in, she whispered into her friend's ear, "I might never return."

"Yeah, right. I totally believe you," Elizabeth responded sarcastically, eliciting laughter. "But if you do come back, bring me some cupcakes, strawberry ones."

"Aye, aye, Captain," Alice replied with a playful salute, walking out of the living room.

"Hey," she said, waving at Cosmo as they arrived at the gate after a short trip. "Can I drive myself today, please?"

"No," he replied curtly.

"But..." she started to protest.

"Sorry, Alice, but I can't allow you to go out on your own. The last time you did, Boss nearly got us all kílled," he explained sternly. "Do you want all of us to dié?"

"Of course not!" Alice snapped, taken aback by the absurdity of his question. "I'll talk to Alex about it when he gets back."

"Okay," Cosmo replied simply.

"The keys," Alice demanded.

"What keys?" the confused man inquired, raising his eyebrows.

"The car keys," Alice clarified impatiently.

"No, I can't do that," he said with a hint of fear in his voice. "Boss would have my heàd rolling on the floor in less than a second. You can have the car keys after you've talked to him."

"Fine," Alice drawled, rolling her eyes in exasperation. "Then drive me there."

The car ride was filled with an awkward silence. It was unusual because Alice was usually eager to discuss everything under the sun with anyone she was with. However, today she remained unusually quiet throughout the entire journey to the café.

Not only was she quiet, but Alice also sighed deeply every now and then. Not a minute passed without a heavy sigh escaping her lips. Her eyes wandered as if searching for something, yet finding nothing.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?" Cosmo asked, briefly glancing at her. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah," Alice replied curtly.

"Why..." Cosmo started to inquire.

"I'm fine, Cosmo. I don't feel like talking. Please, just drive," Alice ordered firmly, constructing a wall between them.

"Sorry, Miss Alice," Cosmo apologized, understanding her need for silence.

She glanced at him, taken aback by his addressing of her. "I didn't mean to sound..." Her voice trailed off as she changed her mind, hissing in frustration and turning her gaze towards the window. "Whatever."


"Oh baby, I missed you so much!" A woman in her early sixties stood up from her seat as soon as she spotted Alice, embracing her in a warm, motherly hug. "I missed you so, so much."

Alice melted into the woman's loving embrace, hugging her back. "I miss you too."

The woman held Alice's face gently, her fingers brushing through her hair as her green eyes gleamed with joy. "It feels like I haven't seen you in forever. You look so grown up, you've even gotten taller."

"Mom, I know you're just exaggerating. I'm exactly the same as I was when I left," Alice replied, though she knew deep down it was a lie.

It wasn't just the physical changes that were evident. Alice had undergone a transformation inside, becoming someone different from the girl she once was.

She had transformed mentally and emotionally since she left her parents' house three months ago. She wasn't the same person anymore.

"I am serious, Mom," Alice insisted. "Mum, I need to talk to you about something," Alice said, taking a seat. "I need you to talk to Dad."

"Tell your Dad what?" her mother inquired.

"I don't want to continue with this plan anymore. I want it called off, but I can't bring myself to tell Dad. I need your help to break the news to him." 

"I don't understand, baby. What do you mean?" the woman inquired, holding her child's hand. "Do you happen to have feelings for Alexander Romano?"

Chewing her lips, Alice looked into her mother's inquisitive eyes and nodded. "Yes."

"Oh no," her mother gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. "That's not good. It's really bad, darling. Your Dad will be furious, and he will never agree to this."

"Don't you think I know that? I'm fully aware, Mom. That's precisely why I need your help. Please, talk to him on my behalf," Alice pleaded.

"Why did this start? When did you begin liking Alexander?" her mother asked, her concern evident.

"Um," Alice pondered, trying to pinpoint the exact moment she started developing feelings for Alex. But she shook her head, unable to come up with a specific answer. "I don't know, it just happened."

"Does he love you?" her mother inquired.

"Yeah, but he won't for much longer once he finds out the truth," Alice replied, her gaze fixed on the table. "That's what I'm afraid of. Alex hàting me—I don't want that, but it's inevitable. I need to call off this plan."

"Alright," her mother nodded in understanding. "But it won't be easy. You know your father."

"I do," Alice sighed, a tinge of sadness in her voice as she acknowledged her father's temperament. "I have to go now. I'll call you later tonight to let you know how it went."

"Alright. Take care of yourself," her mother said, concern evident in her voice. 

Little did Alice know what awaited her before she made that fateful call to her mother that evening. She had anticipated a normal day, completely unaware of the impending tragedy.

But then, in a cruel twist of fate, the bitter reality crashed upon her as a bullét tore through her chest. The searing pain forced her weak lungs to gasp for air, leaving her breathless.

Tears streamed down her face, blurring her vision as her body convulsed with agony. She felt every inch of her being crying out in anguish. 

The pain that surged through her chest was akin to a thousand knivés piercing her simultaneously. Each agonizing moment seemed to stretch into eternity. 

Gradually, Alice's connection to her surroundings began to fade, her awareness slipping away. Amidst the haze, there was one sensation she clung to desperately – the touch of Alexander. In his arms, she found solace, pouring her heart, body, and soul into the embrace of the person she loved most.

It was a forbidden love, a bittersweet secret that would be lost forever in the relentless grip of death. Alice knew that she would depart this world without Alex ever discovering the truth about her. 

As the dark cloud loomed over her, the thought echoed relentlessly in her mind, stealing away the little breath she had left. "Alex, I'm sorry," she whispered, her voice strained and weak.

"Please, open your eyes," her boyfriend's desperate plea reverberated in her ears, a plea to defy the impending fate. He clung to a sliver of hope, urging her not to leave him behind. "Open your eyes, please. You can't leave me."

But the weight of the immense pain was overpowering. It felt as though millions of hands joined together, relentlessly pulling her deeper into the abyss of darkness, an unappealing void that threatened to consume her completely.

Her mouth opened and closed, but no words escaped her lips. Tears obscured her vision, yet she could perceive the alarmed apprehension etched across his face. It pained her deeply to realize that she was the cause of his distress. If only she had heeded his advice, perhaps everything would have been fine. She would have listened, but the sight of bloód splattering from Alex's abdomen overwhelmed her. The surge of adrenaline coursing through her veins propelled her out of the car and to his side, instinctively driven to be by his wounded form. 

Despite the inherent danger, she was willing to risk it all for the love that consumed her heart. Her self-control wavered, gradually succumbing to the encroaching darkness. A small, sad smile played upon her lips as she gazed at Alexander, the man she loved even when societal norms forbade it.

"I love you," Alice managed to whisper, her voice barely audible even to herself. But she was certain of the words she spoke.

Allowing the darkness to enfold her, she made peace with its embrace. With a final act of surrender, she closed her eyes, bidding farewell to the world she knew.

This marked her inevitable fate, leaving no room for doubt. She watched as her demisé gracefully approached, an undesirable outcome she was powerless to evade.

However, one lingering regret haunted her thoughts - the untold truth she withheld from Alexander. A truth so monumental it could unravel their relationship, a proverbial bombshell waiting to detonate.

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