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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 51




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 51

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alexander's POV 

It was getting darker with each passing minute, and I glanced at my watch to see that it was already 9:30pm. The amusement park was becoming less crowded as people started leaving and the night sky began to engulf everything in its darkness. Winter was approaching, with December just around the corner, and the air carried a chill that hinted at the upcoming snow. I felt compelled to shield Alice from the cold, so I took off my jacket and placed it gently over her shoulders. She responded with a radiant smile, her eyes glistening with delight. 

"Can we leave now?" I asked Alice, noticing her busy hands. 

After finishing her doughnut, she nodded and quietly murmured her approval. Taking a sip from her drink, she slowly spoke, "Let's go. Today was really enjoyable." 

I smiled and agreed, intertwining our hands as we made our way to my car. 

"My goodness, I'm so exhausted and stuffed," my girlfriend complained, letting out a yawn. "I really need a nice, long bath." 

I teasingly suggested, "Together?" as I opened the car door for her. 

She shook her head and climbed into the car, fastening her seatbelt. "No, just me," she replied with a playful smile. 

"Mmm, you're a meanie," I playfully teased, settling into the driver's seat and buckling up.

"Hey," gasping, I replied, "that's my line!"

As I turned on the engine and began to drive, a refreshing breeze filled the car thanks to the open roof.

"Well, it's mine now," I playfully responded.

"No, I disagree," Alice said, shaking her head in disagreement. "It's mine."

I raised an eyebrow and asked, "Where is it written?"

She pouted her lips sadly, and I couldn't help but burst into laughter, shaking my head at her adorable expression.

"I don't see what's so funny, Alex," she complained, still pouting those irresistible lips.

I couldn't help but smile and replied, "I do."  

Although she rolled her eyes, a burst of laughter escaped her lips. She quickly averted her gaze towards the window, attempting to conceal her lingering smile.

"Alexander," her voice quivered as her eyes locked onto mine, filled with fear. "There... There are... some cars following us."

Oh no. I should have anticipated this outcome; I shouldn't have been so carefree. Deep down, I knew they wouldn't let me líve peacefully. My life can never be ordinary.

Glancing at the rearview mirror, I noticed the cars tailing us. They were closing in fast, prompting me to swiftly switch lanes.

I couldn't let Alice see the fear that consumed me. I had to maintain a facade of composure, shielding her from the terror that gripped me. On any other day, fear would be a foreign concept, but now, with Alice's life in the balance, I couldn't afford to falter. If anything were to happen to her, my entire existence would crúmble. 

"They are..." I said, my eyes fixed on the rearview mirror, confirming that they were still tailing us.

"I know," I interrupted Alice, cutting off her sentence. "How fast can you drive?"

"I don't know," she replied uncertainly.

"Let's switch seats," I insisted, despite her hesitation.

Her emerald green eyes were filled with fear, shifting from me to the rearview mirror.

"Why?" she asked, her voice trembling.

I glanced at her, gently caressing her face with one hand. "I want you to drive."

"But..." she started to protest.

"You need to drive us out of here while I handle them," I explained.

"Handle them? But they haven't started shoóting at us yet," she pointed out.

Right on cue, a bullét struck the car. Reacting swiftly, I pressed the button to close the roof.

Alice's scream pierced my ears and my heart. Her once happy and joyful eyes now overflowed with féar and tears. 

"I'm scared, Alex," her trembling voice revealed the undeniable truth. The féar in her voice and the angúish on her face were clear indications of what she was enduring, all because of me.

"I won't let anything happen to you," I assured her, swerving the car as another bullet struck it. "Alice, you have to trust me. I promise nothing will happen to you. Let's switch seats. You drive, and I'll handle them."

Slowly, she released her seatbelt, tears streaming down her cheeks. I didn't bother wiping them away, knowing that more would soon follow. I followed suit, unbuckling my seatbelt as we exchanged positions.

"No matter what, don't stop driving. Don't slow down, okay?"

Taking my place in the passenger seat, I reached into the glovebox and retrieved my trusty handgun. Loading it with bullets, I glanced up at the rearview mirror.

Whoever those people were, they showed no signs of giving up. They continued firíng at the car, and Alice drove frantically, swerving left and right in an attempt to dodge the bulléts. With each shót, Alice's screams pierced the air.

Rolling down the window, I aimed at the tire of one of the pursuing cars and firéd, causing it to slow down.

But before I could react, more cars surrounded us, forcing Alice to slam on the brakes. The attáckers were relentless, firíng at our car from close range.

Lowering her head, Alice's voice trembled. "What do we do now, Alex?" I looked at her, unbuckling my seatbelt.

I tried not to let the pain in her voice and the tears in her eyes weaken me. The tears stained her face, but I made no attempt to wipe them away.

"Stay here, use my phone to call Cosmo and inform him," I instructed. 

She nodded frantically, "What are you going to do?"

"I have to go out and meet them," I replied.

"You're crazy," Alice yelled, fear turning to concern. "They will kíll you."

Looking at the masked men, I loaded more bulléts into my pockets. Whoever sent them knew what they were doing, they didn't want to be recognized by me, and so they were covering their faces with masks.

"I'll be fine," I lied to her, but she didn't believe me. "I need to go. Stay here, lower your body, don't get shót, okay?"

She shed tears as they wet her face, "You'll be fine, right?"

"I love you," I said before tucking my gún into my waistband and kissing her forehead. "Tell Cosmo to come immediately."

Without waiting for her response, I got out of the car. They immediately ceased shootíng and pointed their gúns at me.

"Who sent you?" I asked, the first question flying out of my mouth.

"It doesn't matter," one of them said, not revealing any clues about which clan they might belong to. There was no accent. 

"What do you want?" I demanded, my voice laced with tension.

"Boss wants you," he replied, his voice devoid of emotion. His face was concealed beneath a foul-smelling mask, making it impossible to discern his intentions.

Which boss were they referring to? I vowed to myself that once I escaped this predicament, I would hold accountable anyone responsible for my current situation.

"Déad or alive," the other one interjected, his words sending a chill down my spine.

Reacting swiftly, I drew my gún and fired at the approaching figure. His lifeléss body crumpleléd onto the frigid floor. I stood my ground, determined to find answers.

"Who is your boss?" I demanded, my voice filled with a mix of anger and curiosity.

"That's for us to know and for you to shut up and come with us," the remaining person sneered, their voice trailing off as they realized the futility of their words. 

I realized the foolishness of my actions as I aimed my gun at the group. With their overwhelming numbers—up to ten strong—I stood no chance against them.

The leader let out an evil chuckle. "Oh, what do we have here? Ready to surrender?"

"No," I defiantly replied, firíng another bullét that struck down one of their members. "Let's handle this in a civilized manner, gentlemen. Why don't you inform me of your boss's whereabouts, and I'll personally have a conversation with him?"

A surge of pain coursed through my body, radiating through every nerve. I grimaced, clutching my side where the warm liquid stain was spreading. 

I was shót. 

"Alex!" My body went numb as Alice's voice pierced the air, as she abandoned the car and rush toward me.

"Oh, look who we have here," the leader sneered, approaching Alice and me. My fingers tightened around the grip of my gún, and without hesitation, I fired. The bullét found its mark, piercing his leg, and he let out a howl of agony as he clutched the wounded area.

"Get in the car," I commanded Alice.

She vehemently shook her head. "No, I can't leave you. You're injured."

Not a second had passed before the sound of gunshóts pierced through my ears. Kneeling on the floor, I swiftly pulled Alice down with me, seeking to shield her from dangér.

"Get into the car," I urged, my voice laced with urgency.

"I can't leave you here," Alice protested, her determination evident.

Why wouldn't she listen? Why was she choosing to be stubborn at this critical moment?

"Just get into the car, Alice!" I exclaimed, my anger and pain intertwining within me. 

She rose to her feet, ready to make a dash for the car, but her escape was abruptly halted as the leader swiftly pulled her towards him. With her back pressed against his front, he menacingly held a gun against her temple.

As the sound of gúnfire subsided, I anxiously observed Alice trembling, desperately attempting to break free from his grasp. Our gazes met, and I witnessed a level of fear in her eyes that I had never witnessed before.

"Boss," I heard a faint, familiar voice call out, but I paid it no attention. My focus remained fixed on Alice and the predátor who held her captíve. 

"Don't." I warned him but he laughed, shaking his head defiantly. "You want me, I will go with you just let her go please."

"Isn't this surprising?" His voice filled with genuine shock. "The Italian Mafia is begging me to let go of his girl." 

"Let go of her." My voice surprised me when it flew out of my mouth. I had no idea where the boldness came from. "Right now." 

My eyes slowly leaving Alice and counting the numbers of masked guys before moving to my side, seeing Theodore. 

I didn't have time to express my surprise as I dished out a loud command to my men. "Qualunque cosa accada, non lasciare che Alice si faccia male, ok?!" 

Translation; Whatever happens, don't let Alice get húrt, okay?

"Bad idea." The leader said, unlocking the safety in his gun. "Fortunately, I speak and hear Italian very well." His boasting irked my ears, I watched him unmovingly as he changed the position of the gun to Alice's head. "Fúck, you bítch!" His grasp of Alice slipped and she ran over to me as he held his manhoód from his pants. 

That's my girl. She kicked him on his stupíd dick. 

My world came crashing down while I watched bloód oozing out of Alice's chest. Her body went limp, falling to the floor before I could catch her. 

I made sure I was the one to kíll the one responsible for Alice's body laying lifeléss in my arms, shoóting him straight on his forehead. "Nessuno di loro deve sopravvivere. Nessuno di loro tornerà da chi li ha mandati. Uccidi ognuno di loro." 

Translation; None of them must survíve. Not one of them is going back to whoever sent them. Deal with every single one of them.  

Let's see how they will escape this now. Let see who will “hear and speak” Italian for them. 

Lifting Alice up in my arms, I walked back into my car driving off while hittíng a couple of masked men on my way. 

Her breathing made me glance at her, stepping on the accelerator. "Alex, I'm sorry." Alice said to me, her eyelids slowly closing. 

No no no, this isn't happening. I'm dreaming, this is a nightmare. 

"Please, open your eyes." I cried out, swerving to the direction of a nearby hospital. "Open your eyes please, you can't leave me." 

For the first time tonight, actual tears rained down from my eyes blurring my vision. 

"I love you." Was the last thing I heard before her eyes finally close. 

I let out a ear piercing scream, sending waves of pain to my stomach. 

I've forgotten that I was shót. My whole mind and focus is on the girl laying lifeléss and pale next to me, her blóod gushing out of her body. 

No, she can't díe. She won't díe. She promised me forever, she can't break the promise she made to me. 

Alice can't díe because of me, I will never forgive myself. For the first time in many years, I let my tears flow down freely as I continued to drive. 

I'll hunt down the person who is responsible for this and kíll his entire generation. He'll watch his children díe on front of him and will do nothing about it.

That's my promise to you, my love.

TBC 📖✍️

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