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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 48




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 48

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alexander's POV

The swirling thoughts in my head kept cycling, bringing forth ideas for escaping this marriage—though they weren't particularly good ideas, it was something.

These past five days have been challenging, considering the alliance between my family and the Alfonso family. Despite that, my life has been great.

I've been brainstorming ideas with Peyton since our last dinner date. It turns out I misjúdged her; she was only preténding to be interested in me for the sake of her family's approval.

My phone has been ringing and buzzing non-stop for the past four days with calls and messages from my father, all of which I've ignored. I don't need anyone or anything interfering with my thoughts with húrtful words.

All I want now is to be with Alice. I'm willing to do anything to be with her, even if it means taking dràstic measures. She's like a drúg—one you can't quit once you've started.

Surprisingly, Alice and my mom got along well. I know my mom loves me and wants me to be happy, but she didn't speak against this marriage, so I assumed she was content with the alliance. Seeing my mom excited about Alice being my girlfriend was delightful.

Alice has this charm that makes everyone adore her. First, it was me—I did something I've never done before, showing compassion for a stranger and bringing her home without informing my mom. Second, it was Madison; she's a natural chatterbox and can strike up a conversation with anyone. Third, my mom—she's just perfect. She approves of anything that brings me happiness. I bet when Addison meets Alice, she'll like her too. Not that I care, but I know Alice wants my family to like her, so I want it too—anything to make my girlfriend happy.

"Sir, someone is here to see you," Bethel's voice called through the intercom. "Should I let him in?"

Hmm, I wonder who that could be. It can't be my father; he never announces his arrival. It can't be Theodore; he wouldn't come without informing me first. I don't have any scheduled meetings today. Whoever it is, I know my gun is in the drawer, just in case.

"Sure," I replied, glancing at the door. "Let him in."

The doors opened, revealing the person who wanted to see me. I stood up and inspected him closely, staring blankly at his outstretched hand for a handshake.

Bruno Iglesias—the head of the Spanish clan. My father's archénemy and mine as well. The Italians and the Spanish have never been friends. We don't have friends; we just hàte the Spanish.

What was he doing here?

He slowly withdrew his hand and took a seat. "Hello, Alexander. I hope you still remember my name," he said, unbuttoning his suit and clearing his throat. "I'm Bruno Iglesias."

"I didn't ask," I muttered under my breath, and he gave me an évil smile. "What are you doing here, Iglesias?"

"It's been so long since I saw you. Almost a year now. How have you been?" His voice felt like pins in my ears, and his sly smile was cunning.

Resuming my seat, I kept my eyes fixed on him. "How I've been is none of your business, Mr. Iglesias. State your purpose or leave."

"Must you always be so cold? Lighten up a little, son," he chuckled, stroking his jaw and crossing his legs.

His habit of calling me "son" irritated me, especially since he has a son my age. I hatéd it. 

My face involuntarily scrunched up in disgúst. "I'm not your son."

"I know that, but I can be a father figure to you," he said, smirking.

"If you have nothing important to discuss, I suggest you leave immediately."

"Calm down. I heard about your impending marriage, and it got me thinking," he paused, creating suspense. "Why not add another piece of good news to the mix? What do you say, Alexander? Would you like to cooperate with the Iglesias group of companies?" 

"No," I simply said.

"Think about it, if the Spanish and Italian are joined together by some sort, then..."

"Did I stutter?" I retorted, cutting off whatever he was about to spew out and staring at him coldly. "Do I look like I want to make a partnership with you?"

He looked at me with a mix of surprise and shock. "You never change. You are always sharp-tongued, just like that pést of a father of yours."

"Don't," I snapped, banging my hands on the table. "Don't you dare mention my father in this."

"Alex..." That familiar, soft voice drew my angry eyes from the stupid man sitting in front of me to her. Those green eyes widened on him, gritting her teeth nervously.

What is she doing here?

Bruno faced her, then back at me, with a huge devilish smirk on his face. "Hmm, I will take my leave." Standing up from the seat, he drummed on the desk with two fingers. "Maybe you're not as inhumàne as I thought. Adios."

"Hi, you're very pretty," he said to Alice, smiling before he walked out of the office.

That was bàd. This is àwful. That smile doesn't seem real at all. Why do problems keep piling up for me? Dealing with my impending marriage, my father, and now this. This is wórse than anything. My father might be heartless, but Bruno is wórse- he is a dévil and he doesn't even hide it.

Refusing to cooperate with him was a huge mistake. Him seeing Alice was an enormous mistake.

Everything is about to go downhill. Alice was already in the spotlight. I'm afraid that is a bàd thing.

"Why are you here? You could have called," I snapped, the fear settling in me.

"I did," she muttered. "Don't you use your phone anymore?"

"Why are you here?" I repeated. "You have no idea what you just did."

"Sorry for interrupting your meeting, but I have news."

"This wasn't just a meeting, Alice!" I yelled out. She flinched. "That person who just left is the head of the Spanish Màfia. Don't you see the gravity of what you just did?"

"How was I supposed to know he was here?!" she equally yelled at me.

She is so clueless- so clueless. She doesn't know she has indirectly put herself in more dànger.

"What news do you have?" I inquired, calming down. 

Alice rolled her eyes, frowning. "Peyton ran away."


That is impossible. I spoke to her yesterday evening. Why didn't she tell me she was going to do something like that?

"Maddie called me after your mom left and told me that Peyton is missing. She left a note saying, 'I don't want to get married to you or any guy except Claudia.' Who is Claudia?"

I should be happy. That problem is fixed. I'm not getting married to Peyton. Two problems remain: getting Alice out of the limelight of Bruno and out of my father's reach.

It will be tough, but I will do it. I'll keep her safe by all means. I'm not going to lose her, not in this life.

Alice is my life. Losing her will be like killíng myself. We belong together forever.

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