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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 47




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 47

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            



Alice's POV

Today, I'm celebrating my fifth day as Alexander's girlfriend. Five days ago, Alex confessed his feelings for me, and I saw the love in his eyes. We officially started dating, and I couldn't be happier. It's an understatement to say that I'm happy; I'm absolutely ecstatic! My heart has been filled with joy since that day.

These past few days have been the best moments of my life, and I'm savoring every second. However, deep down, I know this happiness may not last forever. I fear that something or someone will come along and disrupt this blissful feeling, and it húrts to think it might húrt Alexander even more. 

My fingers gently graze the necklace around my neck, a symbol of the rainy night when Alex put it on me, the same night I kissed him. 

Lost in my thoughts, I'm startled by Blair's voice bringing me back to reality. "Did you see that, Alice?" she asks, but I shake my head in response. She rolls her eyes and questions my lack of attention.

"My mind is clouded," I reply. "Alex is getting engaged soon."

"I know," Blair says, comforting me by placing her hand on mine. "He's your boyfriend now, and he'll find a way to stop it. Don't worry."

"Maybe you're right," I agree, nodding. "He will find a way to prevent this engagement and wedding. You're such a good friend."

"I know, I know," Blair proudly waves her hand in the air with a big smile. "I'm the best."

Elizabeth chimes in with laughter. "Yeah, right. Keep saying that, and maybe it'll come true."

Elizabeth and Blair have this love-hate relationship, which is actually quite cute. Seeing them alternate between hating and loving each other is amusing—it's like watching siblings.

Before I can say anything, the sound of the doors opening grabs our attention. We turn to see who it is, expecting it to be someone we were all anticipating, but it wasn't Alex. He had already left for work.

As we approach the door, we see a woman standing there. She bears a striking resemblance to Alexander, with gray eyes that sparkle and neatly packed black hair in a bun.

"Oh my, you must be Alice," the woman exclaims, smiling brightly at me. "You are even more beautiful than Maddie told me."

She introduces herself as Lauren, Alexander's mom. Surprisingly, she's much nicer than I expected, considering she isn't opposed to the marriage between Alex and Peyton.

"I'm Lauren," she says, maintaining her friendly smile. "You're so beautiful."

"Thanks, you too," I reply, nervously biting my lip. "Alex isn't home."

Her gray eyes dilated in surprise and happiness as she looked into mine. "He let you call him Alex? That's surprising. He must really love you," she said, casting a glance at Blair and Lizabeth before focusing back on me. "I don't mind waiting."

Blair spoke up, "We'll prepare your room for tonight."

"Alright, thank you," I replied

"I'll get you a glass of water," I offered, and she nodded. "The living room is over there."

I watched as Blair and Lizabeth Claudia took her bag upstairs before heading to the kitchen to fetch the glass of water.

Taking a moment to regulate and calm my heartbeat, I poured water into a glass and added some ice cubes. Suddenly, a thought struck me. What if she didn't like cold water?

"Hey, Alice," Lauren's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Is that mine?"

"Yeah, I added some ice cubes, but I can change it," I responded.

"Why?" she asked, taking the glass of water from me. "I'm exhausted and I prefer it cold."

"Oh, okay. Would you like some snacks?"

"Yes, of course," Lauren replied, taking a big gulp of water. "Is Alexander at work?"

"Yes, he is, ma'am." I confirmed.

"Don't call me 'ma'am'," she said, frowning. "Call me Lauren."



Conversation flowed effortlessly between us as we exchanged stories and laughter, as if we were old friends reconnecting.

Lauren was a joy to be around. She was lively and kind, speaking to me as if she were not old enough to be my mother.

I listened attentively as she recounted embarrassing moments from Alex's life, even though he had already shared them with me. I pretended to laugh, wanting to avoid any awkwardness.

"Alice, why aren't you answering your phone?" Alexander's voice echoed through the living room as he approached me. His gaze landed on his mom beside me, freezing in place. "Um, what are you doing here?"

"Is that how you greet your mom?" Lauren asked, getting up and playfully knocking him on the head. "I wonder how she puts up with you."

Alexander's eyes shifted from his mom to me. "Why didn't you tell me she was here?"

"Don't make her feel bad," his mom scolded him, while I sat back and enjoyed the interaction. "I haven't heard from you in six days. Why didn't you call me?"

"I was busy, Mom," he replied, running a hand through his hair. "Sorry."

"Busy with what?" Lauren and I asked simultaneously.

Licking his lips, his gaze remained fixed on me. "Mom, I already apologized. I'm tired; it's been a long day at work."

"Go freshen up; dinner will be served in fifty to sixty minutes," Lauren informed him before he headed upstairs.

"I'll be back," I told her, standing up from the sofa, but she held me back, shaking her head. "I want to go see Alex."

"You'll see him later; he's yours. He won't run away," she said with a smile. "Now, I need to spend lots of time with my daughter-in-law."

Hearing her say those words warmed my heart in ways I couldn't explain. Although I wanted to rush to Alex, embrace him, and shower him with kisses, being here with Lauren felt even more special. I knew I could still see Alex later, but hearing her call me her daughter-in-law might never happen again.

"Let's make dinner for Alexander," she suggested, taking my hand and leading me toward the kitchen. "It's been so long."

The dining table was filled with bowls of delicious meals, a testament to the time and effort Lauren had put into preparing dinner for us. The aroma wafting through the kitchen, dining area, and living room was simply heavenly.

Parmesan crusted chicken drumsticks, parmigiana, and pasta adorned the table, their mouthwatering appearance making me eagerly anticipate the first bite.

"Alexander, please come down immediately!" she shouted, her voice echoing through the house as she glanced towards the stairs.

"He can't hear you," I interjected.

"He can," she insisted.

As Alex descended the stairs, placing the last plate on the table and arranging the cutlery set beside them, our eyes met, and I couldn't help but smile. However, he pretended not to notice and took his seat without acknowledging me.

"I made your favorite," his mom chirped, sitting across from him. "Please, have a seat."

I followed suit, taking my place beside Alexander while he continued to ignore me. I chose to ignore his indifference as well; after all, two can play that game.

We began to enjoy our meal in silence until Alex spoke up. "This is delicious."

"I know," Lauren responded proudly. "I'm the best cook in the world."

The food was indeed delightful, but my mom's cooking was even more delicious. Not to brag, but her culinary skills were truly magical. I missed her.

"Yeah, it's delicious," I added before subtly hinting to Alex, "I'm glad I could help make it."

Speaking about Alex, his mom jokingly asked, "Why do you seem so happy with him? He can be a pain in the àss."

"Mom," Alexander's voice winced, which was undeniably adorable. "I'm not that bad, am I, Kitten?"

Finally, his eyes met mine, their gray hue captivating me. I found myself mesmerized by his questioning gaze.

Oh, was I supposed to answer that question?

"Um..." I stuttered, my eyes locked on his. "He isn't that bad."

"He must have búllied you into saying that," she teased, scrunching her face at him playfully.

"Am I búllying you, Sweetheart?" he asked, a devilísh grin spreading across his handsome face as his eyes focused on my lips.

He was purposefully trying to elicit a reaction from me, and he succeeded. My body responded to his intense gaze, and I desperately tried to suppress the throbbing between my legs. Squeezing my thighs together helped momentarily, but then his hand brushed against my thigh.

"Am I búllying you, Alice?" he inquired, nonchalantly eating his meal with his other hand.

I gripped my fork tightly, unable to withstand the pressure building between my legs. He only made it worse by trailing his hand over my thigh, inching up my skirt, and daringly exploring my pantiés.

"Definitely not," I managed to choke out as his thumb brushed against my sensitive core over my pánties. "He's such a sweetheart; he wouldn't do that." 

"Are you okay, dear?" Lauren asked, her expression shifting from jest to genuine concern. "You're red."

Oh, that's probably because your son was trying to make me climàx while you sat across from us. His fingers deftly adjusted my pantiés, granting him better access to my wet and sensitive pússy.

"I...," I coughed, striving to conceal the pleasure on my face. "I'm fine. I just really love your cooking."

"I do too, Mom. It's absolutely delicious," Alex chimed in, his thumb continuing its tantalizing movements on my pússy, causing me to gasp in surprise and pleasure.

"So delicious," I managed to say, attempting to mask the true reason behind my reaction. 

Looking at him, his face was filled with a boyish smile as he glanced at his mother. I tried my best not to make any inappropriàte sounds in front of her. Suddenly, he insertéd a finger insidé me, causing a forced moàn to escape my lips out of habit.

"You have to give me the recipe so I can make this more often," I said, trying to cover up the inapprópriate sound with a flimsy excuse, while Lauren looked at me with confusion in her eyes.

"Of course, whatever you want. I'm glad you enjoyed it," she replied.

As I took a sip of water, his finger still inside me, he moved it abruptly, almost causing me to spit out the water. Startled, I dropped the glass, gripping the table and biting my lip to stifle any impulsive moàns. He seemed to relish watching me sqúirm from his pleasuràble torment. His finger moved with increasing speed, leaving me almost breathless. Just as I felt release approaching, he withdrew his finger. Alex glanced at me, licking his finger—the same finger that had been insíde me moments ago. With a pop, he removed it from his mouth.

I couldn't continue this any longer. It felt like he was punishíng me, knowing exactly how to torment me by giving me pleasure and then denying it when I needed it the most.

"Excuse me," I said, quickly rising from my seat. "I suddenly feel dizzy. I think I should go to bed early." I hoped my lié would be convincing enough for Lauren.

"Okay, dear. You look flushed. I hope you're not allergic to anything I made," she said.

"No, not at all. Your food is delicious. I loved it. I'm just feeling a bit dizzy," I replied.

"Alright, dear. Good night," she said.

"Thanks. You too," I muttered. "Will I see you tomorrow morning?"

"Yes, definitely," she replied.

After that, I turned my back and left the beautiful soul, Lauren, and her devílish son, my boyfriend Alexander, alone to go to our room. Or should I say, Alex's and my room. It didn't matter. I needed a long shower to cool down my desire for my frustràting boyfriend. But fate had other plans, as he followed me into the room, pinning me against the door he had just closed and locked.

"That was mean," I immediately snapped.

"You deserved it, you know that," he responded.

"But what did I do?" I inquired, genuinely curious. 

Alexander lightly gripped my waist. "You didn't tell me my mom was here with you. Why?"

That's not true. I had informed him about his mother's presence.

"I sent you a message," I insisted.

"No, you didn't," he countered.

"Did you check your phone?"

He let go of me and walked over to the nightstand, picking up his phone. His eyes scanned the screen before he let out an awkward laugh.

"Oops," he murmured. "I didn't see it before."

"Oops?" I echoed, taking quick steps toward him. "You're a jérk. A big jérk."

Pulling me into his arms, he nuzzled against me. "I'm not sorry, though."

Of course, he wasn't. He's Alexander Romano, finding pleasure in making me squirm for him. He loves that I love him and how my body responds to his touch.

"Méanie," I pouted sadly, even though he couldn't see me. "Go back to your mom."

Pulling away from the embrace, he pecked my forehead. "I love you."

I can never forget that. He keeps reminding me of it every day. This whole experience is new for both of us, and I'm happy that he continues to say those three words and shower me with kisses—on the cheeks, eyes, and hands. Whenever I'm with him, I feel like a teenager.

This man owns my heart, and I hope he knows that. Alex possesses my body, heart, and soul. He's mine, and I'm his today, tomorrow, and hopefully forever.

TBC 📖✍️

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