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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 42




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 42

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alice's POV

I'm still grappling with the notion of a father willing to jeopardize his son's happiness by forcing him into an unwanted marriage. It's shocking to realize that Alex acquiesced to this arrangement. 

I'm here, exerting every ounce of my willpower to suppress these unrequited feelings for him. I'm striving to keep my heart from skipping a beat every time I catch his smile. I'm doing everything within my power to resist falling in love with Alexander, but it's futile. My heart has made its choice, and it yearns for Alexander.

Yes, I understand. He wouldn't have consented if there wasn't a lethal threàt hanging over my head, compelling him to accept the proposal. Yet, the pain is still palpable. 

I'm aware that Alex can never be mine, but I held onto the hope that he could at least be with the person he truly desires. I want him to find joy with the one he chooses. But life doesn't always grant us our wishes, does it? This situation is unbearable. I déspise seeing Alexander retreat from life, forcing a smile onto his face. I detést seeing him feign happiness for my sake. I yearn for his genuine happiness, not the facsimile he presents to placate me.

We can't always get what we desire, can we? I lóathe this. I lóathe witnessing Alexander retreat from life, I lóathe seeing him force a smile onto his face, I lóathe seeing him strive to be cheerful because of me. I yearn for him to find happiness within himself, to be content with who he is. 

Do you know what I detést even more? I lóathe watching him prepare to meet this woman who is eager for this marriage to proceed. Over the past week, I've noticed Alex's smile fade, his conversation dwindle, and his laughter become scarce. He was gradually reverting to his old self, and I déspised it. He wasn't entirely distant from me, but I could see him slowly drifting away. I fear I might lóse him. 

I sighed, blinking back the tears welling up in my eyes. Staring at the floor of his walk-in closet, I imagined this woman sharing this space with him. My clothes would no longer occupy this place, and neither would I. We would part ways. Alex would embark on a different journey in life; a journey far removed from me, with her.

"What's so fascinating about the floor, Alice?" His voice pulled me from my reverie. 

I ran my fingers across my face, wiping away any stray tears, and cleared my throat. "Nothing, just lost in thought."

"About?" He probed, shifting his gaze from the mirror to meet mine. His grey eyes, once vibrant, now seemed devoid of life. 

"How much you're going to enjoy this date," I responded, idly toying with the hem of my oversized shirt.

"I've told you before, Alice, and I'll tell you again," he began, running his fingers through his hair. "I'm not going on this date for enjoyment. I'm doing it for you, so please stop saying that."

"Then don't," I retorted, my patience wearing thin. I sighed, moving closer to him. "Just don't do it."

His response was a bark of laughter, his gaze suggesting I'd just told the world's funniest joke. "I shouldn't do it?" Alex echoed, to which I nodded. "So you're suggesting I cancel this date, reject this marriage proposal?"


"And stand by as you dié?" His question hung in the air, heavy with despair. His eyes, once full of life, now mirrored his dejected spirit. "Are you asking me to stand by and watch you díe? Are you asking me to let my father take your lifé? How can you say that, Alice?" 

"Perhaps it's for the best," I replied, wistfully. 

He looked at me, perplexed. "How can you even suggest such a thing? We're talking about your lífe here." 

"Exactly, it's my life," I retorted, my voice tinged with frustration and sorrow. "I don't want you to ruín yours because of me." 

"I'd rúin mine a million times over if it meant saving yours from destrúction!" He shouted, his voice echoing in the room and making me flinch. 


"I'm not listening to you anymore," he declared, turning his back to me and facing the mirror. 

"Can I come with you?" I asked, biting the inside of my lip nervously. "I'll just be like a normal person who came to have some food." 

He spun around to face me, his eyes blazing with anger. "You are not allowed to do that, Alice. It's too rísky and I don't want to see you there, understood?" 

I nodded slowly, reluctantly accepting his words.

"Words, Alice," he said. 

"Yes, I won't be there," I lied, meeting his gaze that simmered with anger. "Enjoy your evening." 

"No evening is complete without you, Minx," he murmured, drawing me into an embrace. "Don't stay up." 

"What if I want to?" I challenged. 

"Please, don't," he pleaded, his eyes locked onto mine before he gently kissed my forehead. "Good night." 

With that, he exited the walk-in closet, leaving me alone to stew in my thoughts about his rendezvous with that bítch. Perhaps I should stop referring to her in such a derogatory manner. 

After all, who could resist the allure of Alexander Romano? Who would decline the opportunity to be his wife? I'll answer that myself - no one. No woman in her right mind would refuse a marriage proposal from Alexander Romano.

Defying Alexander's wishes, I decided to shadow them tonight. I hastily dressed in a simple outfit that would allow me to make a quick escape if necessary - high-waisted jeans, a red singlet, and a denim jacket thrown over it. Having a good rapport with the guards proves beneficial at times like these. I told them I wanted to take a stroll outside for a while. 

I had expressed a desire to take a brief walk outside, and they had permitted me to do so. 

Unbeknownst to them, I had a hidden agenda: to tail their boss. I hailed a taxi and directed it towards the restaurant, a journey that took approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes. 

The restaurant was upscale, and the thought of another woman enjoying this luxury with my Alex filled me with rage. I observed them from a distance as they engaged in a lively conversation in Italian, a language I couldn't comprehend. 

My anger escalated as I noticed the woman, dressed to the nines and perfectly made up as if she was attempting to sedúce him. And who could blame her? He was Alexander Romano. 

His name alone exuded authority, and his handsome features were enough to make any woman swoon. 

As the minutes ticked by, each feeling like an eternity, I couldn't catch a single word of their conversation. Suddenly, he rose from his seat. A wave of panic washed over me, threaténing to engulf me completely. If he spotted me here, it would unleash a storm. He would be livid, and I dreàded that more than anything. 

To put it more accurately, the prospect of his anger terrified me.

I was paràlyzed by his madnéss. To ensure my saféty, I swiftly rose to my feet, bolting away before he could even turn around. I sprinted as fast as my legs would allow, attempting to exit the restaurant with minimal attention drawn to myself. I didn't want onlookers to perceive me as insane, nor did I want Alexander to catch up to me. But, as fate would have it, he did. I felt his firm grip on my forearm - his powerful, unyielding hold. 

A mantra repeated in my mind as I reluctantly turned to face him. I flashed him the most radiant smile I could muster in such a short time, but he was unimpressed. It had been a while since I had seen that icy expression on his face, and as I mentioned before, it terrified me. 

Yes, he had been distant, but he hadn't worn that frosty gaze since we became friends. The man clutching my arm now could drówn a fish with his intensity. He also had the power to make me feel like a princess and a slàve simultaneously. That's how perilous he is, in case you need reminding. 

"Alice, why are you here?" He questioned, his captivating gray eyes simmering with rage.

He was visibly furíous, his eyes blazing and his grip on my forearm unyielding. He didn't need to be. After all, I wasn't the one who ruined his date, was I? All I did was follow him, despite his explicit instructions not to. 

"I asked a question, Alice, and I need an answer," he demanded, his voice grating against my nerves. 


The venom with which he said my name ignited a flurry of féar within me. I attempted to respond, to say something, anything, but he pulled me further away from the onlookers and towards the parking lot. I followed him, willingly. 

I use the term "willingly" loosely, trying to convince myself that I could break free from his grasp, an unlikely feat given his evident strength and capability.

Alexander halted next to a black SUV, releasing my hand to bark an order. "Get in." 

I pursed my lips defiantly, maintaining eye contact with his intimidating gaze. I may have been afràid of him and terrifiéd of the potential consequences of my obstinacy, but where's the fun in not being a little rebéllious?

Nothing, right? 

I decided in that moment to stand my ground, refusing his command. What more could I lose, having already lost him? 

"No, I'm not your dóg," I retorted, crossing my arms. "Ask nicely." 

His glare intensified, as if drilling invisible, frosty holes into my skull, his teeth gritted in frustration. 

"Alice, get in the dàmn car!" he snapped. 

I swallowed hard, contemplating a way to make my ears heed his words, but my mouth had other plans. 

"I said no. At least say please." Alexander pinned me against his black SUV, his gaze roaming over me. "Don't push me further. Get in the car, or you'll be the one begging," he threàtened. 

My brain and mouth seemed to be at odds, always failing me when I needed them most. I wanted to acquiesce to the féar gnawing at my mind, but my mouth was quicker. "I'm not sure what you're implying, but I won't be the one pleading," I retorted. 

His lips, usually so sweet, curved into a menacing smirk.

Oh no, that smirk usually means something bàd. Like bàd bàd - the expression in his eyes screamed so. He looked like he could literally eat me up right here with my back against his car in this dark parking lot. When I say “eat” I don't mean sexuàlly, I mean like vampire eat. 

His hand slowly attacked my jeans button and it quickly stole my breaths. 

I stared at him in the eyes, unable to do anything with my two hands held captive with his other hand, my heart ran hundred miles per second as I watched lust overshadowed his anger. 

"Alex... We are outside." I stuttered out a reasonable sentence which he turned deaf ears to me.

His fingers worked their way to my panties, making their way into my pussy by shifting the flimsy garment out of their way. 

"Ah..." A gasp escapes my parted lips as he slid his finger on my sweet spot. He toyed with my clít like an expert he is. "Xander..."

"You know I haté it when someone defíle me, why did you defíle me?" He asked, running and rubbing his skilled fingers in my love button. 

"I... I'm... I'm sorry." Tears perforated my eyes as I fought to resist it - resist the irresistible feeling that was overcoming me. 

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Alice," He remarked, running his fingers in and on my pússy. "It doesn't." 

I gave into the feeling, breathing breathlessly. I thought he was going to keep up his speed and give me a relief but as soon as I feel my relief, he stops. 

The tears fell from my eyes freely from deprivation of pleasure which I definitely deserve. 

"What's the magic word, kitten?" His voice alters every nerves in me and I shiver. 

Not because of the weather but because of how much effect he has on me. 

Brushing his lips on mine, taking the breaths I was finally getting back. " Just say the word and I'll give you what you want. " 

I stared at his lips that I hunger for then his eyes who hungers for me, exhaling. I accepted defeat as I said. "Please." 

"Good girl,"  He stated with a smirk plastered on his lips. "Too bad, I don't feel like giving you what you want anymore." 

He released my hands and I glared at him, resisting the urge to scratch his handsome face with my nails. No matter how intensely I glared or frowned, he simply smiled back. This infuriated me beyond words. 

"I hate you," I declared.

"Your eyes tell a different story," he retorted, moving to the driver's side. "Get in the car." 

I buttoned up my trousers, rolling my eyes in annoyance and ruffling my hair with my fingers as I muttered, "Jérk." 

Once inside the car, I fastened my seatbelt and stared out the window. After a few minutes of silence, I finally spoke. "Just so you know," I began, "you're a colossal jérk."

"I'm not," he countered. "You should learn to listen better. I have no patience for people who don't, and you know that."

"Are you saying you despisé me?" I snapped.

"Not yet, but I assure you, it's only a matter of time," he retorted, squinting his eyes together.

"Well, I hate you," I reiterated.

"Don't say that again!" he yelled, swerving the car abruptly.

"Are you insàne?" I retorted, my voice echoing in the stillness. "Are you deliberately trying to get us killéd?"

"Perhaps that would finally silence your incessant chatter," he shot back, his tone laced with bitterness.

"Oh, because you're incapable of doing so," I retorted, knowing full well that it was a blatant lie. But I needed a retort, and I could see it had hit a nerve. 

He abruptly stopped, cradling my jaw as he leaned in closer. "I have plenty of ways to silence you, many of which involve your demíse. Be careful with your words, Princess," he warned. 

His words should have instilled féar in me, but they didn't. I was a térrible person and an even wórse friend. I knew he had no desire to attend this ridiculous dinner date in the first place. I knew he was doing it for my sake, yet I continued to argue with him. He looked even more exhausted than before we had arrived at the restaurant for the date. And he had every reason to be. He had skipped breakfast and lunch, barely touched his dinner at the restaurant, and overworked himself at his job before enduring this pointless dinner date with that bítch of a woman.

Now, guilt washed over me. I should have listened to him and allowed him to enjoy his date. He deserved it. 

He doesn't even care for her, and I should have trusted him; he isn't even mine. 

"I'm sorry," I whimpered, my voice barely a whisper. "I'm so sorry, Alex."

"Kitten, don't cry," he said, gently brushing the back of his hand against my cheek. "You're only making yourself more beautiful."

I unbuckled my seatbelt and threw myself into his arms, hugging him tightly. He sighed softly, inhaling my scent. "I was so foólish, I shouldn't have followed you," I confessed, my tears soaking his shirt.

"Shh, Princess," he gently shushed me, his fingers threading through my hair. "It's okay, don't cry."

I lifted my head from his chest, my eyes meeting his, my sobs reduced to hiccups. "I should have listened to you."

"Yeah, but that's not your style, Sweetheart," he smiled, wiping my tears away with his thumb. "If you had, you wouldn't be here.

"I hate it when we fight," I murmured, my wide, doe-like eyes staring directly into his weary ones. "Should I drive?"

He responded by pressing his lips to mine, catching me by surprise. Kissing Alexander is never a repetitive experience; each time brings unique emotions and styles. He kissed me as if his life hinged on it, his tongue boldly seeking entry into my mouth before I could even grant him permission. He then pulled back, gently tucking my hair behind my ears. 

"Is that a yes or a no?" 

"A definite no," he responded, lightly kissing my forehead. "Now, place your lovely áss in the seat." 

I teased him, biting my lip. "What if I prefer to sit on you?" 

"Do you want me to drive or have séx with you?" 

"Who says you can't multitask?" I retorted, smirking. 

His gaze fell on my lips, his thumb tracing my bottom lip tenderly. I playfully bit his thumb, eliciting a smile from him. "You're quite the mischievous one." 

"I learned from the best," I replied, leaning in to give him a quick kiss before settling into my seat. He chuckled as he started the car. 

"Well, I'm pleased to know I'm an effective teacher."


After we returned home, I protested against Alexander continuing his work, but he paid no heed and sequestered himself in his office. 

Reluctantly, I left him to his tasks and retreated to my room to shower and, hopefully, sleep. Now, I'm sprawled out in bed, struggling to drift off. The mattress shifts under his weight as he slides in behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and drawing me close. "I thought you were working," I mumble, turning to face him. 

He opens his weary, tired eyes. "Not anymore." 

"How was your date?" I tease, and he rolls his eyes in response. 

"You should know, you were there." 

After a few minutes of comfortable silence and mutual gazing, I toy with his hair and suggest, "I think you should eat something." 

"I'm fine," he mutters, closing his eyes. 

"But you didn't..." My words are cut off as his lips meet mine, effectively silencing me. 

"Xander, that's not fair," I protest. 

"The world is not fair," he retorts, pulling me even closer, inhaling my scent. "I just want to sleep."

"But you can't sleep on an empty stomach," I admonished. 

He winced at my tone, rising from the bed with a loud hiss. "I'm going to another room," he declared. 

I sprang to my feet, blocking his path even though I knew he could easily toss me aside. "I am sorry, please don't leave," I pleaded. 

He held my gaze for a moment before releasing a deep sigh. "You promise we'll sleep?" he asked.

"Promise," I assured him, extending my pinky. "I pinky promise."

He drew me into his arms, inhaling deeply as if trying to memorize my scent. "I wish I could hold you like this forever," he murmured. 

It was a habit he'd developed recently, this act of smelling me. Was it strange?

Pulling back from our embrace, he gently removed the scrunchie from my hair. "I wasn't thrilled with your actions today, Alice," he confessed.

"I could say the same about you, but alright," I retorted, earning his signature laugh that always set my heart aflutter.

"That was your punishmeñt, darling," he explained. 

"Could you refrain from punishing me in that manner in the future?" I asked.

"No, kitten," he responded, shaking his head. "If you disrespect me, I will discipline you."

"But I'm well-behaved, aren't I?" I countered. 

He scoffed, his laughter filling the room."Let's rest, princess," he suggested, guiding me back towards the bed.

I can never predict the endearing nickname he will call me at any given moment. They range from Kitten to Sweetheart, from Princess to Minx, and each one is a delightful surprise that I cherish. 

"Yes, of course, Mr. Romano," I responded, settling onto the bed. "Good night." 

He joined me, pulling me closer to his warmth. Alexander tenderly kissed my hair, his eyes closing in contentment. "Sweet dreams, love." 

Love? That's a first. He didn't just refer to me as love, did he? 

My heart is pounding in my chest at the thought. I must calm down, or he'll discover my secret - that I'm hopelessly in love with him.

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