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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 41




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 41

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alice's POV

It's been over two weeks since Alex shared with me the details of his father's last call. Everything was supposed to be fine. Alex and I were living in the moment, laughing, painting, cooking noodles, and sharing fruits and sweets. Life was blissful without any interference from Aidan Romano. To be honest, I was terrified. Who wouldn't be? 

I had an ex-mafía boss who wanted me déad, feàring I might "rúin" his son's life. Yet, it seemed more like his son was the one disrúpting mine. 

I knew from the beginning that Alexander and I were an absolute mismatch, but a defiant part of me wanted to prove otherwise. And it did, it irrevocably proved me wrong. 

Alexander's name is now etched onto my heart, and I don't know how to erase it. I don't want to exist in this underworld, a realm filled with críme, shoótings, deàth, drúg traffickíng, and humán traffickíng. This life isn't for me. I yearn for a normal existence, a peaceful life by the beach with my family. Life; this one word holds more power than one might think. 

One evening, I found myself in a dàrk alley, on the verge of being robbéd, possibly wórse, like, rapé, by two menacing figures. Suddenly, a man appeared from the shadows, his intervention saving me from a grim fate. His name was Alexander, and from that moment, I was entranced. It was akin to a child spotting a really cool toy in a store, pleading with their parents to get it. I yearned for Alexander, every action of his stoking the flames of my desire. I had to know him, to experience the sensation of his lips against mine, to bask in the unparalleled pleasure he could provide. 

Some might call it greéd, but I simply knew it as longing, but it wasn't just a physical attraction. I wanted Alexander in my life. I yearned to spend my days with him, to listen to his stories, to hear his laughter, to witness his smile. I longed to feel the comfort of his arms, to kiss his sweet lips - I craved all of this, even though I knew I shouldn't. I recognized from the start that this was a dangeróus path, but I couldn't resist. Now, I find myself battling the burgeoning feelings for Alexander. 

Eliminàting it was the only choice. Alexander loves me, but not in the way I yearn for. I am his friend, and that's all I should be. Why would I long for something that can never be? 

I crossed my legs, immersing myself in my sketch. It depicted a girl with a shattered heart, shedding tears. I sought to keep myself occupied since Alex had left without disclosing his destination. 

As if on cue, Alexander burst through the living room doors, halting abruptly when he saw me. He appeared stressed, exhausted, frail, and as if he had been crying. Fear surged within me as I rose, my sketchbook falling haphazardly to the floor. I needed to know what was troubling him. 

"What happened?" I asked. 

"Nothing," he responded, his voice chilling me to the bone. 

It was reminiscent of the old Alex. The Alex who had once threaténed to eñd my life, the Alex who had given me a glimpse of how he would do it, the Alex who had nearly stràngled me to déath.

"Alex," I call out, advancing towards him. He retreats a step, his grey eyes, now tinged with red, stare into mine, reflecting nothing but emptiness. 

"I don't want to talk right now, Alice," he asserts. 

I disregard his reluctance, completing my approach. "Tell me," I urge, "what's wrong? What happened?"

As I reached out to intertwine our fingers, he abruptly withdrew his hand. "Can't you fúcking understand a god-damnéd sentence?! I don't want to talk to you, Alice so leave me alone!" 

His harsh words reverberated in my mind, threatening to bring tears to my eyes. Yet, I chose to disregard his outburst, drawing him into a comforting embrace instead. He let out a heavy sigh almost instantly. "I am sorry, darling," he murmured, cradling my face gently. "I'm truly sorry for raising my voice at you." I studied his features. He appeared worn out, his hair more disheveled than usual. I attempted to hold his hand again, but he winced, pulling it back slightly. Glancing down, I noticed the blood stains marring his knuckles.

"Where were you this morning, Alexander?" I questioned, my tone stern and resolute. "What happened to your hands?" 

"I'm getting married," he declared. 

What? Is he joking? 

"Alexander, I'm deadly serious, so cut the jokes and tell me. What happened to your knuckles?" 

"I'm getting married," he repeated, this time with a chuckle. But soon, his laughter gave way to tears, reflecting in his shattered gaze. "My father insists on my marriage, or he will kíll you."

"What?!" I retorted sharply. 

"How could you? You went to him without informing me!"

"How could I?" He echoed, his laughter bitter. "You expected me to inform you that I was going to visit my father, a man who could énd your life with a single bullet and is plotting to do so? Is that what you wanted me to say?" His words tumbled out in a rush, his rising anger evident. He ran his hand through his hair, exhaling deeply."You mean nothing to me, absolutely nothing. I'll arrange for your tickets out of the country. My father won't pursue you." 

I chose to ignore the sharp sting in my heart at his final words. I pushed aside the pain of hearing him say that.

"Fine," I murmured, nodding. The tears rolling down my cheeks only intensified the ache in my heart. "I wish you a happy married life." 

As I turned to leave, he pulled me back, drawing me into another embrace. This time, my back was against his chest, his hands resting on my waist as they always did.

"I'm such a fool, an absolute fool," he whispered into my ear. "My father invited me home, and there, I was informed that I had to marry someone to ensure your safety. I agreed." 

What?! Why?! 

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