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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 28




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 28

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alice's POV 

Two months later, I was still residing in Alex's house. It had been two months since a handsome stranger rescued me from a robbéry in an alley, and now he had become more than just a stranger - he was my friend, a handsome one at that. 

Throughout these past months, I had witnessed Alex in various states - his lowest, his highest, his happiest, and even his cutest, although he disliked being called cute. 

Unexpectedly, Alex and I had formed a deep connection that surpassed my initial expectations. He had shed his protective walls and allowed me to know almost every aspect of his life. 

Living in Alex's house was enjoyable, except for one thing. Ever since that first night when I witnessed his migraine, do you recall what happened before that? The moment when he pinned me against the wall, leaving me breathless? 

Well, it didn't end there; it only intensified. Alexander had made it his mission to consistently leave me breathless. We could be laughing one moment, and the next, I found myself under him gasping for air. 

I watched him, waiting for him to fulfill my long-standing desire, something I had wanted since day one. But he never did. Each time he left me breathless, he would flash that innocent little boyish smile, though he was far from innocent. 

It frustrated me to no end; I wanted to wipe that smile off his face, but I struggled to control my own breathing. 

Despite this, he was an amazing friend. He always surprised me with thoughtful gifts for my painting and drawing endeavors. 

When Blair informed me that some delivery men had arrived with Alex, I was curious to see what he had brought. I never expected it to be for me. 

Overwhelmed with joy, I couldn't help but jump on him, embracing him tightly. 

Do you remember the empty building on the rooftop? He offered it to me as my studio, and I gladly accepted. After all, I spend most of my time there when Alex is at work or with his clan. Sometimes, we even spend our weekends there. The first painting I created in that studio was of him, enjoying an ice cream. 

The painting currently hangs on the wall of his room, which has now become partly mine as well. 

We both share his bed to ensure he doesn't have nightmares, but nothing more than sleep and conversation happens there, unfortunately. 

I haven't even had the chance to experience the taste of his lips. 

Setting the paintbrush down on the stool, I examine the painting I just finished and shake my head. 

It depicts a girl and two boys walking on the beach, but it's not one of my best works. I'm not proud of it, so I'll have to start over. There's something missing, but I can't quite put my finger on it. 

My throat feels dry, so I decide to grab some water before continuing with any other drawings. I untie my apron and leave it on the nearby table as I exit the studio.

As I approached the living room, I could hear an unfamiliar voice engaged in conversation with Blair. I paused in my tracks upon seeing the source of the voice. 

With their black hair, black eyes, and a penchant for conversation, I wondered if it was Madison, Alex's older sister. 

However, her reaction upon noticing me was far from welcoming. 

She looked me with disdain, as if I were a burden or an annoyance. It was clear that she harbored animósity towards me. 

"When did Alexander start allowing his whoré stay in his house when he isn't home?" she asked Blair, who held a luggage, her gaze icy and fixed upon me.

I was wearing jeans shorts and a crop top, which was not revealing at all. I couldn't understand why she would think I looked like a slút. In fact, I looked more like a homeless person with my hair in a messy bun and a little paint on my top. 

As I tried to introduce myself, she glared at me even more. "Hi, I'm..." I began, but she interrupted me. 

"I don't care what your name is. All I know is that I want you out of my brother's house right now." 

Blair, feeling nervous, cleared her throat and said, "Um, Sir will be upset if she leaves." 

Madison's anger shifted towards poor Blair as she snapped, "What do you mean?" 

Blair and I were actually friends. In fact, I had made friends with everyone working in Alex's house. It was more challenging to befriend the guards, as they appeared intimidating, solitary, and overly polite. However, I managed to befriend all of them, especially Cosmo, who drives me to Alex's company.

"She is Sir's...," Blair began, but before she could finish her sentence. 

Madison interrupted her. "I know," she said firmly, cutting her off. Her next words caught me off guard. "She is my brother's séx toy." 

I was taken aback by her audacity. 

"Excuse me? What?" I responded, feeling annoyed by her inappropriate comment. "No, Madison," I asserted, making it clear that I was not going to tolerate such language. 

She looked at me, shocked that I knew her name. "I'm not Alex's séx toy. Please mind your language," I stated firmly. 

Madison scoffed, raising her eyebrows in a questioning manner. "Okay, then who are you?" she asked. 

Who am I to Alex? I pondered for a moment. I am his friend, right? We haven't even kissed, let alone engaged in any intimate activities, so I can't be considered his friend with benefits. I settled on the term "friend." 

"Alice," Blair interjected before I could respond, causing Madison to gasp and cover her mouth. "Sir's girlfriend," Blair clarified, asserting our relationship.

Yeah, Blair calls me that. However, I was puzzled as to why Blair would assume I was dating Alexander. 

Suddenly, Madison let out a loud exclamation, clutching her head in her hands. "Oh my God!" she screamed, clearly distressed. "I'm so sorry, Alice. I swear I had no idea you were the girl." 

Confused, I asked, "What do you mean?" 

Madison approached me, taking my hand in hers. "You're not màd at me, right? I'm sincerely sorry," she pleaded, her eyes filled with regret. "I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner. You have reddish-brown hair and green eyes. You're the one my mom won't stop talking about. I'm really sorry for calling you a slút and a whoré." 

Wait, Alex's mom knows about me? Alex told his mom about me? 

A wave of emotions washed over me. What did this mean? Should I feel happy or scared?

"You did what?!" Alex's voice startled all three of us in the room. 

Why was he back so early? 

"Oops, I'm in trouble," she muttered, bracing herself to face her angry younger brother. "Hey, bro. What's up?"

"You'll find out in about five to ten minutes," he replied, his tone sharp. 

I had to bite my lip to stifle my laughter. 

"Do you mean the ceilings or heaven?" his sister quipped.

"Definitely heaven, that's if you get accepted by Jesus," he retorted. 

This time, I couldn't hold back my laughter. The sound of my stifled chuckles caught their attention. 

"Why are you laughing?" Alex asked, folding his arms. 

Does he even realize how handsome he looks doing that?

"Because this is hilarious," I replied, unable to contain my amusement.

"What? It is not. He wants to send me to heaven," Madison counters.

"Why would you call her that? And why are you here? This is an important question," He inquire.

"I had a long flight and didn't feel like going home," she explains, her voice reflecting her exhaustion. "Can't you be a sweet little brother and welcome me?"

"Aww, you're her little brother. That's adorable," I remark, but he responds with a frown. "I'll leave you two to have your conversation."

"You're not going anywhere. Madison, apologize to her," he insists.

"I swear I already did," Madison winces, pouting sadly. "I'm sorry, Alice. Please, Alexander, let me stay. I'm tired."

He tucks his hand in his pocket, sighing. 

"Please, Alex."

"Don't call me Alex," he says, frowning.

"Stop being a big baby and let your big sister stay," I teasingly remarked, intentionally using the term 'big sister' to provóke him. 

Madison and I couldn't help but burst into laughter. 

"That's not funny," he retorted, maintaining a poker face, but we couldn't contain our amusement. "Ask the maid to prepare a room for you," he instructed. 

Madison, placing her hand on my shoulder, asked, "Can Alice stay with me tonight?" 

He responded to her in Italian before making his way up the stairs. 

That is not fair. What did he say?

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