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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 27




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 27

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alexander's POV

Closing the door to my office, I took a deep breath, realizing that teasing Alice had been a terrible mistake. 

How could I have thought I could playfully provoke her without feeling any aroúsal? 

I had initially wanted her to take the initiative and make the first move, but after hearing about those boys she was excited to tell me about, I almost lost control of myself. 

Almost being the keyword. 

I managed to maintain my self-control. However, now I found myself in my office, dealing with the frustrating sensation of unfulfilled desire. I'm having blue bàlls. 

She is to blame for informing me about Christian and the others, whose names I can't recall for obvious reasons. It was frustrating to witness her fawning over television heartthrobs as if she were a teenager. 

Despite my efforts to push aside the memories, I attempted to concentrate on my work. 

However, as the hours passed, a throbbing pain began to build in my head. Fatigue washed over me, causing my vision to blur. The familiar pattern of my recurring migraines was starting once again. This was not a new occurrence; usually, the pain subsides after taking the pills that are kept in my upstairs room.

As I attempted to rise from my seat, a million hammers seemed to collide with my head simultaneously. 

I managed to steal a quick glance at the clock, revealing the time to be 3:45 AM. I remain uncertain of the cause and reason behind this torment, but I am certain of the moment it all began. 

On my thirteenth birthday, under the coercion of my father, I was compelled to take another person's life, and it was from that point forward that the migraines commenced. Initially, I dismissed them as mere headaches, but soon realized their persistent occurrence on a daily basis. 

Struggling, I reached out for the glass of water resting on the desk, only to have it slip from my grasp, shattering upon impact with the floor.

I wish I were that glass. It once served a purpose, but now it is deemed useless and in need of disposal, much like how I feel about myself. 

Just as I was about to lose consciousness, I caught a glimpse of Alice rushing into the room, her face filled with worry. 


Gradually, I opened my eyelids, only to be met with a blinding light that forced me to shut them again. 

When I finally managed to adjust, the first thing I saw was Alice's peaceful sleeping face. She lay beside me on the bed, unaware of my presence. Strands of hair kept falling onto her face as she slept, so I decided to help her. 

Gently, I brushed the strands of hair behind her ear, causing her to stir. Unfortunately, her eyelids closed, preventing me from catching a glimpse of her captivating emerald green eyes.

How can she maintain her beauty even while sleeping? Why do I feel a sense of peace when lying on the same bed as her? 

Surprisingly, my migraine has disappeared without me taking any medication. My head feels significantly better than earlier when it was plagued by a pounding sensation. How is this even possible? I didn't consume any pills. 

As I try to get up from the bed, Alice awakens with a yawn. "Where are you going?" she asks, sitting up. "How is your head?" 

I mimic her actions, also sitting up. "Nowhere. I'm fine," I respond. 

She places her palm on my forehead and nods. "Your temperature is back to normal." 

How should I approach the question? Asking her why she is on my bed doesn't feel appropriate. Perhaps I should be direct and inquire about what she did to alleviate my migraine. How did I end up in my room? Why didn't I consider this initially?

"You fainted," she informed me, rising to her feet. Walking towards the windows, she pulled back the curtains. "Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"No, I'm fine," I replied, my disdain for hospitals evident. I had always despised going there. 

As a child, whenever I got injured, a doctor would come to treat me. Even when I got shot at, a doctor would be there. Recently, I had been visiting the hospital to see my sick father. However, going there for treatment or examination was something I strongly avoided.

"But..." she started to say.

"I am fine, Alice," I interrupted, cutting off her words. "How did I end up here?"

"The guards brought you up," she simply replied. 

"What happened afterwards?"

"The guards informed me that you were experiencing migraines and that the medication should be in the drawer. However, upon checking, I discovered that the container for the migraine medication was empty. In response, I wet your head and helped you get to bed." 

As I got up, I made my way to the drawer, confirming that it was indeed empty. It seems I had unknowingly finished the medication. 

Seeing this, she walked towards the door and said, "Go brush your teeth, I'll bring you some soup." 

"Alright,' I replied. 


Alice and I found ourselves sitting on the sofa next to the windows, where I slowly sipped on the chicken soup she had brought. 

She faced me, observing as I savored each spoonful of the hot soup. "Do you frequently experience migraines?" she asked. 

"Yes," I responded. 

"How did they start?" she inquired further. 

"I'm not sure," I admitted. "But enough about me. I'm feeling better now, thanks to you." Alice hummed in acknowledgment, nodding her head. "Let's shift the focus to you." 

"About me?" she repeated, her curiosity evident. "What else do you want to know about me? Didn't you do a background check on me?"

"I did, but it didn't cover everything," I responded.

"Oh, really? I thought people like you had ways of figuring things out," she mocked, grinning. "I told you about my sisters, so you tell me about yourself. It's only fair."

"Alright," She agreed. "What do you want to know?"

"Everything," I replied eagerly. "Anything," I corrected myself. "What are your parents like?"

"Well, my Dad is the commanding one. He loves me so much, and I love him too. He always wants me to have everything I need in life. My mom is the sweet one; she's incredibly kind. I had a pretty happy family before they passed away."

"What was life like without any siblings?" I asked, genuinely curious.

It was a question I needed to know. Growing up between two sisters was never easy or enjoyable. 

She bursts into laughter and jokingly asks, "Why do you want to know? Are you planning to séll your sisters?" 

I playfully respond, "Maybe." 

Just then, my phone rings on the nightstand, and Alice gets up to answer it before handing it to me. 

"Thanks," I say, wondering why my secretary is calling. 

I hope my father isn't causing any trouble at the company again. Is there anything he can't do? I answer the call, saying, 


"Good morning, Sir. I apologize for calling, but I wanted to inform you that the orders are on their way to your house," my secretary explains. 

Confused, I ask, "What orders?" 

She responds, "The art supplies you asked me to order." 

Oh, I completely forgot about that. Alice will be thrilled when they arrive. 

"Okay," I reply. 

"Alright, Sir. Bye," she says before hanging up. 

I turn to Alice and ask, "On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love painting?" 

She smiles and replies, "A hundred." Curious, she ask, "Why?" 

I simply say, "Just wondering." 

I can't wait to see her surprised and happy face when the art supplies arrive. Maybe she'll even draw me instead of those fúcking sílly boys she has a crush on.

I am not jealous.

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