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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 22




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 22

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alice's POV

Alexander and I sat on the sofa in his office, eating lunch. The meal contained macaroni, diced chicken, and two drumsticks, neatly layered in a flask.

The view I had seen when I entered his office played on a loop in my head. It was... I don't even know how to explain how that scene affected me.

I had been imagining all kinds of obscéne images with Alexander, giving me all sorts of sensúal pleasures, but he was busy with someone else.

To make matters worse, the woman he was with had chased after me. I thought she would pass me, but she grabbed my hand, turning me to face her when I tried to enter the elevator.

"You bítch, don't you know how to knock? Who do you think you are to just come into Alexander's office like that? Úgly rat."

I snatched my hand out of her grip, mirroring her glare. "At least mine can be fixed, but you're brainless. There's nowhere in the world that does a brain transplant, you nincómpoop."

"Miss, Mr. Romano wants you in his office now, please," a man said.

The woman named Suzie stretched her plastic lips into a smile. "Of course, let's go."

"No, not you Suzie," he replied, shaking his head.

Oh, her name is Suzie. It fits her behavior perfectly. Why would Alex even be with her? What does he see in her? Sure, she's curvàceous and all, but she's not beautiful.

Why would he want me in his office? I didn't want to be there. He had just been with someone else in that room.

"I'm not going," I vigorously shook my head, refusing. "Go tell him that."

"No, Ms. I'll lose my job and maybe my lífe if you don't come with me."

Would Alexander really harm someone at his company? Well, there was no need to test it.

"Bítch," Suzie snapped, entering the elevator with disdàin written all over her face.

"Fine, I'll go," I grumbled.

"No, please come with me."

And now, here I was, sitting next to Alexander, eating lunch.

Aside from Suzie, my mind was also on the meaning of the name he saved in his phone. What could it mean? What were the words again?

Twitching my lips, I bit on it trying to recollect the exact words. My mind went to the almost-kiss we had shared.

I had wanted to kiss him badly, but I just couldn't. I had seen him having séx with that woman on his desk, and I didn't want those lips on mine right now.

"What's on your mind?" He asked after sipping his water.

"Why should I answer you when you won't tell me what those words mean? Tell me, Alex, please."

"I don't want to, Kitten."

"Meanie!" I punched him on his shoulder, annoyed.

He chuckled, shaking his head before replying in the same teasing tone, "Childish!"

"I hàte you."

"No, you don't," he said, covering up the flask.

Why was he so confident?

"I do."

He smiled mischievously, staring at me. His eyes moved from my eyes to my lips. Since we were sitting so close, he had easy access to place his hand on my cheek, tracing his thumb on my lower lip.

"Do you hate me?" He inquired, all his attention fixed on my lips. "Answer me, Kitten? Do you?"

"I... I..." I stuttered incoherently, which brought a bigger smirk to his face. "Don't you have things to do? Go work, I'll go home."

"Let's go together."

What? He wanted to go home this early? And with me?


"Hmm." He nodded once. "Just give me one hour, and I'll wrap up what I have to do, then we'll leave."

"Only one hour? Why don't you take the whole day, huh?" My sarcastic side came out boldly.

His laugh filled the room as he went to his seat. I beat him to it and sat in the chair first.

I spun around in the swivel chair. "Yay! I love it."

"Congratulations." He muttered, patting my head in a childlike manner before taking his laptop and heading back to the sofa.

My eyes stayed on him as he sat on the sofa, opening his laptop. Every muscle in his upper body moved under his clothes, and it was torturous.

I was trying my best to stay modest, but it was harder than I originally thought.

Yes, I wanted to see him in action. I wanted to see him work as the CEO he was to satisfy this undying desire in me. But it only seemed to make things worse.

His eyes narrowed, his lips pressed into a thin line, and his fingers moved fast on the laptop keys. My eyes were transfixed on him, unmoving.

There was no doubt that this man was God's favorite. How could someone be so perfect?

I envied the girl who would get to be his wife one day. She would be the luckiest woman in the world, not only marrying America's most eligible bachelor but also a man with a beautiful smile and a wonderful laugh. A man who looked like he could fulfill all her sexúal needs.

But, you know, I was pretty proud of myself. At least, I would get to have him, even if it was for a little while before she did. I would get to have him call me all sorts of nicknames before she did. So, in a way, I was better than her.

"Alex," I called.


"Why do you call me Kitten?"

He stopped tapping the laptop keys and looked at me with surprise in his eyes. My question had been totally random.

"When I first saw you, you were shivering like a cold cat," he replied after hesitating.

"Hmm, alright." I nodded my head, spinning around in his swivel chair. "I love this; this is fun."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," he said as he returned his attention to the laptop.

My gaze shifted to the logo on his other laptop on the desk. I moved it closer to admire it; it was his company logo, simple yet classy.

"Be a good girl and leave that," he said.

I looked at him, but he wasn't looking at me. His eyes were still on his laptop while I internally did a triple backflip. 

Did he just call me a good girl? Oh, Alex, I am a bad girl.

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