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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 5&6




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 5&6

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Zhuri swallowed into nothing as she listened to the guards while they had their dinner. Tonight was actually different because even the piece of rice cake,she didn't get to eat. She was starving and it was as if she could dinner any moment from now. 

She was returned back to the dungeon for a reason she doesn't even know,would she stay here forever? The thought never left her head. 

"I'm hungry" She mumbled,tears falling off her eyes. 

"I'm hungry" She repeated again and touched her tummy. 

Aside hunger,she was smelly dirty and it was becoming irritating even to herself,she haven't even taken her bath for weeks,she's in the same dress,her hair look so bad,her face...her dry pale lips. Her legs are so dry and red,some signs of blood could still be seen on every parts of her body from the stone. 

Her palms where the thorns entered was still painful because there was no treatment done on them. 

"Child" She heard the familiar voice and she quickly looked up to see the Deity. 

"Old one" Zhuri called weakly and the Deity smiled at her. 

A plate of mashed potatoes appeared in front of her and a cup of water,the aroma entered Zhuri's nostril and she looked down then back to the Deity. 

"Eat up,you won't last till day break if you don't" The Deity said and Zhuri sniffs. 

She took the wooden spoon and ate a spoonful,it was so soft and delicious,she could taste the perfect honey mix inside,she looked up to see the Deity again but she was gone. 

"Thank you.....old one" She mumbled and she started eating with so much pace that she almost choked,she drank the water a little and continue eating,she finished up and drank the water,everything. She groaned out and immediately the plates and water cup disappeared. 

"I'm so full" She smiled and stretched her arms.



The guards bowed for Ximena as she entered the building with her maids,she started walking toward the entrance leading to the Emperor's suite,the guards inside kept bowing. 

Ximena turned when she finally got close to the suite. 

"Y'all can stay here" She said. 

"Okay my lady" They said at once and Ximena turned again,her hands holding her long dress carefully as she walked,she opened the door and entered. 

The lounge was empty so she proceeded to the bedroom and there he was,staring outside the window as usual,she always wondered what he always checked while staring at the sky every night,she haven't got any answer yet. 

"Your Majesty" Ximena bowed with a smile behind him. 

Augustus turned and faced her. 

"I didn't call for you Ximena" He said hoskily and Ximena looked up,her eyes met with his and she smiled again. 

That feeling when you're the only one allowed to see his beautiful eyes. 

"You were stressed all day your majesty,I'm here to make you feel good" She said and moved closer. 

"Not tonight,return to your suite" Augustus said but Ximena didn't move,she touched his robe and twitched her lips.

"You might be tired to do what I want,but I will make you feel good and just leave,I promise" She said and the Emperor stared at her blankly. 

Ximena smiled and removed a pin from her hair,she packed her hair up with it and went down,Augustus's eyes followed her as she knelt in front of him. He knew what she was planning in her head, that's just like Ximena,she never takes no for an answer when it comes to satisfying him. Maybe that's the reason why he never let her leave his side. 

Ximena undid his pants and his big plonker came into view,Ximena was careful as she held it in her hand,he felt so big,she just couldn't help but get wet at he sight,she looked up to see the Emperor looking at her,her face turned red and she looked down to get to work. 

She started by taking off her dress,she was taken out of the long big dress which covered her up,she was kneeling naked in front of him. 

She began massaging his díck,slowly and appetizingly,she gave it a gentle kiss on the head and the veiny places. She flicked the frenulum then moved down to the underside with the tip of her tongue. She moved up and down the shaft with a series of light, gentle kisses before licking the rest,getting the texture of the size and scent. 

Emperor Augustus,even in his blank way couldn't ignore that feeling,she could hear his sweet breaths screaming pleasure,that's one of her pride as the mistress,she can satisfy him more than any other woman. 

After minutes of giving the perfect head and blow job,he released into her mouth and she didn't even think twice before digesting everything. She let out a smile and looked up at him. 

"You can leave after getting dressed" Augustus said and made to leave. 

Ximena held his leg and stood up. 

"Your majesty,can't I just sleep here tonight....."

"Go" He cut her off and Ximena kept quiet. 

He always does this,he never allow anyone sleep over in his suite,not even her.

"Then,can I ask for something?" 

The Emperor raised his brows and she started. 

"It's about the slave girl......Would she remain here alone or other kings are allowed to be with her?" She asked,trying to make sure he wasn't planning to make her stay hers forever,she won't watch anyone satisfy him than herself. 

"I won't have anything to do with her if she will be with other kings too" Augustus replied and Ximena bite her lips,that means......Zhuri is only for him. 

"Goodnight.....Your majesty" She muttered and bow. 

Emperor Augustus left her and went into the bathroom. 

Ximena in her painful feeling,dressed up and left the chamber,clenching her fists. 

"That bitch" She mumbled. 



In the middle of the garden was the only plant and tree in there. But it was so dry even with it's countless branches,it was totally dry and it seems like nothing would ever bring it back to life. On top of the dry tree is the moon,a full big moon resting like it was watching the tree getting more dry. 

Emperor Augustus appeared in the middle of the garden,the wind blew his clothes and hair the second he arrived. He walked closer to the tree and sat down under it,he rest his head on it and his eyes went shut,he wasn't sleeping,no that word isn't in his life dictionary....

Does the DEVIL sleep at all? No he doesn't. 

The Moon tree represents his heart,during his whole 500 years of living,this is his tenth reincarnation and also the worst of his life. 

Every reincarnation comes with one responsibility and pains he have to endure until the next one,his tree follow him everywhere but it never changes,not even once. Because he was never happy. 

That's the CURSE placed on him,he will never be happy. 

Five hundred years and he have never smiled,when it happens,then the curse isn't curse again. 

To him,the Deities are nothing anymore,he already became the Devil himself and nothing move him again,he can't even die,he would just continue living,reincarnating even if he dies,He's immortal but that word also sounds like curse itself because he doesn't want to live,not anymore. 

More than four hundred years ago before the curse,he had lived with his brothers in the supernatural word but soon,envy entered. He was more loved than his other two brothers and the Deities would give him more works to do....that was the cause of it all. 

Then the war started....he had no choice,even though he was the youngest,he was granted more power and that was how he ended up killing his two brothers when they faced him that day,as long as he could remember,he didn't even use a quarter of his power that day,maybe he never realized how powerful he had became and.....

He killed them. 

Then came the curse,he couldn't escape it,he wasn't supposed to have blood in his hand as a supernatural being,but he did. 

Draining his happiness isn't the only curse....no matter how long he stay on the face of the earth,he can never produce an offspring. One of the reason why he never tried growing and affection for a woman,what's the importance?? 

As the emperor,he can't even have a heir,so why would he have a queen?? What's the use??

It's even funny how there's a full moon watching over his tree but at the same time the full moon is his weakness. When there's a full moon,that night would be hell for him,but here he doesn't get affected by it. 

One of the reasons why he never allowed Ximena sleep in his room,who knows when the full moon might visit? Then he would definitely become something else,he doesn't want that. 



Zhuri was sitting with her back on the wall,she was in pain,her temperature was so high,she was sweating profusely and at the same time she was feeling cold. The bruises all over her body stings like hell,it was as if she would die. 

Last night it was hunger but this morning,it's more serious. Her sight was becoming blurry.

But it was cut short when suddenly the gate was opened and the brightness hit her face,she could see a lady with some guards coming in. 

What are they going to do to her this time around? She wondered. 

She didn't Finish that thought before falling on the ground. 

"Carry her,hurry" The lady's voice said,that was all Zhuri heard before everything became blank,she lost her consciousness.  



Emperor Augustus listened as each of the ministers dropped their complaints,he was reading the reports in front of him and dropping them one after the other. 

"Minister of defense" The Emperor called when he opened the last report. 

"Your majesty" The minister stepped forward. 

"Go on" The Emperor ordered. 

"Your majesty,the thieves from the East we told you about the last time,they haven't stopped their missions. According to what we heard,they were in the people's houses last night,robbing them of their properties and goods,they entered people's farms to steal their foods" 

"So what are you doing about it? How did they manage to enter through the city gate? Aren't you shameless to bring this matter to me?" Emperor Augustus asked and threw the report away. 

The ministers all bowed at once. 


"If you can't solve little matters like this,why are you all here? Every little thing,you want me to solve,what happened to the securities? How are you attending to those people being robbed? Should I get up and go to their houses?!!" He yelled. 


Emperor Augustus sighed. 

"You are dismissed,all of you" He uttered and stood up,Asher immediately followed him as he went out. 

It took like a minute after he left before the Ministers raised their heads. 

🗣 I told you to try solving this before bringing it to his majesty.

🗣 Making no effort make him angry and you know that.

They continue murmuring among themselves till they all left.



Zhuri was awake,but she didn't open her eyes yet,she felt something soft where she was laying,and the temperature of the room was different. She opened her eyes and it roamed through the room,it's not the dungeon,then...where??

"You're awake" She heard the same voice she heard before closing her eyes back in the dungeon. 

Lady Esme moved closer to her that Zhuri may see her. 

"Who.....are you?" Zhuri asked. 

"Court lady,you can call me Lady Esme" She said and Zhuri said nothing,she was still confused. 

"The Emperor asked you to be released,since your service starts tomorrow" Esme said and Zhuri looked at her. 

"What is that?" She asked. 

"You will be announced publicly tomorrow as the Royal Slave" Esme replied and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"Pub.....publicly?" She questioned. 

"Of course,everyone will be present,from the lowest citizens to the royals,everyone..officially" Esme replied and Zhuri swallowed,she never imagined it's something that big waiting for her. 

Can she really hold in after the great disgrace coming tomorrow?? 

"You should take a long bath first,your dinner is here" Esme said and helped Zhuri out of the bed. 

"How are your wounds?" She asked. 

"Thanks to you,it's fine" Zhuri replied and Esme showed her to the bathroom. 

"Finally" Zhuri muttered,getting into the hot bathtub,she felt so refreshed. But when she remember what was waiting for her the next day,the little happiness flew away from her. 

"You have to do this Zhuri,you can do it" She assured herself and closed her eyes in the tub. 



The field look so green from the beginning till the end,so big,large,wide,in the middle was a tiny part for people who always pass that route to their destination. 

The field is the largest,most of the citizen have their plantations here,Hence,it's so rich in soil and nutrients,the crops and plants are so rich and beautiful in the eyes. 

Soon the thieves showed up,they were five. Smiles on their faces as they approached the field. 

"Whoa,this people must be so stingy to keep all these to themselves" One of them said. 

"I heard that since the present Emperor was crowned,they never experienced drought,even if the nearby Empires are dying of hunger,they always have excess foods to sell out to them" Another one said. 

"Their land must be so blessed,but who cares? Let's get as much as we want,we are going to become rich in no time" 

All of a sudden,a creature appeared in front of them and they stopped at once,the black creature Was backing them so they didn't see his face. 

"Who are you?" They asked in fear. 

He started turning and then faced them completely,his hair covered his face still. 

But his aura was scary,the breath from his body was so dark and they could see it clearly,they swallowed hard and continue shifting back. 

"How dare you steal from my land?" His voice was deep and scary. 

"Who do you think you are? Your land??" The one who asked that question will definitely regret it when he get to hell because he suddenly found himself in the hand of the creature. 

Augustus's eyes turned bright red mixed with golden color and his canine stick out sharply from his mouth,he inserted it deeply into his eyes and he torn his body into two. 

Others screamed out loudly. 

Augustus dropped the pieces of the human body and looked at them,his eyes was bringing out blood,his hair turned white,he looked so scary and he let out a smirk. 

"It's the Devil!!!!!!!!" They screamed out. 


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