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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 37&38




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 37&38

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"He.....left" Zhuri muttered,more tears falling down from her eyes. 

"Zhuri!" Sabrina and Gael rushed to her,they heard her scream earlier. 

"What the heck happened?!" Sabrina's eyes widened and immediately knelt in front of her. 

"Gosh....Gael do something" She said 

Gael bent before Zhuri and looked at her.

"Its going to be painful,but I will be gentle" He said and Zhuri nodded. 

Gently,he pulled out the nail and Zhuri bite her lips hard,more tears falling. 

Sabrina hugged her shortly and wiped her tears. 

"Carry her Gael,let's take her to Esme" She said,telling Gael to turn his back which he did. 

"Get on his back Zhuri,you will be fine" Sabrina said. 

Immediately they left for Esme's room. 

Minutes later..

"My lady?" Alora rushed in with McKenzie. 

Esme was just done dressing her leg. 

"Are you okay my lady?" Alora asked worriedly. 

'My lady?' Sabrina asked in her head but didn't utter a word. 

"I'm fine Alora,you don't have to worry,I'm really fine" Zhuri said 

"You shouldn't really be walking alone at night,just call me anytime" Alora said and Zhuri nodded. 

"She's quite stubborn" McKenzie said and Zhuri chuckled. 

"Oh...Your highness!!" Alora finally noticed Sabrina sitting,McKenzie also gasped. 

They both bowed at once. 

"Oh,you don't have to do that" Sabrina said. 


In the moon garden,Emperor Augustus was standing in front of his tree,the once blooming tree are once again getting dried,they were dropping right in front of him and burning off before touching the ground. 

He let out a satisfied smirk and turned to leave,the deity was right before him. 

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked. 

"Me....Living" The emperor replied bluntly. 

"You left her there in pains! Such heartless act from the line of hatred?" 

"Hatred?" The Emperor asked and started laughing out loudly. 

"Who said I hate her? I'm doing all these because I hate you..so let's say everything happening to her is your fault. You must really think so low of me" He said and turned back to the tree 

"I supposed her tears dried up this tree,now I'm eager to do more,I've not even started......"


"You shouldn't have given an ordinary human power over this tree!!!! It's all your fault and I'm not going to stop!" He growled back at her. 

"If you don't want her to get hurt then make her quit or apologize to me" The emperor said. 


"Of course I said that because you can't repent of whatever you're doing,you treat me like I'm a game to you,but sorry,I'm never going to give in to that fate you talked about,she needs me and I don't even need her,I don't feel things but she might die if I start fully with her so play smarter. BOSS" The emperor smirked. 

"You really think I will be glad that you found a human who would help in blooming this tree,a human?? So you're telling me all those 500 years of punishment have no impact? Then the tree better dry up and burn away" He added before he left. 


"Can I really sleep here?" Zhuri asked,looking around. 

"You're acting like it's your first time here" Sabrina chuckled. 

"It's my first time inside here when it's this late,and now I can sleep over?" Zhuri looked at her. 

"I can't allow you sleep all alone in your room tonight,you're hurt" Sabrina said and Zhuri nodded. 

"So,I was thinking of getting a new dress tomorrow. The stylist will be here tomorrow,you will help me pick" Sabrina said and Zhuri nodded. 

"I will pick one for you too" Sabrina added and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"Huh? Why?" 

"I know you won't wear it now,but someday,you might want to look good for my brother"  Sabrina smirked and Zhuri's eyes fell. 

"What's wrong?" Sabrina shifted closer to her on the bed. 

"It's nothing" Zhuri shook her head. 

"How about having fun tomorrow,you have nothing to do anyway,I'm sure your leg would be better by tomorrow so don't worry" Sabrina said 

"Thank you Sabrina" Zhuri said. 

"She finally called my name" Sabrina fumed and Zhuri laughed. 

"I have some fried chicken brought by Esme earlier,let's eat it and drink some liquor,do you want that?" 

"Yes please,I'm really going to drink" Zhuri responded immediately. 

Sabrina smiled and stood up at once. 

Zhuri's mind went to the emperor and she shook her head. 

'He's doing too well without you,stop thinking' she said in her mind and sighed out. 

"Right,I will just drink to forget about him,at least for tonight" She said. 

"Here!!" Sabrina came in with the fried chickens and liquor. 

They arranged the table and sat down on the floor,Zhuri took one of the chicken laps first and bite. 

"Hmm,delicious" She moaned. 

Sabrina poured her a glass of liquor.

"Thanks" She muttered and drank it at once. 


The emperor have been there for close to an hour working on some reports he couldn't check all day,The guards outside waiting. 

"Your majesty,a maid brought some snacks" Someone announced and the Emperor looked up. 

"Let her in" He muttered and continue what he was doing. 

The door opened and the maid entered,she greeted and dropped the snacks on the table,he didn't take a glance at her till she walked out of the chancery. 

Some minutes later,it was announced again that Ximena was there. 

"Let her in" He groaned. 

Ximena came in and smiled as she bowed. 

"Weldone your majesty" she said and sat down opposite him. 

"Why are you here? I was about returning to the chamber" Emperor Augustus said and Ximena smiled. 

"I was impatient to wait your majesty,I got you a present" She said,grinning as she dropped the box on the table. 

"What is it?" The emperor asked. 

Ximena stood up and opened the box,the white royal attire was sparkling like a snow. 

"Wow" The emperor mumbled. 

"It was made from the best materials your majesty" She said,bringing it out. 

"No,leave it in there. I will check it out later. Thank you Ximena" The emperor said. 

Ximena smiled and closed the box again. 

Emperor Augustus stood up and pulled the snacks to Ximena. 

"You can have this in return" He said.

"I will enjoy it your majesty" She smiled. 

The emperor nodded and they both left the Chancery together. 


Alora jumped out of bed the moment the door opened and Zhuri came in.

"Finally you're here" She said and Zhuri smiled. 

"How long have you been waiting?" She asked. 

"You've been spending too much time with the princess,you don't even have my time anymore" Alora pouted and Zhuri chuckled. 

"It's not that way okay? She keeps imsisting that she's lonely without me" She said 

"What about me? I'm not lonely?" Alora asked. 

"You have McKenzie," Zhuri replied and Alora sighed sadly. 

"Fine,I will make it up to you" Zhuri ruffled her hair. 

"My lady,have you heard the rumor?" Alora asked. 

"What rumor?"

"I heard the woman the emperor would get married to will be here today" Alora said. 

"Huh?" Zhuri asked again. 

"The moon empire might be having their Empress soon" Alora said and Zhuri's heart raced. 

"That's not true,you said it's a rumor" She immediately said. 

"I wish it's not,but I don't know" Alora sighed. 

"But then its been days,you haven't heard from him yet?" 

Zhuri shook her head. 

It's even worse because she haven't even set her eyes on him for about five days now,she only get to have fun with Sabrina,they do things together,the last few days have been fun and also sad,all tovether. 

"That is bad" Alora muttered. 

Zhuri sighed inwardly still wondering if what Alora said is true. 


A palanquin entered the palace and immediately everyone's attention were on it,the rumor already spread so everyone's been anticipation. 

Soon the palanquin stopped and Ryleigh came out,she smiled brightly as the rich Breeze of the palace hit her body. Blowing her long hair all over her face. 

👥 She's so beautiful

👥 Is she really the future empress??

Everyone started bowimg as she walked with the guards behind her. 

She saw Ximena standing with Neriah,she was looking at Ryleigh angrily. 

"Lady Ximena!" Raleigh called and walked over to her. 

"It's so nice to meet you Lady Ximena" She smiled 

Ximena also faked a smile. 

"You're welcome to the palace,I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here" Ximena said. 

"I'm looking forward to that" Ryleigh nodded with a smiley face. 

"My lady,please this way" The guards said,leading her toward the throne room. 

"Oh...okay" Ryleigh smiled at Ximena one last time before following the guards. 

"Seriously,she's so arrogant" Neriah scoffed. 

Ximena fold her fist angrily,she turned toward her suite and stormed away angrily,Neriah ran after her instantly. 


Zhuri was busy working when Alora rushed in,breathing heavily. 

"My lady!" She called and Zhuri turned back. 

"What happened?"

"She's here my lady,the Emperor's woman,she's meeting the emperor in the throne room with the ministers" Alora said. 

Immediately without thinking twice,Zhuri dropped what's in her hand and ran out of the storeroom,she began running toward the throne room. 

Few distance to the throne room,she saw the emperor and then the strange woman walking over to him with smiles on her face. 

"No......no...." Zhuri stuttered,watching them now walking beside each other almost made her heart burst,she didn't even know when the Deity appeared beside her. 

"Zhuri" She called and Zhuri turned. 

"Old one.....he's not going to make her his....right?" She asked. 

"Don't cry" The Deity said,seeing Zhuri's eyes already. 

"You've been crying so much these days,before we started this,I told you I won't force you,I said you have the right to choose if you still want to go on or not,these are just part of the obstacles I talked about. That's why I'm here again,you can choose for yourself again like the beginning. Would you give up........."

"Never!!" Zhuri cried out. 

"I can't.....I've suffered way too much to think of ever giving up old one,I really passed through alot. I know in his eyes,I'm just a slave,but old one,you said it yourself and he's my destiny and I am here for a reason. I'm going to make him mine,I'm really done laying low and thinking low of myself,He's going to be mine,give me another chance old one" Zhuri said. 

The Deity smiled. 

"I'm always here anytime you want me" she said and Zhuri nodded,she watched the Deity vanish and then she wiped her tears. 

She walked away after that,she met Alora on her way. 

"My lady! I was looking for you" Alora said. 

"I'm fine" Zhuri muttered. 


Ryleigh watched from where she was sitting down as the maids put everything in order,her things were arranged neatly. Asher was also in there,leaning on the wall as ordered by the emperor. 

Ryleigh sighed out loudly,since she arrived,it's been one meeting to another. She didn't even spend a single moment with the emperor alone,they haven't even gotten to talk. 

She wanted to spend some time with him alone,that's all she wanted at that moment. 

"My lady,your dinner will be ready soon and we will be back" The maids said and bowed before leaving. 

Ryleigh looked at Asher who haven't moved. 

"Did his majesty asked you to stay with me till this moment?" She asked. 

"Until you tell me to leave,,so please can I go?" Asher asked coldly and Ryleigh raised her brows. 

"You sound rude somehow" She smiled and Asher rolled his eyes. 

Ryleigh stood up and crossed her arms. 

"You must be tired,you've been standing all day.it's all my fault,I'm sorry" She said and Asher's cold eyes warmed. 

She let out her charming smile. 

"So,you can go now. Tell his majesty I appreciate his hospitality,and to you,thank you" She said. 

"Goodnight" Asher bowed and walked out of the suite. 

Ryleigh groaned tiredly and began to undress,after that she went into the bathroom. 


"The emperor said no one should be allowed it" The guard standing by the door told Zhuri. 

"It's very important I see him,please" She pleaded.

"I'm sorry but I love my life,I can't risk it....."

"I will take responsibility" Zhuri cut in. 

"His majesty wouldn't think that way,so please leave" The guard said 

"Let her in" Asher appeared and Zhuri immediately faced her. 

"But commander......"

"I will take responsibility" Asher cut him off. 

"Thank you" Zhuri said to Asher and he nodded. 

The door was opened for her and she immediately went in. 

Emperor Augustus was just leaving the lounge when Zhuri entered,he stopped and his eyes turned cold. 

"My Lord" Zhuri bowed. 

"What are you doing here?" The emperor asked. 


"Get out" He cut her straight up and turned toward the bedroom. 

Zhuri ran to his front and stopped him. 

"I said get lost!!!!" Emperor Augustus growled angrily. 

"If you're too angry with me,if you hate me too much right now that you can't even look at me,If you hate my presence so much then kill me!!" Zhuri shouted back.

The emperor raised his brows. 

"Why aren't you doing anything? I'm asking you to kill me right now" Zhuri said. 

The emperor ignored her and tried passing the other side,Zhuri blocked him again. 

"I'm not done yet......"

The emperor's eyes flashed and he almost grabbed her by the neck but he sighed out and surpressed his anger. 

"You didn't tell me anything,you can't suddenly detest me this much without a reason my Lord,you're never going to make me hate you,because I know that's what you're trying to do,you want me to keep hating you but I can't,even if I want to,I still can't do it"

"So you think coming here will make things different?" He asked. 

"Then tell me what I did wrong,tell me why you're glaring at me with those scary eyes,I'm ready to listen to you,I will never do anything to hurt you and you know that,I don't know what you heard or know,but I've never for once hated you my Lord,never.  I was always happy just by looking at your fine face,I liked you too much that I never got the time to think about how you've punished me and hate you for that......so tell me....why do you hate me this much? Just why?" Zhuri asked with teary eyes. 

The emperor said nothing. 

"I'm ready to do anything,I don't mind giving anything,just to make you look at me with your warm eyes once again,I never wanted to admit it but those moments with you are the best moments of my life,so tell me what to do,I don't want you to hate me anymore" She said,Staring straight into his eyes,hers was dropping tears nonstop. 

It was silent for a while before the emperor spoke up. 

"I don't hate you Zhuri" He groaned 

"You finally called my name again... But then,if you don't hate me,why did you change? Your reactions toward me only scream hatred in my ears,it's traumatizing" Zhuri said. 

"You should leave,Zhuri" The emperor muttered. 

"Why? Your woman will be coming here?" Zhuri asked. 

"That's right" The emperor lied. 

"More reason why I'm going to stay" Zhuri said and he looked at her in shock. 


"Because I'm having you all to myself tonight my lord" Zhuri Said,

"If I can't be the protagonist at this moment,then I will become the Villain who the male protagonist can't do without" She added leaving the Emperor dumbfounded. 


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