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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 35&36




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 35&36

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



The guards opened the door for Ximena and she entered,she walked into the Emperor's bedroom,the Emperor also came out from the dressing room,he was already wearing the sleeping robe.

"You majesty" Ximena bowed. 

"You summoned me" She said with an hint of gladness in her voice. 

"I feel heavy" The emperor muttered. 

Ximena moved closer to him. 

"Are you okay? You don't look like you're pleased" She said and touched his face. 

"I'm angry" The emperor scoffed. 

"That's why I called you" He sighed. 

"How about a drink together your majesty" Ximena suggested and the emperor nodded. 

She made him sit down and she went to get the wine and glasses,she poured for the emperor first and then herself. 

"Go on and drink your majesty,that might make you feel better a little bit" She said. 

The emperor said nothing and drank all before dropping the glass,Ximena also finished hers. 

She haven't dropped her glass when the emperor grabbed her by the dress and pulled her on the bed. 

"Your majesty" Ximena held him tight,smiling at his reaction,he must have missed her a lot. 

He took off her dress himself and it was followed by Ximena's loud moans. 


Zhuri was sitting down alone,her eyes on the ground. Since the emperor had yelled at her,she haven't been able to control the tears falling off her eyes. 

She just couldn't imagine going back to the past,all those angers and hatred he had for she,she don't want to imagine going back to those moments. 

Even though she was confused why the sudden change,what happened? But couldn't find the right answers to them. 

"Zhuri?" She heard someone called her and she raised her head. 

Esme was standing right there looking surprised why she was crying. 

"Are you okay Zhuri?" She asked. 

Zhuri wiped her tears and shook her head. 

"Then get up from there,it's late. Come with me if you feel like talking to anyone" Esme said. 

Zhuri stood up and followed her,they both went to her room. 

"So,what's the problem?" Esme asked after Zhuri sat down while she made to prepare them some tea. 

"I might just......become the hated one again" Zhuri muttered. 

"How?" Esme faced her,holding two small mugs in her hand,she handed one to Zhuri before sitting on the stool in front of her. 

"His majesty.....is mad at me" Zhuri muttered and wiped her tears. 

"You did something?" Esme asked curiously. 

"I would love to know too,I don't want him to hate me again,I don't" Zhuri shook her head. 

Esme stood up to sit beside her,she rubbed her back. 

"He's not going to hate...."

"You should have seen his eyes earlier,the way he was looking at me screams anger and rage,I don't know what happened,I was worried about him......." Zhuri said in tears. 

"Oh Zhuri,you're cute" Esme chuckled and dropped the mug in her hand. 

"The emperor isn't your usual human,you must have noticed" She muttered and Zhuri looked at her. 

"What is he?" She asked. 

"I won't be the one to tell you that you know? So don't worry,I'm sure his majesty have a good reason why he's doing whatever. I mean he's been through alot and If you think melting that frozen heart would take just few months,then....I think you should know now that it's not possible" Esme said. 

"He's really cold" Zhuri mumbled. 

"Why would he call for the mistress" She said in a lower voice. 

"He did what?" Esme asked again.

"Called the mistress over to his chamber,that hurts a lot" Zhuri mumbled. 

Esme couldn't help but to laugh out,Zhuri took her lips in. 

"Zhuri" Esme called and she looked up 

"You felt bad because he called his mistress? Why?" She asked. 

Zhuri shook her head. 

"I don't know" She said. 

Esme sighed. 

"Drink your tea,it's good for your body" She said. 

"Thanks" Zhuri said and gulped down everything. 

She stood up after that. 

"Goodnight Court lady" She bowed and simply went out. 

Esme sighed out. 

"She's really innocent,I wish the emperor understands her pure heart sooner" She muttered. 


Emperor finally walked out of his room after hours of the maids announcing his breakfast arrival. He wasn't expecting to see anyone since he already asked them all to leave but Esme was standing there,the table fully set. 

"Good morning your majesty" She bowed in respect. 

"What are you doing here Esme" The emperor asked and Esme pulled out the seat for him to sit which he did. 

"I wanted to serve you today myself your majesty since Zhuri couldn't come" Esme said. 

The emperor ignored what she said and took the spoon. 

"You can go....."

"No,I want to watch you eat your majesty" Esme said and the emperor looked up. 

"Why?" He asked. 

"You always allow Zhiri stay with you while you eat....."

"Says who?" He dropped his spoon and Esme sighed. 

"You are really angry" She said sadly. 

"You're making me even more angry when you keep mentioning that name" Emperor Augustus snapped. 

"I'm sorry your majesty" Esme bowed. 

"Take the food away,I'm not hungry and you know that" He muttered and stood up. 

"Your majesty,you're back to your old self" Esme said and he looked at her. 

"No,not my old self. My real self" He uttered and Esme gulped. 

"I'm going to spare you because it is you Esme" The emperor muttered. 

The door opened and Asher came in. 

"Your majesty,I'm here to guard you to the Court Room. The meeting was rescheduled like you said" Asher said moved closer to fix his hair more better. 

He didn't allow any of the maids touch her,he insisted on dressing up himself. 

After the emperor and Asher left the chamber,Esme also did. 


Ryleigh entered her parents suite and her maids stopped at the door,she met her father and mother discussing but they stopped the moment she entered. 

"I'm here father,mother" She bowed,smiling beautifully. 

"Take a seat my princess" The father said proudly and Ryleigh sat down 

"Thank you father" She smiled at her mother who returned the same. 

"You've been making me proud for years my daughter,and I know this is a payback for your good manners Ryleigh" Her father said. 

Ryleigh only smiled,she was confused. 

"Here" Her mother handed a letter to her. 

"Read it" 

Raleigh took the letter and immediately unwrapped it,she saw the stamp first and her eyes widened. 

It's definitely from the royal councils,she started reading the letter and a gasp escaped her lips. 

"This is......real?" She asked. 

"Yes my daughter... You have been Recognized to be qualified to the empress of the Moon Empire" Her mother said. 

Ryleigh screamed out. 

"I'm sure you know you have to pass through some phase with the emperor and please him enough to approve you" Her father said. 

"I know father,you can trust me" Ryleigh said,looking so over joyous. 

"According to them,they will be back to take you in five days time,so start getting ready."

"Yes mother!!" She stood up and ran out of the suite. 


Elphaba was just done gathering her herbs together in the garden,she turned to leave but shifted back at once the moment she saw the emperor standing right there,his two hands behind him. 

He let out a scornful smile and looked around. 

"I didn't expect the great dark witch to tremble on seeing me" He said. 

Elphaba said nothing and moved back a little bit again.

"Your majesty" She bowed. 

The emperor vanished from her sight and she immediately looked around to find him. 

"Look up" she heard his voice and she looked up,he was sitting on the tree there,resting his back. 

"Sometimes I always forget I'm the devil and I try so hard to act like the emperor which I hate" He muttered them looked at her. 

"I know everything you've been doing Elphaba,everything. I'm still surprised you don't know" He said. 

"Your majesty,I........"

"Ximena too.....but I'm sure you should know by now that I'm never going to hurt her,but when you press me too much,I might just kill you" The emperor said. 

"Are you sure you're not going to hurt her?" Elphaba summoned the courage to ask. 

"No I won't,nothing you do can work on me Elphaba,so why would I hurt her?" He asked and laughed dryly. 

"But,why not maintain your second chance?? My ears make too much noise anytime she's here with you and it's annoying,that's why I'm here. I'm not here to warn you to stop what you're doing,but try to reduce your voice,it's too loud and ugly to listen to" The emperor said and appeared in front of her again,the wind blew her back and she fell heavily. 

"Oh sorry,I can't control those winds following me,it was fire but I tried so hard to turn it into wind" The emperor smirked before he finally vanished. 

Elphaba swallowed hard and stood up. 

"How did he find out everything? Just.....why do I keep forgetting what he is?" She muttered


Zhuri was walking with Sabrina along the palace field,holding hands. 

"I do much love the breeze" Sabrina said. 

"Me too,I feel so happy walking with you" Zhuri muttered. 

"His majesty haven't called you yet?" Sabrina asked and Zhuri shook her head. 

"I feel like might never call me" Zhuri said. 

"Then....shouldn't you be happy?" Sabrina smiled and Zhuri looked at her. 

"I should?" She asked. 

"Yes...I believe those moments were just forced and not what you want. I understand you might even hate him for everything,and now I think you should be glad" Sabrina said. 

Zhuri thought for a while and bite her lips. 

"Maybe I should" She muttered but she knew she just lied. 

She's far from anything like glad or happy,she's not even close. 

Sabrina suddenly turned to her. 

"I should go,I have a plan with Gael,he must be waiting for me already" She said. 

"Oh,go on. I will also go to my room" Zhuri said. 

Sabrina blew her a kiss before running away. 

Zhuri sighed out loudly and looked up to see the moon and stars shining so brightly up there. 

"Whoa" She smiled and immediately to run to the other side but she stepped on something and she felt hurt. 

She slowly looked up,she just stepped on a giant looking thorn,before she could even think,she could see her own blood on the ground,her foot still where it was. 

"Ahh!!!" Zhuri screamed painfully and fell on the ground,she looked at her leg. 

The thorn.....isn't a thorn...it's a nail. 

She could feel the pain in her head,the nail was still inside and there was no way she would try to remove it herself,never. 

"Someone help!!" She cried out tearfully. 

Emperor Augustus appeared at that moment and instantly their eyes locked. 

Zhuri looked at him with tears in her eyes. 

"My....Lord" She called. 

The emperor looked at her coldly for a second and he turned right in her face,he walked away without looking back. 

"He.....left" Zhuri muttered,more tears falling down from her eyes. 


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