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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 33&34




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 33&34

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"Your majesty,you haven't said a word yet,is anything the problem?" 

"Zhuri" The emperor said with a sigh. 

"Zhuri?" The ministers asked with confusion written all over their faces. 

The Emperor looked at them and then stood up. 

"Let's end it here" He said. 

"Yes your majesty" They bowed and watched him walked out of the courtroom. 

They all exchanged meaningful glances but they didn't utter a word about it as they started going out one after the other. 


Emperor Augustus appeared in the moon garden right in front of the tree and he almost couldn't believe his eyes. 

He can't even count the numbers of flowers on the tree even though it's not full yet but still.

"How...how is this possible?" He stuttered

"Does the Devil get confused also?" The familiar voice asked beside him and he faced the deity who was also staring at the tree. 

"Only when you're behind it" He replied and the Deity smiled. 

"I love how truthful you are" She said. 

"Why would I lie when i've got nothing to fear?" The emperor asked. 

"Are you that curious? The reason behind the sudden blooming?" The deity finally faced him directly. 

The emperor said nothing but their gazes never left each other. 

"It's exactly what you're thinking....." The deity said and the emperor's eyes turned dark.

"What are you talking about?" He asked. 

"I said it's what you're thinking......"

"Don't tell me that!!!" The emperor yelled angrily. 

The deity scoffed and looked away from him. 

"You don't have to be angry....."

"I don't have to be angry? You mean my revolution depends on a mere human?!! Not just human but a damn slave?! What the hell do you take me for?!" He yelled angrily. 

"You're nothing but a devil who Is getting punished for a sin" The deity looked at him. 

"You're a mere devil....mere" She repeated. 

The emperor's eyes turned red and his claws draw out forcefully,his hair turned Grey and the atmosphere changed. 

"Mere?? Are you seriously using that word on me?" He asked. 

The deity smiled and just a look from her made him turn Back to normal. 

"At some point,you need to accept that I created you......."

"I don't care!!! I never asked you to create me!! It's just one of your useless works!!!" Emperor Augustus snapped. 

The deity smiled and a sudden wind blew the emperor from his position,his back hit the tree and he fell on the ground,he spilled out blood. 

The deity appeared in front of him and he chuckled before getting up. 

"See?? Just one of your useless works like I said,you should know by now that I love it so much when you're angry but good for you,you don't even get angry. But if you're so angry...just kill me" He said. 

"You think if I kill you,you're still going to be useful for me?" The deity asked and he scoffed. 

"I will rather perish in hell than be useful for you" He said. 

"I didn't know I created such a stubborn soul out here" The deity sighed. 

"Don't lie,you know I was stubborn,right from the start" The emperor muttered. 

The injuries he sustained from the fall all covered up and he twisted his neck back and fort. 

"But sorry,you made a mistake about the human. Sorry to disappoint you,but I will never give in to whatever you're trying to do,I refuse to depend on a nonsignificant human,I never wanted these damn flowers in the first place!! I prefer them dry and you know that" 

"But unfortunately,I make the rules...not you" The deity said. 

"Damn those silly rules of yours!!" The emperor shouted and turned to the tree,he raised his palms and they brought out fire,he directed it to the tree but the deity made the fire land inside the river surrounding the tree. 

The emperor glared at her. 

"That human is your destiny,she tried so hard softening that heart of yours,how ungrateful can you be?" 

"Ungrateful?" The emperor scoffed. 

"I honestly can't even remember when I ever complained about the dryness......."

"You stupid devil!! You've been depressed all your life!!! You were dying inwardly even tho you're an immortal,you never smiled or showed affection to anyone! But because of her...you're no longer.........."

"I want to remain depressed,I want to keep dying inwardly!!! I don't want to smile or show affection to anyone!!! Why acting like you pity me when everything is because of you?!!! Stop acting this way,you're making me too angry. I can't do anything to you,but your human fate  or whatever you called her might have to suffer a lot" The emperor said coldly. 

"You can't do anything to her" The deity said. 

"Wow,you must be thinking I'm in love with her or I have some kind of affection toward her,but sorry....my heart isn't that easy to get easily. I've hated you for 500 years and I still do,so who the hell is that human? She's just a slave to me and nothing else,a slave I will use until I'm tired of her,even if you're going to bring a human,you should have made her at least someone noble,not a slave. Do you get??" The emperor walked away,leaving the deity. 

She sighed out and turned back to the tree. 

"I knew it will be hard convincing that devil" The second deity appeared. 

"Just shoot the arrow in his heart and make him fall in love with the human" The third deity also appeared. 

"No,I must punish him for all he said. He have to feel love and also the pain,he needs to fall down on his knees and cry " The first deity said. 

"August wouldn't do that,you know how he is. How about just take him away? He's filled with rage right now,That human girl isn't safe right now" The second deity said. 

"I won't let him hurt her" The third deity said. 

"He can't hurt her....he won't have the courage to do so for now" The first deity said. 

"Look at those beautiful flowers" The second deity plucked one. 

"Hey!!" The first deity called and she smiled. 

"He doesn't even want it" The second deity said and attached it to her hair. 

They all vanished at once. 


Sabrina and Zhuri are busy having lunch together while conversing. 

"So you really slept beside my brother all through the night?" Sabrina asked and Zhuri nodded while picking the food with chopstick. 

"You're not really good with chopsticks,why?" Sabrina asked. 

"I always used my hand to eat......" Zhuri already finished before she realized she was supposed to be a noble lady. She bite her lips. 

"Your hands? Why?" Sabrina laughed. 

"I just....love it" Zhuri mumbled. 

"Who the hell love eating with their hands? Just you Zhuri,you're so cute" Sabrina laughed again. 

She took the chopstick from her and gave her spoon instead. 

"Thanks" Zhuri smiled.

"And..if Ximena ever try to bully you again,don't hesitate to tell me,she really has no right to do it,she's just a mistress" Sabrina scoffed. 

"But still....she's his majesty's woman" Zhuri muttered and Sabrina chuckled.

"Why does that sound like jealousy?" She asked. 

Zhuri's eyes widened.

"That's not it! I'm not jealous,I'm just saying" Zhuri denied. 

"Alright,you don't have to explain. Eat more" Sabrina smiled. 


McKenzie was walking beside Alora,they held hands while talking and laughing. 

"I still can't get over Neriah's expression when everything turned around. She never actually saw it coming" McKenzie said and they both laughed. 

"Seriously? Still talking about me?" Neriah stopped in front of them and crossed her arms. 

"Yeah sure because you were funny" Alora said and McKenzie laughed. 

"What exactly is funny?!! Just because every one supported you doesn't stop the fact that you insulted the mistress?!" Neriah yelled. 

"So what are you gonna do? You wanna beat her?" McKenzie asked. 

"I guess the strokes she was gifted turned her sense upside down,she sound crazy doesn't she?" Alpra asked. 

"Whoa,you have such a sharp brain,why do you notice people so fast? Looking at her,she's running mad,let's go" McKenzie grabbed Alora's hand and they walked away,pushing Neriah out of they way. 

"I hate you!!!" Neriah screamed. 

Gael and other guards were watching them from afar but Eden wouldn't look away. 

"Why does she look so sexy even with that sassy attitude?" Eden asked. 

"Hey,don't tell me you like that girl called Alora" about guard asked. 

"She's everything" Eden smiled. 

Gael scoffed. 

"Everything indeed" 

"What,you sound jealous" Hunter grinned. 

"Are you crazy? Do you even know the definition of jealous?" Gael snapped. 

"No,I didn't go to school" Hunter shook his head. 

"Then keep shut and focus on your guarding job before you loose it,that's the end" Gael said and walked away. 

Hunter chuckled. 

"He's the crazy one here" He muttered. 


"Now what do I do?! The bond was created,I've never seen the emperor sleep for so long since I started living in the palace,please help me. What do I do now?" Ximena asked. 

"Don't do anything" Elphaba replied. 

"What do you mean by don't do anything? You said it yourself that the emperor and that slave girl are....I don't even want to imagine" Ximena shook her head. 

"The emperor himself would be the one to reject the fate,He's the best person to do it,so don't do anything and just wait" Elphaba said 

"He's really going to reject?" Ximena asked. 

"I thought he got swayed...but I discovered he wasn't." Elphaba shook her head. 

Ximena gulped. 

"Does that mean,I still have chance to be with him?" She asked. 

"You have a huge chance right now my lady" Elphaba said and Ximena smiled. 


Back in the palace,Asher was walking when suddenly a guard ran over to him. 

"Commander" he called. 

"What's going on?" Asher immediately asked. 

"His majesty....is nowhere in the palace" The guard said and Asher's eyes widened. 

"What?!" He shouted and ran off immediately. 

Zhuri heard that and she blinked. 

"His majesty is not in the palace?" She muttered worriedly and ran toward where Asher passed also. 


Countless dead wild animals are scattered all over the woods,it's the emperor's doings. 

He was sitting on the biggest tree in the woods,his face was covered with the blood of the animals he had torn alive,but still he wasn't satisfied. He was trying so hard to control the rage,he wanted to kill humans but he was trying just too hard to stop himself. 

He was breathing so hardly,it only worsens anytime he remembers everything the deity said. 

His eyes were still hot red,his claws still so long and dripping with blood,and his hair were so white that it would be seen from afar compared to his black outfit. 

"Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!" His deep growls filled the air and the woods started shaking. 

The birds flew from the trees,the animals started running from one part of the woods to another. 

The emperor turned and his eyes caught a pack of wolves running through the woods. 

He vanished from the tree and appeared in their middle. 

They all growled and shifted back at once,within a blink of an eyeball,they were all on the ground,dead.

He was breathing so heavily but still the rage wouldn't let go of him,he was too angry..TOO angry to control himself and the next thing his mind went to was....Zhuri. 

"Zhuri" He muttered. 

But just as he was about leaving,the deity appeared before him and hit his chest with a wooden arrow. 

The emperor's red eyes shone even more brighter,filled with total anger. 

"Don't try to stop me!!!" He growled.

"That's enough" the deity said calmly. 

"You made me this way!!!! It was all your fault!! From the beginning!!" He shouted. 

The deity looked at him. 

"You will regret it" She said. 

"I won't!! You know why? Because I've suffered enough also!! Why now? Why are you bringing a human now? What about all those years I was miserable? You think I will just give in to your faceless fate just like this? You should know me more than anyone else!"

"I already told you your fate,but it's up to you to accept or not..."

"I'm rejecting it,totally. I will never have anything to do with that human" The emperor said. 

"I will give you more time,but you will regret it" The deity said. 

"Why are you worried that I might regret it? You said I'm a mere devil" The emperor said. 

"Isn't it natural to be worried about my creature? Even if you are too dumb to realize I'm doing all these for your sake....."

"Then you should have done it since all those years!!! But after five hundred years? This must be a joke,am I a joke to you? You want me to start smiling now? After five hundred years without one? If it's that easy,why not try it and see If you would let everything go just because of a woman who wasn't there from the start" The emperor said and vanished. 


Zhuri was walking to and fro,she was still waiting for the emperor to get back,the guards are still searching,some already left the palace while some remained. 

"My Lord.. Where are you?" She mumbled and bite her finger. 

The moment she turned again,there...the emperor standing right in front of her. He was now back to normal self,his eyes are back,his claws and hair are normal again but there are still some traces of blood on his face.

"My Lord!!" Zhuri called and ran over to him.

"What happened?! Your face!" She said worriedly and tried touching the blood. 

"Move if you love your life" The emperor muttered and Zhuri's heart skipped a beat. 

"If you love your existence...you better don't ever try to touch me again...do you understand?!" He yelled and Zhuri bowed. 

"Yes my Lord! I'm so sorry!" She apologized. 

"I see you don't really know your place anymore as a slave,who do you think you are to worry about me?! Who!!"

"I'm sorry my lord!" Zhuri said,shaking. 

"Your majesty" Asher ran to the scene. 

The emperor started walking away. 

"Tell Ximena I summon her,right now" He said. 

"Yes your majesty" Asher bowed. 

Zhuri watched the emperor left and she fell on the ground,her body still shaking with fear and then..

Tears poured down her eyes. 


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