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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 31&32




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 31&32

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Ximena was restless,she look so troubled,not after going to the emperor's chamber. She knew the emperor was inside with Zhuri but she couldn't hear a thing. 

Did they get intimate?? That would be bad according to Elphaba. 

"No" Ximena bite her lips and kept on pacing. 

The door opened and Neriah came in,Ximena quickly turned,expecting the next word from her. 

"My lady,Zhuri isn't coming out of the Emperor's chamber" Neriah reported,she has been watching secretly from afar waiting for when Zhuri would come out but nothing like that happened. 

"That witch is more crazier than I thought" Ximena muttered and sat down in front of her dressing table. 

"What should I do now my lady?" Neriah asked and Ximena looked at her. 

"You can go Neriah,I will handle this myself" She muttered. 

"Goodnight my lady" Neriah bowed and walked out of the suite. 

Ximena turned to the mirror,she started wiping the red lipstick on her lips,her hands were shaking while doing that,she was trying to control the anger but she just couldn't. 

"Ahh!!!!!" She screamed and pushed off everything on the table. 

The door opened again and Neriah rushed in. 

"My lady!!" She called. 

"Get out!! I want to be alone!!" Ximena yelled at her.

"My lady please take it easy..."

"I said get out!!" Ximena shouted. 

Neriah immediately ran out just like when coming in. 

"Zhuri.........you're really going to regret this" Ximena said in a threatening voice. 


The room was still hot,the tension was still screaming,the breaths still getting exchanged. 

Even after minutes since the first throat,

The emperor was bent on getting every inch of her,every sweetness of his slave. 

She was tight,wet and sweet. Their sweats get joined in the case. 

"Ooh"  Zhuri moaned,her eyes on widely opened together with her mouth but the word stopped there,she just couldn't continue when the pleasure was too much to handle. 

The emperor grunt,diving deeper inside her with her legs raised in the air,giving him every chance to hit the right spot. 

He held the soft cheeks of her bottom and went in even more deeply,in a faster pace. Probing a fast repetitive rhythm,which made Zhuri scream out right from her throat,he was so big and he was full inside her. Sexing every little mole and hole inside her. 

"My lord!!!" Zhuri screamed,grabbing his shoulder. He was reckless,savage,than how he ever was,shackling his raging lust within. 

Zhuri threw her head to the back,still holding into him tightly. 

The emperor slides inside her twice again in a slow motion before spilling his seeds within her. 

They both exhaled out loudly at the same time before,the emperor's head fell on Zhuri's chest and she gulped,she was breathing heavily to gain her normal sense back,she could feel the sweetness and pains in between her legs,he was just too much on her tonight,she she enjoyed it more than anyone they've ever done. 

After few seconds,the emperor fell right beside her on the bed but his head still on her chest. 

The rain suddenly started falling at that moment,hitting the roof loudly. 

"My lord" Zhuri called. 

"Don't go anywhere" Emperor Augustus said instantly and Zhuri's eyes lit up. 

Does that mean....He's allowing her sleep over in his chamber? On hus bed? Is that it?!! 

"Sleep beside me,throughout the night" The emperor added in a mutter. 

"I will do that my lord" Zhuri said. 

The emperor's brows knitted and in few seconds,his eyes went shut,he slept. 

Zhuri smiled,staring at him being cute in his sleep again. 

She was tempted to stroke his hair and she didn't even try not to,she shoved her fingers into his long thick hair and started stroking. 

"Cute" Zhuri mumbled. 

She continue doing that till her eyes also went closed,falling into a deep sleep. 


"Gosh,when will this stop?" Sabrina groaned as she checked the window again,the rain was still falling endlessly. 

She was there before the rain started and she wasn't even sure anyone knows about her absence in her suite,her maids possibly retired for the night already. 

Her mind went to Gael. 

"That kid is always useless during times like this" She scoffed. 

At that moment,the door opened and someone came in,holding a lamp. 

"Gael?" Sabrina immediately called. 

The person said nothing and continue walking closer to her. 

"Who are you?" Sabrina asked. 

"It's me princess" Asher answered,raising the lamp up so she would see his face. 

"You scared me" Sabrina muttered. 

"I will take you to your room,I came with an umbrella" Asher said. 

"Thank you" Sabrina said and like that they both left the library. 

It was so quiet and awkward,Sabrina decided to start up a conversation. 

"How did you find out I was there?" She questiomed. 

"I was walking at the back of the library when you opened the door and complained about the rain,so I guess you didn't have any umbrella with you" Asher replied and Sabrina smiled. 

"That's so thoughtful of you,thanks" She said. 

"It's nothing" Asher muttered. 

"Still,thank you. I wouldn't have a choice than to enter the rain,but then my cold can be crazy,I might just fall sick,so you saved me" Sabrina said and Came in front when they arrived at her suite. 

"Goodnight" She smiled. 

"Goodnight Princess" Asher bowed. 

"I will prefer Sabrina though" Sabrina muttered and without waiting for his response,she went in and closed the door. 

Asher turned and walked away also. 

Alora was walking along the passageway alone when suddenly someone ran after her. 

"Ahh!!!" She screamed in fear. 

"Hey,I'm not here to bite" Eden said,finally walking beside her. 

"You scared me!" Alora snapped. 

"I'm sorry" Eden smiled. 

She rolled her eyes and continue walking. 


"Nice name" Alora mumbled. 

"Thanks Alora" Eden smiled. 

"How...did you know my name?" She faced him immediately. 

"Everyone knows your name already" Eden said. 

"Everyone? Why?" Alora's eyes widened. 

"Of course,you're popular now. The pretty crazy girl in the palace" Eden smiled and Alora bite her lips. 

"I'm not really that crazy" She sighed. 

"I like crazy girls tho" Eden said and Alora looked at her. 

Gael was hiding behind a pillar behind them,he wanted to go talk to Alora first but Eden was more faster,so he had to hide. 

"He likes Crazy girls? Such a joke" He scoffed and walked away.


Outside the chamber was full,guards,Eunuchs and maids standing. 

It's almost noon and still the emperor wasn't awake,it has never happened throughout his years of reign,it was so weird and worrying. 

Is the emperor really still sleeping by this time of the day. 

Everyone was there waiting for the emperor to approve their entering but nothing like his voice came up,it was all quiet and peaceful inside. 

"Are you really sure his Majesty is inside his chamber? It doesn't seem like it at all" One of the eunuchs faced Asher. 

"I'm very sure,he didn't step out of his chamber last night,it was raining throughout and I was watching closely" Asher answered,but then suddenly wondered if the emperor would sneak out,that's not even thinkable it possible,so what's going on? 

Gael came over and stood beside Asher. 

"Zhuri is not anywhere around either" He whispered to Asher and his eyes gleamed. 

That only means one thing,the emperor is inside with Zhuri. 

"What's going on here?" Ximena appeared with her maids behind her,everyone quickly shifted sideways and bowed. 

"I asked a question" She said. 

"His majesty is still sleeping inside lady Ximena" One of the eunuchs answered. 

"What?!" Ximena frowned. 

She have never heard of that,never. The emperor sleeping till this time? 

"Asher,announce my arrival" She said. 

"Your majesty,Lady Ximena is here!!" He announced as instructed and everyone waited for the emperor's response but it was all the same. 

Ximena scoffed out loudly. 

'Zhuri' she thought. 

Inside the chamber,Zhuri was staring at the emperor's face,she was so nervous and scared at the same time. She could hear everything going on outside but she wouldn't dare try to wake him but when he's not even making any attempt to open his eyes. 

She bite her finger and started praying inwardly,something to wake him up. 

"Why are you disturbing me with your loud thinking?" The emperor asked and opened her eyes. 

"My lord,you're awake,finally" Zhuri muttered. 

"Finally? What do you mean?" The emperor asked and looked around,he could see the reflection of the sun. 

"It's....noon already my Lord" Zhuri mumbled. 

"Noon?!" Emperor Augustus exclaimed and Zhuri nodded. 

"I'm sorry I didn't wake you up" She said. 

Zhuri was apologizing but in the emperor's mind,he was asking questions. 

What's going on? How did he Manage to sleep for so long? The same happens days ago....does that mean...Zhuri is the reason behind his sound sleep?? 

"My lord...."

"You can go Zhuri" He groaned. 

Zhuri bowed and immediately got down from the bed,she put on her uniform in a hurry and went out. 

The moment she opened the chamber main entrance door,everyone was shocked. 

Ximena glared. 

Zhuri ignored the long stares and walked off immediately,making sure her steps were fast enough,she was just too anxious with the way everyone was staring. 

🗣 Isn't that the emperor's slave??

🗣 She was with him all along? 

Ximena walked away and Asher rushed into the chamber,The emperor was just getting ready to enter the bathroom. 

"Your majesty" He bowed. 

The emperor replied with a single nod. 

"Your majesty,the ministers have been waiting for hours in the courtroom,you must have forgotten about the meeting" Asher said. 

"I guess" The emperor replied. 


Zhuri was still walking to her room,but at the same time thinking about what just happened,does this mean that....this never happened before??

She was still thinking when she heard footsteps behind her making her turn. 

"My...lady" Zhuri bowed on seeing Ximena. 

"You spent the night in his Majesty's bed??" She threw the question and Zhuri swallowed. 

How is she supposed to answer that?? She once heard even the mistress never got the chance to sleep through the night. 

"Answer me!!" Ximena shouted. 

"I'm sorry my lady,it was his Majesty who insisted I stayed" Zhuri said in fear. 

"How dare you!!!" Ximena yelled and raised her hand to slap her.

Someone hold her from the back and Zhuri looked up to see Sabrina. 

"What do you think you're doing?" Ximena frowned at Sabrina. 

"I heard the emperor's slave can't be treated just anyhow except him,are you dumb or you just choose to disrespect his Majesty" Sabrina throw her hand away and Ximena gasped. 

"Let's go Zhuri,I missed you yesterday,you're such a bad friend" Sabrina grabbed Zhuri's hand and left with her. 

"Friends?" Ximena scoffed,staring at them. 


The meeting was still ongoing,the ministers have been talking none stop,giving different opinions and suggestions. 

Even though the meeting have been going on for almost two hours,the emperor haven't uttered a word,he seems so lost and worried.

After the ministers were done,one of them direct his question to the emperor but he didn't even hear. 

They all exchanged glances. 

"What's wrong with his Majesty? Did something happened?" 

"I really have no idea,do you think he's sick? He slept way too long" 

"Your majesty" One of them called. 

"Your majesty" They Called again. 

Emperor Augustus looked up. 

"Your majesty,you haven't said a word yet,is anything the problem?" 

"Zhuri" The emperor said out and a sigh. 

"Zhuri?" The ministers asked with confusion written all over their faces. 


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