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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 3&4




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 3&4

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Inside the Royal chamber, Emperor Augustus was getting dressed up by the maids,his face was totally expressionless as they did all that. It's not a new thing anymore, even though nobody would dare look straight at his face,they are used to his cold and dark expressions. 

Talking about his face,if anyone want to stay well and alive,don't try looking at his face directly. The last maid who tried it was killed right on the spot,he didn't make a move to kill her but his red eyes did the job. 

They put on the royal attire on him and his long hair was Royally styled too. After everything,the maids all stepped away from him with their heads bowed. 

"We are all done your royal majesty" They said at the same time. 

"Leave" He said In his deep sweet voice. 

They bowed once again and immediately walked out not wasting a second. 

Almost immediately,Asher walked inside. He's a young man in his twenties,he was wearing his usual black outfit,and his sheathed sword always in his hand,He's the closest guard to him and the only guard who's always allowed into the chamber. 

Lord Augustus was already staring out at the window with his two hands behind him when Asher entered the dressing room,he bowed behind him even though Lord Augustus's face wasn't on him. 

"Your Majesty.....it's time for the meeting,the kings are all waiting in the court room" Asher reported without any mistake. 

Under the Moon Empire are ten kingdoms,each of them have different kings but Emperor Augustus is in the highest rank,that is...He's like the king of the kings under the Empire. 

"Your Majesty......" 

Augustus turned and Asher bowed again. 

"Is everyone ready?" He asked. 

"Yes your majesty" Asher replied and he nodded. 

Asher moved to the side,allowing him to pass before he followed. 

Getting outside the chamber,other guards immediately followed behind,covering up the emperor,it's the royal belief that their ruler must always be guarded even in his own room,numbers of guards follow the Emperor everywhere he goes. 



Zhuri opened her eyes which had dark circle under them,her lips look so pale and dry,she was tired and has no strength left inside her,she feel so weak. It's been about two weeks since she was locked up in the dungeon and the only thing she feed on everyday is a piece of rice cake which were thrown on the floor of the dungeon for her,no water at all. 

She would throw the small rice cake in her mouth and chew that way even with the cracking sounds of sands and stones,even though that one piece doesn't do a thing in her body,not when there's no water ,but still she doesn't have a choice,she was determined to survive,even if it's until she get to know what this body did wrong,why is her soul in another body? What happened to her old body? What's her fate in here??

All these questions she want to ask,then after that she would conclude if she want to go on or just give up on living. 

Her thoughts came to an end when she started hearing some footsteps,she looked up. Since she's been here,nobody have ever came here aside the guards outside the dungeon gate who doesn't really leave their positions unless the maids come with their meals. 

She have been watching for days,those guards get fed three times in a day without a miss but she only get to eat once( at night) with just a piece of rice cake. 

That was when she knew the sin committed by her so called father is something really unforgivable. But at the same time,she was curious who the empire Emperor is. 

Her thought was once again interrupted when she caught a glimpse of a lady approaching the dark dungeon,she could see about five maids behind her and she wondered,who is she?

The Queen?? Would the Queen really come here?? 

As expected,the lady stopped right in front of the gate,her maids already stopped few steps away,the guards also left as If she said something. 

Ximena smiled when she saw Zhuri. 

"Oh poor child" She said with a fake sadness in her voice. 

Ximena is the royal mistress,she's not like the usual one you've heard of. She was announced officially by the Emperor himself as his mistress. 

According to him,he doesn't want a Queen by his sides,and through out his fifteen years of reign till this moment,he has never gotten interested in any of the noble ladies. 

Ximena is like the mini Queen,coz she also have some responsibilities the king left in her charge,everyone respects her a lot. 

Nobody ever disrespect the Emperor's woman no matter how low ranked she is. 

"I know what you're thinking right now....I can feel your pain,it's really hard when your father is the criminal but you as the only daughter is treated this way. Don't hold in too much pain,coz you will be treated more badly than you might be imagining in your head,I will make sure of that" Ximena Said in a serious voice. 

Zhiri didn't utter a statement,and when Ximena was done,she left. 

'What's...going on? Will they kill me?' Zhuri asked herself,hugging her legs to her chest. 

"Old one...please help" She muttered. 

Almost immediately,a figure appeared right in front of her,it's the old lady. 

"Old one!" She screamed but then suddenly look at the gate,wondering what would happen if the guards hear her. 

"They won't hear anything" The old Lady assured and Zhuri immediately shifted closer. 

"What are you?? Who are you? I need an answer for that first" Zhuri said,looking into her eyes. 

She smiled. 

"Humans call me..the DEITY" She said and Zhuri gasped 

"D....De....ity?" She stuttered and the Deity smiled. 

"But....this body....."

"Her name is Zhuri,a noble lady in this empire. Her father committed a crime and killed himself when he was caught,now the daughter have to suffer for his crimes" 

"Then,why am I here? Why? Where's she?" Zhuri rushed her question 

"Unfortunately,she have a very bad heart problem,she died on her way to the palace in the palanquin and I switched your souls,which means...This body belongs to you now,your soul is the one in there" The Deity answered. 

"What about my old body....."

"Your stepmother would find you dead" 

Zhuri gasped tearfully.

"That is your fate,you were supposed to die in few days,like you said,you were feeling weak and you thought you wouldn't make it till the next full moon,you were right,you were supposed to suffer till you die,that is what my sister created you to be" The Deity explained. 

Zhuri was in tears,crying bitterly yet silently.

"Your...Sister??" She managed to ask in her broken voice 

"Three in One.....Deities are mainly three,,different from the mini gods who are created by us...My Sister created you,She's the Creator,I am the second Deity...I am the Preserver" 

"Then.....what about the third?" Zhuri asked curiously 

"Don't think of meeting her child" The Deity replied. 

"I'm still confused,if I was fated to die,why did you save me? Why did you preserve me?? Why am I in this person's body? What am I supposed to do here?" Zhuri asked. 

"Your fate changed....I heard your cries. But because of the way you were created,your new fate can't be gotten easily,you are going to pass through pain,only if you're strong,then you will conquer. You have the right to choose child,would you give up on this journey? Or would you embrace it? It is filled with thorns,Pains and tears,but at the same time you are the only one who can make the tree bloom again,the tree my sister created....I can see it end,a very dark end,but it is so precious...too precious to be ignored" The Deity said. 

"The Dry Tree.....you made mention of it back then...what is it?" Zhuri asked. 

"You will find out soon,but firstly,what is your Decision?" 

"What was the crime committed by her....I mean....her father?" Zhuri asked. 

The Deity sighed out. 

"About two years ago,Parents started wailing in their houses,their female children would suddenly vanish...the journey of no return,it went on and on,The Emperor would have caught him but I didn't let him because there is a reason why everything happens,nothing happens without me knowing. Just few weeks ago....it was found out that those female children were sold into slavery.....By your father" The Deity said and Zhuri screamed out loudly. 

"After selling them,those ladies are harassed,enslaved,turned into s*x slaves and others.....the moment he was caught,he committed suicide,now what's the best way to punish him? Do you think his daughter deserve what is going on now?? Remember those parents who lost their children,both young and old,remember their pains..and answer me" 

Zhuri was in tears as she nods.

"She....deserves it" She mumbled and the Deity nodded. 

"Her fate was to die in the middle of her slavery here in the palace,her fate is similar to yours. But now,things might change...depending on your decision,the father became rich and his daughter was treated like a princess in her own place,she enjoyed what wealth is....with the blood money from her father" 

"I'm not going to give up old one,even though the father sinned,still the daughter did nothing wrong,but she spent the blood money,nevertheless.....This soul belongs to me not her....I have to take a revenge on my Aunt,she treated me like trash, like I wasn't human,I want to pay her back old one,no matter how I try,I can't forget it. Even though those scars are not on my body any longer,I can still feel the stings and pains i pass through everyday. How come I'm still alive even though I'm so hungry here? It's all because I am used to hunger,I know what hunger is,I've been starving my whole life,so I must survive somehow old one,I want to die as a noble woman,not this way"Zhuri said in tears. 

The Deity let out a smile. 

"And your wish shall come true child" She said and like that she vanished. 

At the same minute,the gate of the dungeon was opened and two guards came in to drag her out. 

'Where are they taking me this time?' Zhuri thought. 



The royal ministers were all on their feet standing and waiting for the Emperor and Kings,they've been in the royal court for about an hour,concluding on the right punishment to be serve. Not just to judge but also to please the deceased families.. Of course all those girls,after being used...they would be killed so they never get the chance to escape and expose their evil acts. 

The judgment must be fair enough,even though the daughter wasn't the one who committed the crime,still those young girls didn't do anything wrong either. 

Moments later,The Emperor appeared with the ten kings. 



All the ministers and elders bowed until the Emperor and the kings were seated,under their shield. 

"Your Majesties...we are going to bring in the daughter of the late criminal now" One of the senior ministers announced. 

Immediately Zhuri was brought out,she was made to kneel down far away from where the kings were,she couldn't even see their faces clearly. She was in the middle of the ministers standing on both sides,lining up. 

There was silence until the first king spoke up. 

The kings are named according to the time they were crowned. All the kingdoms under Moon Empire weren't created at once,Hence...they have the first kingdom,second kingdom.......till the tenth kingdom which is also the last. 

"All the ten kings in the Moon Empire already discussed this and we came to a conclusion" He said. 

"Right,I am sure the Emperor's judgment would please and satisfy everyone,at the same time it is a fair one" The Fifth King said. 

There was another silence,everyone expecting the Emperor to speak up,to give the final judgment. 

Zhuri was shaking where she knelt,she would take in any punishment except execution. 

No,she's not ready to die,she don't want to die!! 

'Please' She whispered in her head,her bloody hand shaking,her heart beating fast,she was in fear and agony. 

Then finally the voice of Emperor Augustus was heard. 

"The criminal was supposed to be executed" He said 

Zhuri swallowed. 

"He was supposed to be punished till he face his death,but since he left without a permission from me,my judgment goes thus" Emperor Augustus stopped and there was total silence,even if a needle dropped at that moment,it would be heard.

"His only daughter will become the Royal S+x Slave, she will experience what those daughters of my people experienced,her pains will be double,this will be passed down from my reign down to other Emperors to come,she will be a slave all her life,she will become pain herself,she won't ever know what freedom is until she close her eyes and welcome her death" Emperor Augustus declared. 



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