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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 29&30




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 29&30

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


Alora and Neriah were on their knees when the emperor appeared with Ximena,the maids and guards around immediately bowed and moved away from the scene. 

McKenzie looked at Zhuri who has a worried face on and held her hand. 

"I have a feeling she will be fine" She said and Zhuri sighed. 

"I should have stopped her no matter what" She mumbled and kept her eyes on the emperor who was now standing close to Alora and Neriah 

"What caused such noise in my palace?" He asked,throwing the question at the both of them. 

"Speak up!" Asher shouted when none of them said a word. 

"Your majesty" Alora called and broke info tears. 

Everyone exchanged glances in confusion,Even Neriah was confused,she's the one with countless cuts and wounds on her face as a result of Alora's slaps and hits,but now she's the one crying? 

"I was on my own with Zhuri,we just finished working your majesty,we've been working all day and on our way to find something to eat at least. Then she (Neriah) came to call Zhuri disrespectfully that the mistress called for her. So Zhuri simply told her that she would go to the mistress after eating because we are really hungry your majesty,that was all she said when she(Neriah) slapped her face angrily your majesty" Alora explained in tears,rolling down her red eyes. 

Neriah's eyes widened. 

"That's not true!!!" She yelled. 

"Speak when she's done" The emperor said and Neriah swallowed. 

"After she slapped Zhuri,I couldn't just stand there and watch,Zhuri wasn't ready to fight back so I did. But when I slapped her back,she continue beating me and ended up hitting her face on the wall,I didn't touch her aside the slap I gave her your majesty" Alora sniffed. 

"That girl is a psycho" McKenzie chuckled,Zhuri just couldn't believe her ears. 

"Now you.. Go on" The emperor said to Neriah. 

"Your majesty,she's lying. Everything she said was a lie...she was the one who insulted my lady first,she kept calling Zhuri her lady" Neriah said. 

"Why would I call Zhuri my lady? Everyone here can testify that you slapped Zhuri first,why are you lying?!!" Alora broke into another round of tears. 

Emperor Augustus looked up at the maids.

"Is that true? Did she slapped Zhuri?" He asked. 

"Yes your majesty!!!" The maids all chorused and Neriah gasped. 

"Your majesty,it's not her first time. She always maltreat Zhuri anytime the mistress Calls for her" McKenzie said. 

"I wasn't lying your majesty" Alora muttered. 

Neriah was speechless,she couldn't utter a word. 

The emperor faced Ximena who was boiling in anger. 

"She's your maid" He said. 

"Yes your majesty" Ximena bowed. 

"Declare a punishment for her yourself,touching my property is a sin and you know that" He said. 

"I understand your majesty" Ximena muttered and looked at Neriah,she was already shaking. 

"Wrap her up and beat her ten strokes" Ximena said and Neriah broke into tears. 

"You think that's enough?" The emperor asked and Ximena swallowed. 

"Fifteen strokes" She declared. 

"Yes my lady!!" The guards chorused and dragged Neriah away immediately. 

The emperor left with other guards also. Ximena glared at Zhuri before following the emperor. 

Alora immediately stood up and wiped her tears,she smiled at Zhuri like nothing happened. 

"My lady,are you okay?" She asked. 

Zhuri was dumbfounded as she stared at her. 

Gael chuckled from where he was standing afar. 

"She's....crazy" he said,staring at Alora leaving with Zhuri and McKenzie till they were out of sight. 

"Gosh" He chuckled and shook his head before walking away. 


"My lady,are you mad at me?" Alora asked as they entered,Zhuri haven't said a word to her yet. 

McKenzie giggles and sat down on the bed. 

"Where did you learn how to do such drama? And I'm surprised that everyone supported you,they don't even know you" She said. 

Alora kept looking at Zhuri with sad eyes. 

"My lady......."

"The emperor...knows the truth" She muttered. 

"What?!" Alora and McKenzie gasped. 

"He knows the truth,I could see it in his eyes that he was just pretending,he knows exactly what happened,but I still don't get why he played along" Zhuri sighed and ruffled her hair. 

"Then.....does that mean....He's going to punish you instead?" Kenzie asked. 

Zhuri was quiet. 

"He's....he's.....going to punish you? How??" Alora stuttered. 

"How else do you expect? He's going to be so rough on her if he summon her tonight,there was a day she couldn't walk properly" McKenzie said and Alora's eyes widened. 

"I should go and tell his Majesty the truth then" Alora turned. 

"Do you want her dead? Just don't do anything" McKenzie said and Alora sat down beside Zhuri. 

"I'm sorry my lady,I didn't know......"

"It's okay Alora,don't worry about me" Zhuri muttered. 

"But still....."

"I said I am fine,trust you" Zhuri tapped her shoulder and Alora sighed. 


Ximena entered and Neriah immediately sat up from the bed,she wasn't wearing her blouse yet,there are scars from the lashes on her back. 

"My lady,what are you doing here?" She asked and bowed. 

"What do you mean? I came because I'm worried,are you okay?" Ximena asked. 

"I'm fine my lady,it's not that painful" Neriah mumbled and Ximena sat down.

"Tell me what happened exactly,who's that girl?" She asked. 

"I have no idea my lady,I've never seen her. But she keeps calling Zhuri "My lady" I don't know why,but then....I think she might be Zhuri's maid back home" Neriah said and Ximena frowned. 

"Why would Zhuri's Maid be here in the palace?" 

"I have no idea my lady,I just guessed" Neriah said. 

"Did you slapped Zhuri?" 

"No my lady,I have never touched Zhuri,she lied" Neriah replied and Ximena sighed. 

"Why would his Majesty believe her just like that?? He didn't even doubt her" Ximena muttered. 

"I was confused too,my lady,do you think his Majesty did that on purpose? Because of Zhuri......"

"Stop" Ximena cut her off. 

"Why would he do that? She's just a slave and nothing is going to change that,nothing" Ximena added. 

"I'm just saying my lady,I understand" Neriah mumbled,thinking about Alora again.


Elphaba was walking in her garden where she grow dark medicinal herbs,she had some leaves in her hand newly plucked. She looked up and she gave a strange expression seeing a crescent moon up in the cloud which was beginning to get dark. 

"This..........shouldn't be" She muttered and immediately appeared  in the house,she opened her palm and a letter appeared. 

"Dustin!" She called a servant of hers. 

Dustin entered and bowed. 

"Here,go give this to the mistress right away,make sure you're not seen by anyone while entering the palace" Elphaba said. 

"I understand" Dustin bowed and turned immediately,he vanished as soon as he got out of the room. 

"If she doesn't succeed tonight,it will be dangerous. Really dangerous" Elphaba said,looking outside the room again,the moon was getting brighter as the cloud gets darker. 

"Hurry up mistress" She mumbled. 

"My lady" Neriah entered Ximena's suite and she turned. 

"What is it?" She asked. 

"Someone brought this letter,it's for you" Neriah said,handing the letter to Ximena. 

"From who?" She question. 

"I have no idea my lady,he said it's a secret" Neriah replied and Ximena immediately unwrapped it. 


Ximena's eyes widened after she finished reading. 

"Elphaba" She muttered and closed the letter,she looked at Neriah. 

"His majesty,where is he?" She asked. 

"I have no idea my lady,but Zhuri is not with him,I'm so sure" Neriah said. 

"I have to spend the night with him tonight,no matter what,I have to" Ximena said and stood up. 

"I have to,I will never allow her to take him away,never" She said,pacing around the room.


The emperor stood in front of the tree,looking at it blankly. The flowers are still there,still the same since the last time. 

"You told me you don't want the tree anymore,but you look otherwise" A voice said beside him and he faced the deity. 

"Otherwise? How?" He asked. 

"You want the flowers to bloom more,badly it's not coming out" The deity said and Emperor Augustus scoffed. 

"Do I look worried to you?" He asked.

"No,you're only wondering how and why the ones on the tree happened" The deity replied. 

"Exactly,and I am confused. Why? What happened exactly?" He asked. 

The deity ignored him and walked closer to the tree,he plucked one out of the three flowers. 

"What are you doing!!" The emperor yelled. 

"I see you want it" The deity faced him. 

"Even if I don't!! At least I must have worked really hard to make those ones come out" He said. 

"You think you're the one behind the flowers?" The deity asked. 

"Then who? Is this not...my heart?" The emperor asked and touched his chest. 

"You never for once gave in to that dark heart of yours,what's the difference between then and now?" The deity asked and he scoffed. 

"Am I supposed to know?......"

"Yes you should!! You need to find out why!! Why these flowers suddenly bloomed!! What happened exactly to the dry tree!! And how to make them bloom even more!!......"

"I don't want to!!" The emperor shouted back at her. 

"I don't want to find out any of those you're talking about,just....take me away from here,that is all I want" he said. 

The deity nodded. 

"You might really regret this later August,I will grant your wish like I said,I will be back soon,either morning,noon or night to take you away,like you've been requesting,so make sure you don't regret your request,never" The deity said. 

"The only regret I have until now is........nothing at all" Emperor Augustus mumbled. 

"I've never for once regret my decision,none" He added and left the deity in the garden. 

The deity turned back to the tree and her eyes shone white,she badly wanted to dry the blooming flowers up but she changed her mind. 

"You're working so well Zhuri,be prepared for tonight....I will create the bond and you will feel it,,,you stubborn creature" She said,referring to The emperor. 

She continue staring at the tree before she eventually vanished. 


Zhuri walked with Asher in silence,she was so nervous. Asher noticed her mood and faced her.

"The emperor doesn't seem to be in a bad mood,so don't worry" he said and Zhuri looked at him. 


Asher nodded and Zhuri sighed out. 

"Thank you Asher" She mumbled. 

"It's nothing" Asher smiled. 

Asher stopped in front of the entrance and he opened the door for Zhuri,she entered and he closed the door back.

Zhuri sighed out and walked straight to the emperor's chamber,he was there with a glass of wine in his hand. 

"My lord,I'm here" Zhuri bowed. 

Emperor Augustus dropped the cup and faced her,he said nothing. Just staring at her like he was seeing her soul directly. 

Zhuri swallowed and pressed her fingers anxiously. 

"It's been days" The emperor said and Zhuri looked at him. 

"It's cold tonight" He added and Zhuri said nothing,she was so eager to find out what he was going to say. 

"I want to have a proper intimacy tonight" He added and Zhuri swallowed. 

"I don't want it to be like the one we've always had,I want to have a taste of you tonight....I want to swim deeply inside you,I want all of you tonight,without a remain at all Zhuri" He declared. 

Zhuri moved closer. 

"Your wish is my command my Lord" She said. 

"But I'm afraid I might hurt you....with this crazy crave inside me right now,,it's really too deep and hard,you might get hurt,do you still want to take it?" The emperor asked. 

Zhuri nodded. 

"I don't mind my lord" She muttered. 

"I don't know why I requested for you,I should have called Ximena,she can handle my crazy demons more than anymore,but........."

"I can do more than the mistress,,don't doubt me" Zhuri cut in and the emperor stared at her blankly. 

"Trust me my Lord,I will give my all to satisfy you tonight or any other day,so don't call the mistress when I'm available" She said and moved more closer. 

She began by removing his royal robe,. 

"I wish I can make eye contacts with you my lord...just like the mistress is allowed to,Every time" Zhuri muttered while unbuttoning his robe. 

"I always don't like it when Ximena compare herself to you....so don't do the same" The emperor said. 

"I apologize" Zhuri bowed. 

"Look up" He ordered and Zhuri did,their eyes met and she swallowed. 

"Thank you my lord....you have such beautiful eyes" Zhuri muttered. 

Their eyes remained on each other,Zhuri traveled down to his lips and she gulped. 

'How can he be so attractive and sexy all at the same time?' She questioned herself. 

And finally she took off the robe,

"My lord....please use me anyhow you want,I'm all yours" She muttered and he nodded. 

"I will do that,exactly" He said and removed her uniform with his eyes.. 

"Go lay on the bed,Zhuri" He said and Zhuri didn't waste a second,she walked straight to the bed and lay on her back. 

The emperor made the light in the room turn off,just the little reflection of the moon coming into the room. 

Zhuri watched as he climbed on the bed on top of her,she was already too wet to be nervous anymore,she wanted him also,badly and thoughtlessly. 

Emperor Augustus started from her boobs,her nipples. 

Zhuri let out a sigh,an unchaining wild,delicious feelings. 

"My.....lord" She moaned as he feast on her like a child claiming the warm milk from his mother. 

He was touching her body,every part of her sensitivity,she was moaning at every touch from him. 

It was a complete different feeling,it's the first time she was having such pleasure on his bed,and she doesn't want it to end at all. 

Zhuri opened her eyes to look at him,he was really sucking her wildly like she have some milk in her,she didn't know when she touched his hair. 

He raised his head at that and Zhuri removed her hand. 

Their eyes once again remained in Contact,locked on each other. 

She suddenly felt his fingers slides right inside her and she let out a gasp. 

"Ohh" She swallowed and shut her eyes,but she opened them again. 

He fingered her with just one for just a second before adding another finger. 

"Ohhh!!" Zhuri let out a scream and grabbed the bed spread tightly. 


He was moving so fast that she could hear the creamy sound of her wet honeypot. 

"Ahh!!" She grabbed his shoulder,sinking her fingers into his skin while he dealt with her pussy. 

They suddenly heard a knock on the door. 

"Your majesty!!" Ximena called loudly. 

"Your majesty!!!" She called again but none of them moved. 

The emperor let out a groan as he fúcked Zhuri with his fingers even more faster. 

"My lord don't stop!!!" Zhuri cried out as she came endlessly on his fingers. 

He removed his fingers and she let out a satisfying sigh,she swallowed hard,she was sweating profusely while still holding the bedspread.

"Don't move,I'm just getting started Zhuri" The Emperor uttered. 


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