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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 27&28




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 27&28

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Emperor Augustus opened his eyes slowly,he found himself holding unto something and he was quite confused until he saw the uniform,he released Zhuri's waist and raised his head. 

"Zhuri?" He called in surprise. 

"Oh...My Lord you're awake" Zhuri bowed immediately. 

"Are you okay? Do you feel tired? You suddenly slept off" Zhuri questioned. 

"I slept off? Me??" The emperor asked again. 

"You....just woke up" Zhuri muttered. 

The emperor stood up and Zhuri moved back seeing the look on his Face. 

"You can go Zhuri,I kept you waiting" He said and walked out of the library. 

Zhuri bite her lips. 

'Just like that?' She thought and sighed out. 

She walked out of the library and left the chamber,she walked slowly till she entered her room. 

Back in the Emperor's chamber,he was still confused. He slept,but not just that,he slept so deeply while hugging her tightly in his sleep,how is that even possible? 

As long as he could remember,he never had such a deep short sleep his whole life for years now,and now that it happened....it's because of....

"No,that's not possible" He shook his head. 

Then he thought...was it the cake she gave him?? Even so,it wasn't supposed to work on him right? He was confused. 

He sat down on a seat and a liquor dropped on the table in front of him,he poured for himself and drank it. 

"Why is the sleep not coming again then?" He scoffed and waited another minute but nothing happened. 

Then,what exactly happened? 



The emperor was quiet as usual while the maids get him ready for the day,Asher was standing somewhere in the dressing room and somehow he noticed the emperor's moon was different. 

He left where he stood and walked closer. 

"Y'all can leave" He told the maids and Emperor Augustus looked at him but said nothing. 

The maids bowed and walked away immediately. 

"I will do it your majesty" Asher said and started adjusting his robe properly. 

"Are you feeling sleepy?" The emperor asked and Asher looked up. 

"Sleepy?" He asked again. 

"You don't feel sleepy after eating the cake I gave you?" Emperor Augustus asked and Asher's eyes Widened.

"Was it poisoned?" He asked and touched his tummy.

"I don't need to poison you if I want to kill you Asher,so tell me If you feel sleepy" 

"No your majesty,I feel normal and healthy,but...the cake is so delicious,I want more" Asher muttered and the emperor scoffed. 

"You might be seeking for death if you want more" He said. 

"I'm sorry your majesty" Asher smiled. 

"All done,the ministers are all waiting your majesty,do you want anything else?" Asher asked. 

"No" Emperor Augustus muttered. 

They left the chamber together. 



Zhuri was just waking up,she felt so tired as she yawned like a little child just waking up. 

"I'm so tired" She sighed and fell back on the bed,she was about closing her eyes back when her door suddenly opened and he turned to see the familiar face,but she wasn't really sure. 

"My Lady!!!" Alora screamed and rushed in,before Zhuri could say a word,Alora hugged her tightly and that was when she remembered. 

It was her,the girl who got stabbed the first day she arrived at the palace,in another word,she's this new body's maid,her maid. 

But how come she's alive? 

"My lady,I missed you so much,I'm so happy you're okay,I thought something bad happened to you,i'm so glad my lady,oh my lady,what should I do? You look so tiny,I'm so sad,you must have missed me alot,I'm so sorry I'm late" Alora cried,checking Zhuri's body like her mother. 

Zhuri was speechless,but it was obvious enough that Alora really cares,she really love her a lot. 

"My lady,say something,do you feel sick? Did anyone hurt you?" 

"No,I'm fine. How come you're here? You got hurt that day" Zhuri said. 

"I just woke up last night my lady,I met myself in a strange house in the woods,there was a lady also,I don't think she's human. She changed my dress into this and told me to come to the palace that I won't be questioned. I got here and the court lady accepted me right away without asking me any questions" Alora explained. 

'The Deity' Zhuri said inwardly. 

"My lady,your skin looks somehow,I'm so sad" Alora pouted sadly. 

Zhuri touuched Alora's hand. 

"Listen" She said and Alora nodded. 

"You can't keep on calling me that here...My Lady.....you can't call me that" Zhuri said and Alora shook her head. 

"I will rather die,what do you expect me to call you? Your name? I can't do that" she said. 


"Don't worry about me my lady,I'm not scared of getting punished at all" Alora shook her head. 

"You got hurt because of me that day,I can't allow you.... "

"I can't listen to you my Lady" She said stubbornly and Zhudi sighed out. 

She stood up. 

"I need to take my bath,I should start going to do my works for today,wait here" Zhuri said and entered the bathroom. 

Minutes later,Zhuri left her room with Alora who never stop talking. 

"Hey Zhuri!" McKenzie called,running toward them,Alora immediately covered Zhuri up. 

"Who are you?" She asked McKenzie. 

"She's a friend Alora" Zhuri said. 

"Oh" Alora smiled at McKenzie and moved from her front. 

"You didn't tell me you hired a bodyguard" McKenzie grinned and grabbed Zhuri's hand. 

"She's not a bodyguard....."

"I am" Alora said and McKenzie chuckled. 

"Aren't you the new girl? How come you got close to Zhuri right away?" She asked. 

"She's my lady,I'm here personal maid" Alora replied. 

"Oh" McKenzie nodded. 

"I'm Watering the flowers today......." Alora immediately took the watering can from Zhuri who was confused. 

"You don't have to do anything my lady,you should just stay there and watch" Alora said. 

"What? That's not right,this is my work....."

"My lady don't have to work,I will do everything you're supposed to do and I will do mine also,you need to get the weight you lost back" Alora said and McKenzie chuckled. 

"You should listen to Alora,she will do everything like she said,you're so lucky,now I'm jealous" she said. 

Alora smiled and Zhuri sighed,she wasn't really comfortable with it,what if other maids report her and Alora gets punished??


"No my lady,I will be done soon. Just leave everything to me and rest" Alora cut in and Zhuri couldn't decline again. 



Zhuri was humming a song happily to herself as she set the dinning table for the emperor. 

Last night wouldn't leave her head and she never stop smiling either. 

"I've never seen him eat" Zhuri sighed out after she was done setting the table. 

"He's not back,should I go?" She asked herself and looked around.

But then she remembered Lady Esme's words. 

'Don't leave until he's done eating,his majesty always skip meals like it's a normal thing to do,he never eats his meals'

"But why wouldn't he eat?" Zhuri sighed and stood there,tapping her right leg on the floor continuously until the door suddenly opened and the emperor came in. 

"My Lord" Zhuri immediately bowed. 

Emperor Augustus looked at her and then the table. 

"Your...Lunch...my Lord" Zhuri stammered. 

"Leave it there,I will eat it later" The emperor said and Zhuri shook her head slowly. 

"I'm sorry but....I have to wait and watch you eat before I leave" She said and the emperor raised his brows. 

'Please don't get mad!' Zhuri screamed in her head and closed her eyes. 

Emperor Augustus walked to the table and sat down,Zhuri gave him a spoon and began pulling the plates closer. 

"I'm sure you will love it my Lord,please have a taste" she said. 

The emperor said nothing and tasted the soup first,it was still hot and delicious. 

Zhuri wanted to ask how the taste was but she said nothing. But then when the emperor started eating,even though it was slow,she needed no one to tell her that the food was indeed delicious. 

'Why is he so slow? I guess it's true that he doesn't eat,but why?. How does he survive if he doesn't eat?' She thought,her eyes never leaving him. 

She moved closer and poured him water from the jug. 

"Here my Lord" She said. 

The emperor said nothing and sipped a little from the water.

He was still eating when Ximena came in. 

She frowned as soon as she sighted Zhuri standing. 

"Your majesty" She bowed and faced Zhuri. 

"You can go,I will stay with his majesty from here" Ximena said and Zhuri looked at the emperor as if waiting for his approval. 

"What are you waiting for?" Ximena asked. 

"My Lord haven't......." 

"You can go Zhuri" Emperor Augustus cut Zhuri off and she bite her lips. 

Ximena rolled her eyes at her as Zhuri bowed and left the chamber. 



"I told you to wait in your suite princess,I will get the apples for you. I don't want to be in trouble" Gael said,turning to Sabrina who was following him into the garden. 

"I'm too bored to stay in my suite alone,my new friend must be busy serving his majesty" Sabrina said,holding her long dress up as she followed Gael. 

Gael stopped in front of the tree and faced her. 

"Stay here,don't move" She said. 

"Hmm hmm" Sabrina shook her head stubbornly. 

"Then,what are you planning to do?" Gael asked in confusion. 

"I'm going to pick the apples myself" She smiled. 

"What?!!" Gael screamed out. 

"Just carry me up,I will pick them. It's going to be fun" Sabrina said. 

"How am I supposed to carry you?" Gael asked. 

"On your neck I guess" Sabrina smiled. 

"Oh....my.....neck" Gael stuttered and smiled. 

"What,are you scared of my weight?"  Sabrina asked. 

"Of course not,I'm sure you have no weight to begin with" Gael chuckled and Sabrina slapped his head. 

"Ouch!" He screamed. 

"Are you carrying me or not?!" Sabrina yelled. 

Gael sighed and bent down. 

"Get on" He said. 

Sabrina smiled and moved closer,she gently climbed on his neck and Gael stood up. 

"Is your hand even touching the tree?" He asked. 

"Hey,I'm not that short" Sabrina slapped his head. 

"Okay! Stop hitting me,your hand hurts!" Gael cried. 

"Such a weakling as a bodyguard" Sabrina scoffed. 

"Don't say that,I'm super stronger than you can imagine,you can't even hold a sword" Gael scoffed. 

Sabrina rolled her eyes and started picking the apples which filled up the tree. 

"Isn't that enough? I can come back and pick for you tomorrow again,don't waste food" Gael said. 

"Fine,drop me" 

Gael groaned and dropped her on the ground. 

Sabrina took one of the apples and sat down on a bench. 

"Thanks Gael,even though you're ugly,you're amazing" she said. 

"Ugly you say?" Gael chuckled. 

"Really...you think you're handsome?" Sabrina asked. 

"No" Gael scoffed. 

"Nice" Sabrina smirked. 



Zhuri was walking between McKenzie and Alora,they were on their way to the maids dining hall. 

"I'm so hungry" Kenzie touched her tummy. 

"You're such a foodie,you've been repeating this for hours now" Alora said and Kenzie laughed. 

"You really got me Alora" She said and Zhuri smiled. 

Neriah suddenly walked up to them and stood in front. 

"Hey,My lady called for you" She said to Zhuri. 

"Oh..." Zhuri tried moving but Alora stopped her and pulled her back,she moved closer to Neriah instead. 

"Who do you think you are to call my lady like that?" She asked. 

Zhuri blinked in shock. 

"My lady? Her?" Neriah looked at Zhuri and laughed. 

"The only lady in this palace is the Emperor's woman,lady Ximena,are you dreaming?" Neriah asked. 

"The emperor's woman?" Alora asked and bursts into laughter,she fell on the ground and stood up again. 

"What's funny?" Neriah frowned. 

"Seriously,you think she's the emperor's woman because she's a mistress? You're being delusional right now...."

"Alora" Zhuri tapped her but she ignored it. 

"What do you mean?! Are you looking down on my lady?!!! How dare you!!" Neriah yelled. 

"You looked down on my lady first!!" Alora yelled. 

"Because she's a sex slave!!" Neriah shouted. 

"The mistress is not different from a sex slave either!!" Alora yelled and everyone passing gasped. 

"How dare you!!" Neriah slapped Alora and Alora returned it instantly. 

She pushed Neriah forward.

"Alora please...." 

Alora ignored her and jumped on Neriah's neck,slapping her already red cheeks constantly.

"Hey you witch!!!" Neriah cried. 

"Yes I'm a witch!!!" Alora screamed,pulling Neriah's hair from her scalp. 

Everyone watching in shock. 


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