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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 25&26




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 25&26

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"You said I have to stay with you till sunset" Zhuri told the emperor,ignoring Ximena's rant. 

"So please.......don't go" She added. 

The emperor said nothing,he only stared at Zhuri speechlessly. 

"Can't you understand that I have something important to talk to him about?" Ximena snapped. 

Zhuri released the emperor's cloth and took her lips in. 

Ximena rolled her eyes and walked away with the Emperor. 


Emperor Augustus faced Ximena when they entered his chamber,expecting her to start talking but she said nothing. 

"Ximena" He called and Ximena looked up. 

"You said you have something to tell me" The Emperor said. 

"Your majesty,you're acting really odd,it's strange. Maybe you're not thinking about it,but why would you walk beside an ordinary slave? She was laughing loudly right before you your majesty,you said she would experience pain but you're doing the opposite,you're the one making her happy,you get mad anytime I try to punish her but you're not doing anything either. If this continues,you might be questioned.........."

"Questioned by who?" The Emperor asked with an angry frown. 

"Your majesty,I'm just......"

"I just asked you,who the héll would dare to question me?" He cut her off and Ximena swallowed. 

"I didn't mean to make you angry......"

"You seems to have forgotten something Ximena,I make the rules in this empire,I am the law,I can change it anytime I want and nobody would dare question me,so watch your mouth! Do you understand?!" 

Ximena immediately bowed,clenching her fist. 

"You're restless Ximena,when it comes to Zhuri you sound so restless and I don't understand why. Aren't you okay with your position anymore? You're my mistress and Zhuri is just a slave I hardly interact with,so why are you so restless? Tell me" The emperor said and Ximena looked up. 

"It's because of your eyes your majesty" She mumbled and the emperor raised his brows. 

"My eyes?" He asked again almost confused. 

"Yes your majesty,the way you look at her,you've never for once looked at me that way,you're the one making me restless your majesty" Ximena said. 

"You want me to look at you...to see you like a slave??" The Emperor aside. 

"The way you look at her isn't the way you're supposed to look at a slave,,your eyes shines too brightly when she's close to you,she might not see or notice,but I know you better your majesty,I've spent years with you and you've never showed compassion to any maid,But now a slave? You're the reason why I'm restless" Ximena said and Emperor Augustus scoffed. 

"I don't understand what you're talking about Ximena,those thoughts in your head,bring them down,I don't want to keep getting mad at you for no reason" He said. 

"Then tell me when you're going to get down on me again,you said you will call me when you need me,so you're saying you don't need me anymore? It's been......."

"You should go Ximena" The Emperor mumbled. 

"Your majesty!" Ximena cried out,looking into his eyes. 

"Tell me or I'm going to kill myself right here?!" She screamed. 

"What do you want?" 

"You...nothing else but you,j want you,just you alone" Ximena replied. 

The Emperor said nothing. 

"I know you might be tired,but don't worry,you don't have to do anything" Ximena said and moved closer. She touched the emperor's face lightly and slowly lean in,her eyes on his lips,she have been dying to do this for years but he never for once showed interest so she kept it in. 

"What are you doing?" The Emperor asked. 

"You always reject me when it comes to this your majesty,why?" Ximena asked. 

Emperor Augustus pulled her away a little bit away from his face. 

"Don't cross the line Ximena" He said. 

"Kill me if you think I'm crossing the line then your majesty" Ximena said seriously went for his lips again. 

"Ximena!!" He pushed her off before her lips could touch his own. 

Ximena sniffed in her tears. 

"As long as you're not going to share a kiss with Zhuri,then I will be patient" She muttered. 

"Zhuri?? Ximena,why her name again? You really think I would....."

"Your eyes....I don't want to think you would but I'm scared" Ximena said. 

The emperor was speechless at that moment,he moved away from Ximena's side and faced her again from there. 

"Leave Ximena" He uttered with a cold tone. 

Ximena didn't argue,just the sound of his voice I alone to prove that he was getting mad already. 

She bowed and walked out. 

Emperor Augustus sighed and took the liquor jug,he sighted the small glass cup from the other side of the room and he controlled it with his eyes,the cup appeared on the table and he poured some liquor for himself,he gulped down everything at once. 

He felt his heartbeat somehow and he touched his chest.

"What...." he sounds confused and immediately he appeared in the moon garden,right in front of his tree. 

His eyes widened in total shock,not just one,not two,but three flowers all together on the tree??.

"How....come?" He asked no one In particular and moved closer,he touched the petals,it's not a dream. The tree is really coming back to life,not just that,it's blooming. 



Zhuri was seated on a rock since the emperor left with Ximena,she didn't move,her wet clothes already dried up. 

It was beginning to get dark before she stood up. 

"What was I thinking??....of course he wouldn't choose me over his mistress" She chuckled and bit her lips. She started heading back to her room. 

A maid appeared before her and Zhuri creased her brows. 

"Princess Sabrina called for you" The maid said. 

"Me?" Zhuri poked her chest. 

"Are you not Zhuri?" The maid asked and Zhuri nodded. 

"I'm the one" She muttered and followed the maid at once. 

They got to Sabrina's suite and she was told to enter,Zhuri opened the door gently and went inside. 

Sabrina was just about eating,different meals on the table.

"My Princess......"

"Not you okay" Sabrina groaned and shook her head,Zhuri bite her lips. 

"What are you waiting for? Sit down" Sabrina muttered,pointing at the seat just opposite her. 

"Huh...why?" Zhuri asked. 

"I hate eating alone" Sabrina pouted. 

"Oh" Zhuri mouthed and sat down 

"I will just watch you while you eat my princess" Zhuri said. 

"Seriously? You think that's why I called you?" Sabrina scoffed and dropped a spoon In front of Zhuri. 

"Eat with me" She said And Zhuri's eyes widened. 


"Please" Sabrina said and Zhuri swallowed. 

"You can't possibly ignore my plea" Sabrina said and Zhuri sighed. 

She took spoon and joined like Sabrina said. 

Sabrina smiled,watching Zhuri eating slowly. 

"You eat like a princess" She said and Zhuri choked. 

Is there a way princess eat that is different from a normal person?? 

"Water" Sabrina gave her and Zhuri collected it from her. 

"Thanks my princess" Zhuri bowed and drank it. 

"I just said you shouldn't call me that" Sabrina sighed. 

"I'm sorry" Zhuri muttered. 

They continue eating in silence,Sabrina couldn't take her eyes off Zhuri. 

"Honestly,the way you eat is so sexy" She said. 

"Don't choke!!" She laughed and Zhuri looked at her. 

'What's her deal? Is she trying to make friends with a slave right now?' Zhuri thought. 

"I understand,I heard your father was really wealthy so I know you must have lived like a princess too" Sabrina said. 

'As if' Zhuri scoffed inwardly. 

"You're not talking to me,don't you like me?" Sabrina pouted. 

"I'm sorry my princess......"

"There again! I see why you aren't speaking to me" Sabrina groaned and Zhuri took her lips in. 

How is she supposed to stop calling her that? What if the emperor get mad at her??

"Okay,let's make a deal" Sabrina said. 

"What deal?" Zhuri asked. 

"I'm going to ask for your age,If I'm older with about four years,then you can continue calling me princess,but if it's just two years....you will call me my name and we will become friends,what do you think?" Sabrina grinned. 

"But...you can't be friends with me" Zhuri said. 


"Because....I am just..."

"You're his Majesty's slave not mine,,He's never going to decline you being my friend,I'm a girl not a man" Sabrina rolled her eyes and Zhuri nodded. 

"Okay" She said. 

"So tell me...how old are you?" Sabrina asked.. 

'Am I going to tell her my real age of the age of this body? But I don't know how old she is...so it's just okay to tell her mine' Zhuri thought inside. 

But then...something hit her. This name...Sabrina. Her Aunt's name is Sabrina too,why haven't she thought of it?? 

Princess Sabrina might want to change her name if she knew there's one evil and wicked Sabrina back in Lingyan. 

Zhuri chuckled at her own thought. 

"What's funny?" Sabrina smiled. 

"No,nothing" Zhuri cleared her throat. 

"So tell me your age,don't you dare lie" Sabrina said. 

"Twenty Three" Zhuri said and Sabrina screamed out making Zhuri flinch. 

"Yes!!!!!" Sabrina screamed again and Zhuri blinked. 

"Just two years honey! Two years" She danced. 

"Oh" Zhuri smiled. 

"Nice,so let's be friends,okay?" Sabrina said and Zhuri nodded. 

"If you're worried about my brother,don't worry about him" 

Zhuri nodded again. 

"Now let's eat,tell me more about yourself" Sabriba said. 

'I don't know anything about this body,should I just lie?' Zhuri sighed. 



"My lady" Neriah walked in. 


"The royal stylist is here" Neriah replied. 

"Oh,let her in" Ximena said and Neriah went out,she came in again with a lady. 

"Lady Ximena" She smiled and bowed. 

Ximena sat down and crossed her legs. 

"I called you because you're the best among the stylist we have here" She said. 

"Thank you Lady Ximena,I won't disappoint you. What type of dress do you need?" 

"Not me.....I'm going to give his majesty a gift" Ximena said. 

"That's so thoughtful of you lady Ximena" The stylist said and Ximena smiled. 

"So,I want the best for him. It's not hard using the best fabric you know right?" 

"Of course not,anything for his majesty and you also" 

Ximena smiled. 

"I tried sketching out the perfect design I want" She said and Neriah handed over the sketch to the stylist. 

"Wow,my lady,your drawing is so amazing. And the design is perfect too,the emperor is really blessed to have you" 

"If you do this so perfectly,then I'm really going to reward you more than you think,so do your best. I need to make him happy with me at least" Ximena said. 

"I understand my lady" 




Inside a building standing alone in the deep woods,On a stick made in form of bed,Alora opened her eyes slowly. 

Her eyes roamed around the room,there was only a lantern which lightened the small room. 

"Where am I?" She asked weakly and sat up. 

"Am I alive?" She touched her tummy but she doesn't feel the pain,she opened her dress to see the wound but it was all closed,it's gone. 

"How" She muttered. 

"You're finally awake" A woman entered,smiling at her. 

"Old one" Alora jumped down the bed and bowed. 

The woman smiled. 

"You saved me" Alora said. 

"Still you fought so hard for your life,,why?" 

"My lady is all alone... I can't leave her. I'm the only one she have" Alora muttered. 

"I see she's the reason why" The woman nodded. 

"But how come...I don't have any scars? Who are you?" Alora asked. 

"Is that important right now? You should be on your way to find the reason why you came back alive" 

"I don't know how to......I can't go into the palace,they won't...."

"You will" The woman interrupted and Alora was confused. 

"Here" The woman Changed Alora's clothes into the maids uniform and she gasped. 

"Stay until tomorrow,at sunrise, then you should go" She said. 

Alora bowed. 

"You must be hungry,I know you would wake up today,so go on and eat" 

"Thank you old one,I will make sure to repay you back in anyway I can" Alora said and the woman smiled. 



Zhuri walked out of Sabrina's suite after the long talks,she had to pretend to be sleepy before Sabrina could release her. 

She was walking along the silent passageway lost in thought until she saw Esme standing just few steps away. 

"Lady Esme" Zhuri called and immediately ran to her. 

"Zhuri" She smiled. 

"What are you doing here?" Zhuri asked. 

"I was on my way to the Emperor's chamber,but since you're here. Here,take it" She dropped the tray on Zhuri's hand,a Small bowl which was covered was there. 

"That's a special cake for the emperor made with honey" Esme said and Zhuri looked at her. 

"Goodnight lady Esme" She bowed and walked away with the tray. 

Esme transformed to the Deity and she smiled. 

"Let's see how this goes,if he's going to avoid it this time around" She said and walked away,she vanished like the wind. 



Emperor Augustus was in his library,reading a book. He sometimes read to pass over his sleepless night and he even lost counts of the numbers of books he read for the years he spent on earth. 

"Your Majesty" Eden walked in and the emperor looked up. 

I know you warned that you don't want anyone here but...Zhuri is here" He said. 

"Zhuri? Why? I didn't call for her" The emperor replied. 

"She insisted on seeing you,I think she came to give you something" Eden replied and he thought for a while before letting out a sigh. 

"Let her in" He muttered. 

Eden bowed and walked out. 

A minute later,Zhuri came in. 

"Good evening My lord" She bowed. 

"Why are you here?" Emperor Augustus asked. 

"I came to give you this specially made cake" Zhuri said and dropped it on the table. 

The emperor said nothing. 

"Should I.....open it?" Zhuri asked gently. 

"Go on" 

She immediately did and brought it closer,the sweet smell filled his nose and he picked one. He ate it and looked at Zhuri. 

"How....is it?" Zhuri asked. 

Emperor Augustus looked away. 

"Drop it and leave" He muttered. 

"Oh" Zhuri dropped the bowl and bowed,she almost went out when he called her back. 


Zhuri turned immediately. 

"Yes my lord" She bowed. 

"Can you stay a little bit more?" Emperor Augustus asked. 

"Anything you want my lord" Zhuri replied and he gave her the book he was reading. 

"Can you read?" He asked. 

"Yes my lord" Zhuri replied. 

"Go on" The emperor groaned and picked another piece of snack. 

Zhuri started reading.....

"Starting from the moment she started feeling at ease whenever he was beside her,she wondered why,maybe it was just the affection,she never wanted to mention the big word but it was beginning to.............." 

She continue reading on and on and when she looked at the Emperor,he was beginning to slumber,he was dozing off lightly,he was looking so cute that Zhuri almost laughed. 

This is her first time seeing him look so soft and innocent,seems like the only time he Can look this way is when he's falling asleep. 

Zhuri carefully dropped the book in her hand and moved closer,she focused on his face and his lips. 

"He's cute,,,really cute" She muttered. 

The emperor's head started falling to the front but he's not waking up.

"Oh no" Zhuri ran to his front and his head landed on her tummy. 

"My lord" Zhuri called carefully. 

"My lord" She called again. 

"You should go in and sleep" Zhuri mumbled but no movement. 

She tried moving away a little but then the emperor hugged her waist ,she let out a gasp. 

She swallowed,she was beginning to feel hot just with his mere hands around her. Her body was reacting so crazily,like damn,she wanted him so badly at that moment. 

The emperor let out a sleepy groan and hugged her even more tighter. 

Zhuri took her lips in breathlessly. 


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