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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 23&24




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 23&24

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"She's my slave!!! You have no right over her,don't ever touch her again or you will be punished,do you understand?!" 


"It's a command!!!!" He yelled angrily and Ximena's throat became dry. 

"Yes......Your Majesty" She mumbled in her lowest voice. 

"Leave" The emperor said. 

She board slowly and walked out of the room. 

Emperor Augustus glanced at Zhuri and she moved closer. 

"I'm sorry.........."

"Who do you think you are to sleep on my bed?" He cut her off. 

"It wasn't intentional,I was tired and.....I made a mistake. Forgive me my....."

"Mistake? Should I make a mistake by killing you right now?! Huh?" He yelled at her and tears rolled down Zhuri's eyes. 

'He should just punish me if he want to,yelling at me this way after everything Ximena did is not fair,even if I'm his slave,am I only useful on the bed? He yelled at his mistress just because I was here,it's all lies,he would still walk with her tomorrow' Zhuri thought about all that in her mind,she broke into more tears. 

The emperor sighed and ruffled his hair. 

"Zhuri" He called and Zhuri looked up,she wiped her tears. 

"Aren't you leaving? What's keeping you here? I asked you to leave" 

"I will leave now" Zhuri muttered and sniffed and walked out. 

She kept on crying on her way to her room,she packed her rough hair like that. She got to her room and stood in front of the mirror to check her face,she touched the red parts and then the tiny cut on her lips. 

"They should be gone by tomorrow" She sighed and fell on the bed. 

'Mistake? Should I make a mistake by killing you right now?! Huh?' She remembered the Emperor shouting at her and she sighed sadly. 



Sabrina sneaked out of her room,she was dressed in a short gown and her hair was styled in a pretty way,she had a little make up on,like she's going for a party. 

"Gosh those guards" She bite her lips when she saw the two guards walking,she quickly turned back and took another route. She got to the fence which she was supposed to climb to jump to the other side. 

"Perfect,it was more easier than I thought" Sabrina grinned and started climbing. 

"I'm sorry princess,but not today" She heard a voice which made her lost balance. 

"Ahh!!" She screamed. 

Asher and Gael rushed to her speedily and she fell on Gael,his back hit a rock. 

"Ahh!!" He groaned painfully,Sabrina's head also hit his nose. 

"Shit!" Gael screamed. 

Asher sighed and shook his head. 

"That....guard" Sabrina muttered as she raised her head to look at Gael. 

"Get off me!!!" Gael shouted. 

"Oh sorry" Sabrina immediately got up. 

"My back" Gael groaned,touching his back. 

"Are you okay?" Sabrina asked. 

"Okay?! I just hit my back on a rock and you're asking if I'm okay?!!" Gael yelled. 

"But...it wasn't my fault. It was because you made me loose my balance,so it's partially your fault also" Sabrina said. 

Gael laughed sarcastically. 

"You're right,I should have stayed back and allow you hit your face on the ground at least that is a punishment for trying to sneak out" Gael said and stood up. 

Sabrina looked at Asher. 

"Don't walk with this guy,He's not a good one"  She said. 

"Where are you going princess?" Asher asked. 

Sabrina faked a laugh. 

"Nowhere,it was a prank of course,why would I even think of sneaking out?" She laughed. 

Asher and Gael laughed along with her. 

"That prank was funny indeed princess,why not go back to your suite now? It's late for another prank,don't you think?" Asher asked and Sabrina smiled. 

"You're right,but you can't tell his Majesty about my prank.. "

"Of course not,don't worry. Let's go,I will walk behind you" Gael said. 

"Thank you" Sabrina smiled and started walking,Gael followed and Asher went his own way. 

"So now sneaking out is a prank? I love your confidence in lying" Gael said and Sabrina scoffed. 

"Is it my fault? I'm so bored and lonely,I just want to go out for some fresh air" She sighed. 

"You shouldn't have returned then Princess....."

"I told you my name is not princess,call me my name Gael!" Sabrina snapped. 

"How did you...know my name?" Gael asked. 

"Well I asked someone" Sabrina rolled her eyes. 

"But sorry,I can't call your name" Gael replied. 

"That other guy...what's his name? I know he's the closest to his Majesty,He's really handsome" Sabrina grinned. 

"Oh Asher" Gael replied. 

"Whoa,why many handsome guys as guards in this palace? 

" Sabrina shook her head and Gael smiled. 

"It doesn't include you anyway" Sabrina said. 

"Your opinion doesn't really matter" Gael said and Sabrina frowned,she looked at him. 


"Of course,I know I'm really handsome and besides...I've heard from alot of ladies,so one person opinion doesn't count,you might have a bad taste in men" Gael said. 

Sabrina started laughing. 

"What's funny?" Gael asked. 

"You of course,you should be a comedian,Men? You think you're a man? How old are you?" Sabrina asked. 

"Age doesn't really matter when it comes to things like this......."

"Stop trying to cover up this question,how old are you" Sabrina said. 

"Well,Twenty three" Gael replied. 

"You should be calling me big sis" Sabrina laughed. 

"You must think you're a lady princess" Gael laughed. 

"What do you mean? Am I not? I'm twenty five" Sabrina snapped. 

"Big sis,when are you getting married?" Gael asked in a low tone. 

"Hey!!" Sabrina grabbed his ear. 

"That hurts!!!" Gael screamed,tapping Sabrina's hand. 

"There's only one way I will release you" Sabrina said. 

"Tell me..."

"Repeat after me"


"Big sister" 

"Big sister"

"I will do whatever you want me to do from now on" Sabrina said and Gael repeated it. 

"Nice,we should start now. Have a drink with me,some liquor would do" Sabrina muttered. 

"Princess,I'm sorry but I can't. If the commander find out that I drink when i'm supposed to be guarding the palace,then,I'm in trouble. He will kill me" Gael muttered. 

"Who's the commander? Asher?" 

Gael nodded. 

"Goodnight princess" Gael bowed and ran away before Sabrina could hold him again. 

"Gosh,no wonder he's handsome,He's young" Sabrina smiled and entered into her suite. 

"Should I drink alone now? It's boring" She sighed. 



Ximena and Neriah arrived at the small house and Ximena removed the veil covering her face. 

"We are here my lady" Neriah said and Ximena nodded. 

"Stay back outside,I will be out soon" Ximena said and went in. 

"What an August visitor,The Emperor's mistress came to pay me a visit" Elphaba let out a cringy smile. 

Elphaba is a witch,or perhaps that's what the citizens painted her to be,she performs black magic and dark powers,some would call her a seer but because of plenty situations,they called her a witch and she was always ignored. 

After an incident occurred,leading to  few cases of deaths,the Emperor finally made his judgment. 

That is why She live in the farthest place from the empire,nobody talks to her or want to have anything to do with her. 

"You know I'm always on your side Elphaba" Ximena said. 

Elphaba laughed. 

"That sounds good enough,but,why are you here? It's quite late and the night is so cold lady Ximena" Elphaba said. 

"I need your help,I don't know but you're the only one who can help me at a time like this" Ximena said. 

"Are you here because of the emperor and his slave girl?" Elphaba asked. 

"How...did you know?" Ximena asked in surprise. 

Elphaba started laughing. 

"How did I know? Who wouldn't know what the Deity herself joined together?" Elphaba asked and Ximena's eyes grew wide. 

"What do you mean? The Deity joined who?" 

"The Emperor and his slave of course,everything was a plan by the deity from the beginning lady Ximena,it was bound to happen this way. No one can escape the fate made by the deity" Elphaba laughed. 

"You mean....His majesty and that slave girl...are....fated....."

"But there's a way to mess with fate lady Ximena" Elphaba grinned. 

"Really?! Tell me! I can never let this happen,,The emperor should be mine,not that slave's but mine" Ximena said. 

Elphaba laughed and then nodded. 

"You sound so desperate,but I'm also a desperate person...meaning,I've been trying to disjoin the deity's work" She laughed. 

"So we are in this together Lady Ximena" She added and continue laughing. 



"Your majesty,,those criminals...died this afternoon" Asher reported. 

Emperor Augustus dropped the book in his hand. 

"They are more weaker than I thought,so soon? Why?" He asked and Asher chuckled. 

"They deserve it though" He said and The emperor nodded. 

'He should just punish me if he want to,yelling at me this way after everything Ximena did is not fair,even if I'm his slave,am I only useful on the bed? He yelled at his mistress just because I was here,it's all lies,he would still walk with her tomorrow'  Zhuri's voice rang in his head. 

He actually heard Zhuri's thoughts yesterday,he heard every single words.  

"Your majesty,you've been working all day,I think you should rest now......"

"Get Zhuri to come to the palace field in an hour" Emperor Augustus said. 

"Zhuri......is there something you want her to bring...."

"No,just tell her that" 

"Okay your majesty" Asher bowed and went out. 

"It was just a walk,was she holding grudges against me because of that?" The emperor scoffed. 

"She's a séx slave,where else is she supposed to be useful if not the bed? Is there something I'm missing?" He asked no one In particular. 



Zhuri was waiting nervously and impatiently in the field,she was wondering why the emperor called for her and also she was glad she was meeting him,evidence that he's no longer mad at her right? 

It's almost half an hour since she's been Waiting and she was getting impatient,what if he decide to cancel the meeting. 

"Did something happened?" Zhuri bite her lips and started pacing. 

She suddenly heard footsteps behind her and she turned at once,The emperor just arrived with his guards. 

"Good afternoon my Lord" Zhuri bowed. 

The emperor said nothing and walked over to her side. 

"You wished to take a walk with me" He said bluntly and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

She never said that out,how did he find it? 

"Yes....my Lord" She stuttered. 

"Your time starts now" Emperor Augustus said and Zhuri couldn't help but to gasp. 

"You're really going to walk beside me?" She asked. 

"Do I have to answer that?" The emperor started walking and Zhuri followed at once. 

"For...how long?" She asked. 

"It's almost sunset,so till sunset" Emperor Augustus replied and Zhuri looked up. 

She still have some minutes before sunset,it's enough. 

Zhuri looked back and the guards eyes fell on her,she immediately faced front again,she was uncomfortable.

The emperor saw that. 

"Everyone,leave us alone until Sunset" He said to the guards. 

"Be careful your majesty!" They all chorused and walked away leaving just him and Zhuri. 

"Thank you My Lord,this mean alot to me" Zhuri muttered. 

"I've never done this with a maid before Zhuri,and I don't think I will ever do this again,so make good use of this moment" Emperor Augustus said. 

"I don't think I need to make good use of it my Lord,just walking next to you is enough,I don't want anything else" Zhuri smiled brightly and the emperor looked at her with his usual cold face. 

"Why do you smile so much?" He asked. 

"Because I'm happy" Zhuri said and smiled again. 

"Must I smile to show that I am happy?" Emperor Augustus asked and Zhuri nodded. 

"Of course your majesty,.....my Lord. The only way to show how happy you are is by smiling,or should I say,the first involuntary action performed when happiness is involved? You just do it even without realizing it" Zhuri said. 

"Then I guess I'm not humane enough to do that" Emperor Augustus said and there was silence. 

The field was quiet and cold also,the sun was getting closer to his setting time,the trees were moving slowly but still coldly. 

Zhuri suddenly ran forward and then faced the emperor. 

"How about I try to make you smile?" She asked. 

The emperor let out a scoff. 

"I think I only smile when I want to do something bad" He muttered and Zhuri laughed. 

"That's really funny,we should try at least,try to smile,this way" Zhuri smiled. 

"I don't want to,it's weird" He said and Zhuri nodded. 

"You're right,if you smile without meaning it deep inside you,then it's going to be weird" Zhuri sighed. 

They continue walking in silence again but deep inside Zhuri she wanted to do something to make him smile. 

'What should I do? What should I do?' 

Emperor Augustus looked at her,he heard her and he wondered if she ever realized that he could hear everything she's thinking in her head,she once spoke to him through her mind but she obviously doesn't know he could listen even without her knowledge and permission. 

Zhuri's eyes fell on the garden waterfall. 

"My lord!! I never knew this was there!" She screamed and ran off immediately. 

The emperor stared at her as she ran without footwear,her legs were beginning to get red again,she would bleed anytime soon. So why was she thinking about walking around? 

"My lord!" Zhuri called,laughing excitedly as she entered the water,she swam straight under the fall. 

"This is so fun!" 

The Emperor stood in a position watching her playing with the water like a child. 

'She's something else,how does she manage to be happy even with all these going on around her?' The emperor thought. 

His eyes never left Zhuri,she was totally soaked from her hair all over. 

Her laughter filled the air,cracking like a little baby. 

"Such a child" The emperor muttered and a tiny piece of smile appeared on his lips which vanished almost immediately. 

The emperor sighed out,he wanted to rest so badly but seems like Zhuri wasn't ready,he was tired. 

"The devil needs rest sometimes also,even the deity rests" He sighed out. 

"Your majesty" Ximena called from the back and he turned. 

Zhuri also stopped and focused on Ximena who shot her a glare before moving closer to the emperor. 

"I just returned from your chamber your majesty" Ximena bowed. 

"Is there a problem?" 

"I need to talk to you your majesty,please let's go to your chamber" Ximena requested. 

"Is it important?" 

"Of course your majesty" Ximena said and the emperor nodded. 

He already turned back to follow Ximena. 

Zhuri immediately came out of the water and ran after them,

"My Lord" she held the tip of Emperor Augustus's robe and he looked at her. 

Ximena frowned. 

"What do you think you're doing holding him like that?!" She snapped. 

"You said I have to stay with you till sunset" Zhuri told the emperor,ignoring Ximena's rant. 

"So please.......don't go" She added. 

The emperor said nothing,he only stared at Zhuri speechlessly. 


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