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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 21&22




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 21&22

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



'Don't cry' the Emperor's voice,what he said to her since last night,Zhuri haven't gotten over it yet. She couldn't even sleep all night,she kept thinking about it. How he wiped her tears,staring into her eyes with those pretty eyes of his,it was so magical. 

Her body just wouldn't stop reacting as if it's happening presently. 

'What did he do to me? And then...why did he do that? I can't even think straight' 

McKenzie was staring at Zhuri as they cleaned the store together,she would smile every second and she wondered what happened. 

"Hey,did something happened?" McKenzie asked and Zhuri shook her head. 

"No,I'm just..thinking about something" She replied. 

"What do you want for breakfast?" McKenzie asked. 

"We only eat what the court lady gives us,so why asking?" Zhuri chuckled. 

"Oh please" McKenzie rolled her eyes. 

"But that's the truth" Zhuri muttered. 

"I know,that's why I'm jealous of lady Ximena" McKenzie sighed. 

"Why? Because she's closer to the emperor?" Zhuri asked. 

"Yeah" McKenzie sighed. 

"She's really lucky"

"She's not the queen though,if the emperor finally have a queen......"

"You really think he want a queen? I've never seen any lady with him" McKenzie said and Zhuri turned. 

"Really? Nobody at all?" She asked curiously. 

"Of course,everyone already concluded that there won't a queen" McKenzie said and Zhuri sighed. 

"That's not good" She mumbled. 



"Your majesty,permit me to bring the three criminals caught last night" One of the ministers said. 

"Go on" Emperor Augustus nodded. 

Immediately, three men were dragged in,they were all tied and the guards forced them to kneel down. 

"Your majesty,these three sexually assaulted a minor in her own house,they forcefully molested her,the three of them and when her mother tried fighting them,they beat her up" 

Emperor Augustus clenched his fist. 

"Where is the girl right now? And her mother?" 

"I'm here your majesty" A woman rushed in and fell on her knees,crying bitterly. 

"Your majesty please help....my daughter is still unconscious,they don't deserve any mercy!! Your majesty!!" She cried and bowed. 

Everyone was quiet. 

"Take her away" The emperor spoke up finally and the mother was taken away. 

He got down from his seat and everyone bowed. 

"You young murderers,what have you done? Who sent you?" He asked the three directly. 

"Your majesty!! Please forgive us! It was a mistake....."

"A mistake?!!!!" The emperor shouted and they kept quiet,shaking in fear. 


"Yes your majesty...."

"Sword" he requested and Asher immediately unsheathed his sword and handed to him.  

"My ministers" The emperor faced them. 

"Your majesty!" They chorused. 

"What judgment do they deserve?" He asked. 

"According to the law your majesty,Anyone who perform such crime like sexual assault should be beheaded your majesty,but they didn't do that alone,they tried killing the child's mother...Attempted murder...they deserve to die your majesty!!!" One of the ministers answered. 

"They deserve to die your majesty!!!!!" Everyone chorused. 

The emperor smirked and started walking to the three criminals who were already crying and pleading. 

"That innocent child must have begged you countless times in tears and pains,but you ignored,you felt like heroes watching her crying" He muttered and touched the sword blade before placing the sword on the first one's neck. 

"Tell the deities to send you directly to hell when you meet them or I might get mad" He whispers. 

"Your majesty please forgive........" His head was slashed from his throat and his blood shoot out before the remaining body fell on the ground. 

The second one pee on his body while shaking. 

The emperor smirked at him and threw the sword to the closest soldier. 

"These two,tie them up on the city gate,write the crime they committed boldly there so that every passers by would see them and anybody trying to repeat the same should know what their fate would be. Leave them there until they are dead,then feed their remains to wild animals" The Emperor commanded. 

"Your judgment is the final your majesty!!!" Everyone bowed. 



"Gosh I'm so bored,why are there no interesting books to read here?" Sabrina sighed as she walked around the library alone. 

"Oh!!" She gasped when she saw a book. 

"It's the one I've always wanted to read!" She jumped excitedly looking at it on the tallest shelf. 

She looked around right away and took a seat,she dropped it and climbed on it but it wasn't tall enough. 

"Whoa,this shelf is something else..I'm 1.6m tall and I still can't get it? What should I do? Can't give up like this" She shook her head and jumped on the shelf itself but right away she started falling. 

"Ahh!!!!" She screamed and closed her eyes,but then she landed on something soft. 

"What's that?" She opened her eyes to see a guy carrying her. 

"Who are you?" Sabrina asked. 

"Gael" Gael muttered and dropped her. 

"I'm a guard princess" he bowed. 

"Oh,I didn't know guards are handsome" Sabrina muttered and cleared her throat. 

Gael chuckled. 

"You should be careful princess,I will take the book for you" Gael said. 

"My name is not princess" Sabrina snapped. 

"I know your name obviously,but you know I can't call your name" Gael said and picked the book 

"Wow,that was so easy for you" Sabrina said. 

"Because I'm 1.74m tall not 1.6m" Gael replied. 

"Were you here all along?" Sabrina asked when he gave her the book. 

"I was checking out the library and I found you,I'm leaving,have a nice day" Gael bowed shortly and went out. 

Sabrina touched her chest. 

"He's hot,but I'm not going to fall for that,never" She shook her head. 



"I want chicken" McKenzie pouted and Esme scoffed. 

"You want the princess chicken?" She asked and McKenzie gasped. 

"The princess?" 

Zhuri laughed. 

"Don't mind her court lady,she's not even hungry" Zhuri said. 

"You" Esme looked at Zhuri and Zhuri raised her brows. 

"Is there...a problem?" She asked. 

"You should clean his majesty's chamber" Esme said,giving her they cleaning equipments. 

"But...why....why me?" Zhuri asked nervously. 

"Aren't you his slave girl? You should be doing all those things" Esme replied and Zhuri bite her lips. 

"Don't be anxious,go on" McKenzie said,pushing Zhuri out of the kitchen. 

"I will be rooting for you,fighting!!" 

"I have you Kenzie!" Zhuri shouted. 

"Thanks Zhuri,it's my first time hearing you scream..aside from the emperor's bed" She whispered and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"What,are you embarrassed?" McKenzie grinned. 

"Hey,are you crazy?" Zhuri asked and Kenzie laughed. 

"I wish you can see your face right now" She said. 

"What happened to my face?"

"You're blushing!" McKenzie screamed and ran off. 

"That psycho" Zhuri shook her head before smiling. 

She sighed and started walking to the chamber hoping he wasn't there at the moment,it's her first time going to his chamber during the day and to do some work not the other one. 

"Stop thinking Zhuri,He's probably too busy right now to be in his chamber" she assured herself. 

Getting to the chamber,it was empty but the guards allowed her in,she didn't waste any time,she immediately started cleaning up,arranging everything neatly. 



Emperor Augustus was having a meeting with the kings,it's been hours since he left his chamber,from the assembly and now this,even though he wasn't tired,still he was bored. He just wanted to leave,if possible the earth in general. 

"Your majesty,it's been so long enough,we've been waiting for too long,hoping you might find the future empress of the Moon Empire,but we all think it's best we bring the matter up again" the first king said. 

"That's right your majesty,even though you're still in your young self,than us..but still you can't continue this way" Second king said. 

"Young self?" Emperor Augustus repeated the word and they all kept quiet. 

He laughed sarcastically. 

"Right,my human age should be twenty six,you're right,I'm still young" He said and chuckled. 

'Young self? This is so embarrassing,how should I tell this fool I know how his generation started? I've lived thousands of years back home,and I've used five hundred years here in human world,still he said I'm young? Should I just kill him?' 

That was what the emperor was thinking. 

"So your majesty,we've decided to find you the best noble lady we might get,so don't worry,give us enough time" 

Emperor Augustus nodded. 

"You really care about me so much,so I won't say no." He sajd and they all smiled. 

"We won't disappoint you your majesty"

'What's the essence of having a queen when I can't even have a heir in this place? I can't' The emperor thought and sighed out. 

He took his wine glass and gulped it down. 



It's been an hour since Zhuri started and finally she was done,the chamber look so clean and tidy,she made sure she touched everywhere. 

"I'm so tired" She yawned and rest on the wall. 

She was so tired and sleepy that she couldn't control it,the moment her eyes found the bed,she shook her head. 

"The emperor won't be back now" She said to herself and didn't even bother thinking it twice before she fell on the bed,she slept odd straight away. 

The bed felt so comfortable compared to hers. 

One hour later,the door suddenly opened and Ximena came in. Her eyes changed the moment she saw someone sleeping on the bed,nkr just anyone but Zhuri!!

Her anger upgraded,she was boiling. 

"Hay!!!" She slapped her face from her sleep and Zhuri sprang up. 

"My la......."

"How dare you!!!!" Ximena slapped her again and grabbed her hair. 

"I'm sorry my lady!! I'm sorry!" Zhuri cried. 

"Who do you think you are to sleep on that bed!!" Ximena screamed and released her roughly. 

Zhuri fell on the floor,Ximena moved closer and grabbed her hair,she started pulling it hardly and painfully while Zhuri screams and cries filled the air. 

"You're just a slave!! Know your place you harlot!!" Xinena said,beating Zhuri up until the door suddenly opened. 

"Ximena!!" Emperor Augustus called and Ximena released her. 

Zhuri got up quickly,shaking. The emperor's eyes fell on her. 

From her scattered hair,her bleeding nose and lips cut. 

"Ximena......why did you.."

"I found her sleeping on your bed,she should be punished your majesty" Ximena said. 

Zhuri's head remained bowed,sniffing in her tears. 

"Ximena" Emperor Augustus called. 

"Yes your majesty" 

"This is your last warning Ximena,don't you ever lay your hands on her again,or you will be the one who's punished" He said and Zhuri looked up. 

Ximena's eyes widened. 

"Your majesty.........."

"She's my slave!!! You have no right over her,don't ever touch her again or you will be punished,do you understand?!" 


"It's a command!!!!" He yelled angrily and Ximena's throat became dry. 


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