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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 19&20




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 19&20

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"Gosh I feel so glad we finished our work so early,what should we do after eating today? We shouldn't just stay in the room,let's have fun. Do you wanna go to the garden and get some apples? I've been craving....." McKenzie had to stop when Zhuri didn't say a word. 

She looked at her. 

"Hey,are you okay?" She asked and Zhuri nodded. 

"But you don't look okay to me" Mackenzie insisted and Zhuri shook her head. 

"I'm fine Kenzie" She mumbled. 

'She's not fine,I wonder what happened' McKenzie thought as she continue staring at Zhuri who was lost again.

They continue walking and suddenly ,The emperor showed up with Ximena beside him,they were walking really close to each other while the guards followed them. 

Zhuri gulped,her eyes not leaving them. The way Ximena was smiling so much as she spoke with the emperor made her feel somehow,she can't even explain. It's been a week since the emperor has called her last to his chamber. 

She could remember how he had declined her request that night,maybe she shouldn't have done that,she should have just allowed him do it the way he wanted. 


"I'm going to make you feel good tonight my Lord,please let me" She uttered. 

Emperor Augustus was quiet for some seconds before letting out a scoff. 

"Hey,who do you think you are to make me feel good?" He asked and Zhuri's heart skipped a beat. 

"My lord,I just......"

"I hate to admit but.....I hate that I made you feel good to think you can please me. You're just a slave and you should only feel pains,nothing else. So if you want to live,lay low and stop acting like you're something to me. Understood?!!" He shouted. 

"Yes my lord" Zhuri mumbled hurtfully,she meant no harm. 

She just wanted to do her job,isn't that what she is? A séx slave is supposed to satisfy her lord's sexual urge,so why was he so mad about it??

"I should be the one to ask you if I want that,I hate people who are too forward. You can go" He said and Zhuri could feel her heart in her mouth,he was looking so angry that it scares her,she never imagined he would get so mad at her when he was beginning to act soft toward her. 

The last thing she would want is him being so mean and harsh to her again,that side of him is always so scary. 


That was it,and since then,he never for once called her again. She kept waiting everyday for his call but it never happened,she hated to admit it but......she missed him. 

Like,is it even normal to miss someone who's supposed to be an enemy? She should be grateful he's not even looking for her,but it's the opposite,she wanted to see him and ask for his forgiveness,maybe she did too much for a séx slave. 

"Zhuri!!" McKenzie called loudly and Zhuri flinched.

"You said you're fine,you're not even listening to me at all,what is you on? You've been acting so strange for days...."

"I will be in my room,see you later" Zhuri muttered and Left her. 

"Whoa,she's something else right now. What is wrong with her?" McKenzie muttered,staring after Zhuri till she was gone. 



"Thank you for walking me here your majesty" Ximena bowed excitedly. 

He responded with a single nod before walking away with the guards,Ximena smiled and entered her suite. 

"My lady,how was your walk with his majesty?" Neriah asked behind her. 

"It was really perfect,I feel so new again,I love it" Ximena said,beaming with smiles. 

"I'm so glad you're happy my lady" Neriah said and Ximena sat down. 

"My lady,it turns out that his majesty have not called his slave girl over to his chamber for a week" Neriah said and Ximena faced her immediately. 

"Really? Is that true?" She asked and Neriah nodded 

"It's true my lady" She said. 

Ximena smiled. 

"I knew he would come back to me no matter what,He's mine alone" Ximena mumbled. 

"I need to eat alot of meat tonight,inform the servants making my food I said that" She said. 

"Okay my lady" Neriah bowe and went out. 

Ximena stood up and went into the bedroom,she fell on the bed. 

"I'm so happy right now" She chuckled,remembering all her moments with the emperor few minutes back. 

She was the one who requested that they take a walk together and he did accepted,she was surprised but it turned out to be more longer than she had expected,even though she did the talking,still she was glad that he spent enough time with her. 

Maybe finally she might get a place in his heart like she always wanted.



Sabrina opened the windows widely and the breeze hit her face. 

"Gosh!! It's so bright outside!!" She grinned and closed her eyes to feel the cold breeze for some minutes. 

She just woke up from her afternoon nap and she felt like going outside. 

"What should I do? Should I visit brother?" She asked herself and suddenly shook her head. 

"He might be busy,let's just...explore. Should I go to the market?? Or tonight? He's going to scold me if I do that,then what should I do? Oh Sabrina you're back to this encamped life of yours" She shook her head and walked to the mirror,she arranged her hair and applied some lipstick. 

"I'm so pretty,like really pretty" She hyped herself and smiled before going out of the room .

"My princess,you're awake" The maids bowed. 

"Isn't it so bright and beautiful today? But the sun isn't up,I love the weather" Sabrina said,walking already,they followed her as she continue to admire the atmosphere. 

She suddenly sighed Zhuri who was about going into her room,she saw the slave tag necklace around her neck. 

"Oh....she's the one" Sabrina muttered and walked more faster. .

"Hey pretty" She said when she got close to Zhuri. 

Zhuri's eyes widened and she immediately bowed. 

"My princess!!" 

Sabrina grinned. 

"I thought you're some ugly maiden,but you just proved me wrong" Sabrina said and Zhuri gave her a confused look. 

"Take a walk with me,I'm bored" Sabrina pouted. 


Like that they walked side by side even though Zhuri was so anxious,still she didn't Say a word. 

"His majesty isn't that hard on you right?" Sabrina asked.

"No,not like before" Zhuri muttered.

"So he was once hard,I see" Sabrina said. 

"But I'm fine,really" Zhuri said and Sabrina smiled. 

"You seems like the quiet type Zhuri,so adorable" Sabrina said and Zhuri bit her lips. 

"Thank you princess" She muttered. 

"I will see you around....what's your name?" 


"Great,I will see you around Zhuri" Sabrina said and walked away with her maids. 

Zhuri sighed out loudly. 

"Zhuri?" She heard a voice behind her and she turned. 

'What? I don't know him' Zhuri thought. 

"Hey" Gael got close,smiling. 

"Hi" Zhuri muttered 

"I see you don't know me,i'm Gael" Gael introduced himself.

"Oh...hi Gael" Zhuri muttered wondering why he's talking to her. 

"Don't worry,I mean no harm. Are you going to your room? I can guard you to the doorstep" Gael said and Zhuri found herself smiling. 

"Wow,did you just smile? You're so pretty " Gael said. 

"You're funny" Zhuri said. 

"Great,then I will keep talking to you" Gael said and Zhuri nodded. 

"I will like that,I was bored anyway" Zhuri said 

"With me,you can never be bored,so take me as your....what......uhm...maybe a friend who kills your boredom?" Gael looked at her.

"I will think about it" Zhuri laughed. 

They continue walking together. 



The office was quiet,the emperor sat down on his seat,there are countless reports on the table ready to be read by him. His eyes were closed as he sat down while the books flipped on their own,he could hear everything in his head as they flips. 

"Gosh,these people. When will they ever learn?" He groaned and opened his eyes,he arranged the books back with his eyes and sighed. 

"Asher" He called. 

The door opened almost immediately and Asher rushed in. 

"Yes your majesty" he bowed. 

"There will be an assembly tomorrow right?" 

"Yes your majesty" Asher replied and the emperor stood up. 

"I've finished all those,put them back to where they belong" He ordered an Asher immediately put them away. 

"I want my favorite wine...."

"I will get it for you" Asher cut in. 

"No,I'm going to my chamber already" The Emperor said and walked out,Asher followed. 

Countless greetings from different sides as they walked even though he never replied to anyone,he suddenly stopped walking when he saw Zhuri with Gael,they were laughing at the top of their voice. 

Asher also frowned when he saw them,he looked at the Emperor but he couldn't read his expression,it was totally blank. Gael picked a leaf from Zhuri's hair and that was when they saw the emperor. 

"Your majesty" They both bowed. 

Emperor Augustus ignored them and walked away,Asher sighed and followed him. 

Zhuri and Gael exchanged glances. 

"Did I....just put you into trouble?" Gael asked. 

"No,don't worry about me" Zhuri said. 



Gael saw Asher sitting alone and he walked over to him. 


Asher glared at him and he stopped talking. 

"Did I do something wrong?" Gael asked. 

"Why the fúck were you with Zhuri? Since when did you got close to her that you even touched her hair!!" Asher yelled. 

"It was just an harmless conversation....."

"If you are going to walk around carelessly with her again,just stay away from her! She's the king's woman and now i'm afraid she's in trouble,don't you get?!" Asher yelled and stood up.

"Use your sense next time" he added and walked out of Gael's sight. 

Actually,the emperor already summoned Zhuri and now she's probably on her way to his chamber. 



Zhuri was having a mixed feeling,as see approached the chamber,she was excited that he finally called but on the other side,she was scared. 

He haven't called her for a week and now he suddenly did,what if she did something wrong and he's angry?

'You will be fine Zhuri" She assured herself and gently opened the door. 

She entered the bedroom and met the emperor waiting for her,surely his face never speaks,but still she could feel that she was in troubke. 

"I'm here My Lord" She bowed. 

"Do you deeply enjoy disregarding me?" Came his question. 

Zhuri's eyes widened and she quickly fell on her knees. 

"I...don't understand my lord" She stammered. 

"Since when is my slave allowed to laugh with another man?!!" He growled and Zhuri swallowed. 

"I've sinned against you my lord,please forgive me,I promise it won't repeat itself again....."

"Strip and get on the bed,,you should learn a better lesson that way. Don't make me repeat myself Zhuri,I lack patience" he said. 

Zhuri immediately got up and undressed,she was trying so hard not to tear up,if he's this angry with her,it only means one thing,He's going to hurt her,the pains.... She can't even think about it. 

She climbed on the bed and almost turned her back but she was stopped. 

"Lay on your back" He ordered and Zhuri obeyed. 

She swallowed hard,watching as he undressed,it's her first time seeing him undressed,her very first time. 

She would have flushed greatly if only there's no punishment awaiting her,but she couldn't even stare at him for too long. 

The emperor climbed on the bed with her 

"Spread your legs Zhuri" He said.

Zhuri did but he wasn't satisfied. 

"Wider" He said.

Zhuri gulped,and when he finally entered without any warning,straight down inside her,deep and wild. 

It hurts!!! Like hell!!

"Ahhhhh!!!!" Zhuri screamed out. 

She was used to him getting her from the back,but now....not even when her thighs are too wide apart,he definitely entered her deeply,hitting the right place,but for Zhuri it was real pain. 

That one scream brought out tears from her eyes. 

"My Lord please.....I'm sorry!!" She cried out,grabbing his arm as If to save herself. 

The emperor held her down,wild and fierce possession. All he wanted was to teach her a lesson that she only belongs to him,she's not allowed to act that flirty with someone else. 

His dick once again slides inside her,fast but deeper with each thrusts,following another scream from Zhuri,she was crying so hard. 

"It hurts,please...... It really hurts" She said,her voice nor really steady. 

"My Lord" She cried,his nails piercing into the Emperor's skin as she cries her eyes out. 

Emperor Augustus came out of her,he wanted to do more but he changed his mind,how soft and gullible can she ever be? Why the hell is she crying so hard when he haven't even started with her yet?? 

She was still holding him and crying even though he already stopped. 

"Zhuri" He called her name and she managed to open her eyes. 

More tears poured out of her eyes. 

"I'm sorry" She still apologized. 

Maybe the emperor doesn't know what he was doing at that moment but....slowly his hand found it way to Zhuri's face and he wiped off her tears. 

"Stop crying" He uttered and he could feel his heart breaking more by seeing those tears,he wanted to hold himself back but like a magnetic force,it was to hard to do,he couldn't stop. 

He wiped her tears with Zhuri staring at him unbelievably. 



On the dry tree...in the deepest middle of those dryness. 

A single Perianth of flower bloomed and it came out sparkling beautiful like gold......saying Halo to the world. 


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