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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 17&18




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 17&18

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


Immediately the door opened,Zhuri's uniforms returned to her body,it was so quick that she almost didn't noticed until Ximena came in. She shot Zhuri an hateful glare. 

"What are you doing here?" She asked. 

Zhuri looked at the emperor. 

"Stop looking at him and get lost!!" Ximena yelled angrily. 

"Leave" Emperor Augustus said and that was when Zhuri bowed and walked out of the room. 

"Your majesty,it's not what I'm thinking right? You really didn't......"

"Ximena,the dinner" He cut her off. .

"You weren't even waiting for me!" Ximena cried. 

"It's been a while since you invite me into your bedroom,but she comes here everyday,just why are you doing this to me? You know how much I've missed you,since she stepped into the palace,you've been ignoring me,I'm your mistress and isn't it my responsibility to satisfy you sexually? I know there are others too but you shouldn't be calling your slave every time while you ignore me,it hurts" Ximena said in tears. 

"You're saying this because it's something you want Ximena....to her,it's like a punishment. So stop comparing yourself to her" Emperor Augustus said. 

"Her expression wasn't looking like you punished her your majesty,you seems to pleasure her.........."

"Ximena!!!!" He yelled angrily and Ximena sniffs in,she wiped her tears. 

"Are we having this dinner or you want to keep on comparing yourself to someone who doesn't even have her own freedom? That's pathetic Ximena,really pathetic" The emperor said. 

"Then stop making me feel that way,you should be mine alone....."

"I'm nobody's" He snapped. 

"Don't go too far Ximena,,you're my woman but don't take it too far" Emperor Augustus said and tried moving,Ximena immediately wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. 

"Don't push me away,I'm going to cry if you do" She muttered. 

The emperor sighed out without moving until Ximena broke the hug. 

"Let's eat your majesty" She smiled and went out,he followed. 


Zhuri was still walking to her room but as the great thinker that she is,she can't just help it. 

Why was the emperor that way? Why does he want her when he was supposed to dine with his mistress? She remembered how he had touched her and she bite her lips,somehow she resented Ximena for coming in at that moment but.....

"Zhuri" She heard her name and she looked up,it was a maid standing just before her. 

"Oh....hi..." Zhuri muttered and unexpectedly the maid smiled at her. 

"You don't have to act that way toward me,I just want to be a friend" She said and that sounded almost like a joke to Zhuri. 

"Fri....end?" She dragged the word. 

"Hi.. I'm McKenzie,you can call me Kenzie for short,let's get along" She stretched her hand for a shake and Zhuri looked at the hand for a second before holding her,she has never for once had that one person in her life to call a friend,is this it?? 

But what if she was sent by other maids to see if she would fall for it??

"Hi Mckenzie" Zhuri mumbled and ignored her hand. 

"I understand,don't worry we will get along as days passes,I don't mind if you're still uncomfortable. I just resumed back today and I learnt about you" Mckenzie said. 

"Huh? You just resumed back?" Zhuri asked. 

"Of course,I went to the neighboring town to see my parents,I just got back" Mckenzie smiled. 

'She's pretty' Zhuri thought,staring at her. Thinking about it,it's true she have never seen her face since she got here,so does that mean she's saying the truth. 

"But nevertheless,I will make you trust me" 

"Why do you want to be my friend? I mean...everyone have been so mean and....."

"I don't get along with anyone here,but I saw you in the morning and I liked your figure straight up,and also because you looked lonely" Mckenzie mumbled. 

"You are so outspoken" Zhuri sighed. 

"Maybe I am" McKenzie chuckled. 

They started walking together. 



Eden walked with his head up,his two hands in his pocket,He's known to be one of the strongest guards in the palace and somehow,younger guards respects him alot aside Asher who's the commander. 

Suddenly someone bumped into him almost making him fall,He's another guard. 

"Hey!! Are you crazy?!" Eden yelled and grabbed his collar. 

"I'm sorry,it wasn't even intentional,why making a big deal out of it...."

"Hey!!" Eden yelled and almost hit him but someone grabbed his hand from the back. 

"Stop acting so irrationally" Asher said. 

Eden pushed him off. 

"And who do you think you are to tell me what to do? Oh wow,are you now acting so proud because you're the emperor's favorite? You should also know you're the easiest to kill if he's to pick anyone..... "

Asher grabbed his collar tightly,almost choking him. 

"Say that again" He said coldly.

Eden scoffed. 

"Say it again you bastard!!" Asher shouted. 

"Hey hey,you two that's enough" Gael went between them. 

"Get off" Eden pushed him off and he fell on Asher.

"Move" Asher also pushed him away. 

Asher and Eden exchanged glares and went separate ways. 

Gael touched his chest. 

"Am I a push off or something?" He scoffed and also walked away. 

Asher was walking still looking pissed and annoyed when someone bumped into him and almost fell. 

"Zhuri!" He called and immediately caught her before she landed on the ground. 

"Are you okay?" He asked after she balanced. 

Zhuri nodded. 

"I'm sorry" Asher said. 

"Did something happened? You look angry" Zhuri muttered,avoiding his face. 

"Oh wow,you're not ignoring me this time" Asher smiled and Zhuri looked at him. 

"Have I been ignoring you?" She asked. 

"Of course....I always wanted to say hi or start just a little conversation,but you never gave me the chance to,you always give me a cold shoulder,this night too..in the chamber" Asher said. 

"Oh" Zhuri scratched her forehead. 

"I didn't realize....I'm sorry Asher" She muttered. 

"It's nothing,I know you are extra careful not to get in the emperor's bad side" He said and Zhuri nodded. 

"I don't want to" She mumbled. 

"I will walk you to your room,is that okay?" Asher asked. 

"Yes" Zhuri said and like that they continue walking till they stopped in front of her door. 

"Goodnight Zhuri" Asher said. 

Zhuri nodded and went in. 

"I've never seen her smile" Asher muttered after Zhuri closed the door. 

He sighed and went his own way. 



A palanquin was carried into the palace by the bearers,they dropped it and a young lady in her twenties came out of it. She yawned tiredly and smiled,looking around. 

👥 You're welcome your highness!!

👥 Your highness!!

"Thank you,thank you" Sabrina waved excitedly at the guards. 

"Is the majesty in his chamber?" She asked. 

"Yes your highness" 

Sabrina smiled and immediately started walking,the guards followed her. 

Zhuri was watching from afar as everyone kept bowing for her.

'Who's she? A princess? The emperor's fiancee?' She thought and she doesn't even know where those thoughts came from. 

"Boom!" McKenzie shouted into her ear and she flinched which made her laugh. 

"That was...scary" Zhuri said. 

"I'm sorry about that" McKenzie said. 

"Who was that?" Zhuri asked curiously. 

"Princess Sabrina... She's the emperor's sister" 

"He has a sister?" Zhuri was surprised. 

"Of course,I heard they aren't blood related though,but the Emperor have been taking care of her since she was young" McKenzie said. 

"Oh" Zhuri nods. 

"I'm starving,let's go eat" She grabbed Zhuri's hand and as they turned,Lucia and Meadow were standing In front of them,glaring at Zhuri. 

"You really made friends with this loser?" Lucia asked Kenzie. 

"I don't think I owe you any explanation about who I talk to,and stop bullying her,you're just a maid here,stop feeling like you're higher than that,let's go Zhuri" Kenzie dragged Zhuri away. 

"She's so annoying" Meadow scoffed. 

"Thank you Kenzie" Zhuri said

"Wait,you mean you had séx with him?" 

They heard some maids talking and they exchanged glances. 

"Maybe with a guard" Kenzie whispered and they listened more. 

"No,it was just.....mouth thing" The girl replied and the others laughed. 

"That's hot!" 

Kenzie chuckled and Zhuri was confused.

"What's that?" She asked when they continue walking. 

"What's what?" Kenzie faced her. 

"The....mouth thing? What's that?"

McKenzie stopped. 

"You mean it? You really don't know?" She asked. 

Zhuri shook her head. 

"You've never done it for the emperor then?" 

Zhuri shook her head again

"Gosh,you're so naive" McKenzie shook her head. 

"Tell me,explain to me"  Zhuri said curiously and McKenzie Explained in details without any shame. 

"His majesty might promise you his mistress head if you give him that" She joked and Zhuri chuckled. 

"That's too extreme" She muttered. 

"I'm just saying....you should try it and please him,,he might even want you more" Kenzie replied and Zhuri sighed. 



"Why did you come back?" Emperor Augustus asked,pouring a drink for Sabrina.

"It's beginning to look like you abandoned me there" Sabrina pouted. 

The emperor sat down and handed her the drink. 

"Why would I abandon you?" 

"Brother come on,I've sent letters to you countless time but you never replied" Sabrina said. 

"So are you here to stay for a while or....."

"I'm not leaving again,never. I'm staying beside you forever" Sabrina said. 

"That's a lie tho,I heard humans always want to get married....."

"I don't want to get married,don't worry I don't believe in love,if you think I might leave you,quit that thought" Sabrina said and the Emperor scoffed. 

"Can you ever just trust anyone brother? Including me?" Sabrina groaned. 

"I see you haven't started smiling either,now I know K have more work to do here. I will see you later brother" She stood up after she finished her drink. 

She walked out of the chamber. 

She met some maids outside waiting for her. 

"Welcome Princess,we are here to walk you to your suite. We cleaned everywhere for you" 

"Well thanks" Sabrina smiled and followed them. 



Neriah entered and met Ximena taking a nap,but when she heard the door she opened her eyes. 

"My lady" Neriah called. 

"Is there a problem?" Ximena asked. 

"Princess Sabrina just arrived my lady" Neriah said and Ximena sat up. 

"She came back?!"

Neriah nodded and Ximena scoffed. 

"That brat" She mumbled. 

"Well....I should say Hi to her right?" She smirked and Neriah smiled. 

"Of course my lady"

Ximena stood up and put on a simple dress before going out with Neriah. 

They walked straight to Sabrina's suite and met her outside,watching the maids arranging her stuffs in the room 

"Princess" Ximena called and Sabrina turned. 

"You're really back,it's so good to see you" Ximena said,faking her excitement.

"You don't really have to pretend Ximena,it makes you ugly" Sabrina also faked a smile and went in,she slammed the door loudly. 

Ximena scoffed and turned back. 

"I was expecting that,she's such a rude brat anyway" Ximena said. 

"Don't you think you should inform his majesty? She can't disrespect you this way" Neriah said. 

"I don't have to do that,as long as I have him,I don't care about the princess" Ximena muttered. 



Zhuri adjusted her skirt as she entered into the entrance leading to the emperor's chamber,it's quite some feet even before getting to the door. The guards allowed her in immediately and she entered. 

Getting in,she met Ximena in the lounge. She almost gasped. 

Where's the emperor? Did he called Ximena over also?? The way he called her? Or Ximena Came on her own? 

"Good evening...my lady" Zhuri bowed when Ximena faced her. 

"What are you doing here?" Ximena snapped. 

"I was summoned by..... "

"Get out!! Right now!!" Ximena shouted. 

Zhuri swallowed,but she didn't move. 

"Are you deaf? I just asked you to leave" Ximena said. 

"I'm sorry my lady,but....I can't leave until my lord says so" Zhuri said. 

"How dare you!!" Ximena yelled and Slapped her,it was so quick but the slap hurts like hell. 

Zhuri touched her cheek and bite her lips. 

"Get out......" 

Emperor Augustus suddenly came into the lounge and met them both. 

Ximena immediately turned to him. 

"Your majesty....." 

"What are you doing here Ximena" The Emperor cut her off. 

"I just...missed you and......"

"Leave,I will call for you when I need you" He said. 

"Your majesty,I can't leave for her" Ximena said and Zhuri took her lips in without moving an inch. 

Ximena faced her again. 

"Are you not going to leave?! Get out!" She yelled. 


"Your majesty,I don't want to" Ximena shook her head,giving him the pity look. 

'Why is he not punishing her? Just why?' Zhuri asked inwardly. 

'She must really have a little space in his heart,unlike me' she thought sadly. 

"Zhuri,leave" Came the emperor's voice. 

Zhuri looked up and Ximena smirked at her victoriously. 

"Yes my lord" Zhuri bowed gently and walked out. 

The emperor looked at Ximena. 

"What are you waiting for? You should leave also" He said. 

"Your majesty,I want you........" She gulped when his eyes changed,,the redness made her froze. 

"Get out Ximena" The emperor said calmly and Ximena didn't wait another second before going out of the Chamber. 

"Zhuri,that bitch. I'm really going to kill her" Ximena clenched her fist,breathing heavily. She wanted to just strangle Zhuri at that moment. 


Zhuri on the other hand kept walking sadly to her room,but why does it feel so hurtful because the emperor choose his mistress over her?? What does she expect? Even though he Called for her and not Ximena,he still choose her. 

Just the way she had took the emperor's attention from her last night,she just did the same. 

"I must be going crazy already" she said when she got to her door,she opened and went in. 

Shockingly,she found herself in the Emperor's room and not her own room. 

Zhuri blinked her eyes twice and turned around,she saw Augustus and she gasped. 

"My.....Lord" She called,what just happened? Just how did he.......

"You really wanted to run away??" He asked. 

"No my Lord,I......"

"Strip" He cut her off. 

Zhuri took her lips in and started undressing,after she was done she looked at him and an idea entered her head. 

**"His majesty might promise you his mistress head if you give him that**

**I'm just saying....you should try it and please him,,he might even want you more**

Kenzie's voice kept on ringing in her head and before she knew it,she blurted out....

"Can I.....use my mouth?" She asked and the emperor raised his brows in confusion,what does she mean?

Slowly,Zhuri moved closer to him and when she got close enough,she knelt right in front of him. 

The emperor couldn't believe his eyes at that moment. 

"I'm going to make you feel good tonight my Lord,please let me" She uttered. 


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