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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 15&16




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 15&16

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


Get on the bed and turn your back Zhuri" Came the next command from him. 

Zhuri didn't waste a second,she walked slowly to the bed and climbed on it,turning her back like he requested,her two hands on the bed with her two knees also. She was almost tempted to look back after some minutes of silence without feeling him on the bed. 

But just as she was about turning,she felt it as he joined her on the bed,only staying behind her like the first time,he must really like this position a lot and Zhuri couldn't help but to wonder if he does the same with Ximena also. 

She stood still,waiting for the first thrust and it came,unexpectedly slow and gentle. 

Zhuri bite her bottom lip hardly as she absorbed the feel of him. 

He pulled out of her tight space and she let out a tiny breath,he penetrated right inside her again,more deeper than the first. 

"Ahh" Came from Zhuri,it wasn't a scream neither was it caused by the pain,it was actually a moan,unbelievably she felt something she have never felt before,how can she describe that feeling? 

The only thing she can say is that...it felt really good. 

The emperor could see the countless tiny goosebumps all over Zhuri's body as he continue moving slowly in and out of her. Without being told,he realized he was being gentle this time around,he wasn't planning to be gentle but strangely, he found himself doing so. 

To crown it all,Zhuri was trying too much to remain silent,she doesn't want this sweetness to end anytime soon,if she make a sound,he might decide to change his mind and hurt her,she doesn't want that. 

"Let it out Zhuri,,it's foolish" The Emperor Augustus said Zhuri released one heavy breath. 

"I'm sorry my........." She wanted to apologize,but she couldn't even finish her own word of apology,that crazy sweetness overshadowed her when the emperor slides into her in a sudden move,it was so deep. 

"My lord!!" Zhuri screamed,she was holding the bedspread as if her life depends on it,her eyes rolled. 

'What's this feeling? Why is he being gentle with me? Why am I feeling pleasure??' She asked those questions in her head. 

She actually froze when the emperor got hold of her @ss cheek,allowing his full erection to cushion fully inside her. 

"Ohhh......" Zhuri moaned,she was so filled up,he was so big that she could hardly breathe,but still she don't want that to end.

'Why?' She asked herself again,because isn't it just stupid? The last time she was crying so he might let her go,but now she want more??

It was definitely an opiate she had no wish to kick at that very moment. She didn't even realized when she arched her back lower to accept the better of him. 

Emperor Augustus let out a groan pleasurably,between her legs,she felt so soft,tight,sweet,just....everything. Even though she's just a naive one in this aspect,still he wanted to stay that way inside her warm cunt,just this way. 

"Fúck" The emperor uttered and Zhuri could feel his release inside her,she gulped. 

'Isn't that supposed to get a lady pregnant?' She thought but shook her head,she won't get pregnant,the emperor won't allow her right? She's definitely not going to. 

When he finally pulled out,Zhuri sighed out and was almost tempted to fall on the bed breathlessly,but she was able to overcome such dangerous temptation. 

The emperor got down from the bed without saying a word to her,he went into the bathroom and Zhuri did it,her back landed on the bed,she swallowed and closed her eyes,her breaths were rapid and she was sweating profusely,her honeypot still feel like he's inside her. 

After just a minute on the bed,she got down to put on her uniform back,she sat down back on the bed,her legs were literally shaking on the floor. 

"How can he....be so....good?" She muttered and slapped herself. 

"What are you thinking" She hurried out on her uniform and repacked her already loosed hair. 

She stood there,resting her back on the wall for close to half an hour before the emperor finally came back into the room. 

He didn't spare her a glance 

"Leave Zhuri" He said and Zhuri bowed before going out. 

Okay,there's just something about the way he pronounces her name,like he makes the name sound so soft and sweet in her ears even with his deep voice. 

What exactly is he??

Zhuri never stopped thinking about him even as he got to her room and took off her clothes,she entered the bathroom and got into the bathtub,still she never stopped. 

Is it stupid to think he has such a seductive spirit?? She had to try so hard before the thoughts stopped coming. 



The emperor was getting dressed when Ximena entered,she instantly ordered all the maids present to leave and they left the chamber right away. 

"Your majesty" Ximena moved closer. 

"What is it Ximena" The emperor asked. 

"I just came to do this myself today" She smiled and started helping with the golden button on his robe. 

Emperor Augustus said no word,he didn't look at Ximena either,he was cold as always. 

"Your majesty,how about a dinner together? This night?" She asked,looking into his eyes and finally he also looked at her. 

"What's the purpose?" He asked. 

"I just want to spend time with you,is that wrong?" Ximena asked and dropped her hands after she was done. 

"Besides,I was told you've been skipping meals,so I think eating with me might be the solution,it's nice when you see someone eat while you have your meal your majesty" Ximena said and Emperor Augustus scoffed. 

"Does it work that way?" He asked. 

"Of course" Ximena nods. 

"Let's see then" The emperor mumbled and Ximena smiled. 

"I will get ready for that then" She said. 

"Your majesty" Asher walked in and they both turned. 

"You have a visitor....one of the ministers" Asher reported. 

"Tell him to wait in the Chancery" The emperor replied. 

Asher bowed and immediately went out again. 



Zhuri was walking around,she was so hungry but she was waiting for lady Esme to show up first,she continue pacing and whispering a song. 

🎵 Oh little stars 

🎵 Can you take me

🎵 Take me with you

🎵 Wherever you are

🎵 I want to be. 

"You really want to live with stars now?" Esme asked from the back and she immediately turned. 

"Court Lady" Zhuri grinned. 

"You must be hungry" Esme said and Zhuri nodded 

"Come with me" 

Zhuri followed her into the kitchen,the maids present in there started throwing her hateful glares but she ignored all. 

Esme gave to her the portion of food and she sat down. 

"I'm going to eat here" She said and Esme smiled. 

"You're such a drama queen" She said. 

"That word...doesn't quality me" Zhuri said,with her mouth full. 

"Don't allow anyone bully you Zhuri,,the maids have no right to bully you,they are servants just the way you are" Esme said. 

"No....they are servants,but I'm a slave. That's a huge difference" Zhuri said. 

"Don't make them see you that way"

"There's nothing I can do when they all hate me,me against Minions" Zhuri chuckled sadly and Esme sighed. 




Emperor Augustus entered and there was standing the image of one of his ministers,but the moment he set his eyes on him,he let out a scoff. 

"The deities are quite dumb these days,you have no better way of showing up?" The emperor asked. 

The body transformed from the minister's own to a woman,the deity. 

"You haven't changed at all" She smiled. 

"Are you finally ready to grant me my wish?" The emperor asked. 

"What wish?" The deity asked. 

"You know my wish dear Deity,why are you asking me when you're supposed to know everything?" He moved closer. 

"You've been wishing for death for years,you should be tired already" The Deity said and he scoffed. 

"Once I reach a thousand year,I might have to hunt you down and take over you know? There are a lot of things you can't even do,then you cover them up by calling it fate,such a lame excuse....."

"Watch your mouth!!!" The Deity yelled. 

Emperor Augustus punched the wall and the whole building shakes. 

"If you can't do anything for me you have no right to visit me!!!!!" He yelled back. 

The Deity sighed and crossed her arms. 

"I'm going to come back after few months....to grant your wish" She smiled. 

The emperor laughed. 

"You and your silly games again" he said and the Deity raised her brows. 

"You're going to put me in a situation where I might beg you to give me more time" He smirked and the Deity said nothing. 

"You created me,I've lived with you before coming here to this silly dumb place called earth,I know how you work,,you're more powerful obviously and you're planning in your head right now to give me a weakness,well I see,I've lived more than five hundred years and I've never ever for once got a weakness except the full moon which sounds dumb to me.......I've been begging and asking you to make me leave this place all those years but you refused and now you're giving me few months left? Do you think I am dumb?? You should know me more than anyone else,,I tend to give up on things too quickly and that weakness wouldn't work on me,so play your game right and take me with you right now if you're really the Deity,well you are" Emperor Augustus said. 

The Deity smiled. 

"Shall we play a game?" She asked. 

"A game to show me you created all and it will end up just the way you want,I've grown beyond that. As you can see,my tree grew rather too dry that it might just break very soon,I'm not just a demon anymore......I'm the devil" He smirked. 

"That dry tree might start getting wet anytime soon" The Deity smiled. 

"No...honestly I don't think I want it wet anymore. Am I not living in a way that pleases you?" he asked dryly. 

"You're serving a punishment......"

"For killing those who tried killing me? Five hundred years punishment? You're such a joke" He scoffed and the Deity smiled. 

"I hate it when you smile even when I say the meanest thing,but I also love it because there's at least one Deity who matches my energy,where's she?" 

"My sister really doesn't have your time" The Deity said and The Emperor laughed dryly. 

"You've outgrown your stay here,I own this palace as you can see,so leave" He said and turned to go out. 

"You will understand why I'm doing this soon" the Deity said. 

"I don't want anything from you,come back in few months and take me back to where I belong" He said and stormed out. 

The Deity looked at the wall the emperor broke and it returned back to normal,she vanished after that. 



Ximena smiled,staring at herself in the mirror,she was beautifully dressed in red and black,the dinner dress touched the ground,designed with beautiful flowers and patterns. 

"My lady,you look so beautiful" The maids said and she smiled. 

"You have just few minutes left before you leave for the Emperor's chamber my lady" Neriah said and Ximena nodded. 

"I look just perfect,I won't have any choice than have me this night" She muttered and smirked. 



Zhuri watched as Lady Esme dished out the meal,The supposed dinner for the emperor and his mistress. 

The maids taking them were already waiting. After Esme was done she turned to Zhuri. 

"Go with them" she said and Zhuri's eyes widened. 


"You're the emperor's slave,you should be serving him every time" Esme said handing over one of the trays to her. 

"Go with them" She said and Zhuri nodded. 

The maids took the lead and Zhuri followed. 

Getting to the chamber,the emperor just finished speaking with Asher and he was also about going out,his eyes met with Zhuri's own and he gave her a greeting nod which Zhuri ignored. 

He went out. 

"Good evening your majesty" The maids chorused,including Zhuri and they started arranging the meals on the table. 

In few minutes they were done,they bowed again and turned to go. 

"Zhuri" The emperor called and all the maids stopped,they were quite shocked that the emperor actually just called a slave's name. 

They glared at Zhuri before going out,leaving Zhuri behind. 

Zhuri faced the emperor back. 

"My Lord" She bowed. 

She could see as his eyes roam all over her body making her nervous.

"Come with me" He said coldly and led the way to the bedroom,Zhuri followed obediently and they entered the room. She closed the door behind her and faced him back. 

"My lord,is there something you want me to do?" Zhuri asked innocently. 

The emperor gave her a blank look she couldn't read until he let the word out. 

"Strip" He said and Zhuri almost couldn't believe her ears. 

Isn't he supposed to be dining with the mistress? He was already well dressed but now he wants to have s+x with her. 

"Yes my lord" Zhuri muttered and tried taking off her uniform but suddenly the uniform snapped out of her body,she gasped and looked at the emperor. 

The look he was giving her...it was pure hunger,but is she the reason? Does he want her that badly or she's just thinking the impossible?

The emperor started walking closer and Zhuri's back hit the wall,she closed her eyes to avoid looking into those beautiful sharp eyes of his. 

Her soul almost left her body when she felt something on her br+ast and she opened her eyes to see him touching her......for the first time,he really did. 

Zhuri gasped in a moan when he touched her already er€cted n+pple,,he was staring at them as if it was his first time seeing a woman's b👀bs. 

Nevertheless,she was hoping he would continue,she want him to touch her more,she was enjoying every bit of it. 

But that moment was short lived when the door opened all of a sudden. 


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