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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 13&14




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 13&14

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



All the guards were present, scattered around the field. Some elders who came to visit were standing next to the emperor watching as he handled the bow perfectly before releasing the arrow. 

"Bull's Eye!!!" The guard closed to the bullseye announced. 

"That's amazing your majesty" One of the elders said and others nodded in agreement. 

The emperor was given another arrow and he continue shooting,all hitting the bullseye without missing a single one. 

Asher returned and quietly stayed some distance away from the emperor. 

"Your majesty,how about a hunt tomorrow? If you won't be too busy?" One of the elders asked. 

"No,I'm not in the mood for that" Emperor Augustus declined and shot another arrow. 


"I will rather go for a ride tomorrow......in the woods" The emperor said. 

"In the woods?" The elders asked at a time. 

"Are you scared?" The emperor faced them with a cold smirk on his face. .

"Of course not your majesty" They bowed. 

"We will be prepared for tomorrow" 

"Asher" The emperor called and he immediately moved closer. 

"Inform Ximena to get prepared,make sure the horse she will be riding is well checked to avoid any injury" He said. 

"Yes Your majesty" Asher bowed and walked away. 

The emperor opened his palm for the guard giving him the arrow and he immediately placed one in his palm,he continue shooting. 



Zhuri let out a sigh out as she finished eating,she looked at Esme who have been staring at her. 

"Thank you" She muttered. 

"Are you trying to kill yourself or what? You didn't eat all day?" Esme asked and Zhuri sighed. 

"I'm in charge of the food here Zhuri,I didn't see you in the kitchen all day,his majesty never said you shouldn't eat. He's the only one who can give that order and I wouldn't have a choice than to follow it" Esme said and Zhuri gulped. 

"Thank you Lady Esme" She muttered. 

"You don't have to thank me,you should go back to your room and have a good rest" Esme said and Zhuri nodded. 

She stood up and walked out of the room. 



The emperor just Finished dressing up,his robe look quite casual but perfect for a ride,his hair was packed in a short ponytail leaving out few in the front as usual giving him the hot look. 

"You look handsome your majesty" The maids said. 

Emperor Augustus scoffed and faced Asher. 

"The mistress is waiting with everyone else your majesty" He said and the emperor nodded. 

He walked out and Asher followed

Ximena was already waiting at the field,grinning ear to ear,she had thought the emperor was really mad at her that he would ignore her for days,guess she was wrong. She saw him coming from afar with Asher and she smiled beautifully. 

The guards all bowed when the emperor got to them. 

"Good morning your majesty" Ximena bowed. 

"Help her on" Emperor Augustus muttered,ignoring her greetings,he climbed on the horse before the guards could think of helping him. 

Ximena was helped up and some royal elders going with them used the horses too,the guards are going to walk except Asher who was on the horse next to the emperor. 

"Wait" The emperor said just when they were about taking off and everyone looked at him. 

"Where's Zhuri?" He asked and Ximena frowned. 

"Your majesty,a slave girl have never followed you during......."

"Get her" The emperor told Asher. 

"Yes your majesty" Asher instantly jumped down from the horse and ran off. 

Ximena was fuming with anger already,she checked her fists. 

"Your majesty......"

"What is it Ximena" He faced her. 

"I don't think it's a good idea for her to follow us" She said. 

"Calling you here doesn't mean I've forgiven you" Emperor Augustus said and Ximena bite her lips. 

"I'm sorry" She mumbled. 



Zhuri just finished taking her bath,after putting on her uniform,she packed her hair into a ponytail,she was thinking of asking Esme if she could get a brush for her hair,it was beginning to get curly and tangled which she hates so much. 

She walked out of the room after that,she was on her way to the kitchen. 

"Zhuri" She heard someone called her from the back and she turned to see Asher. 

"Oh....Hi" she muttered. 

"Come with me" Asher said,turning to leave almost immediately. 

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" Zhuri asked and Asher faced her. 

"No you didn't,his majesty want to go on a ride,I don't know why he called for you,but it's nothing big" Asher explained. 

Zhuri nodded nervously and followed him till they finally got to the field. 

"Good morning...My Lord" Zhuri bowed. 

The Emperor ignored her.

Asher turned to her and tried helping her up on his own horse. 

"No" The Emperor said and they looked at him. 

"She will be walking...and when my horse run,she will run also" He said and Asher immediately looked at Zhuri's legs,she doesn't even have any footwear on. 

Zhuri swallowed,she hid her shaking hands behind her. 

"Let's go" Emperor Augustus said and his horse moved first. 

Asher sighed and got on his own horse,following others. 

Zhuri and the other guards also followed. 

Like the emperor said,sometimes his horse would make a long race and Zhuri had no choice but to follow. 

Ximena was enjoying the drama,she couldn't stop smiling on her horse. 



Zhuri was breathing heavily as the emperor's horse finally stopped,she also stopped running. 

Her feet were bleeding so badly from different nails and thorns,even the tiny stones were enough to make her bleed,it was stinging badly that she was at the point of tears. This is another hard torture she have never experienced in her life. 

"Your Majesty,why don't we go to the other side of the woods? It's quite green over there" One of the elders said looking at the mountain far from them. 

Asher who was staring at Zhuri let out a scoff when that elder said that. 'Is he crazy?' He thought. 

The emperor also looked at Zhuri who was standing beside a tree staring down at her bleeding feet. 

Ximena saw him looking at Zhuri and that annoyed her,she knowingly fell off from the horse. 

"Ouch!" She screamed. 

"My lady!!" The guards quickly rushed to her. 

"Move away!!!" Ximena yelled at Zhuri because she was standing close to where she fell. 

Zhuri immediately moved. 

Ximena pushed the guards hands who came to help her up away,she looked at the emperor and stood up by herself. 

"Are you okay?" He asked with a groan. 

"No I'm not" Ximena snapped. 

"You should have been careful....."

"It's not my fault,why are you blaming me" Ximena said. 

"Let's go back it's enough now" The emperor said and turned away without sparing Ximena another glance. 

"Let me ride with you" Ximena said. 

"No" He quickly declined and Ximena was helped back on the horse. 

Asher faced Zhuri. 

"Are you sure you can walk back this way?" He asked. 

"Don't worry about me" Zhuri muttered and walked away,following the emperor. 

Asher sighed and got on his own horse also. 

Like that,they headed back to the palace. 



Zhuri's heart was restless as she approached the emperor's chamber,she doesn't even know what to expect this night but honestly she was prepared,still she was scared. 

She was prepared to pleasure him if only he won't hurt her,but she wasn't ready for his cold and mean side,she don't want to experience it tonight at all. She was limping as she walked because of the wounds under her feet. 

She finally stopped in front of the door,she exhaled before opening the door and she went in. He wasn't in the lounge this time around,it's obviously another night he's going to be inside her. 

Zhuri walked slowly into the bedroom and it was empty also,she turned around immediately wondering where he went to. 

Moments later,the emperor walked in,he looks like he just had his bath,his hair seems kinda wet but he was already wearing a night robe. Zhuri almost got lost staring but she realized quickly and looked away. 

"Good evening my lord" She bowed.

Emperor Augustus ignored her greetings but he didn't look away from her making Zhuri nervous,she took her bottom lip in and her hands went behind her. 

"Those clothes...take them off" He said. 

Why is he telling her to strip while using another word to qualify? Zhuri thought as she did.  

Her body was still red from the work she did yesterday,her body must be really sensitive,maybe because she's not used to all these?? 

There's another scar on both legs just above her knees,she got them from different logs of woods she walked pass during the walk and run after the emperor's horse earlier today. 

On her face,there was a cut just below her lips from Ximena's slap and under her feet. 

As Zhuri stood there in front of the emperor,naked,alot was going on in her mind,why is he not saying anything and just feeding on her body? But then those thoughts came to an end when she felt something strange,first it was the wounds under her feet,she suddenly couldn't feel the pain anymore and she immediately checked. 

The wounds were all gone,not just those every other cuts and scars on her body closed and disappeared like they never happened. 

Zhuri looked up at him with both confused and shocked expression written widely on her face,still the emperor's expression didn't change.

"My lord" Zhuri called almost tearfully. 

"I hate women with scars" Emperor Augustus said deeply and Zhuri bite her lips,suppressing a smile. 

Silence followed until...

"Get on the bed and turn your back Zhuri" Came the next command from him. 


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