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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 11&12




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 11&12

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"Die!!" That Emperor growled,at that moment,Zhuri remembered that she's just a slave,her life doesn't really worth a thing,if he want to kill her,he would do it without any care in the world or nobody to question him. 

She was breathless,there's no way she could speak up when she can't even breathe. 

'He can't be human' she said in her head,his characteristics and everything he's been doing..He's definitely not a human,then the idea stuck in her head. She decided to speak to him through her mind,hoping he would listen to her or hear her. 

'My Lord...please hear me out for a second,please' She pleaded in her mind. 

The Emperor's power seized at that very moment,his red eyes stopped glowing,nobody has ever spoken to him through the mind,he could hear her clearly in his head which amazes him...how did she.....

He rolled his eyes and Zhuri fell on the floor freely,she started coughing out blood,it took her more than ten minutes before she became calm..

"Water" She said in the most tiny voice. 

"What do you have to say?" Emperor Augustus asked and Zhuri went on her knees. 

"My Lord,please forgive me. I would never think of disrespecting you or ignoring your calls....."

"Then why!!!!!" He yelled and Zhuri swallowed. 

"It was.....your mistress my Lord" She confessed and the Emperor glared more. 

"What do you mean?" He asked. 

"She asked me not to serve you tonight My Lord,she said you're hers tonight,That's Exactly what she told me...I wanted to refuse,but she threatened to make my life hell......"

"Are you here for serve Ximema or me?!! You dumb human!! You're my slave not Ximema's!!" He yelled at her,Zhuri's head went bowed. 

"Forgive me just this once....My Lord" She said in tears. 

"Get lost" Came the Emperor's voice. 

"Thank you my Lord" Zhuri stood up at once and ran out of the chamber. 

She ran straight to hers and broke into complete tears the moment she entered,she was so scared,she could still feel her heart beating fast. Just some minutes ago,she thought she was going to die,she was at the point of death and she could see it. 

Zhuri touched her heart and shook her head. 

"He....have no heart" She mumbled and bite her lips,letting the tears down freely. 

She slowly walked into the bathroom and entered the tub,trying to enjoy the warm bath she had prepared for herself,now she can't even enjoy it. 

Her mind was filled with something else. How is she supposed to water the plant the deity asked her to?? When is she going to find out what the plant is? 

She was beginning to see him,the Emperor as the plant but she wasn't sure. 

"If it's him.....maybe I should just die.....He's too dry and dark to come back....He's a monster" Zhuri muttered and closed her eyes,resting her inside the tub. 



"All done my lady" The Maids said as they finally finished up with Ximena's night routine. She stared at her face in the mirror,even without make up she was glowing and looking so fresh. 

She uses the best body care specially made for her,she never run out from them,she wear the best robes and dresses. 

"You look so beautiful my lady" 

"I know....His majesty really made the best choice" She said,touching her face and the maids smiled. 

Just before she stood up,they heard a knock on the door and the maids exchanged glances. 

"Go open" Neriah said and one of the maids immediately left. She returned with one of the palace guards. 

"My lady" He bowed and Ximena raised her brows. 

"Is there a problem?" She asked. 

"His majesty summoned you to his chamber" He replied and Ximena bite her lips suppressing a smile. 

"Alright,I will be there" she replied. 

The guard bowed and walked away. 

"My lady,do you need a change of robe?...."

"Stop asking and get another one" Neriah Snapped. 

Ximena was thinking... Zhuri might have ignored the Emperor's call right? 


"Wait here" Ximena told her maids before going into the emperor's chamber,she entered and met him in the lounge,he still look dressed and doesn't look like he want her tonight,then why?

"Your majesty,I'm here" Ximena bowed. 

Emperor Augustus looked at her with an angry face and Ximena took her lips in. 

"Why did you do that?" He asked. 


"Ask me that question once more and you're dead" He threatened and Ximena swallowed. 

"I missed you" She said and looked up. 

"I missed you so much,it's almost a week already,you spent the night with her last night,I just can't watch you do the same thing tonight while I'm in my suite missing you inside of me........"

"Does that give you the right to make a slave disrespect me?!!!!" He yelled and Ximena shook her head. 

"I'm sorry your majesty" She muttered. 

"Next time that happens,I won't ever forgive you Ximena,I promise" He said.

"Leave" He added. 

"Your majesty......"

"Get out Ximena,I don't want to see you here until I call for you anytime I want" The emperor said and went inside,leaving her there. 

Ximena clench her fists angrily as she walked out. 

"That bitch....I'm going to kill her" She mumbled. 



It was so silent,but yet cold. The palace guards on duty are all over the place,some walking around while some stood in a position watching all over. 

Zhuri opened the door to her room and went out,the night cold hit her body and she exhaled.

She couldn't sleep,for hours now she's been moving from one side of the bed to another. 

Even though it was so cold that it was almost unbearable,she didn't return inside,she kept walking. She made sure to pass where the guards are not really too much,she hate the way they stare at her. 

She was still walking when suddenly she saw a figure standing somewhere in the quiet passageway,he was standing there and staring at the half moon up there,it wasn't so bright so the passageway was quite dark. 

Zhuri stopped walking far from him,she couldn't stop staring at his Figure. How can he still glow even in the dark? He's fúcking straight and just...perfect.  

It was taking minutes already and Zhuri could tell that the emperor might turn at anytime,she quickly made a U-turn to leave quietly. The moment she turned,she came face to face with Emperor Augustus. 

Zhuri gasped and fell on her butt,her heart beat increased. 

"My.....my....Lord" She stuttered,still on the ground. 

"Are you not supposed to hide from me anytime you see me?" The Emperor asked. 

Zhuri took her lips in. 

The emperor rolled his eyes and walked away,Zhuri looked up and he was gone. 

"What is he?" She swallowed hard and quickly stood up. 

She ran back to her room and closed the door,she rushed to the bed and lay on her back,she covered herself up and sighed out. 

Her mind suddenly went to Alora 

"I wonder if you survived....I wish you did" She mumbled before closing her eyes. 



Zhuri just finished her morning work,even though it was almost noon. As usual the other maids left most parts for her,by the time she was done,she was starving too much to handle. 

She could feel excess pain in her tummy even as she approached the maids dinning hall,she entered and found everyone eating already,all eyes fell on her but she really didn't care,she was too hungry to care. She looked around to check if there's any extra food left but she couldn't find any. 

"Seems like the séx slave is hungry y'all" Someone among the maids said and they all laughed out loudly. 

Zhuri bit her lips and turned to walk away. 

"Hey catch it!" She heard a voice from behind and before she could take another step,a plate of rice landed on her head and poured all over her. 

👥 *Laughter*

"Oh poor girl,she must be so angry now"

Zhuri swallowed. 

"Hey! Turn and do something! You want to fight?!"

"Murderer's daughter" 

Zhuri was already in tears when she ran out of the hall but then bumped into Neriah. 

"My lady want you in her suite" She said and Zhuri gulped in fear. 

"Wh...why?" She asked. 

"Follow me if you want to know" Neriah rolled her eyes and led the way,Zhuri followed her slowly behind. 



Neriah opened the door and they both entered. 

"My lady" Neriah called Ximena's attention and she turned with a smirk of anger. 

She walked over to Zhuri immediately and without any second thought,she slapped her hard on the face,Zhuri yelped painfully but then came another slap from Ximena,she slapped her again and left that she continue slapping her till Zhuri fell on the floor. 

"How dare you!!!!! How dare you report me to his majesty you lowly slave!!!" Ximena yelled angrily. 

Zhuri tried getting up,but then she saw as blood dropped from her nose to the ground,not just a drop,they continue pouring out of her nose,she felt so tired and she could hardly see,her vision was blurry. 

Neriah pulled her up and she faced Ximena again. 

"Well I have works for you to do" Ximena said and Zhuri shook her head. 

"My lady.....I can't......I'm too tired and...."

Ximena grabbed her hair

"Ahh!" Zhuri cried out but Ximena didn't let go. 

She was pulling her hair right from her scalp and it's so painful. 

"Have you forgotten who you are in this palace? You're an ordinary slave and nobody cares if you're tired or you die while working!! Do you get that!!!" Ximena yelled and pushed her roughly away. 

Zhuri wiped her bloody nose and then her tears. 

"Follow me,let's start from my laundry...I've never wore these dresses before,but it looks too dirty,so you're going to wash them all" Ximena smiled,throwing all the heavy dresses on Zhuri's face. 

"After that,I have other things for you,but let's start from here first" He said.

"Pick them up and follow me" Neriah said and Zhuri bent down,she started picking them from the floor,her nose wouldn't stop bleeding from the slap..Ximema hit her nose countless times and it's painful. 

"Gosh,stop already" Zhuri muttered,wiping her blood. 



Zhuri walked out of Ximena's suite in tears,she have been working for hours without a break,with great hunger and starvation. 

She was totally weak and tired,her throat was dry that even that moment she would prefer water to food. She walked,while staggering with her weak legs,she didn't know when she bumped into someone's body. 

The moment she looked up,it was the Emperor,she quickly moved back. 

"Apologize" Asher ordered and Zhuri's head went bowed. 

"I'm sorry......" She didn't finish it when she lost her consciousness and almost fell on the Emperor but Asher was faster,he caught her before she could touch the emperor's body. 

"Take her out of my sight" Emperor Augustus said and dust his clothes where Zhuri's hand touched before walking away,other guards immediately followed,leaving Zhuri in Asher's arms. 


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