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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 1&2




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 1&2

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 





Zhuri was in the backyard working herself out as usual,even though her aunt,Sabrina,who's the owner of the inn is capable of getting workers to work for her,still,she never got any. Zhuri work all day with no rest,she serve the customers,do the cleaning and the cooking and so on. 

Sabrina have a girl who's same age as Zhuri,Inaya. But she's like the princess of the house,she never do a thing,in a word,Zhuri can also be seen as a maid in there,maybe a slave might be better coz at least maids get paid but Zhuri doesn't. 

As Zhuri cleaned,her stomach kept making noise continuously,who would believe her if she told them she ate about thirty hours ago?? Well that's how she starves everyday. 

She live on the leftovers from the customers and even sometimes Sabrina would choose to bring up her wicked act and dispose the leftovers just for her to starve. Unending punishments without a reason. 

Zhuri's only sin is that she's an orphan,Sabrina would mention it every chance she gets that she was the reason why her parents died. Poor Zhuri would cry her eyes out and would later stop because there's obviously no one to console her. 

Moments later,Zhuri heard some footsteps coming closer to her and she looked back to see Inaya approaching her. She wore a beautiful red dress,her hair was looking so shiny,she's just gorgeous. Unlike her who only have one hanfu,it's torn on most parts,her shoes are tattered and her hair is unkept every time because she doesn't even have time for herself. Her body is full of scars from the beatings,her face is so rough and she feels so ugly compared to Inaya. 

"Hey loser" Inaya smirked. 

Zhuri said nothing.

"You have customers to serve,so follow me" Inaya said. 

"What happened to you? Why must I be the only one? You can see I'm working......."

Inaya shifted closer

"Do you want it the hard way?" She whispers into her ear. 

"So you better hurry up,mother will be here soon" She smiled and walked away. 

Zhuri swallowed and got up,she knows better than ignoring Sabrina's call,she would be dead if she doesn't show up in a minute from now. 

She wiped her sweat tiredly and Left the backyard. 

She walked into the inn and went straight to Sabrina. 

"I'm here" Zhuri muttered. 

Sabrina gave her an angry glare but didn't say a word,she pushed the tray in her hand to Zhuri's chest. 

"Room 103...you better do well this time or you're dead as your mother in hell" Sabrina said. 

Zhuri bowed and immediately walked away,she could feel some pains under her feet but this isn't the time to check yet. 

She finally stopped in front of the room and knocked gently,she heard a deep voice telling her to enter,she opened the door and went in. 

A middle aged man was laying on the bed,definitely one of the usual merchants that patronizes them from time to time,his long hair and full beards looks irritating to Zhuri that she felt like poking,or is it because she's hungry like an homeless child? 

The man grinned weirdly at Zhuri as she dropped his meals. 

"Sabrina always have the most beautiful maidens,even though you're unkept right now,I don't mind" He said and Zhuri bashed her lashes in shock. 

She don't want to believe it's whatever she's thinking in her head right now....Did Sabrina sell her out to this man? 

"I will leave now" Zhuri immediately bowed and turned to go but the man grabbed her hand and pulled her back on the bed. 

"Where are you going? Don't you know what to do again?" He asked and tried placing his lips on hers. 

"Please stop!" Zhuri screamed and pushed him away forcefully with tears rolling down her eyes. 

The man landed a slap on her face and pushed her aggresively on the bed. 

"No!!! Please!!" Zhuri screamed with the remaining strength inside her. 

She could remember the first time she got raped by one of their customers, Sabrina had told her to serve him as usual,unknown to Zhuri that it was all a set up. 

He was too strong for her and he had his way,it was so painful that she cried for days,she was traumatized since then,she sworn never to experience such pain again and now this??

"No!!!" Zhuri was still struggling with him,the man was at the point of tearing her dress completely but somehow she got the strength and she pushed him off herself,she kicked his middle and ran out of the room in heavy tears. 

At this point,she was finally done. Nobody has to tell her again that she's not wanted there,she would die and Sabrina wouldn't even blink out a tear. She's a nobody who will definitely die as a nobody. 

But Zhuri wasn't ready to die,even if death comes knocking,she should die as a strong woman,a noble woman,not this way. 

She found her way out of the inn,crying as she ran to where she doesn't even know. She was on the run for a while till she got a place to sit and rest,her breathe was draining away slowly. 


It's been hours since she was seated in the same position,where would she go? It was already getting dark. 

But then all of a sudden she remembered and old lady she had met few weeks back,she sounded like a seer and her words to Zhuri were..."YOUR FATE IS A DANGEROUS ONE BUT IF YOU ARE READY TO FACE IT,YOU MIGHT BE SAVED" 

Zhuri got up almost immediately and started another run,she saw the lady on her way back from the stream that night but where would she find her now? 

Strangely she saw some lanterns burning from afar,she had to stop running because this road is usually lonely and quiet,but where's that light coming from,? She started walking slowly then she saw a lady selling some old treasures,Zhuri wondered why one would even think of selling here,nobody is passing. 

Nevertheless,she greeted with a bow and continue walking. 

"You look like someone who's ready to face her fate" The lady said and Zhuri immediately turned. 

"How.....how did you...." She stammered,right in front of her the lady changed to the old woman she met. 

Zhuri immediately ran to her,breathing heavily.

"Old one....please....help" She broke into tears. 

The woman smile.

"You sound desperate" She said. 

"Yes I am...I'm dying slowly old one,I might not even last till the next full moon,I feel weaker every passing second,it's draining inside my soul,please" Zhuri cried. 

The old woman said nothing,she only watched her. 

"What am I supposed to do old one? I'm ready" Zhuri said in tears as she stood in front of the woman who smiled sinlessly. 

"Are you saying this because of the pains?" 


"But who said you won't pass through pain where you're going?" 

Zhuri said nothing. 

"Think carefully before you make your decision child....."

"I don't think there's any other pain greater than the ones I've passed through,my whole life,as long as I will have you by my side,then please take me away from here" 

"It's a journey to a dry tree" 

Zhuri was confused. 

"A dry tree?" She asked and the old woman smiled. 

"A dry tree that have refused to bring forth flowers,,your FATE is to make it bloom again...child" 

"If it's about that,I should be able to, old one,I love nature alot" Zhuri replied and the woman laughed. 

"You will soon understand" She said

"Here" she searched through her treasures and handed a bracelet to Zhuri. 

"Wear it and accept your fate no matter what" She said. 

Zhuri immediately wore it around her Left wrist. 

"What next?" She asked and the woman smiled. 



Zhuri opened her eyes slowly and looked around,it was blurry at first but then it started getting clear but at the same time more confusing. 

'Where am I? What's this? How did I get here?' She was asking those questions In her head as she balanced herself to sit up. 

She checked herself out,the dress on her body look so expensive that it became more strange,where are those scars all over her body?? But the shock became more when she mistakenly saw her face in the mirror. She screamed and immediately covered her mouth,she have another face entirely!!

'What's going on!!" She screamed and looked around her. It was then dawn on her,she was inside a palanquin. 

'Who is this? Who owns this body?? Is she a princess??' Zhuri thought but seeing the eyes,she looks like one who have been crying. 

She was so confused. 

After some minutes,the palanquin stopped moving and the curtain was opened revealing an hefty cold looking man. 

"Get Out" he said rudely and coldly 

'I guess I'm wrong,the person who owns this body isn't a princess...then what is she?' Zhuri thought. 

She was still thinking when she was dragged out and thrown on the ground.

"Ahh!" Zhuri screamed as her palms landed on thorns,she began bleeding from there. 

👥 There she is!!!!!!!

The screams she heard made her look up and behold were hundred of citizens running over with angry looks on their faces. 

👥 She don't deserve to be alive!!!

👥 She need to die!!!

Before she knew it,they began throwing stones on her,heavy ones. One landed on her head,nose,lips,chest,legs,all over her body and in a minute the white dress she on her was soaked with blood. 

Zhuri was speechless as she struggled in pain on the ground. 

What has this person done to deserve this kind of treatment?? 

Tears rolled down her eyes,she wanted to just die at that moment but still she was curious,who is this person?? 

👥 Her father is an animal in human skin!!!

👥 She must pay for everything her father did!!!


This body is paying for what her father did,not what she did. 

The hefty men dragged her up mercilessly not minding her Pains,that was when she looked up to see where they were.....


As she was being pushed toward the gate,the people were still throwing stones at her...women,men,children,all of them. 

Zhuri turned to look at them,she had lived her whole life being hated by the people she lived with,but now she would be hated by a whole town??

Her fate is to suffer her whole life,it's confirmed.

 Tears rolled down her eyes. 

"My lady!!!! My lady!!!!" She heard a tiny cracking voice from the back and she turned a little to see a girl in her twenties crying and trying to run over for her but the men wouldn't let her. 

'Who's she?' Zhuri thought but couldn't take her eyes off her. 

"Move!!!" She was pushed from the back and she fell on her knees. 

"My lady!!!!" The voice screamed loudly and before Zhuri knew it,the girl released herself from those men and rushed over to her on the ground.

"My lady are you okay??" She asked. 

Zhuri managed to nod her head. 

"Please be fine,I will definitely find a way to save you out of this place,till then please hold everything in,I promised you right? I will be loyal to you forever" She was crying while talking and then Zhuri realized. 

This girl is like a special maid to this new body. 

"My lady" She still cried,touching Zhuri with shaking hands. 

"I promise I will be........." The word get stuck in her throat and it was replaced by blood. 

Zhuri's eyes widened. 

The girl just got stabbed from the back

The sword came out in her stomach and Zhuri gasped. 

"M.....my.....La....dy" She stuttered and fell on the ground. 

"I....Alora.....promise to....to....serve you.......even....in my death...." More blood spilled out of her mouth and her eyes went closed. 

"No!!!!" Zhuri screamed out. 


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