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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 29




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 29

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Gulping harder, I managed to speak, even though I was drooling over him. “You can take the bed, and I'll take the floor or the couch.”

He scoffed. “Do you realize that I'm a gentleman, huh? I can't possibly let a woman sleep on the floor or couch while I sleep on the bed, especially if that woman is my mate.” 

“Thanks for saving me back there. Don't worry, I'll reject you, and then we can go our separate ways.” I said with my head bowed.

Rolling his eyes, he repeated after me. “You will reject me, huh? Are you aware that the Cold Moon Pack is the biggest pack in the states, right?” 

“Of course I do. At least, I've been there, and I've seen how powerful you are, but it doesn't matter.” I mumbled.

He was dumbfounded with my statement. “It doesn't matter, really?” 

“The night I was thrown out of the Night wind pack was my 18th birthday, and I just got my wolf. Initially, all I planned was to go rogue with my wolf before you saved me. I have nothing, okay? No family, no status. I'm sure you're confused because of my last name ‘Acosta’, right? It was Marcus who gave me that. I doubt that you would want someone like me as a mate, much less your Luna.” I said these words with tears in my eyes, but of course, with my head bowed. Likewise, I can't afford to let him see me cry.

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed my arm, making me shiver… and no, not in fear… I just can't tell what I felt. “I don't care whether you have no family, no stats or whatever. Allison, you are my redemption. You might think you're not relevant, but you are the cure to my curse.” 

“Curse? What… What are you talking about, Alpha? How can a slave like me be your redemption? That's not even believable.” I shook my head, confused.

He swallowed an invisible lump, and replied softly. “That will be a topic for another day. I just want you to know Allison that you and I will be together. You're not allowed to reject me.”

For the first time, I felt so wanted. A feeling I've never had ever. It feels so good, but I still had to oppose. “But I can't fit into…” 

He didn't let me complete the statement, he dragged me by my waist. A gasp escaped my mouth, but he pushed me softly to the wall. I felt hot all of a sudden. Pinning me to the wall, his hands were all over me. It was like… like I was going crazy. He fondled my tender b*reasts, and I gasped hard. Then, I felt a warm discharge out of me… Was I…was I wet?

Furthermore, I could feel his breath on my face. Then, he kissed me passionately like his life depended on it. His lips were sweet… just like strawberry. I couldn't stop myself, no matter how hard I tried… Oh, no! I found myself kissing him back, too. My dress was flimsy… I guess that's the turn on for him. Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to stop, but not wanting to stop? 

Gently, he took off the sleeves of my dress, and it yanked down my knees. I was standing in front of him with only my b*reast wear and panties on. And trust me, my panties were dripping wet… I couldn't stop myself.

He disengaged the kiss, and I felt disappointed. Upon seeing the expression on my face, he grinned. “My little bunny, do you want me to eat you, huh?”

My cheeks flushed. Is there any other worse way to describe blush, huh? He walked closer to the table and pick up that incense burner. Opening the drawer he took out a jasmine fragrance incense, lighted it and placed it on the burner. The scent of it made me extremely h*ornier.

Giving me a wink, he carried me in a hasty style and dropped me on the bed. I wanted him… all of him. He glued his lips to mine, and sucked hungrily on my lips. 

Before I knew it, my brasserie was yanked out of my body, and he fondled my bare b*reasts. I couldn't help but moan slowly. He pulled my panties to the other side, and touch my p*ussy. I quivered in pleasure, and hot c·um followed.

He smiled mischievously. “Bunny, you really want me, don't you? You're so wet for daddy.” 

His words were naughty, and I bit my lips in embarrassment. Then, he replied. “I want you more than you want me.”

Well, I smiled the moment he said that. At least, we both want the same thing, right? He then looked deeply into my eyes, and asked. “Can I?”

With a nod, I mumbled. “Yes.”

He slipped a finger into me, and gasped, then moaned. “Oh, damn!”

The pleasure was driving me crazy as he kept f*ingering me harder. I kept moaning on top of my voice. “F***! Ouch… dammit!”

He placed his mouth on my n*ipples and teased it, making me let out a loud moan, and he grinned then started to suck on it.

“This is going to hurt a little, but I'll be gentle.” He said, and I gulped nervously then nodded.

Likewise, he took off his panties. A gasp escaped my lips the moment I saw his erected shaft. There were green veins on it. His abs were driving me crazy. I was so wet that he didn't need a lube, even if it was my first time. Gently, he teased my opening with his shaft. Well, that made me even more h*orny.

“Please… Please f*** me, daddy.” I can't believe I was pleading for it.

Slowly, he inserted his d*ick into me. I felt a sharp pain, and he stopped with worry in his voice, he asked. “Do you… Do you want me to stop?”

Even though the pain was excruciating, I shook my head negatively. “No, it's you… it's you I want.”

He slammed into me gently. Slowly, the pain subsided a little. The faster his pace, the more I felt pleasure with a pinch of pain.

Meanwhile, Natalie stormed into her room angrily, and Marcus followed her. 

“She thought I was Alpha Atlas, don't you get it?” Marcus explained.

Natalie turned to him angrily. “And yet, you still put your hands all over her, that b·itch. Explain that.” 

“You asked me to wait in the room for some surprise. You did this, Natalie.” Marcus snapped at her.

“Who does Allison think she is, huh?” Natalie cried out.

“You set me up with her, and now she's with that god-damned Alpha, Atlas of the Night Wind Pack.” Marcus sat heavily on the bed.

Natalie scoffed. “Why do you care so much about that, Allison? She's irrelevant.” 

“I don't want to talk about it right now, please, Natalie.”

With a snort, Natalie continued. “I bet she's doing everything she can right now to please Alpha Atlas. That shameless, gold digger and…”

“I said… I don't want to talk about it now.” With that, Alpha Marcus grabbed her by the waist, and they laid on the bed. 

Natalie kissed his neck passionately, and he mumbled with his eyes shut. “Yes, Allison.”

Her eyes grew in resentment as she jerked up angrily. “Did you just call me Allison?”

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