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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 28




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 28

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“And why would you be the one he sends to give me that message?” I snapped her.

Rolling her eyes, she continued. “I don't care whether you believe me or not. Please, don't tell me you're going to wear this to see him?” She stared at my messily packed hair and rumpled dress.

“What do you care, huh?”

“Of course, I don't care about you and that damn Alpha of yours. I just don't want you to get thrown out of your new pack because I don't want you anywhere near the Night Wind Pack.” She sneered at me.

“I would never want to come back to your f****** pack as well. You have nothing to worry about.” I replied.

Exhaling deeply, she mumbled. “You better not forget he said you should come blindfolded. Don't disobey your new mate, who is willing to take a freaking maid like you in.” She said sarcastically before walking away.

I took a deep breath as I watched Natalie walk away. Was she being honest? Does Alpha Atlas want to see me?

Without hesitation, I slammed the door and sat heavily on the bed. My eyes turned red, and I looked up at the mirror opposite me. I could see my wolf Lily in the mirror.

“I don't trust her, Lily. But, I would rather not disobey Alpha Atlas.” I stated.

Lily replied. “Why not? Don't worry, we are never going back to the Night Wind Pack.”

“Lily, Why can't we feel the bond… Why can't we feel the mate bond? He just told me that he's my mate, but I don't feel it.” 

“I don't understand either. We are supposed to feel the bond, but do you like him?” Lily asked.

I gulped. “I do, but I don't understand why I can't feel the bond with Alpha Atlas. I'm surprised we got a new mate after Marcus rejected us.”

“Probably, the Moon Goddess gave us a second chance. Just go see for yourself.” Lily replied.

After speaking with Lily, I quickly changed into a nice outfit. Walking down the hallway, my heart was racing fast. “Room 235.” I kept looking at the tags on the door. 

I got to the door, and put on my blindfold, and then knocked. “Alpha, it's me, Allison.”

The door was immediately opened, and I could feel his strong hands on my arm. He dragged me into the room. I was blindfolded, so I didn't see his expression.

Pinning me to the wall, he glued his lips to mine hungrily. I felt butterflies in my tummy as he kissed my neck. 

Trying not to moan, I called out. “Alpha?”

He didn't say a word, but I could swear he was smiling at me. I called him again. “Atlas?”

He forcefully let go of my arm. “What the hell did you just call me?” 

Without sparing a glance, I recognized the voice immediately. I freaked out, and took off the blindfold. “Jackson?” 

Natalie rushed into the room that minute. Her face looked like she had seen a ghost. Wasn't she the same one who told me that Alpha Atlas is in room 235, huh? 

She blurted out. “What the f***?”

I turned to her with my eyes narrowed. She burst into ‘crocodile tears’, and cried. “What are you doing with my fiancé?”

Before I could say a word, she slapped me hard on the cheek. “I thought it was Atlas.” I stuttered.

Then, I freaked out. “You were the one who told me that Alpha Atlas was in room 235, which is why I'm here. You set me, Natalie.”

“You shameless whore, how dare you? Don't you dare put this on me. You are seducing my fiancé. God, I mean, look at what you're wearing. It's like you really have no shame.” Natalie continued shouting at me.

Alpha Marcus asked immediately. “You thought that I was Atlas?” 

“No, obviously, she knew it was you. This rogue, desperate b**** just can't stand the fact that you're marrying me.” Natalie yelled.

I scoffed. “I'm the one who can't stand the engagement, huh? Do you know what your fiancé would have done to me? He wasn't blindfolded, he knew that it was me and not you.”

“Oh, you freaking…” She raised her hand to slap me again, but she was interrupted.

“Don't f****** touch her. If you lay another finger on my mate, I'll make sure you live the rest of your life without it.” Of course, it was Alpha Atlas standing by the door.

Natalie gritted her teeth and took her hand down. Alpha Atlas took off his suit and wrapped it on my neck. “Let's go.”

I nodded my head, and walked away with him, glaring at the fuming Natalie. We walked into the room where Atlas was. 

Shutting the door, I sat on the couch beside the large bed.  “How's your face? It's reddened.” He asked.

I replied. “It's whatever, I'm used to it.” 

“Why would you let her do that to you? Haven't I told you to always stand up for yourself?”

I sneered. “I'm not exactly royalty, Alpha. I've always been their maid.”

“So, this is my mate. A defenseless maid from the Night Wind Pack. Ridiculous!” He mocked.

I smiled a bit. “It's already late, Alpha. There are plenty of events going on tomorrow.”

“I don't intend to let you tonight. Please, sleep here with me, Allison.”

Upon hearing him, I choked, coughing uncontrollably. “What?”

“Sleep here with me. Don't worry, I won't force you to do anything with me, even if you're my mate.” He said, taking off his shirt.

Taking a look at his abs, I gulped hard. “Would I be able to resist this?”

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