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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 26




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 26

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Struggling up, Harper stared at Alpha Atlas. Probably, because she never thought he would slap her for my sake. As a matter of fact, I was also surprised. 

Without sparing a glance at her, Alpha Atlas turned to me and held my wrist, then asked calmly. “Allison, are you okay?”

“Yes… Yes, I'm fine.” I mumbled.

Harper sniffed hard, and said. “Atlas, you slapped me because of her? She's… She's just a piece of…”

“Shut your mouth! I am your alpha, and you should accord that respect. Don't you dare call me by my first name, Harper.” He fiercely growled at her.

Harper's face was flushed. She was scared… Of course, I was afraid as well because I never thought he would speak to his dear Harper like that. I swallowed an invisible lump the moment Harper glared at me.

Blinking rapidly, Harper continued. “My Alpha, she… she was the one who got into my path. You should have seen how she was speaking to me with so much disrespect and…”

“I don't care whatever reason you're trying to give, but this should be the last time you lay your finger on her. I will make sure that you're punished accordingly for bullying your pack member.” Alpha Atlas said sternly.

My heart was beating faster. The Alpha of the Cold Moon Pack actually stood up for me. “I will take my leave, Alpha.”

“Go ahead. We're leaving for the conference in a few minutes. Pack your things and get ready.” Alpha Atlas replied with his face expressionless.

Harper's eyes grew in curiosity. She couldn't hold it back anymore, so she asked anxiously. “Alpha Atlas, are you taking her with you to the Pack conference?”

“Yes. I don't owe you any explanation, this should not repeat itself again.” Alpha Atlas turned to leave, but Harper rushed to him and held his arm.

Tears were circulated in her eyes. I bet she was disappointed that I was chosen by the Alpha instead of her. “Atlas, we already had the arrangement. I thought you said I would be the one to go to the Pack conference with you this year, huh? Why is it her?”

“I will let this slide because we have been friends since childhood. If not, I would have locked you up in the prison until I got back from the conference.” With that, Alpha Atlas snatched his arm from her and walked away, and I limped behind him.

“Dammit!” I heard Harper cry out as she fell on her knees, with her girls trying to console her.

Well, I still had to get ready for the conference… a day I never dreamt would come in my life. Of course, Sophia is my lifesaver. She helped me pack my things up and styled my hair in a messy bun.

She was still styling my hair when we heard a knock on the door. I freaked out. “Oh, my God! Sophia, I think maybe the alpha is done and waiting for me.”

“That quick?” She shrugged.

I exhaled deeply, and replied. “Get the door, please.”

Sophia walked towards the door, and threw it open. It was Beta Jackson. “Beta?”

“I apologize for intruding. The Alpha said I should give this dress to Allison.” He said, handing the crystal stoned dress to Sophia.

“Thank you.” Sophia said, and shut the door. 

A gasp escaped my lips the moment I saw the dress. It was exceptionally beautiful and expensive.

“Sophia, are you sure that this is for me? I mean, this looks expensive.” I asked anxiously.

Sophia shook her head and replied. “Of course, I'm sure the alpha wants you to look good for the conference.”

While this was happening, Alpha Atlas was already in the Lamborghini that was parked outside the Pack's castle. In a few minutes, I walked out of the castle. He turned to me with his eyes widened in shock. I was feeling uneasy, probably because I've never been dressed in something so expensive except my sack clothes.

“I'm ready, my Alpha.”

With a smile on his lip, he nodded his head in affirmation, and I was signaled to get into the car. Waving Sophia goodbye, I got into the car, and it was driven out of the castle.

Meanwhile, in the conference room, the Alpha's of the northern and southern Packs were already assembled, including Alpha Marcus of Night Wind Pack and his Luna to be, Natalie.

“Are we all present? Is there any other Alpha who is not here?” The attendance assistant asked.

“I think it's the Alpha of the Cold Moon Pack and…” 

He was yet to complete the payment when footsteps approached the conference room. Raising his head, Alpha Marcus's eyes grew in shock. In front of them, I stood. I was astonished as well, but I had to get a hold of myself. 

Natalie glared at me… Of course, the hatred she had for me must have tripled. Alpha Marcus wanted to talk, but he was shut up when Alpha Atlas walked in right behind me. 

“I apologize for being late. Pleasure to meet all of you.” Alpha Atlas loudly said with a smirk.

Gulping hard, Alpha Marcus stood up and walked towards us. My heart raced faster as he approached us. 

“Pleasure is all mine, Alpha Atlas.” He said as he shook hands with Atlas. I was still standing at the spot.

With a forced smile, Alpha Atlas continued. “Please, just call me Atlas. Not all of us identify more as a beast than a businessman.”

Natalie flared up, banging her fist on the table. “What did you say?”

“See you catching a rogue.” Alpha Marcus smirked, staring at me.

Alpha Atlas snapped, and turned to me. “Who? Allison? Oh, Allison is a valued member of my pack, under my protection. Forgive my manners, everyone. I'll introduce her formally to you all.” Alpha Atlas walked to me, and held my hand. “Allison Acosta, my valued Pack member.”

Everyone gasped, staring at me, while I bowed my head, feeling very uneasy.

“Please, have a seat. We're here for a conference, aren't we?” Alpha Atlas smiled coldly as he walked towards the empty chairs, and I followed him.

We got seated, and the silence was broken by Alpha Atlas. He cleared his throat and said to Marcus. “So, I wanted to make an offer on Night Winder corporation. Marcus, I saw your interview. I understand that you weren't planning to sell, but trust me, your company will be much better off in my hands.”

Alpha Marcus didn't get his eyes off me, even if Atlas was talking to him. I tried all I could to avoid eye contact with him and Natalie, who would have shot me if the eyes were guns. 

Atlas continued. “You're ambitious, but inexperienced. Under your lead, Night Winder has been…”

Ignoring and interrupting him, Alpha Marcus turned to me. “Are you with Atlas? Are you? You're just going to run into the arms of another Alpha, huh? That's it?”

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