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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 24




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 24

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


I slowly opened my eyes. Trying to recall where I was, I looked around the room. It looked very familiar to me… Alpha Atlas's room? I jerked up from the bed, but felt a strong feeling of dizziness that almost threw me unbalanced.

“You're awake, huh?” 

I was startled by the voice, and it was obviously Alpha Atlas's voice. Furthermore, I tried to struggle up, but staggered back to the bed. “Why… Why am I here? Why does my head hurt so much?”

Of course, I had so many questions on my mind. A lot… and all I needed was answers because I was confused. Without uttering another word, Alpha Atlas handed a mirror to me. Reluctantly, I took the mirror from him and stared at myself, then freaked out.

“Oh, my… What's wrong with my face? Why do I have spots all over my face?” I cried out.

He exhaled deeply. “Are you kidding me? Does that mean that you really can't remember what happened? Beta Jackson found you at the faraway dungeon, Allison. You were lying there half dead.”

“Faraway dungeon? How… How did I get there? Why can't I recall anything?” I mumbled with my brows twitched.

Alpha Atlas continued. “Tell me, why did you go there? Who were you with? And why did you take hazelnut ice cream when you know that you're allergic to it?” 

Tears circulated in my eyes. “I can't… I can't remember anything. I don't even know how I got myself there. As a matter of fact, I don't recall leaving the Pack House.” 

“What? Something is fishy. You're new around here, there is no way you would have left this mansion without someone. When Beta Jackson got there, you were all alone and you had already lost consciousness. I guess that's because of the hazelnut ice cream you were eating.” Alpha Atlas replied.

I sobbed. “I really don't know what happened to me or who I was with. I can't even recall going to any place. I'm sorry, my Alpha.”

“Allison, you are not allowed to leave the Pack house anymore. I don't know who… but I think the person who did this to you is very close. Please keep in mind, you mustn't go anywhere without my permission. Do you understand me?” He ordered.

“Yes… Yes, Alpha.” I nodded, and tried to get up, but my strength failed me.

Taking a deep breath, he stood up from where he was seated and helped me to the bed. “I know you don't have enough strength yet. Go ahead, and grab some sleep and…”

“Oh, no! I wouldn't like to bother you, Alpha. I'll leave now. Furthermore, I'm sure I can manage on my own.” I struggled up again, and fell back on the bed.

He scoffed. “Can you really manage on your own when you can't even stand unaided?” 

I bit my lips in embarrassment. “I… I don't just want to bother you.”

“You would rather not bother me, huh? When you've already bothered me enough. Well, sit here and rest. I'll bring Aunt Maggie to stay with you.” He said before walking away. 

I grinned from ear to ear. You know that feeling when you have butterflies in your tummy, right? That is accurately how I feel right now. He might sound cold, but his words are warm.


In the dark woods, the birds were chirping noisily. A muscular, built man stood under a tree with his fangs obviously tasting for blood. He was angry, and boiling.

“You are a bloody failure. How could you feel to get her to me? What a waste of time! You were supposed to compel her to do whatever you wanted her to… to hypnotize her.” He roared at him.

Jordan bowed his head. “I'm sorry, master. I would have been successful if Beta Jackson didn't show up all of a sudden. Besides, I was taking your orders. You said I shouldn't hurt the girl, regardless of what.”

“Shut up!” The vampire King shouted at him. “Are you insane? Why would you hurt her? All I want is for you to bring her back here, safe and sound. You mustn't hurt… not even a strand of hair on her head.”

“Yes, my King.”

Meanwhile, I was still lying on the bed while Aunt Maggie applied some balm all over my face. The spots were still there… That is undoubtedly the spot I get whenever I take hazelnuts.

“Are they really going to disappear, Aunt Maggie? I might lose everything, but not my beauty.” I cried out.

Aunt Maggie snorted. “You naughty girl, you should be thankful that Beta Jackson was there to save you. Who knows what would have happened if he didn't show up? It's bad enough that you don't remember anything.”

“It baffles me that I can't recall how I left this place to go to the dungeon. I don't feel safe anymore, Aunt Maggie.” I was worried.

“Listen, once you do what alpha wants you to, I'm sure that you'll be fine. You mustn't leave the pack house without permission if you would rather not put your life at risk.” She advised me.

I exhaled deeply, and nodded, then whispered to her. “Alpha Atlas's bed is so soft.”

“I'm really surprised that he let you stay in his room. You are the first girl who has ever laid on his bed.” Aunt Maggie replied.

I rolled my eyes. “That's impossible, Aunt Maggie. With the way the Alpha looks, I'm sure plenty of girls will be dying to be with him. You never know, he might have brought them into his room without your knowledge.”

“Is that what you think? Or are you jealous?” 

I choked on seeing Alpha Atlas smirking at Aunt Maggie and me. My heart sank. Has he been eavesdropping all these while?

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