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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 21




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 21

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“He can't be your mate. You're all mine, Allison! You are mine.” 

His words kept resounding in my ears as I sat heavily on the bed. I can't tell why he said that, but I could sense that he was earnest with his words.

Then, I thought of Jordan. Why haven't I seen him ever since I came into the pack? The thought of him made me shiver… I can't tell if it is for pleasure. 

“What is making you absentminded, Allison?” The voice startled the hell out of me, but I forced a smile. It was Sophia. 

I exhaled deeply. “Uhm… why are you here, Sophia?”

“I just wanted to check on you before going to bed. Are you okay, Allison?” She asked anxiously. I heaved a sigh, and a slight nod followed. “I'm fine, Sophia.”

She continued. “Everyone is talking about you and Jordan. Some said you were throwing yourself at him, and the Alpha dragged you out of the training ground.”

Upon hearing that, my eyes widened in shock. I swallowed an invisible lump. “W… What? Are you… Are you serious?”

“Yes. The news has gone so viral, and everyone is talking about it. So, as your personal servant, I think it's right if I ask you what's going on.” She replied.

My cheeks went red… Don't get it twisted, I wasn't f****** blushing, I was actually boiling with rage. What happens to me if Alpha Atlas should hear those rumors? He would definitely get me thrown into a furnace or something. “You don't believe that, do you?”

“I don't know whether I should say yes or no, but I promise you I'll believe whatever it is you say.” She smiled softly, and I sighed with relief. At least, there's someone who believes what I say.

“It's not true, I was never throwing myself at him. Sophia, have you ever come in contact with your mate?” I raised my brows at her.

Staring at me for a few seconds, she burst into tears, while I arched my eyebrows confused. What exactly was funny?

“I can't believe you asked me that, Allison. It seems you've forgotten who I am. I'm just an Omega girl. To be sincere, that is the last thing on my thoughts. Who would want to be mated to a lowly Omega like me?” She shook her head.

I rolled my eyes and continued. “Who is Jordan? I mean, I haven't seen him ever since I came into the pack until today.”

Before answering, she looked around and lowered her voice. “No one really knows. It's rumored that he is the Alpha's half brother. Actually, he has not always been in the pack. He came back a few weeks ago, claiming that he's the Alpha's half brother.”

“What? Why did they believe him so easily?” I shrugged.

“Well, before Alpha Atlas's father passed away, it was known that he had an affair with a Pack's Alpha's daughter. So, it is believed that Jordan is the outcome of their affair.” She explained.

Holy crap! Does that mean that I'm actually mated to the Alpha's half brother? This can't be happening… Why is my life filled with ups and downs?

“Dammit!” I cursed under my breath, and banged my fist on the table, scaring the living daylight out of Sophia. “What the hell was that for?”

I gulped hard. “I'm… I'm sorry, Sophia.”

“Are you sure that you are okay, Allison? You don't seem to be.” She freaked out.

“I'm fine.” I forced a dry smile at her.

Meanwhile, at the Night Wind Pack, Alpha Marcus was seated in his office with a big wrapped cigarette that was stuck in between his lips.

Dragging hard, he took the cigarette out and smoke emanated his mouth and nostrils. The door creaked open, and Natalie walked in. At first, Marcus didn't raise his head until she walked to the table and dropped her red thong on it.

His eyes widened, and he smirked. Raising his eyes to look at the b·TCH in front of him. He realized that she was only putting on a short, revealing dress. He could see her bare br*easts through the dress, but her n*pples were covered with a silicon n*pple cover.

Natalie bit her lip seductively as she picked up the thong and dangled it on her fingers. “Do you want me?”

“What do you want?” Alpha Marcus questioned her.

In the most seductive way, she grabbed his collar and kissed him. “You… I want you, my Alpha.”

“That you will get.” Marcus smirked, and grabbed her butt. He spanked her hard, and she moaned aggressively.

He ran his hands all over her body and then to her n*pples. Taking off the silicon cover, he pinched it softly, and she shivered in pleasure. Alpha Marcus whispered into her ear. “On your fours, b*tch!”

She laughed hysterically, and quickly walked over to the table. Natalie bent over the table, revealing her wet pu**y. 

With a murderous smile, Alpha Marcus took off his belt. His shaft was almost bulging out of his trousers as he walked over to her. He slipped two of his fingers into her, and a moan escaped her mouth. “Oh, my f****** gosh! F*** me with those fingers.”

He continued f*ngering her even harder, and slipped the third finger. Her loud moan filled the room, and that increased his pace. She was freaking wet. 

“Oh, f*** me, Alpha. I'm cumming.” She yelled, as she squirts all over Alpha Marcus's finger.

Rolling his eyes, he took his fingers out of her. She turned to him. “Why did you… why did you stop?”

“Why are you here, Natalie? I know you want something.” Alpha Marcus walked to the sofa, and sat heavily.

She swallowed a lump and smiled mischievously. “You can really read my mind, Marcus. Actually, I'm here to ask for a favor, but I want you to f*** me so hard too before granting it.”

“You're a who*re.” He scoffed.

“I'm turned on, Marcus. Please just f*** me. I want you inside of me.” She moaned out.

He shook his head. “I'm not desiring that, Natalie. You either make your request or get the hell out of here.”

“I want to attend the Pack's conference with you.” She picked up her ripped out dress and thong.

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