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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 35 & 36




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 35 & 36

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


"Huh! Are you sure?" he whispered, his breath still hitting her ear.

"Yes, it's pretty" she said in a tiny voice, repeating her words.

He smiled cooly and she shifted away, his hands coming down from the walls.

She looked up and their eyes hooked on each other.

She smiled prettily, and he returned the smile.

"You just smile..." she said.

"I have a handsome smile right?" he asked, and she nodded.

He was about to move closer to her when a knock came on the door, they looked at each other and she quickly stood straight.

"Yes" she replied, and the person came in.

Vivian looked surprised and happy as she saw Everest.

"Everest" she called happily, jumping on him immediately, hugging him so tight.

Paige felt her heart hurting as she hugged him, she looked away with mixed feelings.

"I missed you so much" she said, still hugging him.

"It was just yesterday" he replied as she came down from his body.

Paige started leaving the office and Vivian ran to her.

"Boss, good morning" she said quickly and Paige gave her a cold look.

"Good morning" she replied and tried leaving but she went after her again.

"I'm here with the report..."

"Really you came here for me but you couldn't keep your emotions in check, listen this is a workplace, keep your feelings in check" she shot and walked out.

Vivian sighed, biting her lips softly.

"You can give me the report" he said from her back, and she looked at him with a smile.

"Okay, let's eat lunch today" she smiled.

"Sure" he nodded and she smiled again.

They walked out of the office.


"This is the presentation for the new product, you need to act fast and release the product" the secretary said, pointing her fingers at some particular points in the document as she explained things to Ceres.

"Get everything ready, we will start working on it" Ceres said.

"Okay ma'am" the secretary replied and took the document, walking out.

A minute later after she left, the door open and someone came in.

Ceres looked up as he came inside.

"Ceres" he called.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"You don't miss me and my d*ck?" he smirked.

"I missed you bastard" she replied and stood up, walking fast to him, the moment she got to him, she grabbed his face and started kissing him hungrily, eating his lips.

"Easy barbie" he smiled, breaking the kiss.

"You don't know how much I want you, I need you so badly" she said with lust and started kissing him again, but he broke the kiss, carrying her up.

He walked to the door and locked it before walking to the table, he placed her on the table, looking at her.

"Are you working on it?" he asked.

"Yes, it will soon be out" she replied, and he smiled.

"So what should we do now?" he asked.

"You know it already, just f*ck me and stop teasing me"

"We are in your office"

"F+ck me bastard" she snapped and started taking his belt off, he watched her as she took out the belt and pulled down his trousers. She was greeted by his long and big c+ck.

"F+ck me now" she started pulling her skirt down but he stopped her.

"I want it from the back" he said and she quickly got down from the table.

She pulled her skirt up to her waist level and raised a leg, putting it on the table.

She felt him from behind as he started rubbing his c+ck on her entrance.

He pushed it at once, and she grabbed the table tightly.

"F+ck...ahhh!!! more, please" cried in pleasure.


Newton came into the restaurant after making a delivery. He was holding a fruit bag in his hand, he got it as a gift from the person he made delivery to.

He was walking to the kitchen when someone suddenly covered his eyes from behind.

"Sloane" he called, perceiving the scent.

"How did you know it's me?" she asked, coming to his front.

"I know your scent" he replied and she smiled.

"You are talking to me first, am I safe?" he asked and she laughed.

"Eat lunch with me" she said.

He was about to say something when Michelin ran there.

"Hey guys, I have been looking for you" she said.

"We are here" Sloane said.

"Senior Newton come with me, I have something to show you" she said, and he faced Sloane.

"Let's go" Michelin started pulling him away before he could even say a word. He kept looking at Sloane till he disappeared.

Sloane bit her lips.

"Was I thinking he will go with me?" she muttered hurtfully and walked away.


"Buddy!!! " Myles shouted as he entered the floor with Jennifer, they came to pay Paige a visit.

"Twinnie" Everest stood up from his desk.

He opened his arms wide, and hugged Myles.

"I missed you bro" Everest said.

"If you miss me , kiss me here" Myles said, pointing at his lips.

"Are you crazy?" Jennifer shouted, and Everest faced her.

"Are you two gay?" she asked.

"No miss Jennifer, I love women" he quickly said and Myles started laughing.

"Gosh! You two" she muttered and went into Paige's office.

"Bro, let's hang out tomorrow" Myles said.

"Yeah, I will come to your house, send me the location after here" Everest said.

"How was the trip?" Myles said, sitting on the table.

"You got a girlfriend there?" Myles asked, and Everest started laughing.

Inside the office...

Paige and Jennifer hugged each other happily before disengaging.

"How was the trip?" Jennifer asked.

"It was fine, I got the deal with Williams" Paige replied.

"It wasn't hard?" Jennifer asked.

"Everest took care of it" Paige replied, going to get some drinks for them.

"Congratulations, so how much are you investing?" Jennifer asked, sitting on the couch.

"3 billion dollars" Paige replied, sitting down with her as she poured the drinks.

"That's a huge amount of money" Jennifer said, taking the cup from her.

"Yeah, I will get more in return, so how is your crazy driver..." Paige stopped talking when she saw a hickey on Jennifer's neck.

"What is it?" Jennifer asked, noticing her eyes on her neck.

"A hickey, you make out with a guy? Who's he?" she asked and Jennifer quickly covered her neck.

"I didn't make out with anyone" she denied.

"You are lying best friend, tell me, who is it?" Paige smiled.

"I didn't make out with him but he kissed my neck, Myles".

"What!! Your driver" Paige said and started smiling suspiciously.

"Should I be expecting something spicy?" she teased.

"No" Jennifer shook her head.

"What about your secretary?"

"I barged into his room in Washington and I saw his c+ck" Paige replied and Jennifer screamed.

"How was it? Large, huge and long, tell me" Jennifer said.

"Jennifer keys, stop it" Paige said.

"Just tell me, please" Jennifer made puppy eyes.

"No way!!" Paige said, standing up from the couch.

Everest and Myles came into the office at the same time, and the ladies faced them.

"What is wrong?" Everest asked.

"It's nothing" Paige said.

"I heard you screaming" Everest said.

"She's fine, see you later best friend" Jennifer smiled and dropped the cup.

"Let's go, Myles" she said and started leaving.

"Buddy" Myles winked, and went out.

Everest faced Paige.

"Did you have lunch today?" he asked.

"I am sure you have work to do" Paige asked, sitting down.

"What is up with the sudden cold shoulders?" he asked.

"I'm the boss here, stop questioning me" she snapped.

"You are back to your bossy way huh?" he said, drawing closer.

"Leave" she said coldly.

"And if I don't?"

"I will get you fired" she replied and he chuckled.

"Really? Go on cos I'm not leaving" he said, looking at her.

"Vivian will be waiting for you" she said.

"Wait, this is about Vivian?"

"Do you just allow every lady to hug you just like that, you are so cheap" she rolled eyes.

"She is my friend, it was just a normal hug"

"I didn't ask you to explain anything to me, you can go" she said.

"Fine" he muttered and walked out.

Paige frowned deeply.

"He didn't even wait, I was expecting him to stay" she hissed loudly.


Jennifer left the company with Myles and on the way she bought ice creams, she suddenly started craving them so she got them.

She was on her phone throughout the ride till they got to her castle

They came out of the car at once, and she started walking inside with the bag in her hand.

Myles went after her and they entered the house together.

"You are not going to talk to me?" he asked and she stopped walking.

"You ignored me in the office, remember?" she asked, and he sighed softly.

"Okay, it's payback now" he said, and she turned.

"Yeah, anaconda" she rolled eyes, and took out the ice cream.

"Are you in a hurry to lick the ice cream?" he asked and she smiled as she brought it to her lips.

"So much, I will have it before dinner" she replied and started licking the ice cream.

He stood there looking at her and his eyes squinted as his face squeezed too.

"You want some?" 

"You are licking the ice cream like something else" he said and she looked up.

"Like what?" she asked innocently, and he came closer.

She looked into his eyes as she felt chills on her skin as his breath touched her gently.

"You are licking the ice cream like" he paused and she stared curiously.

"Like what? Sugar or lollipop?" she asked.

"Like a p£nis" he replied and she choked on the ice cream as she started coughing.



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